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"This Throne" - A Small Narrative...

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This throne... This throne...

I deserve it, don't I?

Yes, of course. I'm leading my people to glory! To the Promised Land!

And those who opposed me... Foolish bastards! Not so smart when I throw you into the depths of hell now, are you?

This throne... This throne...

The successors. They don't deserve it either.

Look at that girl... Pathetic. I almost pity her. Her "Ideals". They're childish nonsense...

And that boy! Just looking at him makes me sick! He has evil in his eyes...

The way he spoke to the Red Haired one. It almost sent chills down my spine.


This Throne... This Throne...

That prophet, he wants it. He thrives off the very thought of controlling such a magnifecent kingdom such as mine.

He shall soon be dealt with. Not with Dalton, no, he's far too idiotic. That prophet is a witty one, but our lord and savior will soon strike him down like the sinner he is.

This throne... This throne...

What of those travelers? They desire it... Yes.. The cretins. The Red Haired one, I can see it in his eyes; his hatred towards our Lord. They all reek of the unholy essence.

And all the while i'm caring for my loyal people, they murmur and speak behind my back. They speak of what's eating my soul; what's driving me mad.

They'll never know the true challenges I must face in uniting with the savior.

I'll be revered forever.

I'll be immortal.

I'll be a God

And all the while, i'll be sitting on This throne... This throne...

Wow.. Really nice.. The Throne of Zeal from the eyes of our much hated Queen Zeal..
Really nice..  :D

But i thought that Queen Zeal only discovered that Magus was a false prophet only after he attempted to defeat Lavos in the Ocean Palace.. i may be wrong though, who knows what was going on through that depraved woman??  :?

Boo the Gentleman Caller:
Good read.

I loved that, very nice, I always wondered what the heck the queen was thinking in that twisted mind of hers.

This is an Excellent piece of writing


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