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Items List (updated)
« on: February 27, 2007, 06:36:13 am »

Ragnarok - max attack, max crit, random tech "Flare" (Insane I know, good luck making (synth) this sword)
Atom Edge - max crit 9999dmg on crit (Hidden somewhere in the 'Cleft of Dimensions, probably after
you have beaten OMEGA 9 times, it will drop after battle.)

Eternity - Slices anything in half, get in Programmer's Ending (with Crono alone)
           ...remembering that Lavos battles now are ALL level **

Wood   -    new starting weapon (there where 4 extra bow slots so why not?)

Orion -    not sure, find in the Valley of the Giants somewhere.

Anubis  -   some kind of demonic weapon,
      (charm from Cyrus' ghost in Northern Ruins 1000 A.D. --do this BEFORE Frog talks to Cyrus spirit!)

Artemis -   255attack, +10 hit (INSANELY hard to find)

Zonker38   20 attack, random "sleep"
Particle   -not sure (find in the level 90 future area Bongor Dome extended!)
            (Probably after the Boss: Calamity, which is a suped-up Guardian)
PrismBeam   -not sure
Doomsday   - 255 attack, 50crit, 4x dmg on crit (VERY, VERY, VERY hard to find)


AtlasArm - 255 attack, random Chaos

Masamune 2 (updated stats; Northern Ruins will have an undead boss, "Dullahan"(very HARD) before Cyrus's Grave room)

Reaper "Devours victims soul" instant death (Must charge up with Black Hole)
....must be coded to do low damage if not charged, only holds one charge
(so you can't own through ALL the final Lavos Battles)


Crono, Robo, Frog:

Marle, Lucca, Ayla:

MirageCape - nearly maxes evade rate "Sorrunds wearer with illusions that trick the attacker into missing."
(worth 12 million Gil won't appear in Auction house until level ** -- very RARELY appears)

....good luck getting that money because I REBALANCED the monsters so "animal types" such as dinosaurs, birds, don't drop gil! ...only humanoid types Reptities(?), Imps, Mystics, etc. drop Gil. 

Crono, Robo, Frog:
??? (Ageless?)

Marle, Lucca, Ayla:

new ACC:
EXP Booster - turns gil into EXP
Wall Ring   - casts "Wall"
Cherub Down - casts "Float"
SeraphSong  - Recover 30MP per round
Relic       - ????
Offering    - Attack w/ tech "Confuse"
Gem Box       - Attack w/ 2x Techs (works with Dual & Triple Techs!)
Econimizer  - MP cost for all techs = 2MP
SprintShoes - Haste (always run outside of battle)

Useable Item:

Quest Item:

Misc Items:
Fishing Rod

Greenleaf       an herb with curative properties
Sagebloom      an herb with magical properties
Darkroot      an herb with unusual/unknown properties

Quartz          a clear white gem of marginal value
Garnet          an orange gem of exceptional value   
Diamond       an valued gem due to extreme rarity

MythrilOre       Mallable yet enduring metal
Adamantium       a very rare, very durable metal
Meteorite        a shard of an unknown compounds
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Re: Items List (updated)
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2007, 05:39:35 pm »
To synth items you must also have read a recipe!
Recipes are hidden all over the game! Find them!
Smithy time, it takes GAME TIME to synth an item! :shock: This means you have time to kill
until your new weapon/armor is complete!

to make AegisArmor you need:
8 Mythril Ores (theres only going to be about 20 of these randomly placed every new game)
1 Adamantium Ore (VERY hard to find maybe 2 or 3 somewhere)
takes the Smithy in the Town that Time Forgot 30 minutes of game time to make one.

Smithy time: 10 minutes

Smithy time: 15 minutes

Rainbow Sword (lowered stats)
Smithy time: 5 minutes

Tsunami Sword (which will no longer be in the Sealed Pyramid -- You'll be duped into getting the
Safe Helm every time due to the awesomeness of this sword. This sword is made by just having the
required items and talking to Melchior anytime in his house after the Rainbow Shell Quest
(he actually will be in Medina Square after the R'bow Shell and Ozzie quests).
1 Adamantium Ore
4 Mythril Ores
2 Diamonds

* This sword will be used after the Rainbow sword upto the point where you can make a Ragnarok, or
Atom Edge Swords. Sword of terrible power. Litteraly strikes likes a wall of water.

Smithy time: 15 minutes

1 Adamantium Ore
6 Mythril Ores
4 Garnets
12 Quartz

* "Fiery Katana" Crono jumps into the air and does a "fire sword 2" attack everytime.
Smithy time: 30 minutes

Atom Edge
1 Meteorite Shard
2 Adamantium Ore
8 Mythril Ores
6 Diamonds

* Deals 9999 damage if it can hit the target.
Smithy time: 60 minutes

 (   Requirements not yet determined   )

* Levitating sword. Damage is 4x (Like "Confuse" only doing LOTS of damage)

DiamndTiara you need:
12 Diamonds -- (good luck getting these maybe 8 diamonds every game)

Jeweler create time: 25 minutes
(jeweler will combine gems to make other accessories)