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[HIATUS] Zeal Palace in 3D (one person can't do all of Zeal, ne?)

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First off, I have only this to work from:
Now, my question is this:
There are 3 doorways in that image:
One on the far left, leading down a hallway to a fork that leads to Janus and Schala's rooms.

One leading down the main corridor (in the center) to the Mammon machine room.

But, where does the one farthest to the right lead? (or I may have it backwards and that one leads to J and S's rooms...)

Is it the room that resembles the Mammon Machine room, but has some sort of throan instead? (I don't remember well... and I don't have ZSNES with me or the patience to play up to Zeal just for a small detail lookup...)

If there's a map here on the compendium that I may have missed, please point it out?

Right rooms
Left Mammon machine
Center the royal throne, similar to the mammon machine room.

Bah! I was completely wrong on all accounts XD;;;

Oh well useful much, thanks.

I'll show off my prelims as soon as I get something decent looking... til then...

I'm hoping progress is worthy of a double post...

Here is the first image of Zeal Palace, unskinned, low detail...

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Good so far! What app are you using?


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