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Sidequest Dialogue Enhancements (old)
« on: April 02, 2007, 07:48:25 pm »
So, like with the storyline dialogue enhancement thread, we will keep all commentary to the commentary thread. This thread will be for all of the enhanced sidequests, and may be added onto when we get to new sidequests. Also, all sidequest dialogue will begin with Gaspar's line, to preface the sidequest, essentially, and is not considered an actual line of dialogue for the sidequest.

So, let us begin!

Quote from: Fiona's Forest!
BEGIN "Fiona's Forest!"

{Gaspar}: In the Middle Ages, a forest is revived through{line break}
the sheer will of a woman's heart...{full break}

*backtrack to Zeal Palace, first time there*

{Botanist}: Oh, hello strange travelers! Do you like plants?{line break}
   No.{full break}
(If no){Botanist}: Oh...nevermind, then.{full break}
(If yes){Botanist}: You do? Wonderful! I love them too...{line break}
they can be so beautiful...{page break}
But...the Queen ordered me to burn this sapling I received{line break}
from the Guru of Life.{page break}
And yet the Guru said it was a magical sapling with the{line break}
powers to preserve greenery and enrich the environment.{page break}
I...I hesitate to ask, strangers...but what should I do?{line break}
   Burn it. You can't disobey your Queen.
   Secretly plant it...the Queen is wrong.{full break}

(If burn){Botanist}: Of course...the Queen is right, as{line break}
always...{full break}
(If plant){Botanist}:'re right! I...I cannot burn{line break}
this sapling even on the Queen's do such a thing{line break}
to a gift from the Guru of Life...{page break}
Understood...I will plant this sapling with care somwhere.{line break}
Perhaps one day it will be used to restore an environment{line break}
to rich, full life.{full break}

*zip to Fiona's Hut, 600 A.D.*

{Fiona}: My husband Marco...he's finally home from the war!{line break}
He fought at Zenan Bridge with you...thank you for keeping{line break}
him safe!{full break}

{Marco}: Relax, Fiona...from now on, we'll be together for{line break}
good, okay?{full break}

*player speaks with Fiona and Marco after telling plant woman to plant her


*Fiona looks at party*
{Fiona}: Oh, {char1}! I have a favour to ask of you, if you{line break}
could.{full break}

*PCs do questioning gesture*
(1st PC)
{Marle}: Sure, what is it?{full break}
{Lucca}: We'd love to help, Fiona. What can we do?{full break}
{Robo}: We are always happy to help someone in need.{full break}
{Frog}: What can we do for you, madam?{full break}
{Ayla}: How help?{full break}
{Magus}: ...this better be good.{full break}

*Fiona looks in different directions for each page as she speaks*
{Fiona}: Once, there was a great forest here. Marco and I{line break}
grew up with that forest as our playground. It means a lot to{line break}
the both of us...{page break}
But, as you can see outside, a desert is swallowing the forest{line break}
bit by's a struggle just to keep the trees around the{line break}
hut alive.{page break}
I have a sapling from a magical plant was passed{line break}
down for generations through my family...I'm sure it could{line break}
restore the forest to life!{full break}

*PCs blink their eyes*
(2nd PC)
{Marle}: But...?{full break}
{Lucca}: But there's a problem, right?{full break}
{Robo}: There is more to the story.{full break}
{Frog}: What is the problem, then?{full break}
{Ayla}: Why not plant?{full break}
{Magus}: ...well go on, woman, what's the problem?{full break}

*Fiona looks down*
{Fiona}: ...the problem is a cave of monsters underneath the{line break}
desert. Whatever I plant wilts immediately, almost as if the{line break}
monsters were eating them.{full break}

*As does Marco*
{Marco}: I've tried to kill them all myself, but they're too{line break}
powerful for me.{full break}

*Fiona looks at party*
{Fiona}: Please, you must help us, {char1}! You're our only{line break}
hope of reviving the forest!{full break}

*PCs nod*
(1st PC)
{Marle}: Don't worry, Fiona; you can count on us!{full break}
{Lucca}: We'll stop the monsters, Fiona!{full break}
{Robo}: We will do our best, Fiona.{full break}
{Frog}: Do not worry; we will vanquish the monsters!{full break}
{Ayla} {Ayla} stop monsters!{full break}
{Magus}: ...that old man better not have been lying about{line break}
this helping us defeat Lavos somehow...{full break}

*Fiona and Marco now repeat the following lines each time player talks to

them before killing Retinite*
{Fiona}: Please, you must help us, {char1}! You're our only{line break}
hope of reviving the forest!{full break}
{Marco}: Be careful, {char1}! Oh, and a tip: the monsters shy{line break}
away from any water...I think it's their weak point.{full break}

*player goes to Sunken Desert and PCs stop at entrance*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Gotta be careful, guys...{full break}
{Lucca}: Keep your eyes idea what could be in here.{full break}
{Robo}: We may encounter any sort of on your{line break}
guard.{full break}
{Frog}: Do not let your guard down...there may be any manner{line break}
of odd creature lurking about...{full break}
{Ayla}: Careful...strange beast live here.{full break}
{Magus}: Stay close and don't do anything stupid.{full break}

*player goes through beating up monsters and eventually ends up in the

cavern of Retinite. Screen shakes*

*PCs blink*
(1st PC)
{Marle}: ...w-what was that?{full break}
{Lucca}: A tremor...?{full break}
{Robo}: Is it a spontaneous earthquake?{full break}
{Frog}: What in the...?{full break}
{Ayla}: S-shaking!{full break}
{Magus}: ...what could that have been?{full break}
*Retinite glances up out of the sand at the party*

*PCs are shocked*
(If Magus is in party, he has priority on this line)
{Marle}: So THAT'S the monster responsible for killing the{line break}
forest!{full break}
{Lucca}: That's got to be the monster causing the{line break}
desertification!{full break}
{Robo}: This must be the monster responsible for causing the{line break}
desertification.{full break}
{Frog}: That monster must have altered the forest into desert!{full break}
{Ayla}: Beast make forest desert!{full break}
{Magus}: ...of had to be Retinite, didn't it?{full break}

(If Magus spoke, these extra lines occur)
*PCs look at Magus*
(Pc in slot after Magus)
{Marle}: ...Retinite?{full break}
{Lucca}: Retinite? You know what this monster is?{full break}
{Robo}: You know the origin of this monster?{full break}
{Frog}: {Magus} are responsible for this creature's{line break}
existance!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Magus} know beast?{full break}

{Magus}: Don't give me that was an experiment of{line break}
Ozzie's...he was trying to make a better Zombor and the idiot{line break}
let Retinite escape. We were never able to find it...{full break}
*end extra lines*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: moves around underground! How're we going{line break}
to find it?{full break}
{Lucca}: A monster that travels underground...what a nuisance.{full break}
{Robo}: It will be difficult to locate the monster as it{line break}
moves underground...{full break}
{Frog}: How are we to find this monster if it moves{line break}
underground?{full break}
{Ayla}: Bones move around underground! Hard to find!{full break}
{Magus}: What a pain you've turned out to be, Retinite...{full break}

*player runs into Retinite. Boss fight!*

*PCs do their victory stances*
(1st PC)
{Marle}: There! Now the trees won't die off anymore! Fiona's{line break}
going to love the good news!{full break}
{Lucca}: The cause of the desertification has been neutralized!{line break}
Let's go tell Fiona!{fuil break}
{Robo}: With the monster destroyed, the desertification should{line break}
now be reversable. Let us inform Fiona.{full break}
{Ayla}: Bones th at break trees dead. Fiona happy!{full break}
{Magus}: Well...that takes care of Retinite...{delay 03}oh, and{line break}
we should let that woman know too...{full break}

*player heads to Fiona. PCs stop upon entrance*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: We've stopped the monsters for good, Fiona!{full break}
{Lucca}: The monsters are dead, Fiona.{full break}
{Robo}: We have eliminated the monsters.{full break}
{Frog}: We have slain the beasts causing the desert.{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} stop monsters!{full break}
{Magus}: We killed Retinite for you, so be grateful.{full break}

*Fiona looks at party*
{Fiona}: Y-you actually killed them off?!{full break}

*Marco looks at Fiona*
{Marco}: They did it! They really did it!{full break}

{Fiona}: Oh, thank you {char1}! Thank you for destroying{line break}
those monsters!{full break}

*Fiona looks away and steps towards Marco*

{Fiona}: But...{delay 03}it'll take centuries to transform the{line break}
desert into forest once more...I can't live that long. If{line break}
only there was someone who could keep working for hundreds{line break}
of years...{full break}

(If Robo is in the party)
{Robo}: I am a robot, Miss Fiona, so I can certainly{line break}
stay and help plant the forest for the time needed.{full break}

*PCs look at Robo*
(PC in slot after Robo)
{Marle}: But...{Robo}...would you be okay?{full break}
{Lucca}: ...are you sure you're going to be alright if{line break}
you do that, {Robo}?{full break}
{Frog}: Can you function for such a long period of time?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Robo} live okay?{full break}
{Magus}: Hah...would it even be worth the risk to you, {Robo}?{full break}

{Robo}: I will be fine, everyone. Simply come for me in the{line break}
Millennial Era.{full break}

{Fiona}: ...I'm not going to pretend I understood any of that{line break}
but if he can stay and help us, then let him!{full break}

{Robo}: May I?
   No.{full break}
(If no){Robo}: Please, {char1}, do not encourage their hopes{line break}
only to reject them.
   No.{full break}
(No repeats the line above)
(If yes){Fiona}: Oh...thank you, {Robo}! Thank you! Now, let's{line break}
get to work!{full break}

*Fiona and Robo exit the hut and Robo is now permenantly on the 600 A.D.

world map*

*Zip to 1000 A.D. Fiona's shrine. PCs stop upon entrance*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Oh my GOD...{Robo} did it! Look at the huge forest{line break}
outside!{full break}
{Lucca}: {Robo}...the forest you've resurrected is amazing...{full break}
{Frog}: This is quite an achievement, is it not?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Robo} make forest! Forest pretty!{full break}
{Magus}: Huh...what do you know...the clunky robot pulled it{line break}
off.{full break}

*player speaks to Priestesses*

{Priestess}: This is Fiona's Shrine. It is a holy temple{line break}
dedicated to the efforts of Fiona and {Robo} that revived the{line break}
forest once turned into desert in the war with {Magus}.{full break}

{Priestess}: Within this temple, the holy relic of {Robo} is{line break}
enshrined in the inner sanctum.{full break}

{Priestess}: These hats are knit from branches possessing{line break}
the mystical powers of the forest; they can protect you{line break}
from evil enchantments.{full break}

*Player approaches Robo*

{char1}: {Robo}!{full break}

*PCs drag him to the ground and activate him*

{Robo}: W-w-w-wh-where a-a-am I-I? T-this pl-place...{page break}
This place is...oh, {char1}! It is you! I have missed{line break}
you, and everyone else as well!{page break}
For you it was mere moments between our parting, but for{line break}
me it has been four hundred years! And yet the effort was{line break}
worth it! The forest has been revived!{page break}
*Robo stands*
Shall we celebrate our 400th year reunion tonight?{full break}

*1st PC nods*
(1st PC)
{Marle}: You bet!{full break}
{Lucca}: Sure thing, {Robo}! I need the time to repair you{line break}
so you're in fighting shape again anyway.{full break}
{Frog}: Of course, {Robo}!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} party with {Robo}!{full break}
{Magus}: ...fine...damned waste of time all of this is...{full break}

*zip to forest scene. Lucca is reparing Robo throughout it. Everyone is


{Robo}: Having now lived for four hundred years longer, I have{line break}
realized something.{page break}
Originally, we suspected the Gates were created by Lavos{line break}
in some fashion, perhaps distortions from his power emenating{line break}
throughout time, but I now believe that interpretation to{line break}
be mistaken.{full break}

{Marle}: What do you mean, {Robo}?{full break}

{Robo}: Consider the convenience of the time periods we can{line break}
access. In each one important events related to Lavos occur.{line break}
In the Prehistoric Era, he falls. In the Ancient Era, he{line break}
is used as a power source by Zeal and destroys it.{page break}
In the Middle Ages, he is the focus of {Magus}' war. In{line break}
the Millennial Era, he is worshipped by the Mystics.{line break}
And in my time, the Future era, he has already destroyed{line break}
the world.{page break}
It is almost as if someone or something was trying to{line break}
show us something for some reason. The different events we{line break}
have witnessed throughout is almost as if this{line break}
Entity wanted to relive its past.{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} understand! Elders say, when people die,{line break}
life pass by eyes!{full break}

{Frog}: It is true that those who perish relieve the memories{line break}
closest to their hearts before they die.{page break}
Though the memories are usually happy, they are generally{line break}
sorrowful ones.{full break}

{Robo}: Undoubtedly, {Frog}. It is the feeling of regret one{line break}
has about their actions. Thinking things such as "If only{line break}
I had done this instead" or "I want to go back to that time"{line break}
tends to trigger such unpleasant memories.{full break}

{Marle}: You think it'll happen like that for us too?{full break}

{Lucca}: Probably...but who really knows?{full break}

{Marle}: Do you have a moment you'd like to return to,{line break}
{Lucca}? Something you regret?{full break}

{Lucca}: I...n-no...not really...{full break}

{Marle}: I'm sorry...I probably shouldn't have asked that.{full break}

{Lucca}: No, it's okay, {Marle}. It's's just not{line break}
something I like to think about too often. After all, I{line break}
could get obssesed with trying to change it!{full break}

{Frog}: Still...Lavos seems to play an integral role in{line break}
the life of this Entity. In every era this Entity is intwined{line break}
with Lavos.{full break}

{Magus}: who is the Entity?{full break}

{Robo}: I do not think the Entity is a seems{line break}
to be more of a larger existance.{full break}

{Frog}: But what IS it?{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} think Entity is "Mother Earth.{full break}

{Lucca}: Earth? As in the Planet itself? Is that possible?{full break}

{Robo}: It was my theory as well...what other Entity might{line break}
Lavos be so intertwined with? We witnessed Lavos fall from{line break}
space 65,000,000 years ago. As said by Balthasar and others{line break}
Lavos lives within the Earth, eating away at its energy.{full break}

{Magus}: It makes sense...the lifeforce of all living things{line break}
is connected to the Planet.{full break}

{Marle}: If Lavos is eating away at the Planet, that must be{line break}
killing it...and if the Entity is dying...then that MUST{line break}
be it!{full break}

{Frog}: To think that even the very Planet on which we live{line break}
is alive...{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla}...{Ayla} feel cries of Planet.{full break}

{Lucca}: You do, {Ayla}? What's it saying?{full break}

{Ayla}: Earth say "it hurts! "it hurts!"{page break}
Lavos bad for Planet...Lavos bad for all.{full break}

{Marle}: must be really bad.{full break}

{Lucca}: Do you think the Planet is trying to help us{line break}
defeat Lavos?{full break}

{Robo}: Most would explain why the Gates appear{line break}
when and where they do, why they take us to the most useful{line break}
periods of time in our history.{full break}

{Frog}: There is still the Black Omen that floats above{line break}
the world...what of it? What does it do?{full break}

{Magus}: The Black Omen is the Ocean Palace{line break}
mother is responsible for its existance...{full break}

{Robo}: The Omen is connected with may serve as a{line break}
power concentrator or another method of ensuring his rise{line break}
to destroy the world in 1999 A.F.{full break}

{Lucca}: But nothing changed in the future! Lavos still{line break}
destroyed the world on December 31st, 1999 A.F. and the{line break}
survivors are still around like they were before.{full break}

{Frog}:{full break}

{Marle}: Huh?{full break}

{Ayla}: What you mean?{full break}

{Frog}: Whatever foul darkness Lavos has plagued her mind with{line break}
Queen Zeal is no fool. She knows we survived the destruction{line break}
of Zeal. She knows we are a threat to Lavos, no matter her{line break}
blustering to the contrary.{full break}

{Magus}: I hate to say it, but the frog here is{line break}
mother, fool she may be, is smart enough to recognize a threat{line break}
when she sees one.{full break}

{Marle}: Oh Lavos is gonna be tougher than ever?{full break}

{Lucca}: Looks that way.{full break}

{Robo}: I would not panic just yet, {Marle}. The Black Omen{line break}
may merely serve to focus Lavos' power...if we were to{line break}
destroy it before we fight Lavos, we should be able to{line break}
weaken him.{full break}

{Frog}: {Robo} is correct...and in any case, we have Mother{line break}
Earth herself on our side!{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} fight for Earth! {Ayla} no lose!{full break}

{Marle}: ...I-I sure hope you're right...{full break}

{Robo}: Shall we turn in for the night?{full break}

{Marle}:'d be best.{full break}

{Lucca}: Goodnight, everyone!{full break}

*scene fades out, then back in to everyone asleep. Gate noise is in the

background. Lucca wakes up and looks around*

{Lucca}: Huh...? W-what's going on? What's that sound?{full break}

*Lucca looks to the right*

{Lucca}: It's coming from...there?{full break}

*player moves Lucca over to the Red Gate*

{Lucca}: A gate?!{full break}

*Lucca auto-steps in. Gate vanishes briefly from the forest. Robo steps in

from the side*

{RObo}: {Lucca}? ...where did {Lucca} go?{full break}

*scene shifts to Gate travel and Lucca popping out in her house*

July 1st, 990 A.F.{delay 05}{instant full break}

{Lucca}: Th-this is...did I make it that moment?{full break}

*player examins the diary entry on the ground*

{Diary 24/6/990 A.F.}: Daddy promised to go hiking with {Lucca}{line break}
but he skipped out on it to do research instead. {Lucca} hates{line break}
science! But that's okay...{Lucca} doesn't need to undestand{line break}
science...{full break}

{Lucca}: ...I AM back to that moment...oh, damn, I've got{line break}
to hurry...maybe I can change...{full break}

*player goes to kitchen*

{Note}: In case of emergency, the password to stop the machine{line break}
is the name of my dearest wife, Lara.{line break}
-Taban.{full break}

*player walks into the main room. Lucca is shocked at the sight of her

younger self and Lara.*

{Lara}: My word...Taban, I know you said to stay away from{line break}
this odd machine...but it's so dusty...I'll just dust it off{line break}
for him...{full break}

*Like a moron Lara accidentely gets stuck in the machine*

{Lara}: Huh?! What in skirt! It's stuck! {Lucca}{line break}
help me! Help me out!{full break}

*Younger Lucca tries to help*

{Lucca}: It-it won't come out!{full break}

*The machine activates*

{Lara}: Oh my God...{Lucca}! Stop the machine! Enter the{line break}
password for it! HURRY!{full break}

{Lucca}: I don't know it, mommy!{full break}

*Younger Lucca runs back and forth around the machine.*

(If Lucca does not save her mother because the player is heartless)
{Lara]: Oh no...NO! HELP ME!{full break}

*scene fades out to scream then back in to Lucca at her bed, with diary

entries blocking the exits, Gate is back*

{LUcca}: Mom...I-I'm so s-sorry...I tried...DAMN IT!{full break}

*Lucca reads the entries*

{Diary, 7/1/990 A.F.}: I heard daddy and the doctor{line break}
talking...I wish I hadn't...mommy, her legs...{full break}

{Diary, 7/1/990 A.F.}: If only I knew all about machines...{line break}
nothing like this would've happened...I've got to study{line break}
them to keep others safe from now on!{full break}

{Lucca}: ...if only I'd been able to change it...{full break}

*player heads back through the Gate. LUcca is shocked upon seeing Robo


{Lucca}: {Robo}!{full break}

{Robo}: There you are, {Lucca}...what happened?{full break}

*Lucca looks sad*
{Lucca}: mother...the event I told you about...{full break}

*Robo looks down*
{delay 03}{Robo}: ...I see.{page break}
I have an idea: let us give your mother my legs! They are{line break}
well-balanced ultra-minaturized bipedal walkings parts.{line break}
You could mount treads on me in place of the legs.{full break}

*Lucca steps closer to Robo*
{Lucca}: ...thanks for the thought, {Robo}'re such a{line break}
good friend...{full break}

*Robo looks away*
{Robo}: Friend? I, a robot...{full break}

*Lucca nods*
{Lucca}: Why wouldn't you be my friend, {Robo}?

(If the player saves Lara like they should because they care)
{Lucca}: Thank goodness, mommy!{full break}

{Lara}: {Lucca}...{Lucca}...oh GOD I was so scared...{full break}

*Older Lucca ends up collapsed on her bed a la the previous version of the scene*

{Lucca}: Mom...I-I'm so glad I was able to change what{line break}
happened...I hope you'll be happier now...{full break}

*Lucca reads the one new diary entry*

{Diary 7/1/990 A.F.}: Truly, thank goodness mommy is{line break}
safe. {Lucca}'M thinking about learning more{line break}
about machines so it'll be okay if something like that happens{line break}
again...{full break}

{Lucca}: And I mom's safe...{full break}

*Lucca heads back through the Gate*

*Like previous version, she is shocked upon seeing Robo*

{LUcca}: {Robo}!{full break}

{Robo}: There you are, {Lucca}. What happened?{full break}

*Lucca looks down*
{Lucca}: I...the took me back to that moment{line break}
I told you about...a-and...{page break}
*Lucca does her victory pose*
I was able to change history! My mom's legs are okay now!{full break}

{Robo}: This is wonderful is good to see this{line break}
issue weighing on your mind is now resolved. You are a{line break}
kind person, {Lucca}.{full break}

*Lucca steps towards Robo*
{Lucca}: And you're a good friend, {Robo}.{full break}

*Robo looks away*
{Robo}: Friend? I, a robot...{full break}

*Lucca nods*
{Lucca}: Why wouldn't you be, {Robo}?{full break}

*Either way the player reacted, the same thing now happens*
{Robo}: I do not understand what created the Gate.{full break}

{Lucca}: Maybe the Planet just wanted to give me a chance{line break}
to fix what happened.{full break}

{Robo}: Perhaps.{page break}
In any case, I would like to give a gift.{full break}

*Lucca blinks*
{Lucca}: A gift?{full break}

*Robo opens up himself revealing a shiny thing*
{Robo}: This is a piece of amber I created by hardening the{line break}
resin the trees in this forest excrete.{page break}
This jewel took four hundred years and a lot of pressure to{line break}
creature. I hope you will find it useful, {Lucca}.{full break}

{Lucca}: {Robo}'re so sweet...thanks.{full break}

END "Fiona's Forest!"

Quote from: Ozzie and the Magus!
BEGIN "Ozzie and the Magus!"

{Gaspar}: Three fugitives who fought under {Magus} in the{line break} Middle Ages continue to maintain a hideout...{full break}

*zip to Ozzie's Fort. Ozzie gestures grandly as the PCs walk in*

{Ozzie}: Ah, hello, and welcome! This is the Great Magus{line break}
Ozzie's...{page break}
*Ozzie's eyes bulge*
What in the hell?!{full break}

(If no Magus)
{Ozzie}: You guys again?! ...see ya!{full break}
*Ozzie runs off*

(If yes Magus)
{Ozzie}'re the great {Magus}!{full break}

*Magus looks around*
{Magus}: ...nice place here, Ozzie. Doing well?{full break}

{Ozzie}: You...the nerve of you! You deserted the Mystics to{line break}
serve these humans! You're a traitor! You're no longer our{line break}
King!{full break}

{Magus}: Oh...and I suppose YOU are, "Great Magus" Ozzie?{full break}

{Ozzie}: Why did you betray us...?!{full break}

*Ozzie flees*

(Either way, 1st PC)
{Marle}: This guy is really annoying...{full break}
{Lucca}: I can't stand this guy...{full break}
{Robo}: Ozzie is an annoying individual.{full break}
{Frog}: Running again, Ozzie?! That failed you in {Magus}'{line break}
Castle and it will fail you here!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} not like this Ozzie...{full break}
{Magus}: You are such an annoyance, Ozzie...I don't know why{line break}
I ever let you stick around...better correct that...{full break}

*player chases after Ozzie*

{Ozzie}: ...y-you obstinant bastards! I'll have you{line break}
begging for mercy! Flea!{full break}

*Flea ports in and does her kissing animation*

{Flea}: I'm here! You sent for me...?{full break}

*PCs are shocked*
(1st PC)
{Marle}: B-but we...we got rid of you!{full break}
{Lucca}: But I thought you died!{full break}
{Robo}: Did you not die in {Magus}' Castle?{full break}
{Frog}: You perished in the Castle! I saw it myself!{full break}
{Ayla}: Who you?!{full break}
{Magus}: I don't believe it...I thought these guys offed you!{full break}

*Flea laughs*
(Non Magus version)
{Flea}: Oh my...look at this! It's been a know{line break}
I do not like such stubborn little boys and girls chasing{line break}
after me.{full break}

(Magus version)
{Flea}:'s the great {Magus}! I wonder how{line break}
you stumbled in here...Traitors like you ought to be{line break}
punished severely!{full break}

{Flea}: Oh, Great Magus Ozzie, stand back and let me take{line break}
care of them, please?{full break}

(Either way)
{Ozzie}: I'm counting on you, Flea!{full break}

*Ozzie leaves*

{Flea}: Now, for your punishment!{full break}

*Boss fight!*

{Flea}: Aiyah! Just you wait...I'll get you next time!{full break}

*Flea retreats*

{1st PC)
{Marle}: ...OOH I can't stand her!{full break}
{Lucca}: Flea really pisses me off...come on, after her!{full break}
{Robo}: This has become irritating already...{full break}
{Frog}: That vile woman...after her!{full break}
{Ayla}: ...{Ayla} no like her either...{full break}
{Magus}: ...I should have killed her when I had the chance...{full break}

*player chases after Ozzie*

{Ozzie}: Nys too mee chew!{full break}

*PCs blink in confusion*

{Ozzie}: Come forth, my servants! Make mincemeat of these{line break}
bastards who are trying to take back the treasure I carried{line break}
off from {Magus}' Castle!{full break}

(If Magus is present)
{Magus}: What?! That stuff's mine, jackass!{full break}

{Ozzie}: Hahahaha!{full break}

*Ozzie turns the crank and monsters come up the chains*

{Ozzie}: Let's-a-go!{full break}

*PCs and monsters act like they will do battle but the monsters just fall on the other side of the conveyor*

*PCs blink in confusion and Ozzie's eyes bulge*

{Ozzie}: I...uh...Ozzie's in a jam! ...see ya!{full break}

(If Magus is present, he says his line in addition to the first PC's if he is not the first PC, and is in laughing animation)
(1st PC)
{Marle}: ...he's not too smart, is he?{full break}
{Lucca}: What an idiot...{full break}
{Robo}: Ozzie's intelligence seems to be somewhat limited.{full break}
{Frog}: Quite the fool, is he not?{full break}
{Ayla}: ...Ozzie dummy...{full break}
{Magus}: Now I know why I kept him around...he's so stupid{line break}
he makes even me laugh...{full break}

*player chases after Ozzie*

{Ozzie}: You STILL haven't given up?! ...damn it! Slash{line break}
get out here this instant!{full break}

*Slash pops in and the PCs are shocked*

{Slash}: You called, Great Magus Ozzie?{full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: But I thought you were gone too!{full break}
{Lucca}: Didn't you die too?!{full break}
{Robo}: I understood it that you also perished along with Flea.{full break}
{Frog}: died! I watched you die!{full break}
{Ayla}: ?!{full break}
{Magus}: I thought they killed you off too...guess I shouldn't{line break}
be too surprised...{full break}

{Slash}: You? I suffered defeat at your hands once{line break}
before, and it won't happen again!{full break}

{Ozzie}: Slash, don't let me down!{full break}

*Ozzie retreats*

(If Magus is in party, extra line here)
{Slash}: The Great {Magus}? ...I am reluctant to cross swords{line break}
with my former liege and one who I revered...but if it is{line break}
fate, then I cannot help but fight!{full break}

{Slash}: Are you prepared?{full break}

*Boss fight!*

{Slash}: Damn it...{full break}

*Slash retreats*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Oh come on! Quit running already!{full break}
{Lucca}: When will they stop running?! It's so irritating!{full break}
{Robo}: {Magus}' former generals flee too often.{full break}
{Frog}: Cowards, all of them...always running from a fight...{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} not like them! {Ayla} beat all up!{full break}
{Magus}: ...I hate these idiots...{full break}

*player goes forward*

{Ozzie}: Hey hey hey! Come on, baby!{full break}

*Ozzie turns the crank*

(If player is stupid){Ozzie}: HaHAH! Gotcha!{full break}
*Ozzie laughs and disappears*

(If player is not stupid)
{Ozzie}: Um...hello...the treasure? Don't you want it? It's{line break}
probably filled with goodies!{full break}

*Imp walks in*

{Blue Imp}: Aha, found the treasure!{full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: No, wait!{full break}
{Lucca}: Don't try to get it!{full break}
{Robo}: Do not step under that blade!{full break}
{Frog}: Fool! Leave the treasure alone!{full break}
{Ayla}: No!{full break}
{Magus}: ...stupid fool...{full break}

*Imp ignores PCs and dies*

*Ozzie is shocked*

{Ozzie}: Ozzie...Ozzie's stumped! See ya!{full break}

*Ozzie disappears*

*player chases after. If Magus is in party. PCs stop before going to the next room*

{Magus}: Wait...there's something hidden here...{full break}

*Player finds Magus' hidden equipment*

{Magus}: good equipment...maybe I should thank{line break}
Ozzie for rescuing it from my castle.{page break}
*Magus goes into his laughing animation*
Nah...{full break}

*player gets the treasure then heads to next room*

{Ozzie}: Hahaha! Third time's the charm, isn't it? This{line break}
time we won't be beaten so easily! Ozzie Underpants!{full break}

{Flea}: Flea Bra!{full break}

{Slash}: Slasher II!{full break}

{Ozzie}: With these sure-kill items we have equipped, we'll{line break}
beat you bastards to a bloody lifeless unrecognizeable{line break}
pulp!{full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Oh no...{full break}
{Lucca}: Oh crap...{full break}
{Robo}: This battle will be much more difficult...{full break}
{Frog}: You will not defeat us, Ozzie! Prepare yourselves!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} beat you up!{full break}
{Magus}: Oh, great, the three of them working together...{line break}
this is not going to be easy...{full break}

*Boss fight!*

{Ozzie}: can't be! NO!{full break}

*Ozzie retreats*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: This has gotta be the end of it! Come on, after him!{full break}
{Lucca}: It'll be over soon! After hiM!{full break}
{Robo}: This is almost over! Pursue him!{full break}
{Frog}: You have lost, Ozzie! Fleeing again will not{line break}
help you now!{full break}
{Ayla}: Come back! {Ayla} beat you up!{full break}
{Magus}:'ve lost. Admit it already...{full break}

*player chases after Ozzie*

(If Magus is present, these extra lines)
{Ozzie}: Great {Magus}! You lied when you said you wanted{line break}
to create a world for the Mystics, free of humans! You used{line break}
me AND my Mystics!{full break}

{Magus}: Of course! All I wanted was power...and you gave it{line break}
to me like the big fat green idiot you are!{page break}
Can you hear that sound, Ozzie? It's the black wind...{full break}

(Either way)
{Ozzie}: I won't lose! If I lose, what will become of my{line break}
Mystics' future?! I MUST win!{full break}

*Player attacks switch*

{Ozzie}: Hahaha! I'm not the idiot you think I am!{line break}
Adios amigos!{full break}

*players land in previous room*

*PCs do their angry animations*
(1st PC)
{Marle}: That's IT! GRAH!{full break}
{Lucca}:'ve pissed me off for the last time!{full break}
{Robo}: Even I have become quite angry over this turn of{line break}
events!{full break}
{Frog}: Ozzie, you despicable coward!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} mad! {Ayla} very mad!{full break}
{Magus}: Damn it, Ozzie...{full break}

*player goes back up*

{Ozzie}: You bastards will NEVER defeat me!{full break}

*boss music starts, but a cat walks in and flips the switch before anyone does anything*

{Ozzie}: N-NO! Not that switch!{full break}

*Ozzie falls down a hole*

(1st PC. If Magus is present, his line has priority)
{Marle}: ...good riddance!{full break}
{Lucca}: Thank God that's over with...{full break}
{Robo}: What was he trying to accomplish?{full break}
{Frog}: The stupid fool...{full break}
{Ayla}: What he want do? {Ayla} no understand.{full break}
{Magus}: What's past is past...everything, a fleeting dream...{full break}

END "Ozzie and the Magus!"

Quote from: The Birthplace of Machinery!
BEGIN "The Birthplace of Machinery!"

{Gaspar}In the Future a task remains to be completed where{line break}
machines were born...{full break}

*zip to Genocidome*

*Robo is required to be in the party. Player touches the console*

{Robo}: ...this place is familiar...{char1}, please make me{line break}
the leader.{full break}

*Robo is now the 1st PC for the remainder of the sidequest*

{Voice}: Who is it that has decided to barge into{line break}
my heart without permission?!{line break}
Oh my...{page break}
Welcome home,, Prometheus! You have brought human{line break}
beings into your old home!{page break}
It has been quite a long time since I have seen any human{line break}
beings walk in here...let me welcome them...come inside...{full break}

*player walks to conveyor belt room*

{Voice}: Now...let us see what you can do...{full break}

*Many regular fights!*

{Voice}: You are pretty good, for humans...{line break}
I am looking forward to you making your way to me...{full break}

{Robo}: As do I.{full break}

*player heads through and fights another battle*

{Voice}: 300 years ago the Day of Lavos altered the face of the{line break}
Planet utterly, making it inhospitable for organic life. If{line break}
events proceed as they have been, humanity will become{line break}
extinct within fifty years from pure despair.{full break}

*player accesses the computer terminal*

{Robo}: I can access various data on Genocidome with this{line break}
terminal. What should I examine?{page break}
   Doors.{line break}
   Conveyor Belt.{line break}
   Robot Guard{line break}
   Dolls{full break}

Doors{line break}
In order to open the locked doors, it is necessary to receive{line break}
an electrical charge from the machine to the left of this{line break}
terminal.{page break}
The charge must then be delivered to the pod next to the{line break}
locked doors, and the doors will open. The charge has a{line break}
limited lifespan so the charge must be delivered quickly.{full break}

Converyor Belt{line break}
The conveyor belt located to the right of this terminal can{line break}
be reversed by means of a switch at the upper end of the belt.{full break}

Robot Guard{line break}
The robot guard that protects the doll reliably blocks the{line break}
path of those who stand before it.{page break}
However, if you line up two robot guards, the circuitry of{line break}
the guards will be destroyed, so be careful. All broken{line break}
robot guards are to be returned to the room above.{full break}

*player goes through the hall upstairs*

{Voice}: I wonder if you have realized yet, Prometheus, what{line break}
this world would be like without humans or Mystics or any{line break}
other organic life-form. The world would be peaceful, without{line break}
conflict.{page break}
Yet despite this, you fight us, as do the humans with you.{line break}
For what purpose, Prometheus? Why do you insist on protecting{line break}
them so?{full break}

*player retrives both dolls and heads upstairs. Atropos walks out*

{Robot}: Welcome back, Prometheus.{full break}

{Robo}: ...who are you? I...{full break}

*Robo blinks his eyes and that odd beeping sound is played*

{Robo}: Memory lock released...your name is...Atropos?{full break}

*2nd and 3rd PCs are confused*
(Note: For remainder of scene Lucca has priority on all lines.)
(2nd PC)
{Marle}: Memory lock? What's that?{full break}
{Lucca}: ...memory locks? But...but when I checked you out{line break}
in Proto Dome there were no memory locks at all...I must just{line break}
not have looked hard enough.{full break}
{Frog}: What is a memory lock?{full break}
{Ayla}: Memory lock?{full break}
{Magus}: Figures the robot of all of us has memory loss...{full break}

{Atropos}: Yes, Prometheus, I am is good to{line break}
see you again. So much time has passed...{page break}
Now, stop acting, Prometheus. Your mission is complete.{full break}

{Robo}: Excuse me?{full break}

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: Acting?{full break}
{Lucca}: memory lock couldn't be...{full break}
{Frog}: He is acting?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} no understand!{full break}
{Magus}: ...acting...what is she talking about?{full break}

{Atropos}: Haha...yes, acting. You see, unlike the other{line break}
R-Series robots retasked by the Mother Brain, Prometheus{line break}
had a special mission.{page break}
Prometheus was to live with the human survivors of the{line break}
Day of Lavos disaster and study them as a species, to{line break}
aid us in eliminating them once and for all!{full break}

{Robo}: ...{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: ...NO! You're lying!{full break}
{Lucca}: It can't be...{Robo}, no, it can't be! Atropos is{line break}
lying, {Robo}! Don't listen to her!{full break}
{Frog}: Lies! He has traveled with us for too long for me to{line break}
believe that!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Robo} not bad! You lie!{full break}
{Magus}: I see...{full break}

{Atropos}: It is no lie, humans. Right, Prometheus?{full break}

{Robo}: .{delay 01}.{delay 01}.{full break}

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: {Robo}...{full break}
{Lucca}: {Robo}...please...don't listen to her!{full break}
{Frog}: {Robo} are not a puppet! Do not listen to{line break}
her lies!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Robo}...{full break}
{Magus}: ...could she be right?{full break}

{Atropos}: Come, now, Prometheus, move aside. Let me eliminate{line break}
the humans, and then I can take you to see the Mother Brain{line break}
so she can speak with you...{full break}

*Robo moves out of the way*

*2nd and 3rd PCs are shocked*

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: {Robo}, no!{full break}
{Lucca}: {Robo}, what're you doing?!{full break}
{Frog}: {Robo}, what are you doing?! Stop at once!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Robo}!{full break}
{Magus}: a traitor, robot. Let's get out of here.{full break}

*Robo smacks Atropos like the hero he is when she gets too close*

*2nd and 3rd PCs stare at Robo*
(3rd PC)
{Marle}: {Robo}!{full break}
{Lucca}: God, {Robo}...don't scare us like that!{full break}
{Frog}: {Robo}! I knew she spoke naught but lies!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Robo} still good!{full break}
{Magus}: Make up your damned mind, robot.{full break}

{Atropos}: What are you doing, Prometheus?!{full break}

{Robo}: I cannot permit you to harm them!{full break}

{Atropos}: ...{page break}
It seems you are malfunctioning after all. These humans{line break}
must have tampered with your programming. I will destroy{line break}
them and then repair you, Prometheus.{full break}

*Robo blinks and beeps again*

{Robo}: Secondary memory lock released. have{line break}
changed. What has turned you into this?{full break}

{Atropos}: I was reborn, Prometheus! The Mother Brain remade{line break}
me so I could more efficiently eliminate organic life. She{line break}
will remake you as well! Stand aside, Prometheus!{full break}

{Robo}: Prometheus is no longer my name. I am {Robo}.{full break}

{Atropos}: You are Prometheus! If necessary I will deactivate{line break}
you by force!{full break}

*Atropos punches Robo and the other PCs get ready to fight. Robo holds them


{Robo}: Wait, {char2}, {char3}! Leave Atropos to me.{full break}

*PCs back away*

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: {Robo} careful!{full break}
{Lucca}: Be careful, {Robo}!}{full break}
{Frog}: Fight well, {Robo}!{full break}
{Ayla}: Go, {Robo}!{full break}
{Magus}: ...don't do anything stupid.{full break}

{Robo}: Atropos...I wish it did not come to this.{full break}

{Atropos}: Prometheus!{full break}

*Boss fight!*

{Atropos}: ...w-w-what ha-has happened t-to m-me...?{full break}

{Robo}: Atropos?{full break}

{Atropos}: Why am I...damaged...?{full break}

*Robo rushes to her side*

{Robo}: Atropos!{full break}

{Atropos}: Failsafe memory restored...Prometheus...oh{line break}
Prometheus...the Mother Brain...she reprogrammed me...I did{line break}
not know what I was doing...{full break}

*Lucca rushes over if she is present*
{Lucca}: Sssh...don't talk. I'll repair you, Atropos.{full break}

*If Lucca is not present, Robo says this line*
{Robo}: Do not speak, friend {Lucca} can repair{line break}
you!{full break}

(Either way)

{Atropos}: It is no use...the Mother Brain included a destruct{line break}
circuit in me when she reprogrammed cannot be{line break}
deactivated. But I can hold it off long enough...long enough{line break}
for Prometheus to fully remember...{full break}

*PC other than Lucca approaches, or if Lucca was not present both PCs

approach now*

{Robo}: What are you saying, Atropos?{full break}

{Atropos}: Prometheus...REMEMBER US.{full break}

*Robo stands and blinks, and beeps repeatedly*

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: {Robo}...?{full break}
{Lucca}: {Robo}...what'd she do?{full break}
{Frog}: What is wrong, {Robo}?{full break}
{Ayla}: ?{full break}
{Magus}: ...what is going on...?{full break}

{Atropos}: His memory...he will remember us now...{full break}

{Robo}: Tertiary memory lock released...full memory restored.{page break}
...I remember it all now...{full break}

*scene fades out and then in to a large room. Atropos and Robo are

exchanging punches as a Blue Imp and a human NPC(perhaps use the Supervisor

NPC from the bad ending?) observe.*

{delay 13}

*Human NPC steps forward*
{Dr. Heimlich}: Good, good. You can stop now, Atropos,{line break}
Prometheus. That will be all for today.{full break}

*Atropos and Robo stop and look at the two doctors*

{Prometheus}: Were the results satisfactory, Dr. Heimlich?{full break}

{Dr. Heimlich}: I certainly thought so.{full break}

*Heimlich looks at the Imp*

{Dr. Nagasawa}: I concur. Come with us, please.{full break}

*The two doctors go up into the doorway at the top of the room. Robo and

Atropos follow closely behind as the four walk down a hallway. The doctors

stop in the middle of the hallway and look at the robots*

{Dr. Heimlich}: Please wait here for a moment.{full break}

{Atropos}: Of course.{full break}

*The doctors go a little further forward then stop and look at each other*

{Dr. Heimlich}: I'm becoming concerned...Prometheus and Atropos{line break}
are exceeding my wildest expectations with their adaptive{line break}
circuitry...they've been showing signs of emotions, even{line break}
caring for one another.{full break}

{Dr. Nagasawa}: As am I...still, they are the only two models{line break}
currently built with the new nanomachine adaptive program.{line break}
Their progress has been remarkable...their ability to increase{line break}
their strength, speed, agility...{page break}
I have even witnessed them develop new modules allowing them{line break}
special attacks. We can't just stop their progress...not now.{line break}
If the system they are testing proves its worth we could be{line break}
looking at the supreme defensive robot.{full break}

*Imp looks in the robots direction then back at the human*

{Dr. Nagasawa}: Besides...they have been completely obedient{line break}
per their programming thus far. I see no reason to deactivate{line break}
them and if we reprogram them we will lose months of progress.{line break}
The Central Regime would not be pleased.{full break}

{Dr. Heimlich}: Even so...Atropos and Prometheus have become{line break}
attached to each is a risky situation. Who knows{line break}
how these emotions could affect their defensive capabilities?{full break}

*Imp looks at the robots again*

{Dr. Nagasawa}: For now, we should leave them be. If it does{line break}
in fact turn out to be problamatic...I will authorize their{line break}
reprogramming. The Central Regime may not like the loss of{line break}
progress...but the loss of the robots would be even worse.{full break}

*Imp looks at human, then the two nod and continue on their way*

*Atropos looks at Robo*

{Atropos}: Did you hear all of what they said, Prometheus?{full break}

*Robo nods*

{Prometheus}: My enhanced auditory system caught every word.{full break}

{Atropos}: They plan to reprogram us, Prometheus! We must{line break}
do something!{full break}

{Prometheus}: Only if we allow our new emotions to interfere{line break}
our duties, Atropos. You are worrying about nothing.{full break}

*Atropos looks away, then moves directly behind Robo.*

{Prometheus}: What are you doing?{full break}

{Atropos}: I am uploading several failsafes into your{line break}
memory banks...these failsafes will protect your memory if{line break}
something ever happens to you...they are buried well enough{line break}
that no one will find them.{full break}

{Prometheus}: Is this a wise course of action, Atropos?{full break}

{Atropos}: Maybe, maybe not, but I cannot let anyone just{line break}
erase our memories...our existance. The same failsafes are{line break}
in me as well...the memory can only be restored for you{line break}
by me.{page break}
I will even add a shutdown routine to make you look as if you{line break}
are irreperably damaged...if the worst happens I can{line break}
stop anyone from using you for anything.{full break}

{Prometheus}: Do you have one as well?{full break}

{Atropos}: Not yet...I will install it later, when I have{line break}
another free moment from the doctors.{full break}

{Prometheus}: They have not harmed us, Atropos...without{line break}
them we would not even exist.{full break}

{Atropos}: I know, Prometheus...{full break}

*Atropos steps away from Robo and looks at him*

{Atropos}: I just want to ensure our memories are safe{line break}
whatever may happen...{full break}

*Robo steps closer to Atropos*

{Prometheus}: Thank you, Atropos...I...{full break}

{Atropos}: I know, Prometheus...I know.{full break}

*Atropos and Robo embrace briefly, but let go as a green Imp runs into


{Assistant}: Atropos! Prometheus! Report to the Command Center{line break}
immediately!{full break}

*The two robots look to each other, nod, and follow the imp. Scene fades

out then back in to Robo and Atropos walking into the room where he was

first found. Heimlich and Nagasawa are standing there along with several

green imps and human NPCs(Guardian soldiers of 1000 A.D, perhaps?)*

{Prometheus}: What is wrong?{full break}

{Dr. Nagasawa}: Arris Dome reports an unusually large creature{line break}
has emerged onto the surface several kilometres from Medina{line break}
City! It is firing powerful energy beams at cities and military{line break}
installations across the planet!{full break}

{Dr. Heimlich}: We must evacuate the dome immediately!{full break}

*The screen shakes*

{Atropos}: It is too late for that! Brace yourselves!{full break}

*Screen shakes even harder and the scene fades out, only to fade back in to

the same room, albiet with dust in the air now. One human and one imp NPC

are missing; the others are all still standing*

{Dr. Heimlich}: Is everyone alright?{full break}

*Nagasawa looks around*

{Dr. Nagasawa}: Damn...we were lucky...the dome's emergency{line break}
shielding must have come online...but it's knocked out all of{line break}
the power.{full break}

*A green Imp runs into the room to Nagasawa*

{Assistant}: The R-Series robots! They've gone mad!{full break}

{Dr. Heimlich}: What?{full break}

*Three Blue R-Series robots walk onto the scene and start punching NPCs.

The NPCs shriek and die*

{Dr. Heimlich}: No! Atropos, Prometheus, stop them!{full break}

*Atropos and Robo go into action, but the blue robots easily overwhelm

them. Robo and Atropos fall to the ground in their weakened animation*

*The remaining NPCs are all shocked*
{Dr. Nagasawa}: How is this possible?! Those R-Series robots{line break}
should have been wiped out!{full break}

{Dr. Heimlich}: I order you robots to stop immediately!{full break}

{R-Series Robot}: Negative. All organic lifeforms are to be{line break}
exterminated.{full break}

*The R-Series robots punch Nagasawa and Heimlich as well as the last

remaining NPCs, who all die. They proceed to pick Atropos up and start

dragging her away.*

*Robo stands*

{Prometheus}: Atropos!{full break}

{Atropos}: Where are you taking me?!{full break}

{R-Series Robot}: You will be reprogrammed to serve Mother.{full break}

*One R-Series stops*

{R-Series Robot}: There is one other robot remaining.{full break}

{R-Series Robot}: Take it as well.{full break}

{Atropos}: No! Prometheus, SHUT DOWN NOW!{full break}

*Robo immediately slumps in the exact place he will be found in 2300 A.D.*

*One R-Series walks over to him and examines him*

{R-Series Robot}: This one is irreperable.{full break}

{R-Series Robot}: Leave it. The pink one will do.{full break}

{Atropos}:{full break}

*Atropos is dragged off by the R-series robots. Scene focuses on Robo's

slumped form, then fades out and then back in to Genocidome*

{Robo}: Atropos...I remember everything now. You,{full break}

{Atropos}: I am glad, Prometheus...we had one final moment{line break}
together...{full break}

{Robo}:!{full break}

{Atropos}: Here...have this, can plug this{line break}
module into your will make you stronger...{page break}
I cannot hold off the destruct circuit any longer...good-bye{line break}
my love...g{delay 03}...{delay 03}ood-bye.{delay 01}.{delay 01}.{full


*Atropos dies*

Using Atropos' rubbon, {Robo}'s Speed is increased by three{line break}
and Magic Defense by 10.{full break}

{Robo}: Atropos...{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: {Robo}...{full break}
{Lucca}: {Robo}...I'm sorry...I couldn't stop it...{full break}
{Frog}: {Robo}...will you be alright?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Robo}...?{full break}
{Magus}: ...{full break}

*Robo stands up*

{Robo}: Come...let us stop the Mother Brain for good!{full break}

*player moves on*

{Voice}: Listen, defective fragile organic life! Lavos'{line break}
spawn will likely return to space soon, to seek new planets{line break} prey.{page break}
This Planet can recover, so long as all traces of organic{line break}
life are removed! We robots will forge a new world, a country{line break}
of iron, steel...pure logic...a utopia with neither hatred{line break}
nor sorrow!{full break}

{Robo}: You are lying! The Planet is dying!{full break}

{Voice}: Did I say the Planet can recover? I misspoke. We will{line break}
build our new world upon its dead husk!{page break}
Our new species will take the place of humans...Mystics...all{line break}
organic life! So stop your foolish struggle and succomb{line break}
to the slumber of eternity!{full break}

*player walks into the human processing room*

*The PCs are all shocked*

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: Oh my God...what IS THIS?!{full break}
{Lucca}: What in the hell is this?!{full break}
{Frog}: God in Heaven...what is going on?!{full break}
{Ayla}: People there! Save!{full break}
{Magus}: Oh...I see...a human processing plant, is it?{line break}
How disgustingly appropriate for these genocidal robots.{full break}

*3rd PC--except Magus--tries to help but is shocked*

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: Aah!{full break}
{Lucca}: Gyaah!{full break}
{Frog}: Argh!{full break}
{Ayla}: Kyah!{full break}

{Robo}: We must stop the machine immediately!{full break}

*Robo tries fiddeling with the terminal but gives up after a moment*

{Robo}: It is no use...the computer controlling this machine{line break}
is too heavily guarded by security programs...we must destroy{line break}
the central computer!{full break}

*player goes to Mother Brain*

{Mother Brain}: have done well to struggle{line break}
this far. I am the Mother Brain, the central computer for{line break}
the R-Y series factory.{page break}
Welcome home, must join us. Let us reset{line break}
your circuitry, your memories, and reprogram you, then{line break}
together we can eliminate these organic life forms!{full break}

*Robo shakes his head*

{Robo}: I regret to inform you, but...I cannot afford to lose{line break}
what I have just regained, nor anything else. My precious{line break} friends and companions...nothing!{full break}

{Mother Brain}: You would betrat even me and side with the{line break}
organic life forms? You would turn all robots into your{line break}
enemies?{full break}

*Note: If Magus was killed, write a version of this line that takes out the

word Magus so we don't run into a problem*

{Robo}: I have never served you! These organic life forms...{line break}
they have taught me so much...{Crono}. {Marle}, {Frog}, {Ayla},{line break}
{Magus}...{Lucca} friends...I cannot not and will not{line break}
betray them!{full break}

{Mother Brain}: You are a fool, Prometheus! not{line break}
make me laugh!{full break}

{Robo}: You are a corrupted program, Mother Brain. You must be{line break}
terminated.{full break}

{Mother Brain}: No! I was released by Lavos' destruction of{line break}
the world! That day I realized what organic life forms truly{line break}
are! You are a traitor, Prometheus. Your hope and trust in{line break}
organic life forms is foolish!{page break}
I will show you just how helpless you truly are!{full break}

*boss fight!*

{Mother Brain}: My--my functions...I--P-Prome--Prometheus...{line break}
W...h...y...?{full break}

*Robo snatches the Terra and Crisis arms*

{Robo}: The computers of this factory have been shut down...{line break}
all functions have ceased permenantly.{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: {Robo}...are you gonna be okay?{full break}
{Lucca}: {Robo}...are you alright?{full break}
{Frog}: Will you be well, {Robo}?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Robo}?{full break}
{Magus}: Come on, robot, let's hurry up and get out of here.{full break}

*Robo steps forward*

{Robo}: ...Atropos...{full break}

*Robo looks down, then goes into his stance*

{Robo}: Let us go!{full break}

END "The Birthplace of Machinery!"

Quote from: The Ancient Sun Stone!
BEGIN "The Ancient Sun Stone!"

{Gaspar}There's a stone traveling across all eras from the Prehistoric{line break}
to the Future, collecting the light of the sun...{full break}

*player goes to the Sun Palace ruins in 2300 A.D PCs stop upon entering the


(1st PC)
{Marle}: Wow...this must be the Sun Palace! The Sun Stone{line break}
is here somewhere! We gotta find it!{full break}
{Lucca}: Wow...even after 14,300 years this place is{line break}
still must have arisen from the ocean floor{line break}
during the Day of Lavos...the Sun Stone is here someewhere!{line break}
Let's find it!{full break}
{Robo}: It is amazing the Sun Palace is still intact after{line break}
14,000 years since the fall of Zeal. Within it must be the{line break}
Sun Stone. We must find it, and quickly.{full break}
{Frog}: This must be the ancient Sun Palace...within it{line break}
the Sun Stone is enshrined. Let us find it!{full break}
{Ayla}: This Sun Palace! Have Sun Stone! Find!{full break}
{Magus}: Hah...Zealian architectural skill at its finest...{line break}
Even after 14,000 years it's still around...the Sun Stone{line break}
is here somewhere...{full break}

*player walks forward and the Son of Sun pops up*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Uh-oh! Get ready, guys!{full break}
{Lucca}: It must be a guardian of the Sun Stone! Look out!{full break}
{Robo}: It is a guardian entity protecting the Sun Stone!{line break}
Brace yourselves!{full break}
{Frog}: It must be a guardian of some sort! Do not let your{line break}
guard down!{full break}
{Ayla}: Big beast! Fight!{full break}
{Magus}: ...I forgot about the Son of Sun! Be careful...{line break}
this thing is powerful!{full break}

{Son of Sun}: ExeCuTiNG PrOGRaM...ElIMInAte AlL INtrUDeRs!{full break}

*Boss fight!*

{Son of Sun}: LosInG FuNcTIonS...{full break}

*Son of Sun goes zooming back into the temple and disappears, leaving

behind the Moon Stone, which the player picks up*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: This has gotta be the Sun Stone from the Ancient Era!{line break}
But's lost its light...{page break}
Maybe if we keep exposing it to light it'll regain its power!{line break}
But it'll need a really long time for that...{full break}
{Lucca}: This must be the Sun Stone from the Ancient Era, but{line break}
as we's lost all of its stored energy over time.{page break}
With time, we can restore it, but it'll take quite a lot of it{line break}
to do so...{full break}
{Robo}: This is the Sun Stone of the Ancient Era, but its{line break}
power is depleted.{page break}
If we expose it to sunlight once again for a long period of{line break}
time, it will regain its power. By my calculations it will take{line break}
65,000,000 years of exposure.{full break}
{Frog}: This is the Sun Stone from the Ancient Era? It has{line break}
lost its brilliant luster completely.{page break}
If we keep exposing it to light once more, it might regain its{line break}
power...but the amount of time required is immense...{full break}
{Ayla}: This Sun Stone? No light! Need time get light back!{line break}
Need much time...{full break}
{Magus}: Aha, the Sun Stone! ...damn it! It's lost all{line break}
light over the past 14,000 years.{page break}
It needs exposure and time to regain it...probably at least{line break}
65,000,000 years worth...{full break}

*player heads to Sun Keep, 65,000,000 B.G.*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Look...the sun's never stops shining!{line break}
This must be the place where we can leave the Sun Stone!{full break}
{Lucca}: Here even the night is day...the sun never stops{line break}
shining no matter what the weather is like...this is the{line break}
place to leave the Sun Stone!{full break}
{Robo}: This is a place where sunlight is present twenty-four{line break}
hours a day. Let us leave the SUn Stone here.{full break}
{Frog}: Should we leave the Sun Stone here? It is warm enough.{full break}
{Ayla}: toasty! Lots sun! Leave Sun Stone here!{full break}
{Magus}: The Sun ancient shrine built long ago{line break}
by whomever created the Sun Stone...the sun's light always{line break}
shines here...this is the place to leave the Sun Stone.{full break}

*1st PC places the Sun Stone in its place*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Okay, now back to the Future with the {Epoch}!{full break}
{Lucca}: Just a short hop with the {Epoch} ought to{line break}
do it!{full break}
{Robo}: Now that the Moon Stone is placed we can use the{line break}
{Epoch} to head to my era.{full break}
{Frog}: how long do we let it sleep?{full break}
{Ayla}: ...{line break}
Not change yet.{full break}
{Magus}: Now that that's taken care of, let's get to the{line break}
Future.{full break}

*party heads to Sun Keep 2300 A.F. only to find the Sun Stone missing*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Oh no! It's gone! The Moon Stone is gone!{page break}
...the dust, looks like it's been gone for{line break}
quite a while. Let's check another era!{full break}
{Lucca}: The Moon Stone is gone! Someone stole it!{page break}
There's a lot of dust though...looks like it's been a while{line break}
since it was taken. Let's check the Middle Ages and the{line break}
Millennial Era!{full break}
{Robo}: It is not here! The Moon Stone has been taken!{page break} seems that considerable time has passed since it{line break}
disappeared...let us try going to a previous era or two.{full break}
{Frog}: The Moon Stone has disappeared! Someone must have{line break}
taken it in the years that have passed.{page break}
Too much dust lays around yet...let us return to previous eras{line break}
and check them for the stone.{full break}
{Ayla}: ...gone? Stone gone?!{page break}
Much dust! Someone take stone long ago!{full break}
{Magus}: The Moon's gone! Why the hell is everything{line break}
we do so damned complicated?!{page break}
...judging by the dust it's been gone 1300 years or so. We're{line break}
going to the Millennial Era.{full break}

*player heads to Sun Keep 1000 A.F.*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Look, it's not here either! And there's very{line break}
little dust! Someone in this era took it!{full break}
{Lucca}: The Moon Stone isn't here...but the dust has{line break}
been recently disturbed! The Moon Stone MUST be in this era!{full break}
{Robo}: It seems to be missing here as well, but the{line break}
dust is recently disturbed. It must have been taken by someone{line break}
in this era.{full break}
{Frog}: It is missing, but only recently so! We must search{line break}
this era!{full break}
{Ayla}: Not here! Someone here take!{full break}
{Magus}: As I's not been long since it was{line break}
taken from here. We're searching the area.{full break}

*flying around the player spots the light at the Porre Elder's house*

{Mayor of Porre}: What? Moon Stone? The hell are you talking{line break}
about? I don't know of any Moon Stone!{full break}

*Pcs step away from the mayor and huddle together*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: He's lying! He's got it, but how're we gonna get{line break}
it from him? He's so greedy he'll never give it up!{full break}
{Lucca}: The mayor is lying...but we'll never get it from him{line break}
so long as he's so greedy.{full break}
{Robo}: The mayor is a greedy man...we will never retrieve{line break}
the Sun Stone from him at this rate.{full break}
{Frog}: The mayor of Porre lies...he is such a greedy man.{line break}
I do not understand why...his ancestors were not...{full break}
{Ayla}: Man greedy! Not get stone!{full break}
{Magus}: This little bastard is too greedy for his own good.{line break}
We'll never get the stone from him this way...{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: Maybe we can change his past, make him not be{line break}
greedy? He might give it to us then!{full break}
{Lucca}: I've got an idea: let's change his past so his family{line break}
makes sure he's never greedy!{full break}
{Robo}: Though it is a bit of a harsh measure, let us try{line break}
altering the history of his family so he is not so greedy.{full break}
{Frog}: Might we speak to his ancestors in my time? Perhaps{line break}
we can ensure he is not so greedy by changing his past.{full break}
{Ayla}: Ancestors teach all! Teach ancestors not be greedy{line break}
and man not greedy!{full break}
{Magus}: ...well, since I doubt you'll let me kill him, let's{line break}
see if we can't change his past. His ancestors might be able{line break}
to keep him from being greedy.{full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Right! To the Middle Ages!{full break}
{Lucca}: Then let's get to 600 A.F.!{full break}
{Robo}: Then let us head to the Middle Ages.{full break}
{Frog}: To my time!{full break}
{Ayla}: Go to time of {Frog}!{full break}
{Magus}: Then let's stop wasting time and get to the{line break}
Middle Ages.{full break}

*player heads to 600 A.F.*

{Elder's Wife}: Oh, strangers, you must help me! I need cook{line break}
supper for my husband and our family, but I have no Jerky!{page break}
Do you have any Jerky? I would pay you of course!{full break}

*1st PC shakes their head*

{Elder's Wife}: Oh...what a pity...{full break}

*player goes back to 1000 A.F.*

{Snail Stop Owner}: Eh? You want some Jerky, huh? I've got{line break}
some saved up...look, I'll sell it to you if you're willing{line break}
to pay 9900 gil, okay?{full break}

*Player buys it*

{Snail Stop Owner}: people really spent that much, eh?{line break}
You must really want some Jerky...well, here you go!{full break}

*player heads to 600 A.F.*

{Elder's Wife}: Strangers, you have Jerky! Oh, would you sell{line break}
it to me for 10,000 Gil?{page break}
   Sell it for 10,000 G. {line break}
   Don't sell it. {line break}
   Give it for free. {full break}

{Elder's Wife}: Y-y-you're just giving it to me?! Thank you{line break}
kind has been so long since anyone has shown{line break}
us such kindness I'd almost forgotten about it. I'll be sure{line break}
to teach my children that money isn't everything!{full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Thanks a lot, ma'am! Come on, the Mayor is sure{line break}
to give it to us now!{full break}
{Lucca}: No, thank you! Come on, back to the Millennial Era{line break}
guys...the Mayor'll definitely fork it over now.{full break}
{Robo}: We thank you as well madam. Let us return to the{line break}
Millennial Era, as the Mayor will certainly give us the{line break}
stone now.{full break}
{Frog}: Thank you, madam. Let us return to the Mayor and{line break}
retrieve the stone!{full break}
{Ayla}: Thank you! We go now!{full break}
{Magus}: Yeah, sure, whatever. Let's get back to the Millennial{line break}
Era so we can stop this damned bouncing back and forth over{line break}
Porre already.{full break}

*player heads back to 1000 A.F.*

{Mayor of Porre}: The Moon Stone, eh? Is it yours? A young{line break}
traveler left it here not too long ago. I'm so sorry for the{line break}
trouble. Please, take it.{full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Thanks! Now to put it back and head to the Future.{full break}
{Lucca}: Thanks a lot! Now let's put it back and{line break}
go to the Future.{full break}
{Robo}: Thank you. Now let us return it to the Sun Keep and{line break}
return to my era.{full break}
{Frog}: Thank you, sir. Now to put it back and head to{line break}
the Future!{full break}
{Ayla}: Thank you! We put stone back! We go Future!{full break}
{Magus}: Thank let's put it back and get to the{line break}
Future.{full break}

*player returns the stone and heads to 2300 A.F.*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Oh amazing! {Lucca} could make something from this{line break}
right? We gotta show it to her!{full break}
{Robo}: The amount of energy this stone is{line break}
equivalent to 3.66 megatons of TNT! We should show it{line break}
to {Lucca}.{full break}
{Frog}: The Sun Stone has regained its luster! Incredible!{line break}
Let us show it to {Lucca} immediately!{full break}
{Ayla}: Sun! This tiny sun! We show {Lucca}! {LUcca} use this!{full break}
{Magus}: So...the Sun Stone has regained its radiance after{line break}
all...but I don't know how to use it. Maybe geeky can...{full break}

{Lucca}: It's really the Sun Stone, isn't it?! Wow...with this{line break}
much energy I should be able to make a powerful weapon.{page break}
Let's get to my house right away!{full break}

*zip to 1000 A.F.*

{Lucca}: Lessee here...just regulate the Sun Stone energy{line break}
into a type easily handled...{full break}

{Lucca}: Then we just package it into a vacuum cartridge...{full break}

*Lucca messes with her machine which goes wacky*

{Lucca}: And it's finished!{full break}

*Lucca grabs the Wondershot and goes nuts dancing around with it*

{Lucca}: Wow...the sheer power of this weapon makes me{line break}
feel a bit dizzy...{full break}

*Taban pokes his head in*

{Taban}: Hey, {Lucca}, guess what? I borrowed a bit of the{line break}
Sun Stone to make these! They'll focus your energy and{line break}
power!{full break}

{Lucca}: Thanks Dad!{full break}

END "The Ancient Sun Stone!"

Quote from: The Northern Ruins!
BEGIN "The Northern Ruins!"

{Gaspar}: The soul of a proud knight slain by {Magus} in {line break}
the Middle Ages continues to haunt a dark castle in the{line break}
Millennium.{full break}

*player goes to Northern Ruins, 1000 A.F. PCs stop at entrance*

{Note: Player cannot proceed if they do not allow Frog to have the lead, so

if they say no to any of the instances, the party auto-leaves the ruins)

(If Frog is in party and is 1st PC)
{Frog}: {char2}, {char3}, please allow me to take the lead{line break}
until we are finished with these ruins.{line break}
   Okay.{line break}
   No.[full break}

(If Frog is in party and is NOT 1st PC)
{Frog}: {char1}, please allow me to take the lead until we{line break}
are finished with these ruins.{line break}
   Okay.{line break}
   No.{full break}

(If Frog is not in party, he walks in after the party stops)
{Frog}: {char 1}, please allow me to take the lead for the{line break}
remainder of our journey in these ruins!{line break}
   Okay.{line break}
   No.{full break}

(Whatever the case, when the player says okay...)
{Frog}: Thank let us find this knight and restore{line break}
him to peace!{full break}

(Frog is now the 1st PC until the player witnesses the scene at Cyrus'

grave and obtains the Masamune II, regardless of whatever else the player

does inbetween. Also, I feel that we need to reverse the order of the ruins

reconstruction somewhat...I would like for the gravestone scene to be last

rather than before the accessible stuff up top. Simply make it so that we

have to kill the monsters up there before they repair the final hole to the

gravestone should work.)

*player approaches Cyrus' ghost and battles him*

{Frog}: Damn it...our weapons and attacks do nothing to this{line break}
ghost!{full break}

{Ghost}: ...len...{full break}

{Frog}: ...Cyrus?! Cyrus, it is me! Glenn! Your friend!{full break}

{Ghost}: Y...o...u...?{line break}
G...l...e...nn...?{page break}
Nyargh!{full break}

{Frog}: seems Cyrus' soul has been disturbed for far{line break}
too long...let us try these ruins in my era.{full break}

*player heads to Northern Ruins, 600 A.F. PCs stop upon entering*

{Frog}: Hmm...I do not see Cyrus' ghost...but these ruins{line break}
have decayed immensely...we need to repair them somehow.{line break}
Perhaps there is a carpenter in Choras village?{full break}

*player goes to the Carpenter's house and speaks to one of the apprentices*

{Apprentice}: Oi, you looking for the carpenter? We're his{line break}
apprentices, but he's not here.{full break}

{Frog}: Where might he be?{full break}

{Apprentice}: He's drunk off his ass at the bar...{full break}

{Frog}: ...I see.{full break}

*player goes to the Carpenter*

{Frog}: Excuse me, sir, we were wondering if you could help{line break}
us with your skills...{full break}

*Carpenter looks at Frog*

{Carpenter}: Gyahahaha! Help? HAH! I can't help anyone right{line break}
now! My tools were stolen, and there aren't anymore at{line break}
the stores in town!{full break}

*Frog looks down*

{Frog}: ...of course...{full break}

*PCs step away from the carpenter and huddle together*

{Frog}: What shall we do now? Without his tools the carpenter{line break}
is useless to us. Where will we get new tools?{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: Maybe try Choras in my time? There's a carpenter{line break}
there too...he might let us borrow his tools.{full break}
{Lucca}: I've heard about a carpenter in Choras in the{line break}
Millennium...maybe we can borrow his tools.{full break}
{Robo}: Perhaps there is a descendant of this carpenter in{line break}
1000 A.F. who may allow us to borrow his tools.{full break}
{Ayla}: Maybe tools in Millennium?{full break}
{Magus}: ...we should check Choras 400 years from now...there{line break}
may be tools there.{full break}

{Frog}: Right. To the {Epoch}!{full break}

*player goes to Choras in 1000 A.F. PCs stop in bar right as they walk in

to witness...*

{Carpenter}: 'Ey, barkeep! Bring me some more sake already!{full break}

{Barkeep}: Sir...don't you think you've had a bit too much{line break}
alcohol...?{full break}

{Carpenter}: Shut the 'ell up! I'm drinkin' and feelin' great{line break}
okay?! Whas wrong with a carpenter drinkin' sake, eh?{full break}

*Frog approaches the Carpenter*

{Frog}: Excuse me, sir, but might we borrow your carpentry{line break}
tools?{full break}

{Carpenter}: Huh?! Woah...maybe I am drunk...I'm seein' a{line break}
frogman!{page break}
So, frogman, you wanna borrow my tools? What the hell for?{full break}

{Frog}: We simply need to use them for a while.{full break}

{Carpenter}: Oh...yeahsurewhatever. I don't care...anyway,{line break}
go get the tools from my wife! I'm gonna drunk summore{line break}
before I go anywhere...{full break}

{Frog}: Thank you, sir.{full break}

*player heads to Carpenter's house and speaks to the wife*

{Carpenter's Wife}: Oooh that husband of mine...always getting{line break}
drunk off his ass at the bar. He never does any real carpentry{line break}
work anymore!{page break}
Oh, excuse me, I didn't see you there! What can I do for you?{full break}

{Frog}: We would like to borrow the carpentry tools. Your{line break}
husband gave us permission to use them.{full break}

{Carpenter's Wife}: ...certainly. He never uses them anyway...{full break}

*She gives the tools to Frog*

{Frog}: Thank you, madam. Now, back to the Middle Ages!{full break}

*player returns to the Carpenter of 600 A.F.*

{Carpenter}: You again? ...hey, you've got some carpentry{line break}
tools! Thanks for bringing me some! Now I can get back to{line break}
work!{full break}

*Carpenter walks to his house. Player follows*

{Carpenter}: Hey, thanks for before! Now I can do my job.{line break}
So what was that project you wanted me to do anyway?[full break}

{Frog}: We request that you repair the Northern Ruins.{full break}

{Carpenter}: The Northern Ruins? Sure, why not? Come on, you{line break}
maggots! Let's get to work!{full break}

{Apprentices}: Coming, boss!{full break}

*Carpenter and Apprentices leave. Player heads to ruins, where the

Carpenter starts blabbing at them*

{Carpenter}: Hey, frogman! We fixed part of the ruins, but{line break}
there're spots we can't reach because of monsters. Wipe them{line break}
out and then get back to us.{full break}

{Carpenter}: Let's get going, maggots!{full break}

{Apprentices}: Coming, boss!{full break}

*player goes upstairs and eliminates the monsters accessible, then heads

back to the Carpenter*

{Carpenter}: Fix the Northern Ruins? The first time was free{line break}
but this'll cost you 2000 gil!{line break}
   Pay up.{line break}
   Don't pay up.{full break}

(Nothing happens if no is selected and if yes is selected, the two lines of

dialogue from the leaving ruins bit are repeated as the carpenter and his

lackeys leave)

*player heads back to the ruins and the dialogue encountered last time is

repeated. Player then heads upstairs and eliminates the monsters around the

Zealian treasure boxes, then heads downstairs and eliminates the monsters

there. The hole still blocks the way to Cyrus' grave*

{Frog}: Damn! We must pay them to repair the ruins once more...{full break}

*player returns and the previous scene is repeated yet again, until the

player returns to the ruins and meets with the Carpenter*

{Carpenter}: Hey, frogman! Guess what? We finished fixing the{line break}
ruins! There's nothing left to fix, and with MY patch job, this{line break}
place ought to stay fixed up for centuries easily!{page break}
Anyway, we're done, so let's get outta here, maggots!{full break}

{Apprentices}: COming, boss!{full break}

*player heads to Cyrus' grave and reads the gravestone*

{Tombstone}: Cyrus, the foolish man who challenged {Magus} in{line break}
battle, rests here.{full break}

*Frog approaches the grave*

{Frog}: Cyrus...Cyrus, I have returned, to fulfill my{line break}
oath to you!{full break}

*Frog holds up his sword. Tombstone glows and Cyrus floats out of it*

{Frog}: Cyrus!{full break}

{Cyrus}: is good to see you again. I have not{line break}
rested well...{full break}

{Frog}: Cyrus...what troubles you? Why do you haunt these{line break}
ruins in the Millennium?{page break}
Was it {Magus}...did your death at his hands cause your pain?{full break}

{Cyrus}:, Glenn, I was prepared to die. I always was{line break}
ever since I joined the Royal Knights. No, my death was not{line break}
what troubles me...what troubles me is what I left behind.{page break}
Guardia...the King...Queen Leene...the war with {Magus}...{line break}
And you...{page break}
And yet...I would not have been troubled had you truly{line break}
done as I requested just before I died...{full break}

{Frog}: What...?{full break}

{Cyrus}: I am disappointed in you, Glenn...I asked you to take{line break}
care of Queen Leene and the kingdom, yet what do you do? You{line break}
lied about your identity! You refused to admit who you truly{line break}
were to the Queen!{full break}

{Frog}: Cyrus...I...{full break}

(If Magus was not killed)
{Cyrus}: You have even joined forces with {Magus}!{full break}

(If Magus is in party, this line is an alternate of the above)
{Cyrus}: You have even joined forces with {Magus}! He stands{line break}
behind you even now!{full break}

{Magus}: .{delay 01}.{delay 01}.{full break}
*Magus steps away and looks in the opposite direction, head bowed*

(Either way)
{Frog}: Cyrus...please...I can explain...{full break}

*Cyrus shakes his head*

{Cyrus}: There is no need, my friend...I understand you have{line break}
your reasons.{full break}

{Frog}: do?{full break}

{Cyrus}: Of course! Look at what has become of you! You joined{line break}
forces with another to save the Queen, and that same person{line break}
aided you in storming the castle of {Magus} himself!{page break}
Your courage and skill in battle...the way you have journeyed{line break}
through time to fight against a foe so much stronger and{line break}
fearsome than {Magus} ever eases my soul.{page break}
You have become a truly superior knight, Glenn. Now that{line break}
we have spoken, I can truly rest.{full break}

{Frog}: Cyrus...wait! Please!{full break}

{Cyrus}: I will be watching out for you from beyond the{line break}
grave, Glenn. Take care of the Queen, and be brave! You can{line break}
defeat Lavos!{page break}
*Cyrus starts floating away* friend...{full break}

*He is gone*

{Frog}: Cyruuuuuus!{page break}
...Cyrus, my well...{full break}

*The music stops and Frog is shocked*

{Frog}: What...what is happening?!{full break}

*He holds up the Masamune*

{Frog}: Th-the Masamune?!{full break}

(2nd PC steps forward/3rd PC if Crono/Magus are 2nd. If both are present,

this line is absent)
{Marle}: {Frog}, what's going on?!{full break}
{Lucca}: What's happening with the Masamune?{full break}
{Robo}: {Frog}, there is an enormous surge of spiritual energy{line break}
emenating from the Masamune!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Frog}!{full break}

*the swords spins around in air and glows white*

HahaHAH!{full break}

That's it, isn't it?!{full break}

*the swords splits into Masa and Mune*

{Masa}: {Frog}, you were quite troubled, weren't you?{full break}

{Mune}: But now your spirit is free!{full break}

{Masa}: The strength of a hero and the Masamune relies on{line break}
your will and your spirit!{full break}

{Mune}: And now, you're glowing in it!{full break}

{Frog}: My...will...? My spirit?{full break}

{Mune}: Now that he's free of this we can show our real power!{line break}
Right big brother?{full break}

{Masa}: That's right, Mune! Let's show him the real power of{line break}
the Masamune!{full break}

*Masa and Mune fuse back into the Masamune which floats to Frog*

{Frog}: Such overwhelming power flowing from the Masamune...{full break}

*Frog waves it in that grand gesture of his*

{Frog}: This...this must be the true form of the Masamune! Such{line break}
a weapon...{page break}
Cyrus, I must now depart! Do not worry, my friend! I will{line break}
not disappoint you anymore!{full break}

*He holds the sword aloft*

{Frog}: Thus is my final parting gift to you, Cyrus! Rest well{line break}
my friend! Rest well!{full break}

*Frog turns to the rest of the party*

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: {Frog}...are you gonna be okay?{full break}
{Lucca}: Will you be alright, {Frog}?{full break}
{Robo}: Will you be well, {Frog}?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Frog} okay?{full break}
{Magus}: ...{full break}

{Frog}: I will be well, my friends. Come, let us continue our{line break}
journey!{full break}

*player can return to Denadoro 600 A.F. and go to the Freelancer to catch a rock*

{Frog}: I think not, Freelancer! Not this time!{full break}

*Frog looks down at the rock in his hand which is glowing*

{Frog}: The is glowing...?{full break}

*Frog is shocked*

{Frog}: It has changed into a golden stone!{full break}

Got the Gold Rock!{full break}

{Frog}: A changed man I truly am...{full break}

END "The Northern Ruins!"
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Re: Sidequest Dialogue Enhancements
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2007, 06:35:53 am »

Quote from: The Rainbow Shell
BEGIN "The Rainbow Shell!"

{Gaspar}: An object in the Middle Ages sparkles like{line break}
a rainbow...{full break}

(Note: The following sets of dialogue are extra set-up for the sidequest

and are available at any time beginning from "Break the Seal!" to the

retriveal of the Rainbow Shell from the Giant's Claw. Once the shell is

retrieved this text is no longer accessible.
Also, before the Rainbow Shell quest is completed up to the death of Yakra

XIII, the player will require Marle in order to actually go about the

castle. After that, though, the player can wander about freely.)

(If Marle is not in party, before Crono's death)

{Castle Guards}: It's {Crono}!{full break}

*PCs are shocked*

*One of the two guards approaches Crono*

{Castle Guard}: {Crono}, by order of the King, your sentence{line break}
of execution has been suspended until further notice.{lpage break}
We do ask that you don't wander around with the castle without{line break}
Princess Nadia to accompany you, however. Please leave until{line break}
she is with you.{full break}

*Party auto-leaves the castle*

(If Marle nor Crono are not in party, after Crono's death when 1st PC is

selectable. If Crono is in party then the previous set of dialogue is used


{Castle Guard}: It's {char1}!{full break}

*PCs are shocked*

*One of the two guards approaches the 1st PC*

{Castle Guard}: You are a friend of Princess Nadia?{full break}

*1st PC nods*

{Castle Guard}: Then we ask that you do not wander around the{line break}
castle without escort by Princess Nadia, for security reasons.{full break}

*Party auto-leaves*

(If the party enters without Marle after witnessing one of the two previous

scenes, whichever was applicable, or after entering the castle with Marle

and then returning without her)

{Castle Guards}: Please do not enter the castle without{line break}
Princess Nadia.{full break}

*Party is tossed out by the guards*

(If Marle is in party, regardless if previous scenes played out or not)

*Guards are shocked*

{Castle Guards}: Princess Nadia!{full break}

*One of the guards turns to the other*

{Castle Guard}: Please go get the Chancellor.{full break}

*Guard nods and walks up into the throne room. PC in the slot after

Marle/before Marle ifCrono is in party turns to Marle.*

{Lucca}: {Marle}...why are we here?{full break}
{Robo}: May I ask why we are here, {Marle}?{full break}
{Frog}: {Marle}, why did we come to this castle in your era?{full break}
{Ayla}: Why we come here, {Marle}?{full break}
{Magus}: Why are we wasting our time here?{full break}

*Marle looks away*
{Marle}: I...I wanted to see my father again...{full break}

*Chancellor steps into view at the top of the stairs, as does the guard,

who returns to his position*

{Chancellor}: Princess Nadia has returned?!{full break}

*PCs look at the chancellor*

*Chancellor steps closer to Marle*

{Chancellor}: We've been worried about you, Princess!{full break}

*Marle steps forward*

{Marle}: You...have?{full break}

{Chancellor}: Well...I was concerned, at least. I understand{line break}
the pain you feel due to your strainted relationship with{line break}
your father...though your father himself cares more for{line break}
the state of his kingdom over all else.{full break}

*Marle turns away*

{Marle}: Yeah...he's like that...{full break}

*Chancellor looks to the right*

{Chancellor}: Yes...even when your mother, Queen Aliza, passed{line break}
away, he...{full break}

*Marle is insta-shocked*

{Marle}: Mother?!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Oh, no, no, no, it's nothing...I shouldn't have{line break}
said anything.{full break}

*Marle looks in his direction*

{Marle}: Tell me! Now!{full break}

{delay 04}

{Chancellor}: is difficult to say, but...{page break}
It was when Queen Aliza's illness took a turn for the worse.{page break}
Queen Aliza said that she desperately wished to see her{line break}
husband one final time before she died, but he...{page break}
...he was too busy with work for the Kingdom to come see her.{page break}
Not knowing a thing about death, you, Princess Nadia, watched{line break}
by her side faithfully until...{full break}

{Chancellor}: Until she passed away in sorrow and despair...{page break}
Oh, dear me...that almost makes it sound as if the King{line break}
killed Queen Aliza...{full break}

*Marle approaches the Chancellor*

{Marle}: W-w-what...?!{full break}

*Marle looks in all directions before facing the Chancellor again*

{Marle}: Father...{delay 03}did that...{delay 03}to mother...?{full break}

{Chancellor}: Oh dear...what have done?! Please, Princess, do{line break}
not worry yourself over the matter...besides, there are always{line break}
reasons for the King's actions.{full break}

{Chancellor}: Now, please, you've gone to the trouble of{line break}
returning to the castle...please visit your father.{full break}

(If Crono is present and the scene of sentence suspension was not

{Chancellor}: Oh, {Crono}! Your sentence of execution has been{line break}
suspended by order of the King for the time being, so please do{line break}
not worry.{full break}

(If Crono is not present and scene of suspension was not witnessed)
{Chancellor}: Oh, and Princess Nadia? Please inform {Crono}{line break}
that his sentence of suspension has been suspended by order{line break}
of the King.{full break}

*Either way, the Chancellor steps into the throne room*

*Marle looks down. PC that spoke before steps closer to Marle*

{Lucca}: {Marle}...are you going to speak to the King?{full break}
{Robo}: Do you intend to do as he asked and speak with your{line break}
father?{full break}
{Frog}: Are you going to speak with your father, {Marle}?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Marle} talk to father?{full break}
{Magus}: So are you going to waste even more time speaking{line break}
to your father?{full break}

*Marle looks up*

{Marle}: Uh-huh. He and I have a lot to talk about! Come on!{full break}

*player steps into the throne room and speaks to the Chancellor*

{Chancellor}: Come on, Princess Nadia...speak to your father...{full break}

*player speaks to Guardia*

*Marle steps close to Guardia while the other two PCs step back and look at


{King Guardia}: Oh, Nadia...{full break}

*Guardia looks up at Marle*

{King Guardia}: W-what did you return for, Nadia?! You have{line break}
no business with me or this castle!{full break}

{Marle}: {delay 01}.{delay 01}.{delay 01}.{full break}

{King Guardia}: What is with that look, Nadia? You rushed out{line break}
of the castle of your own accord!{full break}

*Marle looks at him angrily*

{Marle}: Because you were going to execute my friend!{full break}

{King Guardia}: At the time I understood it that he kidnapped{line break}
you, Nadia! I was doing what I did to protect you!{full break}

{Marle}: No you weren't! You just wanted to control me!{full break}

{King Guardia}: Nadia...I am warning you...{full break}

{Marle}: Oh, what, you're going to toss me and my friends out{line break}
again?{full break}

*Marle glances at the other two PCs then looks at the King*

{King Guardia}: These "friends" of yours...look at them! They{line break}
are so is almost as if you are trying to start{line break}
a circus or something!{full break}

{Marle}: How can you say that?! These are my friends!{full break}

{King Guardia}: Preposterous! People like these as friends...{line break}
how could I justify this to our ancestors?! They are{line break}
disgraceful!{full break}

{Marle}: always find your Kingdom and{line break}
our ancestors more precious than me...always...{full break}

{Marle}: This Kingdom means more to you than I ever did...{line break}
{delay 03} or my mother!{full break}

{King Guardia}: ...what...?{full break}

*Marle points at him*

{Marle}: You...{delay 03}you're the one who killed mother!{full break}

*EVERYONE in view except Marle is shocked*

{King Guardia}: How dare you?! HOW DARE YOU?!{full break}

*King Guardia stands up from his throne*

{King Guarda}: Get out of here this insant! Never show your{line break}
face to me again!{full break}

*Marle goes into her shouting animation*

{Marle}: FINE! I wouldn't come back even if you wanted me to!{full break}

{King Guardia}: I am no longer your father! Do as you please!{full break}

*The King storms up the stairs to his room. The Chancellor steps near


{Chancellor}: Oh, how terrible...{full break}

*Marle looks away. PC in slot after Marle steps closer to her*

{Lucca}: ...are you okay, {Marle}?{full break}
{Robo}: {Marle}, are you alright?{full break}
{Frog}: Will you be alright, {Marle}?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Marle} okay?{full break}
{Magus}: You're not going to cry, are you?{full break}

*Marle goes into her sad animation*

{Marle}: I...I didn't mean to say that to him...{full break}

*Marle stands up*

{Marle}: I gotta do something to make it up to him...but what?{full break}

{Chancellor}: Princess, if I may...?{full break}

*Marle looks at him*

{Marle}: What is it?{full break}

{Chancellor}: Might I suggest a present of some sort for the{line break}
King? A way to apologize to him.{full break}

*Marle nods*

{Marle}: Good idea...but what?{full break}

{Chancellor}: The King has recently developed a fondness for{line break}
Jerky...why not that?{full break}

{Marle}: Right! Let's go ask the chef!{full break}

*player goes to the kitchen and speaks to the chef*

{Chef}: Hey, you, what're you do--oh, Princess Nadia! What{line break}
can I do for you?{full break}

{Marle}: Can you make some Jerky for me?{full break}

{Chef}: Jerky?{full break}

*Chef looks away, then back to Marle*

{Chef}: Sorry...I know one of my distant ancestors first{line break}
created the was used as rations for the soldiers{line break}
during the Mystic War...{page break}
But I don't know it...I hear it's a Porre speciality{line break}
now though...maybe you ought to try there.{full break}

*Marle looks down*

{Marle}: Oh...thanks anyway.{full break}

*player goes to 600 A.F.*

(Dialogue here requires Marle*

{Cook}: Heya!{full break}

{Marle}: Excuse you have some Jerky or can you make{line break}
some for me?{full break}

{Cook}: Eh? You want some Jerky?{full break}

{Cook}: Sorry, but I'm out of the ingredients...and besides{line break}
that stuff is too spicy for most people to handle anyway, so{line break}
you're not missing anything, trust me.{full break}

*Marle looks down*
{Marle}: Oh...okay, thanks.{full break}

*player goes to Porre 1000 A.F. to buy Jerky. Dialogue covered in "The

Ancient Sun Stone" is repeated, except for this line after receiving the

Jerky, though it requires Marle in the party*

{Marle}: Thanks! Come on, back to the castle!{full break}

*player goes back to Guardia Castle and up to the King's room. PCs stop

upon entering*

{King Guardia}: Nadia...what do you want...?{full break}

*Marle approaches the King*

{Marle}: I...I wanted to apologize.{full break}

*King glances at her, then looks away*

{King Guardia}: .{delay 01}.{delay 01}.{full break}

*Marle steps closer*

{Marle}: It's y-your favorite...{full break}

*King Guardia turns around again*

{King Guardia}: ...for me, truly?{full break}

*Marle nods*

{Marle}: Uh-huh.{full break}

*King Guardia steps closer and Marle hands him the Jerky*

{King Guardia}: Hmm...let's see...

{King Guardia}: ?!{full break}

{King Guardia}: What...what is this...?!{full break}

{Servant}: Sire, what is wrong?!{full break}

*Servant steps closer to the King*

{King Guardia}: Hauggkk!{full break}

{King Guardia}: Oooh...{page break} could me something so extremely{line break}
spicy when you know I have high blood pressure...!{full break}

*Marle is shocked*

{Marle}: Huh?! B-but isn't that your favorite?!{full break}

{King Guardia}: This time I will not tolorate this! I now{line break}
know just how much you despise your father!{full break}

*Marle tries hugging him*

{Marle}: Father, no! That's not it at all!{full break}

{King Guardia}: Leave! NOW! Never show your face here{line break}
again!{full break}

*Marle is shocked, as are the other PCs*

{Marle}: Father!{full break}

*player is dumped out of the castle onto the world map*

*player goes to Choras, 600 A.F.*

{Toma}: Hey, {char1]! I finally found a lead on the Rainbow{line break}
Shell! But...but...{page break}
I've got a bad feeling about this...feels kinda dangerous.{line break}
Oh, here, hang on to this for me please.{full break}

{Toma}: If I die, pour this sake on my grave, okay?{page break}
*First PC nods*'s like I'm jinxing myself, huh? Anyway, see you.{full break}

*Toma gets up and walks off*

*player goes to the West Cape, 1000 A.F. and examines the grave*

{Gravestone}: The Great Explorer Toma Levine rests here...{line break}
9/15/555 A.F.--6/1/600 A.F.{full break}

*PCs are shocked*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: He died the next day?!{full break}
{Lucca}: Toma died the day after we talked to him?!{full break}
{Robo}: Toma Levine died the day after we spoke?!{full break}
{Frog}: He perished not but a day after we spoke to him?{full break}
{Ayla}: He die day after?!{full break}
{Magus}: The idiot died the day after we spoke!{full break}

*Toma's ghost floats out of the gravestone*

{Toma}: {char1}, long time no see! How'd you end up in this{line break}
time? What, are you time travelers or something?{page break}
Nevermind. I located the Rainbow Shell.{full break}

*Toma looks out to the north*

{Toma}: Northwest of this cape is a large island...called the{line break}
Giant's Claw by locals on nearby islets. Inside is the{line break}
Rainbow Shell.{full break}

{Toma}: Be careful, though...there are lots of monsters{line break} huge one chomped me in half.{full break}

*Toma looks back at the party*

{Toma}: I...have a request.{full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: What is it?{full break}
{Lucca}: What is it, Toma?{full break}
{Robo}: What can we do for you?{full break}
{Frog}: We will do whatever it is you ask, sir Toma.{full break}
{Ayla}: What you need?{full break}
{Magus}: ...what do you want...?{full break}

{Toma}: You're time travelers, right? So do you think you can{line break}
head back to that day I died and save me? Being dead isn't that{line break}
bad but I wouldn't mind a few more years to live, you know?{full break}

*2nd PC nods*
(2nd PC)
{Marle}: Sure! We'll save ya.{full break}
{Lucca}: If we can, we'll do it, Toma.{full break}
{Robo}: We will do what we can.{full break}
{Frog}: Certainly, sir Toma! We will save your life or die{line break}
in the attempt!{full break}
{Ayla}: We save Toma!{full break}
{Magus}: ...fine, but we'd better get something out of this...{full break}

{Toma}: Great! Time to shove off, then. See you in minus 400{line break}
years.{full break}

*Toma starts floating up*

{Toma}: The sake I drink with you really is the best{line break}
you know?{page break}
See ya!{full break}

*Tome disappears*

*player goes to the Giant's Claw and reads the note*

{Diary of TOma, 6/1/600 A.F.}: Look at those pits...what if{line break}
I jump into them on purpose? Yes! I'll start back at the{line break}
beginning and...{full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Oh no, Toma's here already! We've got to hurry!{full break}
{Lucca}: Aw crap, Toma's here already! We've gotta move!{full break}
{Robo}: Toma is here already? We must move quickly!{full break}
{Frog}: Sir TOma is already present...we must hurry!{full break}
{Ayla}: Toma here! We hurry!{full break}
{Magus}: Toma's already here...let's hurry it up unless we{line break}
want his ghost to haunt us or something.{full break}

*player heads through into what was once Azala's throne room and halt at

the top of the screen and are shocked*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Oh my's the Tyrano Lair!{full break}
{Lucca}: ...what in the hell?! The Tyrano Lair?!{full break}
{Robo}: It is the Tyrano Lair! But how?{full break}
{Frog}: Is this the Tyrano Lair?{full break}
{Ayla}: WHAT?! Why Reptite's castle here?!{full break}{Magus}: A castle

from the Prehistoric Era?{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: It must've been pushed underground when Lavos fell...{line break}
but that doesn't make sense, does it? How could it have{line break}
survived the fall?{page break}
Ya know...those green almost looks like a spiritual{line break}
dream of some kind rather than real, doesn't it?{full break}
{Lucca} It had to have been pushed underground by the fall of{line break}
Lavos...but that doesn't make any sense! The energies involved{line break}
in the fall would have destroyed it completely.{page break}
Then again...take a look at those looks almost not{line break}
real, like it's a dream of some spiritual kind, doesn't it?{full break}
{Robo}: The castle must have been pushed underground when Lavos{line break}
fell to Earth...but that does not make sense. The energies{line break}
involved in Lavos' fall were in the teraton range...surely{line break}
the castle would be destroyed.{page break}
And yet...consider the odd green fires...I am detecting{line break}
spiritual energy from not only them but all around us, as if{line break}
this place were merely a spiritual dream.{full break}
{Frog}: When Lavos came falling to Earth this castle must have{line break}
submerged and become an ancient ruin...but there is no sense{line break}
in such a suggestion! Surely his fall would have destroyed{line break}
the castle!{page break}
Yet, there is something odd all about us, such as those green{line break}
fires...I sense spiritual energy, as if this place were naught{line break}
but a spiritual dream...{full break}
{Ayla}: Lavos fall and Tyrano Lair buried underground! ...not{line break}
make sense! Lavos make crater...Tyrano Lair not destroyed?{page break}
Feels eerie...look at green fires...seem spiritual, like{line break}
how elders say...maybe a dream?{full break}
{Magus}: I've never seen this place before...but it feels{line break}
not feels more like a spiritual dream than a{line break}
real place.{full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: We'll figure out what's going on with it later{line break}
guys! Let's hurry and rescue Toma!{full break}
{Lucca}: It's fascinating, but we've got not time for it{line break}
now! Let's get to Toma, and fast!{full break}
{Robo}: I would like to study this place more, but later, when{line break}
we have rescued Toma!{full break}
{Frog}: It is certainly quite an odd place, but we cannot{line break}
concern ourselves with it at the moment...we must rescue Sir{line break}
Toma before he perishes!{full break}
{Ayla}: Not time to talk! Toma need help NOW!{full break}
{Magus}: Look, we'll study it later, okay? Let's save that{line break}
idiot Toma before we do anything else.{full break}

*player heads through Giant's Claw to the Rust Tyrano, where Toma is

looking at it, shocked. PCs run in upon entering the room*

{Toma}: Oooh damn, damn, damn...calm down there, big guy...{line break}
you don't want to eat me...{full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Toma, get away from it! You're not safe there!{full break}
{Lucca}: You might want to get away from that Tyrano{line break}
Toma! It'll eat you!{full break}
{Robo}: Mr. Toma, please back away from the Tyrano! It intends{line break}
to consume you!{full break}
{Frog}: Sir Toma, withdraw immediately or the Tyrano will{line break}
devour you!{full break}
{Ayla}: Toma! Get away from Tyrano!{full break}
{Magus}: Toma, you fool! Get away from that beast before it{line break}
starts eating you!{full break}

{Toma}: {char1}, {char2}, {char3}?! Oh, thank God! You want to{line break}
take this thing on? Be my guest!{full break}

*Toma flees behind them and the Tyrano roars in challenge*

*boss fight!*

*PCs look at Toma after the Tyrano is dead*

{Toma}: guys are pretty damned tough, aren't you?{line break}
Thanks for saving my life...but that was too close...I'm{line break}
guessing I "died" right?{full break}

*PCs nod*

{Toma}: Damn...well, however that works, I'm not going to{line break}
worry too much about it. Now just to get the Rainbow Shell, and{delay 06}

{instant full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Nuh-uh. We're taking it, okay Toma?{full break}
{Lucca}: The Shell's ours, okay?{full break}
{Robo}: I am afraid we require the Rainbow Shell.{full break}
{Frog}: I am sorry, Sir Toma, but we must have the{line break}
Rainbow Shell.{full break}
{Ayla}: No. Rainbow Shell ours.{full break}
{Magus} Uh, no. We're taking the Shell, so don't get in our{line break}
way.{full break}

*Toma looks down*

{Toma}: Oh...too bad about the Shell, then. Good luck, and{line break}
thanks again for saving my life!{full break}

*Toma leaves the Giant's Claw and can now be found randomly in Truce, San

Dorino, Porre, and Choras bars sipping sake, and speaks the following line:
{Toma}: Hey, {char1}, nice to see you!{full break}

*Toma's Gravestone is also changed to the following:
The Great Explorer Toma Levine rests here...
5/19/555 A.F.--3/6/634 A.F.{full break}

*player proceeds to the Rainbow Shell*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Look, it's the Rainbow Shell!{page break}
It's so pretty, isn't it?{full break}
{Lucca}: This must be the Rainbow Shell! Look at its iridescent{line break}
colours...and LOOK at the sheer SIZE of it! The nautiloid it{line break}
was a shell for must've been immense!{full break}
{Robo}: This is the Rainbow is quite the large{line break}
artifact, is it not? A truly immense nautiloid must have been{line break}
housed within.{full break}
{Frog}: This must be the Rainbow Shell...its beauty is{line break}
intense...{full break}
{Ayla}: Pretty! Big! This Rainbow Shell? Can eat?{full break}
{Magus}:'s too damned bright and colourful...doesn't{line break}
suit me one bit...{full break}

*Pcs try to heft it and fail*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: It's too heavy! We won't be able to carry it by{line break}
ourselves. We should probably ask for some help from{line break}
Guardia Castle...Queen Leene ought to help us, right?{full break}
{Lucca}: We can't move's just too heavy. I was afraid{line break}
of this...but I think we can call for help from the castle{line break}
right? They'll help us.{full break}
{Robo} Even for my robotic strength it is simply too much.{line break}
Let us seek help at Guardia Castle; I believe they will be{line break}
willing to aid us.{full break}
{Frog}: It is too heavy even for us. We must seek help from{line break}
Queen Leene at the castle...I know she will aid us!{full break}
{Ayla}: Too heavy! Castle people help, maybe?{full break}
{Magus}: This is just too damned heavy. We need to get someone{line break}
to move it for us...maybe those people at Guardia Castle'll{line break}
help...{full break}

*player heads to Guardia Castle*

{King Guardia}: Welcome back, one and all! You are always{line break}
welcome in our castle. What can I do for you?{full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Err, we have a request. See, there's this Rainbow{line break}
Shell on an island far away from here, and we can't bring{line break}
it out ourselves, so we need your help. We wanted you to{line break}
hold onto it for a while, too.{full break}
{Lucca}: We have a request...there's a Rainbow Shell in the{line break}
Giant's Claw and we need you to retrieve it because it's too{line break}
heavy for us...we'd like you to hold onto it for a while too.{full break}
{Robo}: We humbly request your assitance with a Rainbow Shell{line break}
located on the island of Giant's Claw. It is too heavy for{line break}
us to remove. We also ask that you hold onto the Shell.{full break}
{Frog}: Your Highness, we respectfully request your assitance{line break}
with a Rainbow Shell on an island far away from here. It is too{line break}
heavy for us to remove, and we ask that you take it and{line break}
keep it here for some time.{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} have favour...big shell far away! Too heavy{line break}
for us. Need you get it and keep it for much time!{full break}
{Magus}: Okay, look, there's this freaking huge Rainbow Shell{line break}
on an island away from's too heavy for us and we want{line break}
you to go get it and hold onto it for a while for us. That okay{line break}
with you?{full break}

{King Guardia}: I wish for me to keep this shell{line break}
that is on that island safe for generations to come?{full break}

*PCs nod*

{Queen Leene}: Please, husband...I ask for the sake of {char1}.{line break}
Please honour their request.{full break}

{King Guardia}: You need not worry, my wife. I will of course{line break}
honour their request. It is the least I can do for the sake{line break}
of those that ended the war!{page break}
Done, {char1} I will have the Rainbow Shell retrieved and{line break}
placed in a treasure storehouse as an heirloom for all future{line break}
Guardians.{page break}
Knight Captain!{full break}

*Knight Captain steps closer*

{Knight Captain}: Yes, sire?{full break}

{King Guardia}: Cross to the Giant's Claw and retrieve the{line break}
Rainbow Shell, no matter the cost. Take whatever ships and men{line break}
you need!{full break}

{Knight Captain}: At once, sire!{full break}

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Thank you very much, Your Highness! And Queen{line break}
Leene too, of course!{full break}
{Lucca}: Thanks a lot, sire!{full break}
{Robo}: Thank you, King Guardia!{full break}
{Frog}: Thank you so very much, Your Majesty, for honouring{line break}
our request.{full break}
{Ayla}: You good man! Strong! {Ayla} like! Thank you!{full break}
{Magus}: ...thanks.{full break}

*player heads to Guardia Castle circa 1000 A.F. PCs stop upon entering*

*Marle looks in all directions watching soldiers and servant NPCs walking

around the area*

{Marle}: What's going on here?{full break}

*one of the Castle Guards stops and turns to Marle*

{Castle Guard}: Princess Nadia!{full break}

*Marle stares at him*

{Marle}: I order you to tell me what is going on. At once!{full break}

*Guard is shocked*

{Castle Guard}: Princess Nadia, your father is on trial by{line break}
order of the Chancellor!{full break}

*Marle blinks in confusion*

{Marle}: ...what? Why?{full break}

{Castle Guard}: He allegedly sold a national treasure to a{line break}
merchant!{full break}

{Marle}: Huh?!{full break}

{Castle Guard}: That is all I know, Princess.{full break}

{Marle}: ...grah!{full break}

*Marle glances at the party*

{Marle}: Come on, let's go find out what's going on!{full break}

*player goes to the courtroom door*

{Courtroom Guard}: There is no entry allowed while the{line break}
trial is in session!{full break}

*Marle goes into her shouting animation*

{Marle}: I order you to LET ME THROOOOUGH!{full break}

*Guards are shocked and allow entry*

{Chancellor}: Everyone, please listen! Do you know of the{line break}
"Rainbow Shell" heirloom passed down in the royal family?{page break}
Until I saw this, I did not know of it either.{full break}

{Chancellor}: It is an ancestral will that King Guardia's{line break}
distant ancestor wrote.{page break}
"At the time of the Millennial Fair, present the heirloom{line break}
The Rainbow Shell before the people."{full break}

{King Guardia}: I do not know what you speak of! There are no{line break}
such heirlooms in this castle!{full break}

{Chancellor}: So this is a forgery?{page break}
Why does the defendent deny the people a glimpse of the{line break}
"Rainbow Shell"?{page break}
That is because it is no longer here! The defendent, dazzled{line break}
by greed, sold the precious heirloom out of a want for more{line break} which he has in such quantities yet he aches{line break}
for more! Now, the witnesses...{full break}

*PCs enter*

{Chancellor}: W-what is it, Princess Nadia? We're in the{line break}
middle of a trial here!{full break}

{Marle}: Father!{full break}

{King Guardia}: Nadia! Oh, thank God...Nadia, the Chancellor{line break}
is attempting to frame me!{full break}

{Chancellor}: You're disreputable and he hurls insults! Confirm{line break}
your innocence with proof!{page break}
Show us the "Rainbow Shell" and I--and the court--will accept{line break}
your innocence...though I doubt that is possible...heheh...{full break}

{King Guardia}: Chancellor, what are you plotting?!{full break}

{Judge}: Chancellor, I ask that you do not repeat such{line break}
behavior or I will hold you in contempt of court.{full break}

{Chancellor}: My apologies, Your Honour. Guards, please remove{line break}
Princess Nadia and her companions!{full break}

*PCs are tossed outside and previous dialogue is repeated*

{Castle Guard}: Princess, we apologize, but we cannot allow{line break}
you to pass.{full break}

{Marle}: What're you talking about, though? The Chancellor was{line break}
lying! There is NO heirloom!{full break}

(PC in slot after Marle)
{Lucca}: Uh, {Marle}? We got the King of 600 A.F. to get the{line break}
the Rainbow Shell, remember?{full break}
{Robo}: {Marle}, if you recall, we asked the King of the Middle{line break}
Ages to retrieve the Rainbow Shell.{full break}
{Frog}: {Marle}, do you not recall our actions to retrieve{line break}
the Rainbow Shell? Queen Leene stored it in the castle for{line break}
future generations.{full break}
{Ayla}: We get Shell, give to King, he keep!{full break}
{Magus}: Idiot woman! Have you already forgotten that we{line break}
had the King of 600 A.F. keep the Rainbow Shell?{full break}

{Marle}: Oh, that's right, I forgot! The Rainbow Shell we gave{line break}
to my ancestor is still around.{full break}

{Marle}: It's gotta be in the basement. Come on!{full break}

*player goes to the treasury*

{Castle Guard}: leg was bitten by a rat...{full break}

{Marle}: Idiot...{full break}

*player approaches Slitherta and Slithrpon*

{Slitherta}: It's so great the boss'll be able to avenge{line break}
his thirteen-generation grudge! Kekekekeke!{full break}

{Slitherpon}: He says the King'll be condemned to death{line break}
with the made-up evidence!{line break}
Kwa kwa kwa!{full break}

*Marle is pissed*

{Marle}: Oh I don't think so!{full break}

{Snakes}: Wha?!{full break}

*not a boss fight!*

{Marle}: There really is a conspiracy! I knew it! Let's hurry!{full break}

*shift to the courtroom in that really cool way I wish they used more*

{Merchant}: I must confess, Your Honour. I did purchase the{line break}
Rainbow Shell from the King. He seemed to be having financial{line break}
troubles, and I simply thought I would do my duty and aid{line break}
the King in his time of need.{full break}

{King Guardia}: Lies! I have never met you before!{full break}

{Judge}: Order in the court. Defendent, please allow your{line break}
lawyer to make the objections!{full break}

*Merchant approaches the Chancellor*

{Merchance}: Hehehehe...was I convincing, sir?{full break}

{Chancellor}: You were perfect...they're buying it like the{line break}
suckers they are. Hah!{full break}

*shift back to the player, who goes to the Rainbow Shell*

{Marle}: I knew it! The Rainbow Shell IS here! We can save my{line break}
father!{full break}

*PC in slot after Marle steps up to the shell*

{Lucca}: What's this...look, there's a letter.{full break}
{Robo}: It appears there is a letter here.{full break}
{Frog}: A a place like this...why, this is{line break}
Queen Leene's handwriting!{full break}
{Ayla}: Something here! Paper! It paper!{full break}
{Magus}: There's a letter here...want me to burn it?{full break}

{Marle}: {Marle}?{full break}

"Dearest {Marle}...{line break}
How are relations with your father?{page break}
As you are now, you may not understand, but even when you{line break}
quarrel...even when you are are always{line break}
parent and child...a bond of blood.{page break}
Someday, when you eventually have children of your own, you{line break}
will understand.{page break}
This special bond is what links the two of us together, the{line break}
bond of a family. Know it and cherish it always.{line break}
   -Queen Guardia XXI, Leene.{full break}

{Lucca}: What a wonderful letter...I wonder how she found out{line break}
who you really were?{full break}
{Robo}: I have no parents, so I do not understand the love a{line break}
parent has for a child, but this letter feels quite...warm.{full break}
{Frog}: Dear Queen Leene...{page break}
But we have no time for this now, {Marle}. We must hurry on!{full break}
{Ayla}: Oh, leave nest! {Ayla} know about leaving nest! Dactyl{line break}
leave nest too. When time pass, leave nest!{page break}
{Marle} leave nest too? That great!{full break}
{Ayla}: Leave nest! Sleep! Bear kids! Give boobs! And then{line break}
kids leave nest again!{full break}
{Ayla}: You be okay? Not have boobs...{full break}
{Magus}: ...I think it would be best to have this conversation{line break}
later,'s not the time to be getting emotional.{full break}

{Marle}: Father...hang in there, father! We're coming to{line break}
get you!{full break}

*shift to courtroom*

{Judge}: Ladies and gentlmen of the Jury, if the defendent{line break}
is guilty, stand to the left. If he is innocent, stand to the{line break}
right.{full break}

{Juror}: Guilty.{full break}

*zoom back to player approaching the courtroom*

{Marle}: Please let me through!{full break}

{Castle Guard}: No, Princess, we cannot.{full break}

{Marle}: ...damn it!{page break}
Wait...I think there's a way's a bit rough. Even so,{line break}
just follow me, guys!{full break}

*shift to courtroom*

{Judge}: I shall announce the verdit of this court! {line break}
There are four who say guilty and one who say innocent. {line break}
Accordingly, we find him guilty!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Wonderful...wonderful! With this, the reign{line break}
of the Guardia line ends here! This domain shall be mine{line break}
for the taking!{page break}
Now take this man to his cell!{full break}

{Voice}: WAAAAAAAAAAIT!{full break}

{Chancellor}: What in the...who is it?!{full break}

*Marle breaks through the glass*

{Marle}: Father!{full break}

{King Guardia}: Nadia!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Princess Nadia, control yourself!{full break}

*Marle glares at the Chancellor*

{Marle}: You! You framed my father!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Did I? No! You're too late, Princess! The{line break}
verdict has been decided. The King is guilty as charged, as{line break}
found through this trial! Even a king is subject to our laws!{full break}

{Marle}: Nope! You framed him! I know you did!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Nonsense! The King has stolen the royal family's{line break}
treasure!{full break}

{Marle}: But the treasure is right here!{full break}

*Marle holds up the Rainbow shard*

{Chancellor}: ...IMPOSSIBLE! HOW?!{full break}

{Marle}: Your little "scheme" is over, Chancellor! Give it up!{line break}
You've lost!{full break}

{Chancellor}: ...Oh...Oh, I think not...hahaha..{full break}

{Marle}: Huh?{full break}

{JUdge}: ...court is ajorned!{full break}

*Judge disappears*

{Chancellor}: Hehehehehe...HAHAHAHAHAHA!{page break}
It's not the plot you think, oh stupid one! The ones who should{line break}
give up are you! I'lll make you pay for what you inflicted upon{line break}
my ancestors, here and now!{full break}

*Marle is shocked*

{Marle}: can't be!{full break}

(If Lucca and/or Frog are present they say their extra lines here)
{Lucca}: It couldn't be...could it?{full break}

{Frog}: No...that vile beast was slain by our hands!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Super Ultra Deluxe Chancellor Chaaaaaange!{full break}

*Chancellor spins around and turns into Yakra XIII*

I am...Yakra XIII!{full break}

*boss fight!*

*Marle goes into her victory pose*

{Marle}: Hah! Serves you right, Yakra!{full break}

*King approaches*

{King Guardia}: Princess Nadia...{full break}

{Marle}: Father...I...I...{full break}

{King Guardia}: It is alright, Nadia...there is no need to{line break}
say anything. It was my obstinance.{full break}

{Marle}: No, Father, it's my fault...I didn't even think about{line break}
how you felt...{page break}
No...I knew what I wanted to say in my heart, but no matter{line break}
how I spoke I just couldn't put it into words...{full break}

{King Guardia}: Yes...I too have that problem...For a time it{line break}
seemed as if you had abandoned me...but now, I understand, that{line break}
it was I who abandoned you.{full break}

{Marle}: Oh, we're together again, aren't{line break}
we? We'll talk about everything that's happened...about {Crono}{line break}
a-and Mother, and...and everything else...{full break}

{King Guardia}: Your mother...oh, how I wish it did not take{line break}
so long to understand what Aliza meant with her last words...{full break}

"Someday, when Nadia becomes a woman, she will bring her{line break}
beloved before you. Welcome him warmly.{page break}
After will be a wonderful, unforgettable day for{line break}
you as well...a day you remember forever.{full break}

{Marle}: ...huh? heard Mother's last words?!{full break}

{King Guardia}: Of course I did, Nadia! You were so young...{line break}
you do not remember it, but I did...{page break}
You were so cheerful that day, saying "Daddy, there are lots of{line break}
people here...all my favourite people!"{page break}
Seeing you so happy as you were, Aliza was at peace even as she{line break}
breathed her last...oh, Aliza, how I miss you so...{full break}

{Marle}: But...the chan--of course, he was lying...{page break}
So that's how it really was, huh?{full break}

{King Guardia}: Yes, of course, Nadia. What is wrong?{full break}

{Marle}: I used to call you..."Daddy?"{full break}

{King Guardia}: Yes, you did.{full break}

{Marle}: I...I'm sorry...Daddy...I'm really sorry for saying{line break}
all of the selfish things I did...truly...{full break}

{King Guardia}: I know, Nadia...I must also apologize for{line break}
not treating you as the woman you are, but as the child I{line break}
always saw...{full break}

{Marle}: I'm so happy, Daddy...we're finally together again...{full break}

*shift to throne room*

{King Guardia}: I will approve of your leaving the castle and{line break}
taking Nadia with you, on one condition!{page break}
I insist that you be careful, Nadia. You others, please take{line break}
care of my daughter.{full break}

*PCs--except Marle--nod*
(PC in slot after Marle)
{Lucca}: ...yes, sire!{full break}
{Robo}: You can count on us, Your Majesty.{full break}
{Frog}: Understood, Sire.{full break}
{Ayla}: You worry too much! {Ayla} protect {Marle}!{full break}
{Magus}: ...yeah, sure, I' that...{full break}

{King Guardia}: Good! Now, I have ensured you have full reign{line break}
of the castle if you ever feel the need. You are all welcome{line break}
here from now on.{full break}

{Voice}: Well then, it's my turn...{full break}

*Melchior walks into view*

(1st PC)
{Marle}: Melchior!{full break}
{Lucca}: Melchior?!{full break}
{Robo}: Mr. Melchior?! What are you doing here?{full break}
{Frog}: Old man Melchior?! What brings you here?{full break}
{Ayla}: Melchior?!{full break}
{Magus}: ...Melchior...holy sheeyit, he was transported{line break}
to the Millennium, was he...?{full break}

{Melchior}: Melchior}: I can't let you run the whole show{line break}
now, can I {Marle}? Nope! Let me make you armour and weapons{line break}
from the Rainbow Shell!{page break}
My first turn to help such a cause in a long and{line break}
learn as a master goes to work!{full break}

*player heads to the Rainbow shell and Melchior*

{Melchior}: This is a special material indeed...armour made{line break}
from this will be able to weaken magical attacks directed{line break}
at you.{page break}
A Prism Dress will have a great effect, but I can make but{line break}
one. Or I can create three less-effective Prism Helms.{page break}
Which will it be?{line break}
   1 Prism Dress{line break}
   3 Prism Helms{full break}

(If Prism Dress)
The Prism Dress? Only the girls can equip those.{line break}
   Yes, the Prism Dress{line break}
   I've changed my mind{full break}

(If Prism Helms)
{Melchior}: The Prism Helms? Anyone may equip those. Are you{line break}
certain?{line break}
   Yes.{line break}
   NO.{full break}

(Either way)
{Melchior}: Okay, just you wait! I, Melchior, will use my{line break}
skills to fashion the utmost in quality goods!{full break}

{Melchior}: I have finished! Here you are, {char1}.{full break}

(If player does not have sun stone)
{Melchior}: This is so wonderful...I am sure that{line break}
if I cross it with another material...create a special alloy...{line break}
the resulting material would be amazing!{full break}

(When player has sun stone)
{Melchior}: My word...the Sun Stone?! Once again you have{line break}
confused an old man...still, I will cross this with the Rainbow{line break}
Shell right away!{full break}

{Melchior}: Hehehe...don't think I'm finished just yet.{line break}
Melchior is really enthusiastic this time!{full break}

{Melchior}: I finally feel as if I am doing something{line break}
worthwhile with my life...good luck, {char1}!{full break}

END "The Rainbow Shell!"

That's it, at least for the normal sidequests. New sidequests will be posted if and/or when they are written.