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Christmas release?
« on: December 04, 2007, 06:44:51 pm »
Prophet's Guile is unique in the Chrono community as it might be the only fanproject to have been abandoned not because of a lack of progress, but because it was decided to divert the existing momentum to another project (diverted back to Crimson Echoes). Still, Prophet's Guile is nearly completed; it's physically playable from the beginning up to the ending, with the only incomplete parts being the dialogues, the battle setups and perhaps *one* or two instances of graphic hacking.

With Christmas approaching, does anyone think (first, is anyone there?) that we could launch one last sprint and complete what remains to be completed, to finally release the game on December 25, or even December 31? This could be an awesome success, not just because it would be one of the rare completed projects, but because it involves the "Three Wise Men" Belthasar, Gaspar, and Melchior... something definitely appropriate for Christmas.


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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2007, 07:55:19 pm »
It would restore a lot of faith in the community. As much as I try to avoid working now, for fear of getting sucked back in...

I'm up for this. Can you post the latest playable version of the ROM? And we could get discussion going again.


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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2007, 08:24:52 am »
I think it's the one in this post:,3752.msg74469.html#msg74469

I had a slightly more recent version in which I was experimenting with Mt. Woe to try to make a sort of minigame with Melchior, but it was too complicated and so I scrapped the idea (and it disappeared for good when my old hard drive died anyway). We can probably just make Melchior follow Magus and run out of the screen when a battle occurs.


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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2007, 02:46:00 am »
Here's Kajar:,3752.msg70732.html#msg70732

I'll begin writing all the dialogue in a new reply to this thread sometime. At the end, we can hire a beta tester (a literate one) and get the rest of the team to play it to see if the dialogue needs any tweaking; like if it's too formal or something.

Good news: rushingwind 75% chance found someone willing to translate a few short messages to Chrono Center. One of those will be an announcement about Prophet's Guile, a short explanation, and a request to spread the ROM hack around the Japanese community.
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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #4 on: December 06, 2007, 03:17:03 am »
I remember finding some problems in your Kajar event, Zeality.
  • NPCs suffer from the palette limit.
  • Woman who talks about the scientists shouting out, her dialog speeds by and goes to a blank page.

[attachment deleted by admin]


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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #5 on: December 06, 2007, 02:43:40 pm »
Thanks for bringing that up; I remembered a problem with that, but I couldn't quite place it in my mind.

Tonight, I'll begin writing dialogue and reviewing the plot. I think I have a Beast Nest map already finished in the map thread, along with the Mt. Woe ones, which I'm not so sure I finished.


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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #6 on: December 06, 2007, 06:34:08 pm »

Should we keep Magus out of Schala / Janus's bedrooms until later? Before the audience, if he approaches the doorway, he stops and says...

"{Magus}: ...I must stay focused.{null}



Zeal Man NPC

Another lovely day, isn't it?
Time to sit and relax.{null}

Audience with Queen Zeal

Zeal Woman NPC by door

Have you gazed into the Mammon
Machine, visitor? That crimson pulse...{full break}
Oh, it's overwhelming!{null}

Zeal Woman NPC guarding door

My, an eerie...{delay 02}
Excuse my manners.
What do you seek?{null}

{Magus}: I have come to speak{line break}
with the Queen. May I enter?{null}

I'm sorry, but the Queen is not accepting
guests today. Do you have business?{null}

{Magus}: ...I am a clairvoyant.{line break}
I am aware of Zurvan's serene tides...{line break}
Their depth, direction, and destiny{line break}
concerning the course of humankind.{page break}
From secluded, quiescent realms, I{line break}
have come to observe the ascendancy{line break}
of Zeal, and aid its rise to lordship over{line break}
this world...{page break}
...{delay 02}And the Queen awaits my prophecy.{line break}
Relate my arrival to her, please.{null}

...One moment.{null}

The Queen has granted you audience.


ZEAL: Well?{null}

{Magus}: My Queen...{line break}
I am a nameless prophet.{line break}
The current of dreams reveals itself{line break}
unto me in plentiful visions.{page break}
A time ago, I sensed the coming glory{line break}
of Zeal, and knew the hour of godhood{line break}
was nigh. I knew I must journey to{line break}
The cloud's domain, and observe...{page break}
The events of the coming, enchanted{line break}
days lay seriatim in my mind. But{line break}
Fate, and foolish men may yet{line break}
disrupt this order.{null}

ZEAL: You see everything, do you?{line break}
...Hm. Continue.{null}

{Magus}: My Queen, allow me to{line break}
Stand in your holiest court here,{line break}
and help to lift the dream of Zeal{line break}
with my perceptive powers.{page break}
Even now, I have foreseen a violent{line break}
storm, threatening to impede the{line break}
Skyways. It will strike in...{null}

ZEAL: Hah!{line break}
Congratulations, Prophet! You've{line break}
{"1}predicted{"2} yesterday's tempest{line break}
with stunning accuracy! Hahaha...{null}

DALTON: Heh.{line break}
You're a natural at this!{line break}
But do you know what happens to{line break}
those who lie to the Queen?{null}

{Magus}: ...{line break}
Excuse my miscalculation...{line break}
Traveling in the beryl blizzards{line break}
has obscured my notion of time.{page break}
Tomorrow, an Earthbound child{line break}
will be born in the caves. I...{null}

ZEAL: Who cares?{line break}
Children come of those wretched{line break}
people all the time. What does it{line break}
matter?{page break}
Perhaps you should spend{line break}
some time thinking your own fate{line break}
over on the ice below!{null}

{Magus}: ...Hear me, my liege!{line break}
Do you know of the secret chambers{line break}
the Gurus keep from you?{null}

ZEAL: ...Secret chambers?{null}

{Magus}: Yes.{page break}
The sages steal away and hide{line break}
their tomes and mysteries in covert{line break}
rooms, hidden in both the cities{line break}
of magic and dreams.{page break}
Their concealing intent and coy{line break}
deception impress upon my sight.{null}

ZEAL: Can you show me these{line break}
hidden rooms, Prophet?{null}

Found the Hidden Rooms

ZEAL: Unbelievable...{null}

DALTON: How was this kept for{line break}
so long without us knowing?{line break}
And how did you know...?{null}

{Magus}: These date back to the{line break}
construction of Zeal, during the{line break}
first days of flight.{page break}
Behold their research and magical{line break}
stones, with the potential for spells{line break}
surpassing that of the royal arts.{null}

ZEAL: Sheer treachery.{line break}
Hah, but the game is up!{line break}
Dalton, order your corps to seal{line break}
the rooms up.{null}

DALTON: Understood.{null}

ZEAL: The Gurus have much to{line break}
answer for...{delay 03}{instant page break}
Prophet!!{line break}
You've done well.{line break}
Perhaps you have a place in my{line break}

DALTON: What? He's totally{line break}
unproven. Anyone could have{line break}
guessed there'd be secret rooms{line break}
in here.{page break}
There are plenty in Zeal Palace{line break}
alone. Just do a little digging.{null}

ZEAL: What are you trying to{line break}

DALTON: Let's send our Prophet{line break}
on a little errand to prove his power.{line break}
If he can tell what's going to happen{line break}
next, then he'll be okay.{null}

{Magus}: Combat?{line break}
That's ridiculous. I have demonstrated{line break}
my ability already.{null}

ZEAL: Hah! No, my seneschal has{line break}
the right idea. It would be interesting{line break}
to see a soothsayer fight!{null}

{Magus}: ...{null}

ZEAL: The wild beasts have made a {line break}
a nest near the Land Bridge.{line break}
They attacked an Enlightened One{line break}
just yesterday.{page break}
Dalton's men were going to kill them,{line break}
but I think you can handle it alone...{page break}
Isn't that right?{null}

{Magus}: ...Yes, I see it.{null}

ZEAL: Good! Get going. And...{line break}
Good luck! Hahahaha...{null}

Magus exits

DALTON: So, you detected that{line break}
shadowy aura too? Now we'll{line break}
see if he can make something of it.{null}

ZEAL: What tipped you off?{line break}
Hurry up and seal this room!{line break}
I'll be waiting in the palace.{null}

Zeal exits; Dalton stares at the door and does his "angry" animation for a split second before the screen fades

Beast's Nest

A lasher's at the entrance

So, you finally showed up.
Just heard the news.{full break}
The trail goes straight to the nest.
They aren't too smart, you know.{null}

He walks towards the exit

Well, time to ride the light.
You're on your own!{null}

He exits; when Magus defeats the boss, a small scene ensues in which Magus turns around and fires something...a lightning bolt sprite maybe at the rock wall nearby (you'll see it on the map), and the lasher falls down to the snow.

Ugh, how'd you know!?{null}

{Magus}: ...{null}

...Nevermind. Dumb of me to ask...

{Magus}: Why did you follow me?{null}

Are you serious? As soon as you
stepped out of Kajar, word spread
like fire. You really think Queen Zeal
would throw away a Prophet?{full break}
I mean, she's gotten weird lately,
but not stupid. I'm here just in
case you CAN'T fight.{null}

Magus draws near

Yeah, in retrospect, that was a
given. Anyway, let's hurry back.
The Queen can't wait.{null}

Zeal Palace Audience

ZEAL: How was your little{line break}

Magus produces the hide

DALTON: !!{line break}
By yourself!?{null}

ZEAL: Aha...!{null}

{Magus}: As you requested, my{line break}

Zeal laughs

ZEAL: Wonderful!{line break}
So it's all not just for show.{page break}
I'll have you know, Prophet, that{line break}
while you were gone, an Earthbound{line break}
child was born! And for some{line break}
idiotic reason, Schala's gone to see it...{page break}
...Perhaps to start the child's{line break}
lifetime of servitude early?{null}

Zeal laughs

{Magus}: A question, if I might ask...{null}

ZEAL: Speak, speak!

{Magus}: How is construction on{line break}
the undersea palace proceeding?{line break}
Does the hour of christening near?{null}

ZEAL: The palace...{line break}
What do you see, Prophet?{delay 03}{line break}
Will we attain immortality at last?{null}

{Magus}: {delay 03}...{line break}
Yes. Zeal will be forever.{null}

Zeal...does some kind of animation

{Magus}: But per my question!{line break}
I cannot foretell the exact moment{line break}
the glory is ours. For there are{line break}
plots against you brewing...{page break}
From my meditations, I have found{line break}
five interlopers planning to descend{line break}
from an aetheric realm and destroy{line break}
Lavos itself. Their ranks include...{page break}
...A man with pointed, red hair,{line break}
brandishing a slender sword...{page break}
...A woman in pearl white,{line break}
with piercing bow at her grasp...{page break}
...A golden doll with hammering{line break}
fist and seething steam...{page break}
...A woman with eagle eyes and{line break}
weaponry that spits awful fire...{page break}
...And a mythic frog, wielding a{line break}
magic blade with cowardly stance.{page break}
They seek to kill the great god{line break}
Lavos, and shatter the dream{line break}
of Zeal upon the dying earth{line break}

ZEAL: So, envious wraiths are{line break}
gathering to diminish our majesty...{line break}
But they are fated to die!{line break}
Isn't that right?{null}

{Magus}: Fate can be altered...{line break}
Though slightly. My Queen, you must{line break}
not give any quarter or allowance{line break}
to opposition at this stage.{page break}
But they are not the only ones{line break}
planning to wreck Zeal's flight.{page break}
The Gurus have suffered a loss{line break}
of pride thanks to our discovery.{line break}
They now openly conspire, and{line break}
will sabotage the Mammon Machine.{page break}
They must be hastefully dealt with...{null}

ZEAL: I knew it!{line break}
They've been avoiding this{line break}
palace for days...and now this!{line break}
They seek only personal gain...{page break}
Well, it's all going to come back{line break}
to them in spades!!{line break}
{delay 03}Hahaha!{null}

Zeal laughs

ZEAL: Prophet!{line break}
Leave us. I have much to{line break}
think about.{page break}
You will stay in a royal{line break}
guest room.{null}

ZEAL: You!!{line break}
Show him his quarters.{null}


JANUS: Hey!{line break}
Who are you?{null}

{Magus}: {delay 02}...{null}

JANUS: ?{line break}
Answer me!{null}

{Magus}: {delay 02}...{line break}
{delay 02}...{page break}
...L-look after Alfador, Janus.{null}

JANUS: ...?{null}

Dream Sequence

OZZIE: Hahaha!{line break}
It sounds so easy!!{null}

{Magus}: Easier than you think.{line break}
Lavos will enter this world with{line break}
a simple summon, and proceed{line break}
to eradicate humanity in total.{page break}
With dark arts, capable of{line break}
tearing even the heavens asunder...{line break}
Lavos will bury their entire{line break}
civilization in an instant.{null}

SLASH: ...Damn...{line break}
All at once?{line break}
No regard to its victims?{line break}
I mean...{delay 02}jeez, that's hard to...{null}

{Magus}: Just as the humans{line break}
have oppressed us, Lavos will{line break}
crush them all. There will be{line break}
no escape...and no mercy.{null}

FLEA: Ooh, dreamy... {heart}{line break}
But sounds dangerous!{null}

{Magus} ...Yes, Lavos is our{line break}
dream of revenge. He is the{line break}
will of Mystics divined in godhood.{page break}
Soon, that dream will reach its{line break}
fulfilling end.{page break}
...Let's get started.{null}


JANUS: feels so...{line break} dark...{null}

SCHALA: I know, Janus.{line break}
But...we have the Gurus.{line break}
And mother means best for{line break}
Zeal...{page break}
It'll be okay.{null}

JANUS: But the wind's back...{null}

SCHALA: The black wind is always{line break}
with us. But defying that fated{line break}
gale is what Zeal stands for...{page break}
They say Lavos can let us{line break}
resist even death, and silence{line break}
the black wind forever.{null}

JANUS: Do you believe that?

They stop

SCHALA: ...{null}

They continue walking

Throneroom Argument

ZEAL: Then why do YOU care!?{line break}
You said it's safe!{line break}
What's the big problem!?{null}

MELCHIOR: I said that, fine!{line break}
But the closer we get, the more{line break}
dangerous this seems! Do you{line break}
even know what Lavos IS?{page break}
Does anyone?{line break}
We're playing with mighty big{line break}
fire, here!{null}

ZEAL: Silence!{line break}
I'm so sick of this...{line break}
Back, and forth, and over again!!{line break}
And then, you keep secret rooms...{null}

MELCHIOR: ...I...{line break}
Those rooms were ancient labs,{line break}
and...{line break}

ZEAL: See!{line break}
You're just like the others...{line break}
Treacherous, conniving,{line break}

MELCHIOR: I'm not going to{line break}
sacrifice Zeal on a fool's gamble.{line break}
Even if I have to destroy my{line break}
own creation...{null}

ZEAL: Hah! Like you'll get{line break}
the chance!!{null}

Looks at Prophet stuff

ZEAL: Prophet!{line break}
Just as you described...{line break}
Melchior's guilty, and the others{line break}
to are nowhere to be found!{page break}
Now...take this pathetic old man{line break}
and shack him up on Mt. Woe{line break}
for the time being, heh...{line break}
Hahaha! No one can defy me!{null}

MELCHIOR: ...Hmph!{line break}
Well then...on your guard,{line break}

Melchior tries a spell

MELCHIOR: !?{delay 02}{instant page break}
ZEAL: Hahahaha!{line break}
Get the hell out of here!{null}

AIDE: Please take the special{line break}
Skyway on the right to the Queen's{line break}
bedroom. There, you will find her{line break}
access gate to Mt. Woe.

Bedroom Text

MELCHIOR: It is you who are{line break}
bound by fate. And Zeal...{line break}
All will be destroyed by Lavos.{line break}
Don't you realize it...?{null}

GUARD: Never thought I'd{line break}
see old man Melchior in here.{page break}
Well, whatever. If she comes{line break}
back here and you guys are{line break}
still around, it's gonna be bad.{line break}
Get moving.{null}

Mt. Woe

MELCHIOR: {"1}Prophet{"2}...{delay 02}
Do you know why I allowed{line break}
you to take me this far...?{line break}
Why I've complied so easily?{null}

{Magus}: I couldn't care...!{null}

{Magus}: That's...!{line break}
That feels like...{page break}
The Masamune!{null}

{Magus}: So, even that sword{line break}
may have its origins in Zeal?{page break}
But it's a knife...{null}

{Magus}: Too bad I can't ask you{line break}
more when you wake up, Melchior.{line break}
It's not in the cards...{page break}
Now, for that spell...{null}

Magus and Schala

{Magus}: ...{null}

SCHALA: Prophet...{line break}
Did you truly take him up there?{line break}
I don't know if you are versed{line break}
in our ways, but...{page break}
Mt. Woe is not a prison at all.{line break}
Rather, those left at the peak{line break}
are devoured or killed outright{line break}
by the terrible beast, Giga Gaia...{page break}
Please tell me you didn't.{line break}
Melchior had valid concerns.{line break}
For someone who's given his{line break}
life to Zeal, it's just...{null}

{Magus}: Don't worry, Schala.{line break}
I...was not aware of that custom.{line break}
I sealed Melchior in ice stasis.{line break}
He will not be touched.{null}

SCHALA: Oh, thank goodness...{line break}
Mother's turning on him like that{line break}
is so horrible...I don't know what{line break}
to think anymore.{page break}
I don't know why I'm telling{line break}
you this...{null}

{Magus}: ...{delay 02}{instant page break}
It will be okay, Schala. Be calm...{page break}

He starts walking; stops after passing Schala somewhat, then continues as she watches


Queen Zeal is busy with the
Mammon Machine, and cannot
see you today.


NU: Prophet.{page break}
{Magus}: ?{delay 02}{instant page break}
NU: The master wishes to know{line break}
more about you.{null}


{Magus}: Why did you fight{line break}
me, creature?{null}

NU: Nuuu!!{line break}
That hurts!{page break}
Master Belthasar wanted to{line break}
learn about you, Nu!{null}

{Magus}: Learn about me?{null}

NU: He and Gaspar have fled{line break}
Zeal, taking their equipment{line break}
and magic with them.{null}

{Magus}: But why does he{line break}
care what I do?{null}

NU: You hasten the activation{line break}
of the Mammon Machine, Nu.{line break}
Black wind surrounds you! You{line break}
will only bring ruin to us!{page break}
You are death's harbinger!{null}

Magus releases his hold

{Magus}: Tch, only Belthasar's{line break}
Nus could have personalities like{line break}
that...{page break}
Go back to your master.{line break}
Tell him to watch the skies.{null}

Nu leaves

{Magus}: With all three Gurus{line break}
out of the way, I can start my{line break}
preparations at the Ocean{line break}
Palace.{page break}
Time to visit Queen Zeal...{null}

Mammon Machine

DALTON: What!?{line break}
That's ridiculous!{null}

ZEAL: Hahaha!{line break}
The Prophet is the natural choice{line break}
to led the palace's completion!{page break}
You're more cut out for guard{line break}
duty as it is!{null}

Angry animation

DALTON: That's not true!{line break}
As seneschal, I succeeded{line break}
Belthasar as director of the{line break}

ZEAL: And since then, you've{line break}
done nothing but fuss around{line break}
while our Prophet works hard{line break}
without complaint.{page break}
What an example you've set!{line break}

Zeal laughs as Magus enters

ZEAL: Ah, welcome!{line break}
Prophet, you may now{line break}
personally oversee the finishing{line break}
touches on the Ocean Palace.{null}

{Magus}: (!){line break}
I am honored to have the{line break}
responsibility of this task.{null}

ZEAL: Yeah, yeah.{line break}
Well, hurry it up!{null}

Zeal goes to the side skyway; Dalton faces the Prophet

DALTON: Well, well...{line break}
Let's see how you handle{line break}
THIS, {"1}Prophet{"2}.{page break}
I was going to patch something{line break}
up down there today, but since{line break}
she's volunteered you...{null}

Dalton steps forward

DALTON: Get down to the{line break}
palace. Those miserable{line break}
Earthbound are complaining{line break}
about a contamination...{page break}
Sea creatures and briny{line break}
water is pouring in to one{line break}
of the wings. So...{page break}
Fix it! Hah! Have fun, now!{line break}
Don't forget to exterminate{line break}
all the monsters!{null}

Ocean Palace

Guess we should put a Zeal man NPC in the first area

Ah, the Prophet himself.
Talk to the workers in the next

Going clockwise

(Lasher below entrance)

Hey. You're here to fix the
breach?{delay 03}
...Well, guess they do care
about us up there after all!{null}


Harrr, work is almost finished.
The Queen personally commissioned
this defensive forward chamber,
sure to stop any threats to us...{null}

(Mage overseeing Earthbound)

Urrr, faster!
Lay down those tiles so I can
seal the magical traps!!{null}


One wrong step, and you fall
into that magmatic miasma there...
I've lost count of all my friends
who've been burned alive...{full break}
Please be careful...{null}


The Scouters, and those awful
Mages are the pinnacle of Zeal's
research on developing servile
creatures with magic powers...{null}


The Mammon Machine is due to
arrive soon.
They're preparing the passages
ahead, blurgh...{null}

(Earthbound pacing up and down)

I was taken while hunting beasts
on the fields. There were ten of
us...{full break}
...Forgive my fatigue, Prophet.
I've heard of your coming...
Oh, blessings...{null}


Yeah! I got promoted to
Thrasher yesterday and moved
down here. Purple suits me well...{full break}
Now I'll have a front row seat
to immortality!{null}

(Earthbound pacing left of him)

It happened a few hours ago.
A big clang, and this sick, crunching
sound...{full break}
Water rushed in and...
Ralean, and Jerrik, both...
And then horrible sea beasts came
and mauled the survivors...{full break}
...The breached room is ahead.{delay 02}
...Let me get back to work...{null}

(Thrasher by door)

Right through here.
Be careful. We already lost
two corps men cleaning up the


Bleahah, they were no match
for us. I can smell their rotting
carcasses from here.{null}

Guess we'll put a Thrasher by the breach entrance in the next room

The water tore through lock fifteen
up ahead. There's standing water,
so be careful.{full break}
Wha? Monsters?
Thought we took care of those


{Magus}: Nothing here...?{null}

DALTON: Well, that's nice.{line break}
It'll save us both some work.{page break}
This breach is convenient,{line break}
you know...{page break}
One little touch, and your{line break}
untimely death can be blamed{line break}
on the entire thing.{line break}
The water will clean it up well.{null}

{Magus}: What did you say?{full break}
DALTON: Oh, save it.{line break}
Did you not predict this{line break}
or something? Hah!{page break}
Queen Zeal lets you parade{line break}
around because she doesn't{line break}
consider you a threat, even{line break}
with that trumped-up aura.{page break}
But I see it a little differently...{line break}
You show up...gain favor...{delay 02}{line break}
Throw out the Gurus...{page break}
And now, you're usurping{line break}
me. What's next? The throne?{null}

Magus gets ready

{Magus}: As I thought.{line break}
This is about you.{line break}
You always were one to lose{line break}
without any grace whatsoever.{page break}
Need I prove it?{null}

DALTON: Heh...{line break}
You're not worth it. Instead...{line break}
GOLEM!! Tear him to SHREDS!{null}

DALTON: Ugh, troublesome!{line break}
Take this!{null}

DALTON: Aughhhh!{page break}
You...son of a bitch!{line break}
I'll kill you! I swear!{null}

{Magus}: Heh. Care to lose{line break}
your other eye?{page break}
Hmph...killing you would only{line break}
incur suspicion.{page break}
Listen, you pathetic idiot.{line break}
You are a worm unto me.{line break}
Cling to life...and don't dare{line break}
cross me again.{null}

Magus walks past Dalton and stops

{Magus}: ...Unless, that is,{line break}
you want to lose your shot at{line break}

Magus leaves
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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #7 on: December 06, 2007, 07:35:56 pm »
I'm done for a few hours. Is the lasher-following-Magus scene unneeded? I tried to show that a) Zeal and Dalton sent Magus down to find out if he can fight in a roundabout way just to see if he's a threat, and b) Nonetheless, Zeal would throw away such an interesting asset to the beasts, so she sent a lasher just in case.


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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #8 on: December 08, 2007, 06:56:29 am »
Nah, it's good. Since it's a small hack, levelling doesn't matter and the battle sequences are kind of "fillers", so it's always nice to have little scenes like that that integrate the dungeons into the plot.


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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #9 on: December 09, 2007, 02:56:15 am »
Whoa, I had no idea there was more after the quarters scene! I just found out how to take a nap, and I'm on Mt. Woe now. I'm continuing to add dialogue to that thread.

Looks like the second battle on Mt. Woe is a little buggy; it won't start and I can't continue. Guess I'll hit it in TF.
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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #10 on: December 09, 2007, 04:43:06 pm »
Oops, that's where the patch ends anyway. Nevermind.

The Magus-gets-promoted scene works better if Magus comes in at the last minute. And plus, giving him free wander again only means he'd have to cross back to the Palace after crossing over to Enhasa, so it's not that important.


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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #11 on: December 09, 2007, 07:48:38 pm »
Okay, I'm done with the main text. I guess I still have to write incidental dialogue for Zeal Palace...I don't know; maybe we can reduce the number of NPCs in there or something so we have less work? Because I'm also going to write a handful of post-mem events for NPCs who respond to Magus's actions during the course of the story. After all, people will treat him different once word spreads that he's a prophet.


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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #12 on: December 13, 2007, 06:02:03 pm »
Tonight is my last final. If there's any mapping or something else that can be outsourced, I'm ready.


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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #13 on: December 19, 2007, 02:32:35 pm »
Alright, here is the "beta" version of the game. Note that I made the Kajar secret room a different room than the one seen in CT, since I think there would be an inconsistency else. Now it's implied that Queen Zeal sealed the room but that Belthasar simply created another one (before he outright left the whole kingdom).

And here's the list of things which remain to be done:
- battles and monsters
- Beast's Nest last area: I can't remember if there's one planned or if it's actually one of the 2 current areas (see Mapping thread)
- Zeal Palace texts: yeah, we can probably reduce the number of NPCs
- Zeal Palace Dark Wing: the 2 guards have no lines, and there are 2 planned rooms in the middle corridor that we never completed or used; should we simply remove them?
- the ending sequence
- graphic hacking for Dalton's eye, and probably a bit of enemy stat hacking

# Cut to Crono, Frog, and Ayla asking about Dactyls.
# Cut to Magus walking down a lengthy hall, and a couple flashbacks of the Gurus helping Janus.
# In Zeal Palace near the entrance, a guard tells him that the Queen has no use of him for the remainder of the day, as she is busy with the Mammon Machine.
Was this scrapped? I guess it should in any case, since we will end up having those kinds of flashbacks in Crimson Echoes anyway and we don't want the 2 games to be redundant.

Anyway, I think the Balcony scene is kinda problematic. The player could really be lost after Mt. Woe because there's nothing to suggest that he has to go back to Enhasa, and he can't possibly stumble upon it by chance since it's so far away from Zeal Palace. Perhaps we could move this scene to another location? The high lake near Zeal Palace could be a good spot (see attached picture), since it's close to the Palace and since we can probably map it with the Denadoro Vista tileset; this would conveniently allow us to avoid graphic-hacking a balcony tileset. We could most probably hack it fine, but with six days left it's perhaps not a good idea to try.

[attachment deleted by admin]
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Re: Christmas release?
« Reply #14 on: December 19, 2007, 04:28:46 pm »
Give me the word and I'll make the map. Is there an ocean in that tileset or could I use the Zenan Bridge tileset?