Author Topic: CT Rebirth custom memory usage.  (Read 3122 times)


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CT Rebirth custom memory usage.
« on: April 29, 2008, 07:06:33 pm »
This is a list to help me remember what i used. This list will be updated, It'll give you a little taste of what's in the game.


7F0166 = 00 New Game, nothing is loaded, Special Area part 1 (loaded twice), throne room chatter, set to not repeat some text. ;)
7F0166 = 01 Special Area part 2, Proto Dome 2, throne room noticed chrono, then resets back to 00
7F0166 = 02 Chapter 2 starting, Proto Dome 3, R-66Y's room
7F0166 = 03 Proto Dome 4, also part of Proto Dome Secret, Proto Dome Exit bit off 1
7F0166 = 04 Proto Dome 5, (Set when talked to Mike after talking to the other 3 charcters) Exit bit off 2
7F0166 = 05 Proto Dome 6 (Chapter 2), Exit Bit on 1 (even though this is set to let you leave in proto dome, it won't activate the chapter 2 storyline.. unless you leave to the north exit.. fix to come soon i think.)
7F0166 = 06 Proto Dome 1 (extended prelude),


7F0167 = 00 Nothing
7F0167 = 01 Proto Dome Secret


7F0168 = 00 Jade Bit off, used twice
7F0168 = 01 Jade Bit on, used twice, but only resets once, for now.


7F0169 = 00 Darryl Bit off, used twice
7F0169 = 01 Darryl Bit on, used twice, but only resets once for now.


7F016A = 00 Exit Bit for the extended intro.
7F016A = 01 Allows for the rest of the intro to play right.


7F016B = 00 Mike Bit off.
7F016B = 01 Mike Bit on.


7F0170 = 00 Emilia Bit off, used twice
7F0170 = 00 Emilia Bit on, used twice, but only resets once for now.

Note: If one of the last 3 memory addresses is set to 1, the Proto Dome secret will change to who ever you talked to out side watching R-66Y working. You also must talk to all 3 before you can continue the game.

Note 2: You have to talk to everyone to get to the second part of the intro. :D


7F0177 = 00 Ferry boy is in Porre's Ticket office. Used to start the prelude.
7F0177 = 01 Ferry boy is in Truce's Ticket office, doesn't reset. Used to start 2nd part of prelude, resets back to 00 for the Ferry boy quest. story line bit.
7F0177 = 02-FF Not used, for Ferry boy and prelude!

Note: Ferry boy's quest can only be done once, if you reset the game, he'll still be in truce. ;)
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