Author Topic: Gaspar Collection IV. The Beautiful, Starlight Travelers  (Read 1075 times)


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Gaspar Collection IV. The Beautiful, Starlight Travelers
« on: January 08, 2005, 12:09:50 am »
It was the night of a full moon; lunar auras descended in nightly grace from the sparkled heavens, traveling swiftly over a land whose viridian expanses swayed dashingly beneath the sky's evening veil. The trees danced in their timeless stretch upward to the eterne, while far on the horizon, the light of settlements could be seen proudly shining in revelry on this fine, breezy night, as their inhabitants were fully awake and in cheer. The mountains too were alive -- for they reflectively glowed with the emanations upward, returning the silvery rays in a milky ascension. The primitive, dusty roads were calmed, and now served as the carriage of dreamers, who took to the countryside to adore the smiling hills and illuminated flora in the gleam of the moon. Steadfast as its beauty, two travelers sauntered beneath the warm starlight, adorned in exquisite robes whose azure make increased the glory of the firmament's sheen. The man, whose heart was aflame with deep burning coals that would never experience extinguishment, openly grinned at the corners of his mouth, for the first time unabashed in displaying a true joy to any that looked upon him. The woman, at his side, and sweetly immersed in the luminescence of the nightfall, too smiled, her only worry in the world now placed to rest with the coming of the twilight -- for she was free to release her mind's cares to the soft wind that covered and bathed the earth. They both gazed far ahead, as they descended a mountain pass whose easiness of passage spread before them, and view and heard music coming from the approaching village. The journey would take repose there, for the townsfolk within could be seen engaging in celebration -- over which event, no one knew, or cared, for it was done in the sake of life, and beauty, held on the most magical of nights.

As the spirits of the sojourners waxed full and bright, they entered the gates, and were greeted with open canisters of wine and enlivening drink, but more so with glances of doubtless acceptance and encouragement to enjoy the occasion. Each side street poured happy villagers, whose faith and positive hearts flowed in excess to the two visitors; each man, woman, and child had the sparkle of the distant moon in his or her eye, for its blooming had yielded the handsomeness of the scene -- a profound, deep beauty, far removed from the notion of a fickle prettiness, that permeated the souls of all and uplifted them to join the stars in jovial harmony. Music, too, hovered above the engaging fray, singing naught tunes of idle enjoyment by shallow bumpkins, but ancient tunes eked by the classics on lyres whose glimmer reflected the same heavenly object. Together, the sweet smell of baked confections, whose aromas were cradled by the breeze and caressed the senses of their partakers, the idyllic melodies emitting from musicians who had become one with the essences of joy, and the sight of glowing happiness and saturnalia uplifted the travelers to the heights of their own euphoria -- for as the folk of this village had reached for, and been met with a hand from, the boundless world of the elements, the journeyers too had recently reached to each other and been reunited, reaffirming a bond of dear care and love that had been lost for literal eons. The meeting had sparked aflame the twinkles of the man's eyes, and allowed him to weep for the first time in the last two decades of his life, while it had given the woman a new hope and strength -- for no longer was she imprisoned -- by her royalty, by her subjects, or by fate itself. The sky had spread itself before the two, as their destinies were free to soar, with paths composed and controlled by their own doing.

Together, they reached the square, and as the elated villagers beamed and clapped, they slowly danced to a promising song that reached across the dimensions. Their movements were graceful, of an arrangement as wondrous and perfect as the arrangement of the glace luminaries in the sky; the foreign nature of the emotions and love the man had felt initially were now close to him -- for they were of true happiness and joy, unable to be doubted by anyone, and forever in their residency within his heart. She, too, felt the presence of these warm, ever-burning feelings within her bosom, for reality had at last became a dream; no longer would she seek solace in passing vagaries and fantasies, as the waking world had become as rosy and adoring as the airy demesnes left behind. And as an overjoyed dancer fell down beside them and laughed hysterically at his accidental misstep, the two travelers laughed with him -- chuckling in pure innocence and fun, untainted by ridicule or darker satire, for these concepts were naught, fodder scattered in the wake of a dream's realization -- for all dreams, too, are wishful of existence, and none in that mirthful and passionate square could doubt that dreams were among them, exuberantly dancing alongside.

And as they made their stay in the blissful town, the man noticed a star brighter than all others, freely relishing the status of crown jewel of the night empyrean sublime. A hint of wonderment displayed on his face, which had been released from its traveling hood forever, fully revealing his flawless stretch of regal, blue and purple hair, and the handsome features that could woo even the hardest of hearts -- indeed, a thought came; he wondered, with a knowing smile, if the old man was experiencing the ecstasy he had come to known. Somehow, he knew, for the feelings within told him that even across the dimensions, atop the timeless hourglass that transcended all aeons, he was happy -- unshakably full of joy, as the man was on this glorious night. A tug came on his smooth robe, and he turned to rejoin the festivities with his sister, further releasing himself into the infinite joy and love of dreams.

Sleep well, Magus, Schala, Gaspar, Fiona, and Serge. Your dreams and destinies are your own!

''Note'': Written to The Beautiful Traveler (Starlight Mix) by Darkesword