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flea plus:
Just the bradygames offical guide for chrono cross.And the one for final fantasy chronicles. That's for chrono trigger and final fantasy IV.Was the last one they had of chrono cross at the game store.Was very hard to find.looked at 4 places to find it.

flea plus:
The trigger one tells how to get all the endings.But not the one you get when you beat the game two times.Just seen that one today.Was  shocked. Got  it after the oath ending.Thoses were good movies that akira toriyama put in the game.

I'm getting both soundtracks through Ebay here within a week or two.  I'm gonna love that.  :lol:

Hey err does anybody know what "Nuumamonja" is?
I've heard it is some sort of short comical anime of CT, but loox like it can't be found anywhere... :(

Use bittorrent to download it. It's an animated movie of a Nu and a Kilwala at the Millennial Fair, which has been taken over by monsters.

If you don't have bittorrent, it is here.


After you install that, click this:


and it should download :)


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