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Re: Here it goes!
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Ahhh I understand now.    Thanks for the clarification.     Edited on 11/20/2008:      Here is something I will like in the game but I am not sure if this is the spot to ask.       

 Depending on your battle I will like your foes to have different dialouge.    Conditions in battle that affect dialouge are but not limited too      How long you last,How powerfull you are and what party members you choose.          I see this being very usefull in the Golem Fight when you are Prisoner. If you win they will be afraid of you more or if you make it a long ways they will say.     "Chrono, You are surprisingly swift and powerfull in magic, which is to my surprise, but you still are no match for Golem!  ha ha ha!"                               
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An official 'How Are We Doing?" thread?
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Please don't bite me for this suggestion okay?   

I found out that if there is inactivity for 6months or so the Site Admins will move the project to "Mt Woe". I personaly don't want to see that happen to a project with such a good start.  I propose we make a progress thread even if it's just for something small that way we know something is going on.      An example is if you make a dialouge progress for a time-period and it's posted here. 

I am behind the computer screen so I cannot tell if you guys are super busy (College Life) or having a major crisis.etc     
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Re: An official 'How Are We Doing?" thread?
« Reply #47 on: November 21, 2008, 09:32:45 am »
Well as you can see, it doesn't exactly look good for the project right now.  Six months is a long time to go without working on something.  As such, I think it should go to Mt. Woe.  If the guys start working on it again, it can always be put back into normal forum status.  I mean, there's just not any reason to keep it, is there?

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Re: An official 'How Are We Doing?" thread?
« Reply #48 on: November 25, 2008, 08:59:04 pm »
I guess your right as I didn't realize how much time went by.  Another dead project.    I hope we get out of this colleage stage and into another Teenage era for more young programmers.    I believe that's the problem of our fan-projects.    Maybe we will get new/enthusiastic fans from CT DS to spruce things up or are we doomed?