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windowblinds themes
« on: August 18, 2008, 01:30:39 am »
I remember an old windows theme or something that had chrono trigger icons and sounds for windows 98. I miss it a little bit, and there's no Chrono themed  themes for windows beyond that, that I'm aware of.

So I sat down for a long period of time today and played with SkinStudio from stardock, hoping to quickly whip up a nice Chrono themed Windowblinds theme.


...but fun to play around with.

after 4 hours, I got most of the taskbar done, though I'm still not happy with some of it.

I plan to finish it eventually, an hour or two a day spent on it should give me something fairly nice-looking.

Any suggestions or mockups for me to shoot for? Ideas are great. I'm happy with the buttons and the tray area, the chest opens up when you click it (It's the start button).

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