Author Topic: The Dragon's Tear is the Chrono Cross? What?  (Read 2646 times)


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The Dragon's Tear is the Chrono Cross? What?
« on: April 13, 2008, 11:45:31 pm »
Something just bothered me:

Lynx (Or Wazuki) Switches bodies with Serge to gain access to the Frozen Flame in Chronopolis. He does this by using the Dragon's Tear. Afterwards he shatters the Tear, creating The Tear of Love and the Tear of Hate. But, When Serge  and friends gather the two shards and place them on the pedestals at Divine Dragon Falls, they Form the Chrono Cross.

 My first question, is if the dragon's tear was in tact previously, why wasn't it already the Chrono Cross? And how would it become the Chrono Cross if shattered? Of course, the simple answer would be to bring them To DD Falls and join them topgether, but how does that happen? What causes it? On my first playthrough of the game, I simply wrote it off as being the power of the Mastermune, but the I realized that the Mastermunhe is obtained during a side quest, meaning it has no actually necessity in the story at all!

 Secondly, How would whoever put the pedestals at the Falls know to put two? Why would they even put the pedestals there? Did they know that this would happen? And who are "They"? The Dragoinians, or possibly Belthasar or another Guru?


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Re: The Dragon's Tear is the Chrono Cross? What?
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2008, 12:48:27 am »
One of the explorer's comments on the holy power of Divine Dragon Falls:

   Ancient lore reveals that
   the Dragonites knew of
   certain land formations
   they called Power Spots.
   There, they are said to
   have used the natural
   energy of the planet to
   generate Elements.

You need the two Tears and the blessing of all seven dragons to make the Chrono Cross.  Along with a "power spot" that the Dragonians used to make elements, why wouldn't Divine Dragon Falls be able to make the Chrono Cross?   Steena even comments on the place's power.

   By the Great Dragon Gods!!!
   The sacrarium of the Divine Dragon Falls
   still exists...and it seems functional!
   It's just as the legends of old said
   it would be!  What a blessing!

   Utilizing its power, we just may be able to create
   the '"Chrono Cross"' here!

   Try placing the two pieces of the Dragon
   Tear...  The Tear of Hate and
   the Tear of Love...on these stands.

Now, if you go to Divine Dragon Falls before going to Chronopolis (with Steena in your party), the six dragon relics Serge has gathered from the various Dragons float along with the two Tears, but won't form the Chrono Cross.  Steena comments on the seventh element/dragon then:

   Great Dragon Gods!
   We are yet unable to
   utilize the altar...?
   I know that we need
   the six Dragon Relics
   that offer up divine
   Could 'that' legend be
   true... Is there a
   seventh dragon, and a
   seventh Element...!?!
   When the time is ripe,
   we shall be able to
   generate Elements here!

So to answer your first question, the Dragon Tears themselves are not the only ingredients necessary for the Chrono Cross.  And it was the planet's power that unified the shattered Tears, because Divine Dragon Falls is one of the "power spots". 

As for who put the pedestals there?  The game does not say who, but...Steena obviously has heard of the sacrarium, so it was written in Dragonian lore somewhere. 

The only instigator I can think of would be FATE, who used the power of the Dragon God to create and terraform the islands of El Nido.  Belthasar, as the curator of Chronopolis, could very well have programed in a directive to FATE to create Divine Dragon Falls, knowing that one day Serge would need it to create the Chrono Cross. 
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Re: The Dragon's Tear is the Chrono Cross? What?
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2008, 05:20:36 am »
Uh, Lynx's using the Dragon Tear only made the Tear of Hate...only when Serge uses the other Dragon Tear do you get the Tear of Love. They're both in Fort Dragonia (just different worlds)...Basically, I see it as the power of re-merging part of the split dimensions...a powerful part, apparently...:P I mean, if half of it's power equals changing one's form...I don't see how it's full power (as the Chrono Cross) being able to wipe something from existence (or re-energizing used up Elements) is a big leap.