Author Topic: Chrono Cross Event Flag?  (Read 960 times)


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Chrono Cross Event Flag?
« on: March 09, 2008, 03:37:49 pm »
FW brought this to my attention. Since GameFAQs gets pruned, I'm putting this here for safekeeping from joseph_sw:

DISCLAIMER: GameShark content, if you despise 'em, don't read further.

i checked the value at addr: 800E57A0, at several time in the game with following result: (value in hex)
On dream sequence : 0001
On morning call: 0004
After exiting bedroom: 0008
After talking to Leena in pier: 0010
After arriving at alternate: 0018
After talking to Leena in alternate: 001A
After going to Cape Howl: 001C
After exiting bedroom: 001E (i refused kid to join)
After Glenn scene at Termina entrance: 0020
After choosing Guille/Nikki/Pierre as guide to Viper Manor: 0022

what i've done: after i choose Guille, i change the value of 800E57A0 back to 0020, and i was able to recruit Pierre, change it again to 0020, this time Miki ask to help her find Nikki.

so, I was able get Guille + Nikki + Pierre, before entering the Viper Manor

Important Notes:
on non-combat/battle screen, the value of 800E57A0 will always mirrored to 80070ED8.

however on combat/battle screen, the value of 800E57A0 were RAPIDLY CHANGED, but the value at 80070ED8 do not changed. After end of battle the value of 800E57A0 return to value before the battle begin.

perhaps there another usages of this GameShark....


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Re: Chrono Cross Event Flag?
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2008, 03:16:27 am »
Based off of fieldscript research. I think each is 16-bit.
0xE5820: Bit 0x20-Talked to fisherman about sawfish; Bit 0x0400-Gave Komodo Scale to boy
0xE5828: Bit 0x01 - Became "president" of poet girl's fan club; 0x10 - Met Another's poet girl. 0x20 - Told Home Poet Girl about Another's?; 0x40 - Showed Book of Poems to Another's Poet girl.
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