Author Topic: Yay, a Metroid self-insertion fanfic!  (Read 2126 times)


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Yay, a Metroid self-insertion fanfic!
« on: December 28, 2004, 06:30:26 am »
Hey all, I've got another project, but I think this one is going to work out better than the others.

I don't have all the details yet, but I've got a pretty good idea of what's going to happen in this game.

The Beginning (told in a narrative):

Sixteen years ago, Samus Aran was the highest ranking bounty hunter throughout the galaxy. She fought many successful battles against the Metroids and the Space Pirates, who strived to become the dominant species of the universe. The Pirate Armada had been weakened, and their forces pushed to one planet: SM-49. It was here that Samus once again defeated the Space Pirates. All went perfectly, until...

*shows Samus running down a hallway explosions around her*
PA System: "Self-Destruct in one minute."

Narrative: Samus had successfully initiated a self-destruct sequence in the Pirate Base, and was escaping from the resulting explosions.

*a group of metroids smash through a wall*

Narrative: The Metroids, fierce, energy-syphoning creatures, had been bred on SM-49 as well.

*Samus spins around and blasts a few of the metroids*
PA System: "Self-Destruct in thirty seconds."

Narrative: They were once no match for Samus, but they would prove a most powerful foe, even in extinction.

*Samus opens the door, and starts to run out, but there's a huge explosion behind her, and several metroids smash into her armor.*
PA system: "Fifteen seconds"
*Samus limps back to her ship, panting, and flies off, leaving the planet to explode*

Narrative: Badly hurt from the explosion, Samus traveled to the nearby Space Station, Sirius, seeking medical attention.

*Samus is in a large tank, with lots of tubes hooked up to her*

Narrative: She had recieved no physical damage, but suffered great and increasing illness.

*Shows spinning DNA*

Narrative: Finally, after a DNA test, the problem was found.

*A large piece of the DNA breaks off and is replaced by blue particles&

Narrative: The Metroid DNA had come into contact with her skin, causing a genetic mutation to rupture throughout her body. Unfourtunately, genetic reconstruction was impossible, as the cells had divided rapidly and could not be destroyed or modified in time. The condition was deemed terminal.

*Shows Samus on a hospital bed, a man in a lab coat next to her*

Narrative: Before Samus' death, the scientists at Sirius wanted to preserve some of her mutated cells to continue their research on the metroids and how to use them to better mankind. She agreed. A small mass of cells was preserved. Samus died later that day, as her mutating bodily structure could not support her any longer.

*shows a large capsule containing a small blue blob; scientists are working around it*

Narrative: The cells were kept and studied for two years. There were no significant discoveries. That is, until one of the scientists accidentally administered an electric shock to the cells. The results were amazing: The cells divided rapidly, and had an extremely high metabolism when induced to a constant electrical stream. Intrigued, the scientists introduced the cells to a constant shock.

*shows an embryo in the tank*

Narrative: Within two days, the cells had regenerated into a living embryo, and within a week, the scientists had a newborn child.

*shows a scientist holding a baby*
Narrative: The scientists were baffled. The child was male, a strange phonomonon. If this child came from Samus' cells, the child would have become an exact clone, gender as well. The child's genetic structure was studied, only to find more intriguing results.

*shows another DNA structure, half of it is blue*
Narrative: The child's DNA structure had even more Metroid chromosomes than Samus; a 1:1 ratio of metroid to human.

*scientists in conference*
Narrative: The scientists debated if the child experiment should be terminated. Some were worried he would be a wave of destruction against the human race, others argued from a observational standpoint, wanting to view the hybrid's activities. Finally, one of the lead scientists had a brilliant idea.

*One scientist standing up*
Narrative: The hybrid would be injected with a special hormonal suppressant, that would halt any activities of the metroid DNA, allowing for study without worry of the hybrid becoming inhuman. In complete agreement, the scientists built a hormone, and injected it.

*Shows the DNA, the blue turns yellow*
It worked quickly, dulling and halting all metroid activities in the hybrid's body. Without hesitation, the hybrid was adopted, and named "X", as a connotation of a cross, but to keep relations between the hybrid and humans friendly, he was given the name "Xeno".

*Screen turns black*
It has been fourteen years, the hybrid had grown up in Sirius. Unaware of the reason for the seemingly nameless discrimination against him, Xeno lived as a loner, contained in the Sirius. The only person who had ever excepted him, was Damien, the son of the lead scientist, and a powerful inventor. They could only relate to each other, and both agreed, they had to escape their prison-like lives and seek a more adventurous life-style. This is their story; my story. I am the hybrid: Xeno Aran.

*game begins*


It's really a plot for a game, but who cares? There's no sex involved! This is a milestone for Metroid Self Insertioners everywhere!

Also notice that the author ignored Metroid Fusion AND Metroid Prime completely! Hurray for BS "AUs"!