Author Topic: Feedback Needed: Chrono Compendium Aegis System  (Read 9643 times)


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Re: Feedback Needed: Chrono Compendium Aegis System
« Reply #30 on: June 29, 2008, 09:46:46 am »
TF = Temporal Flux, this is what everyones using to edit Chrono Trigger.
ChronoTweaker = This can edit enemy stats and what not, a very nice tool to tinker with.
Chrono Editor Companion(I think this is it) = You can edit what items are available for whomever and change a few mods on them.

There's some other things out there as well.  I'm using one made by ChickenLump to help edit Sprite Assembly, and of course Jsondags Tech Editor.

Back on track: This really does sound interesting.  I've actually pretty much halted my project for now because there's no one working on it except me...Then again it's technically my fault since I haven't been importing graphics into 1999 AD for Nightmare to help create maps.  But I also need help with spriting here and there, so this would be a great help!  I'm pretty sure other people would love the idea as well so we can all have our projects get a slight boost and get us going again.

The thing I do is, I work on too many projects and switch over from 1 project full time to another full time, much like here.  Switched from Chrono Trigger - Time's Illusion to Tales of fighting fan-game called Voluspa.  So once we get Voluspa out i'll probably switch back to CT.  I do pop in periodically to revive or re-do certain things, like the 6th letter and 8th character.  Those things I WILL work on to get it done.