Author Topic: Diagram for the relationship between CT/CC elements?  (Read 3753 times)


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Re: Diagram for the relationship between CT/CC elements?
« Reply #15 on: August 01, 2008, 10:32:05 am »
Then would you not consider Slash, Flame Toss, & Tail Spin magic? They create magical effects and have innates (or at least correspond to certain Magic damage-types). Why wouldn't those Cross Techs be magic though, especially?
No, they wouldn't(Save Slash─I addressed that earlier as an EFT). To put it in perspective; are flamethrowers or lasers considered magic?

Yeah, okay, but Funguy & his Techs are Yellow innate...Which is why I brought that up...>_>
You're missing the point... the spores/myconids come from Funguy, so therefore they have a source, effectively removing the possibility of Green classification.

EDIT: Give me a little more time on that 99 element spiel; I think I'm going to try out one of the Phoenix Wright games you recommended. :)
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