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Forum etiquette and rule changes notification thread.
« on: December 31, 2008, 04:54:39 pm »
I'm creating this topic as the place for posting notices about decisions and updates regarding forum etiquette or rules.

  • Effective Jan 1, 2009: Feel free to use avatars up to 100x200 pixels in size. Larger widths will just get cut off anyway, but if you use a longer height, be sure to make up for it by making longer posts. Otherwise, it'll just look silly. Also, try to keep total file size under 30KB if you can.

    I also encourage users with slow connections to disable avatars and signatures in their profile's Look and Appearances settings page.

  • Effective Jan 1, 2009: Global Moderators pretty much have the most say on who gets punished and why. As such, V_Translanka has been given the authority and power to ban members at his own discretion.

    As a reminder, if you feel you've been unfairly banned, feel free to e-mail one of the admins.

  • Effective Jan 1, 2009: The FAIL group has been created as a slightly restricted, Scarlet Letter group for users that need to be singled out. The conditions and reasons for being placed into this group will vary on a case by case basis, but generally the idea is to provide a less punitive alternative to banning and give you a chance to clean up your act.

    As always, remember that this is just a message board. If you get tagged for being disruptive, don't take it personally. It's just a tool to get your attention.

  • Reminder: Thread necromancy and double posting are perfectly acceptable as long as they aren't disruptive to the functioning of the board or done in excess.

  • Reminder: Rule of thumb: if it bothers people, try not to do it. That's called common courtesy.

    Moderators and admins aren't here to solve your problems for you, which means you have a responsibility to solve your own problems with other people. Instead of expecting moderators to step into your arguments and disputes, either learn to deal with the person or learn to ignore them.

    Sure, we could take sides and ban someone, but chances are we won't. The reality is, you have to learn to live with people you don't like and people who don't like you.

    This means trolling, flaming and insults, although against the rules, aren't necessarily meant to be enforced by moderation. Rather, the expectation is that any problems will be resolved by the individual posters themselves, as it is first of all their responsibility to respect each other.

    Because that's all the rules really are -- a guideline on how to respect each other.

  • Reminder: You can find the forum rules here.

This topic is locked so that future notices can be done by replying. If you have a comment on any of the items posted here, feel free to start a new topic about it.
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