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Ol' Man Bal
« on: March 09, 2007, 03:10:53 pm »
Balthasars whole plan was devised in order to keep the Time Devourer from destroying the entire space continuum, right? And seperating Schala from Lavos, right? How does this make him a megalomaniac?
    Granted, lotsa peeple died from his Time Crash, but it saved the entire existence of time itself. He called it his finest hour because he couldn't see how everything would work out after the Time Crash went down. That's y he went back 2 1000 ad., in order to guide Serge along the guidelines of his plan. He didn't know if Serge would be able to fulfill his role of seperating Schala from Lavos, so when everything seemed to be working out, he called it his "Finest hour". Stop picking on Balthasar!!


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Re: Ol' Man Bal
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2007, 08:33:19 pm »
Well, the issue is not that people died in the Time Crash (we don't know if they did or not), but that Belthasar created his own paradise on the earth and controlled the lives of its thousands of inhabitants according to the plan of FATE for thousands of years. Granted, the islanders probably had some degree of personal freedom. But he essentially played God here.

Belthasar's plan didn't fail, so he did end up raising new generations of people at the cost of removing them from the future.'s sort of ethically transcendent -- until Dragonians get involved. Belthasar shunted Dinopolis out of the Reptite Dimension, probably damaging their society. The ones who came over inside it were attacked by Chronopolis, and the survivors were forced to live on El Nido in a human-controlled world. So several sentients were seriously disrupted.

I always like to think that it was Belthasar's cheap way of really giving Reptites and their descendants the message that humans rule.