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Storyline Dialogue Enhancements (old)
« on: February 26, 2007, 01:33:24 am »
This is where I'll post all dialogue related to the main story that is enhanced, which will be just about every single line in the game. (Thank you, Zeality and GreyLensMan, for your North American script, and KWhazit for your retranslated script, as both were used in the creation of this dialogue.)
I will place as much as I can into this first post, then place more in subsequent posts. We'll keep this thread free of commentary to avoid clutter. It will, of course, be sorted from beginning to end. Nothing will be finalized until it is agreed upon by all, however.
Also, sprite actions will usually not be noted directly in the dialogue clippings, unless it is an important motion and/or major additions/changes make indicating motions necessary. Sidequest scenes will be listed in another thread to avoid excessive cluttering. Dialogue not pertaining directly to the story(such as the dialogue of random NPCs in an area, or the various endings, except for the main storyline ending) will also be listed in another thread.

Commentary thread:
So, let's begin:

Quote from: The Millenial Fair!
BEGIN "The Millenial Fair!"
{Gina}: {Crono}...{full break}

{Gina}: {Crono}!{full break}

{Gina}: Good morning, {Crono}! It's time to get up!{full break}

*scene fades in*

{Gina}: {Crono}, sleepy head, let's get up now!{full break}

*Gina opens curtains*

{Gina}: Leene's Bell is so beautiful in the morning...{full break}

{Gina}: You were so excited about the Millennial Fair that{line break}
you didn't sleep too well, huh?{page break}
Well, I'm sure you'll feel better once you get moving.{line break}
I want you to behave yourself today, okay, {Crono}?{full break}

{Gina}: Let's get moving, now!{full break}

{Gina}: Oh, finally! I swear, {Crono}, you'll be{line break}
the death of me one day...{page break}
By the way, that inventor friend of yours...{page break} know...{line break}
Oh, dear, I've forgotten her name!{full break}

{Gina}: Oh, right, {Lucca}! Sorry dear...I'm a little{line break}
scatterbrained this morning. Anyway, don't forget she invited{line break}
you to see her new invention!{page break}
Run along now, and be back before dinner!{full break}

{Gina}: Oh, I almost forgot! Here's your allowance, dear. Have{line break}
fun at the fair!{full break}

Received 200 Gold!{full break}

*Player walks into girl running around Leene Square and both fall over*

{Girl}: Woah!{full break}

{Girl}: Ow...that really hurt!{full break}

*Girl checks on player*

{Girl}: Oh, jeez, I'm sorry! Are you okay?{full break}

{Girl}: Uh pendant's gone!{full break}

{Girl}: Oh no! Don't tell me  I lost it! Daddy'll kill me!{full break}

*Player gets pendant and talks to girl*

{Girl}: Oh, thank goodness, my pendant! It has a lot{line break}
of sentimental value.{page break}
May I have it back, please?
    Of course!
    Nope.{full break}
(If no){Girl}: Oh, please let me have it back! It's a family{line break}
heirloom and it means a lot to me!
       Okay, okay!
       Nope!{full break}
*If no, repeat last dialogue bit and choice*

{Girl}: Thank you! {delay 03} I came here to see the Fair.{line break}
You live around here, right? I kinda feel out of place...{page break}
Would you mind if I walked around with you for a little while?
   You bet!{full break}
(If no){Girl}: Oh, come on! I don't know anyone else here!{line break}
Please! Pretty please?
   Nope!{full break}
*If no, repeat last dialogue bit and choice*

{Girl}: Oh, thank you! You're a real gentleman!

{Girl}: By the way, my name is, er...

{Marle}:, it's {Marle}! And you're...?

{Marle}: {Crono}? Neat name! Nice to meet you, {Crono}! Now lead on!{full


{Young Man}: Sorry, but they're still setting up their{line break}
new invention. Why don't you come back in a while?{full break}

*Begin event sequences for the trial in the later chapter*

*Old Man and his lunch*
{Old Man}: Sorry, son, I don't have time to talk.{line break}
I'm just sittin' down for the lunch my wife made me!{full break}

Delicious! It's like chicken, but so much better!{full break}

{Marle}:'re such a pig, aren't ya {Crono}?{full break}

*The Girl and her cat*
{Little Girl}: Sniff...where's my cat?! Where'd Miss Buttons go?!{full


*Player returns cat*

{Little Girl}: Miss Buttons! Oh, thank you so much for{line break}
bringing my cat back!{full break}

{Marle}: You're so sweet, {Crono}!{full break}

*Melchoir and the Pendant*

{Melchoir}: Oh, hello! Would you like to buy something{line break}
from Melchoir the swordsmith?
   Nah.{full break}
{Melchoir}: By the way...I'm a collector of jewelry and{line break}
I was wondering if you could talk the young lady into selling{line break}
her pendant for me?
   Nope!{full break}
(If yes){Marle}: No, {Crono}! I told you, it's a family {line break}
heirloom!{full break}
{Melchoir}: Oh's that pendant...but surely...{page}
I'm sorry, but I couldn't buy that pendant anyway! It's{line break}
far too...special! Keep it safe, young lady.{full break}

{Melchoir}I live on the continent to the should{line break}
come see me sometime...{full break}

*The Eavesdropper and the Candy*

{Young Woman}: I heard {Lucca} and her dad've made another{line break}
one of their inventions.{page break}
I hope this one doesn't blow up like the last one did!{page break}
They ought to be ready now, I think. They're on the other{line break}
side of the square.{full break}

{Marle}: This is gonna be fun! Come on, {Crono}!{full break}

*Player walks up towards Telepod area*

{Marle}: Wait up, {Crono!} I want to get some candy first.

(If walk away once){Marle}: Give me just a second, okay?
(If walk away twice/all consecutive times){Marle}: Jeez, {Crono}! There's no

need to drag me by the arm like some kidnapper!{full break}

{delay 12}{Marle}: Hiya. I'd like some of this stuff, please.{full break}

{Candy Seller}: Here ya go, young lady.{full break}

{Marle}: Thank you! And thank you, {Crono}, for waiting.{full break}

*End event sequences for trial*

*Player walks into telepod area*

{Taban}: Welcome, everyone, to our showing of our newest{line break}
experiment, the "Telepod"! So step on up, anyone with{line break}
the courage to try it out! It's the invention of the century!{full break}

{Taban}: To use it, step up onto the left pod here...{full break}

{Taban}: ...and you'll be teleported over to the right pod here!{page break}
Whaddya think? It's the masterwork of my beautiful daughter, {Lucca}!

{Taban}: Hey, {Crono}! Want to try it out?{full break}

*player talks to Lucca*

{Lucca}: {Crono}! Where've you been?! No one wants to try{line break}
the "Telepod" and it's driving me nuts!{page break}
How 'bout you, {Crono}?{full break}

{Marle}: It looks like a lotta fun, {Crono}! I'll watcha while{line break}
you try it out.{full break}

{Lucca}: Just hop onto the left pod! Don't worry, it's perfectly safe!{full


{Taban}: Don't worry, {Crono}, we tried it out on our pets!{line break}
So there's no reason why it shouldn't work on you!{full break}

*player steps on pod*

{Taban}: All systems go!{delay 03} {instant full break}

{Lucca}: Begin energy transfer!{delay 03} {instant full break}

*player is ported*

{Crowd}: Oh, WOW! That was GREAT!{full break}

{Lucca}: See, I told ya it works! How was it? Wanna try it again?{full


{Taban}: It worked?! I can't believe it!{page break}
Uh, er, I mean it's a thrilling display of science at its{line break}
best ladies and gentlemen!{full break}

*player talks to Marle*

{Marle}: Wow...that was awesome! I wanna try it too!{full break}

{Lucca}: Huh?{full break}

{Lucca}: Hey, {Crono}, where'd you find a cute girl like her?{full break}

{Marle}: Hang on, {Crono}! I'll be right back!

{Taban}: Behold, ladies and gentlemen, as this vision of{line break}
loveliness steps aboard the machine!{full break}

{Taban}: Uh, are you sure about this...? There's still time{line break}
to change your mind!{full break}

{Marle}: No way! Throw the switch!{full break}

{Taban}: Okay, everyone, let's give her a great big hand{line break}
when she reappears!{full break}

{Taban}: All systems go!{delay 03} {instant full break}

{Lucca}: Begin energy transfer!{delay 03} {instant full break}

*pendant glows*

{Marle}: What's happening? My's...glowing?{full break}

{Lucca}: What the...?!{full break}

{Crowd}: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOAH...!{full break}

*Marle ends up in the Gate*

{Taban}: {Lucca}! What the hell happened?! Where is she?!{full break}

{Taban}: Okay, show's over folks! Get going!

*Crowd leaves*

{Taban}: {Lucca}, what's going on here?! Where is she?!{full break}

{Lucca}: The way she couldn't have been{line break}
the Telepod that did it! Her pendant seemed to affect the{line break}
warp field somehow...{full break}

{Taban}: How're we going to get her back?{full break}

{Lucca}: She seemed so familiar...I could've sworn{line break}
I've seen her somewhere before...{full break}

{Lucca}: Oh no you don't! You brought her here, so you're{line break}
gonna bring her back, {Crono}!{full break}

*player grabs pendant*

{Lucca}: {Crono}!{full break}

{Taban}: You're actually going after her, {Crono}?{full break}

{Lucca}: Okay, listen up, {Crono}. I don't know where this{line break}
machine is gonna send you, but it looks like we've got no choice.{full


{Taban}: Won't we lose both of them, though?{full break}

{Lucca}: What else CAN we do, Dad? Anyway, that pendant seems{line break}
to be the key, so hang onto it and brace yourself, {Crono}!{full break}

{Lucca}: Okay, Dad, power to maximum!{full break}

{Taban}: Roger!{full break}

{Lucca}: Dad, I need more power! Overcharge if you have to!{full break}

{Taban}: Roger!{full break}

*gate opens*

{Lucca}: There, that did it!{full break}

*player goes into gate*

{Lucca}: I'll follow you once I figure out what caused this{line break}
to happen in the first place! Good luck, {Crono}!{full break}

END "The Millenial Fair!"

Quote from: The Queen Returns!
BEGIN "The Queen Returns!"

*Player goes to Truce Inn and talks to people*

{Soldier}: "Where am I?" Where do you think you are, Choras?!{line break}
You are in the Kingdom of Guardia, and at the moment we're in a{line break}
war with the Mystics!{page break} did know that, didn't you?
(If yes): Then what the hell are you asking questions for?!{line break}
Get out of my sight, idiot.{full break}
(If no): Oh, that's just peachy...we really needed more{line break}
ignorant strangers areound here...look, jackass, if I were you{line break}
I would just get a room in the Inn for the night then book it{line break}
back to where you came from come morning!{full break}

{Inn Customer}: Millennial Fair, in Truce Canyon? What the{line break}
hell are you talking about?!{full break}

{Soldier}: What a relief...they finally found Queen Leene{line break}
wandering around up in Truce Canyon. She's probably glad{line break}
to be home, but something seemed off...she kept babbling about{line break}
really being someone else...what was that name she mentioned again?{full


{Soldier}: Everyone was worried to death, especially the King!{line break}
We all thought Magus kidnapped her! Thank God she's safe!{full break}

*Toma enters*

{Toma}: Hey there! Are you new here too? I am Toma, The Great{line break}
Explorer!{delay 05} ...I'm serious. But anyway, if you''ll{line break}
buy me a drink, I'll let you in on a secret.{page break}
How 'bout it?
   Why not?{full break}
(If yes){Toma}: A glass of sake, please!{full break}
{Toma}: Thanks a bunch! It's about the missing Queen.{line break}
She disappeared while praying at the Cathedral to the west, and--{page

Wait, what? They found her already?! Oh...well, nevermind then.{full break}
{Toma}: I could've sworn something screwy was going on at{line break}
at that Cathedral...{full break}

(If no){Toma}: No? You think I'm a beggar or something?{line break}
Well fine, if you don't want my information, go to hell.{full break}

{Young Man}: Magus' army destroyed the Zenan Bridge in the{line break}
last skirmish, so South Zenan is inaccessible. I hope my{line break}
relatives in San Dorino are alright...{full break}

(Note: this is a new NPC created for this purpose){Castle Guard}: Hey, son,

remember: you cannot get into the castle without{line break}
a writ of passage from the castle. It is a security measure.{line break}
Please do not attempt entry into the castle without one.{full break}

*player heads to Guardia Castle*

{Entry Guard}: Halt! Who goes there?{full break}

{Entry Guard}: No one may enter the castle without a writ of passage!{full


{Entry Guard}: Oh, it's just some kid.{full break}

{Entry Guard}: Get out of here, kid. There's a war on, you know{line break}
and we can't let in anyone!{full break}

{Queen Leene}: Stop that at once!{full break}

{Entry Guards}: Queen Leene!

{Queen Leene}: Show respect to him! He is a friend of mine!{full break}

{Entry Guard}: But Your Highness, he does not have a writ of passage!{full


{Queen Leene}: You refuse to obey my orders?!{full break}

{Entry Guards}: Forgive us, my lady! Please enter, friend{line break}
of the Queen!{full break}

{Queen Leene}: Thank you...teehee...{full break}

*Queen walks off. Player talks to two NPCs in throne room*

{King Guardia XXI}: Sir {Crono}! It is my understanding that{line break}
are the one who rescued my wife and Queen from Truce Canyon.{page}
But would you be able to enlighten me as what happened?{line break}
Leene has been acting quite odd since she returned.{page break}
She also seems to have lost her coral pin, something{line break}
so priceless to her that she guards it with her life usually...{page break}
Please forgive me: you must be exhausted from your ordeal.{line break}
We will speak of this later. Please rest in the Knight's{line break}
Quarters on the leftside lower floor.{full break}

{Knight}: Sir {Crono}! The Queen requests your presence{line break}
in her chambers up the stairs to your right.{full break}

*player goes up to Queen's room*

{Knight}: The Queen awaits.

*Knight moves out of the way*

{Servent}: So you rescued our Queen, did you? Somehow, I{line break}
doubt you really could.{full break}

{Servent}: Our Queen married into the family ten years ago{line break}
and is still so youthful, it makes me a little jealous.{page}
...come to think of it, she looks even younger now{line break}
than she was on her wedding day...{full break}

{Queen Leene}: Ah, Sir {Crono}, you've arrived.{page break}
My servents, please leave us. I need to speak to this{line break}
individual alone.{full break}

{Servents}: Of course, Your Highness.{full break}
*servents leave*

{Queen Leene}: Please come nearer, sir.{full break}

{Queen Leene}: Teehee...Fooled ya, didn't I, {Crono}?{full break}

{Marle}: It's me, {Marle}! But everyone keeps calling me{line break}
Leene! I think they've mistaken me for their Queen, but{line break}
I told them that and they won't believe me!{full}

{Marle}: I'm so relieved you're here, {Crono}. I thought I{line break}
was never going to see anyone I knew ever again...{full break}

{Marle}: I know we barely know each other, {Crono}, but{line break}
somehow...I just knew you would come for me!{full break}

{Marle}: Thank you, {Crono}...thank you.{full}

{delay 04}{Marle}: ...what the...s-something's wrong!{full break}

{Marle}: W-what's happening to me...?!{line break}
{delay 02} It feels like I'm being torn apart!{full break}

{Marle}: Do something, {Crono}! I'm scared! Please...{line break}
h-help me!{delay 04} {instant full break}

*Marle explodes and Player flees scene and runs into Lucca*

{LUcca}: {Crono!} Oh, thank God, you're alright. Did{line break}
you find the girl?{full break}

{Lucca}: ...she disappeared?! What do you mean she's disappeared?!{full


{Lucca}:'s just as I though. I knew I recognized her!{full break}

*Lucca looks around*

{Lucca}: And apart from the decorations and torches, this{line break}
castle looks identical to the castle in our time!{line break}
They must've thought that girl was her own ancestor...{page break}
You see, she's a member of the royal family in our time!{full break}

(Note: Do we want to change Nadia to Marldia or leave it as Nadia?)
{Lucca}: She's Princess Marldia/Nadia!{full break}

*switch to display of NPCs as visual explanation*

Marle, that is, Princess Marldia/Nadia, is a descendant of{line break}
Queen Leene.{full break}

Queen Leene has been kidnapped.{full break}

If I remember what we were taught in history class correctly{line break}
she was saved by a lone knight, a close friend to her.{line break}
Bur history has been changed!{full break}

Marle looks so much like Leene that they probably called{line break}
off their seearch when she appeared in Truce Canyon.{full break}

But if the real Queen is killed...{full break}

...Marle will no longer be able to exist and will just{line break}
disappear. But there might still be time...if Leene{line break}
is still alive, we can save her and change history{line break}
back to what we know it as!{full break}

*shift back to Lucca and player*

{Lucca}: ...still, something doesn't seem right...if Marle{line break}
prevented Leene from being rescued and Leene was killed...{line break}
then Marle couldn't come back to prevent Leene from being{line break}
rescued and we'd have a paradox on our hands...{page break}
But since Marle IS, forget it. {Crono}, we'll{line break}
figure it out later!{full break}

{Lucca}: Let's hurry! We've gotta find the real Queen!

END "The Queen Returns!"

Quote from: The Princess Is Gone!
BEGIN "The Princess Is Gone!"

{Chancellor}: She escaped?! But how...I secured her room{line break}
myself!{delay 03} What do you want?! Get away from me!{full break}

*player heads to cathedral*

{Nun}: We only want world peace, as commanded by our Lord.{line break}
Or a piece of the world...teehee...{full break}

{Nun}: Sometimes I fear people would not know what{line break}
to do with themselves in a truly peaceful world.{line break}
Why, we might go mad other...teehee.{full break}

{Nun}: Travelers, please stay and listen to our{line break}
organ recital. I believe you might find it a "real killer."{full break}

{Nun}: Oh, my...if you are weary travelers, you are more{line break}
than welcome to stay with us, eat a hot meal,!{full break}

*player sees pin*

{Lucca}: What did you find, {Crono}?

{Lucca}: It's a hair pin...hey, wait, that's Guardia's royal{line break}

*Nuns change into Naga-ettes*

{Lucca}: ...oh, crap...{full break}


{Lucca}: Phew...that was close...{full break}

{Lucca}: Augh!{full break}

*Frog kills Naga-ette*

{Creature}If you lower your guard, you only give the enemy{line break}
an opportunity to strike.{page break}
You are here to save the Queen, yes? The lair of these{line break}
Mystics is deep within. Will you accompany me?{full break}

{Lucca}: A frog?! A FROG?! {Crono}, it's a talking frog! I HATE{line break}
frogs!{full break}

{Creature}: I see my guise makes me seem untrustworthy...{line break}
Very well, do as you please, madam, but I shall rescue{line break}
the Queen.{full break}

{delay 03}{Lucca}: W-wait!{full break}

{Creature}: Yes?{full break}

{Lucca}: You don't seem like a bad person...err{line break}
frog-person...thing...I mean...{page break}
{Crono}, what should we do?
   Accompany the frog.
(If no){Lucca}: It'd be too risky going alone, {Crono}...{full break}

{Lucca}: Okay...I'll just have to deal with it...I mean him!{full break}

{Lucca}: What's your name?{full break}

{Frog}: {Frog} will do, madam {Lucca}.{full break}

{Lucca}: Alright...n-nice to meet you, {Frog}.{full break}

{Frog}: Likewise.{page break}
I believe a hidden door to the lair lies nearby...let us{line break}
search the area to see what we can find.{full break}

*player hits organ and party wanders in, encountering stuff*

*The Two Soldiers*

{Imprisoned Soldier}: Y-you're humans?! Oh thank God!{line break}
But don't worry about us right now. You have to save{line break}
the Queen. I think they're keeping her in the back.{full break}

{Imprisoned Soldier}: Somewhere in this building, there's{line break}
a shrine dedicated to Magus...I think I heard something{line break}
about a treasure being kept in there...{full break}

*The Pictures*

Found the secret nasty Naga-ette photos!{full break}

{Hench}: Ah, damn it, humans!{full break}

{Hench}: They're after the photos!{full break}

{Hench}: Kill them!{full break}

*The Mystics On Break*

{Naga-ette}: Burp! Hey, what's with the disguises?{line break}
You don't need them here!{full break}

{Diablos}: It's almost my shift...I hate pretending to be{line break}'s so disgusting and repulsive.{full break}

{Naga-ette}: Burp! The ones we ate recently were{line break}
really tasty, even if they were nuns...{page break}
And those two soldiers we caught look oh so plump and juicy!{full break}

{Hench}: Yakra is really smart! His plan to capture the{line break}
Chancellor and take his place worked perfectly!{page break}
Now the Queen's our prisoner, the castle's in an uproar{line break}
and the morale of the human soldiers is weak! It's{line break}
fantastic, isn't it?{full break}

{Diablos}: I'll check in on Magus' shrine before my shift.{full break}

*The Fakes and the Shrine*

{Soldier}: A-are you here to save Queen Leene?!{line break}
Oh thank God!{full break}

{King}: How wonderful of all of you to join us. Please{line break}
stay here and rest. I am certain Yakra will be available soon.{full break}

{Queen}: There was no need for you to attempt to rescue me!{line break}
The master, Yakra, is very kind! I've decided to stay here.{full break}

{Frog}: Lies! You are not my Queen!{full break}

{Mystics}: You can't be fooled...but you can be killed!{full break}

*fight Gnashers*
(Note: all song lines have a music symbol at the end of each line.)
{delay 03} Oh...dearest Magus...{line break}
Your crimson stars...{line break}
And your flowing hair...{line break}
Like waves cresting atop the sea...{delay 04} {instant full break}

{delay 05} No sad, dreary day nor any frightful{line break}
place can get us down{line break}
as long as you're near...{line break}
There's nothing to fear...{delay 05} {instant full break}

(If leave after both parts of song appear){Mystics}: How dare you defile our

shrine, humans?! Die for your sin!{full break}

*player goes to next room*

{Gnashers} Halt, human intruders!{full break}

{Note}: No entry.{full break}

{Note}: Try hard enough and you will find a way in.{full break}

{False Chancellor}: Prepare yourself for your final{line break}
"meal" Queen Leene...hehehehe...{full break}

{Frog} Your Majesty!{full break}

{False Chancellor}: YOU?! How the hell did you get in here?{full break}

{Leene}: {Frog}!

{Frog}: Majesty, please stand back and allow us the honour{line break}
of defending you!{full break}

{Leene}: Of course! Please be careful, {Frog}!

{False Chancellor}: You are all fools! No one will leave here{line break}
alive, least of all the frog, you damned pest! It's time{line break}
you left this mortal coil!{full break}

{False Chancellor}: Transform!{full break}

Reveals its true form: Yakra!{full break}

*Boss fight!*

{Frog}: Detestable creature...{full break}

{Leene}: Thank you all for coming to rescue me, especially{line break}
you, {Frog}.{full break}

{Frog}: The King awaits our return, Your Majesty. Let us{line break}
return to Guardia Castle.{full breaK}

{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, Lady {Lucca}, I thank you both for your{line break}
help.{full break}

(If release real Chancellor){Real Chancellor}: Thank you for releasing me;

that foul beast locked me away to die in there!{full break}
{Real Chancellor}: Your Highness! As you can see, I am{line break}
perfectly well!{full break}

(If not release real Chancellor){Leene}: Let us return to the castle!{full


{Real Chancellor}: W-wait! Do not forget about me!{full break}

*zip back to Castle*

{King Guardia}: Oh, Leene...I was so worried about you!{line break}
Thank the Lord you truly are safe now!{full break}

{Frog}: It is my fault the Queen was taken. I have disgraced{line break}
both myself and the kingdom. I shall take my leave of you all.{full break}

{Leene}: {Frog}, wait!{full break}

*player talks to NPCs*

{Chancellor}: That beast, Yakra...the nerve of impersonating{line break}
me and kidnapping the Queen...{page break}
We MUST create a criminal justice system in this kingdom{line break}
to do away with such fiends! A fair system, so innocents{line break}
are not swept up by accidente.{full break}

{King Guardia}: Sir {Crono}, I thank you so very much for{line break}
your assistance in saving my wife. You may travel throughout{line break}
the castle whenever you please.{page break}
Still...I am confused as to who the young woman we mistook{line break}
for my wife really was.{full break}

{Leene}: Your timing was perfect, sir {Crono}! Yakra{line break}
might have killed me had you not appeared in time.{page break}
I am curious, though: where is the young woman who was{line break}
mistaken for me?{full break}

{Lucca}: Oh yeah! I almost forgot about Princess Nadia!{page break}
{Crono}, where did Princess Nadia disappear? She might{line break}
be back there now!{full break}

*go up to Queen's room. Marle reappears*

{Marle}: ...wha...I'm back? What happened?{full break}

{Marle}: {Crono}! was awful! I can't remember{line break}
everything...I was somewhere cold and dark...and lonely.{line break}
Is that what it's like to...die?{full break}

{Lucca}: Oh, thank God...rescuing the Queen brought{line break}
you back after all! Welcome back, Princess Nadia!{full break}

{Marle}: Y-you both risked your lives to save--wait, "Princess{line break}
Nadia"?!{page break}
Uh oh...looks like you guys figured it out, huh?{full break}

{Lucca}: Yeah, when you disappeared we knew you had to{line break}
be the princess.{full break}

{Marle}: I'm sorry...I didn't mean to lie to you, {Crono}.{full break}

{Marle}: But yeah, I'm Princess dad is King{line break}
Guardia the XXXIII.{page break}
I really enjoyed hanging out with you at the fair, {Crono}{line break}
...but if you'd known who I really was...{page break}
{Crono, you wouldn't have shown me around the fair...right?
   wrong!{full break}
(If yes){Marle}: See, I told you. I like Marle better than Princess Nadia

anyway!{full break}
(If no){Marle}: Oh, {Crono}, that's why I like you! You're a real

friend!{full break}

{Marle}: The real Queen is safe, right? Then let's get outta{line break}
here and go home!{full break}

*Player returns to throne room*

{Marle}: So you're the real Queen Leene, huh? Wow, you look{line break}
so much like me!{full break}

{Leene}: In a way, it's almost as if we are twins!{full break}

{Marle}: well, anyway, you two better get along...or{line break}
I'll be in big trouble.{full break}

{Leene}: ...excuse me?{full break}

{Marle}: Uh...nevermind! Don't listen to me. Come on, {Crono}{line break}
let's go!{full break}

{King Guardia}: Please, madam {Marle}, accept my apologies{line break}
for confusing you with my wife! I feel rather embarassed over{line break}
the ordeal!{full break}

{Marle}: It's okay, sire. Don't worry about it.{full break}

*player attempts to leave castle*

{Frog}: It was a fault of mine that endangered the Queen...{line break}
I am a disgrace and my presence is a risk to all our lives...{line break}
I shall depart for good.{full break}

{Marle}: ...eeek! It's a talking frog!{full break}

{Frog}: ...indeed, your resemblance to the Queen is uncanny.{full break}

{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, you have the potential to be a good{line break}
swordsman! Do not make my mistakes, for your sake. Farewell.{full break}

{Lucca}: {delay 02} ...{page break}
{Frog}'re not such a bad guy after all...{full break}

*player heads to Truce Canyon gate*

{Marle}: do we get home? I can see that portal-thingy{line break}
but it looks too small to go into!{full break}

{Lucca}: Your Highness, er, Princess, I mean...we...{full break}

{Marle}: Please call me {Marle}!{full break}

{Lucca}: Right...well then, {Marle}...observe!{full break}

{Marle}: Oh, wow, it opened! {Lucca}, you're amazing!{full break}

{Lucca}: Ain't it the truth!{full break}

{LUcca}: mean--{delay 03} {instant full break}

{Marle}: Enough with the false modesty already! You have a{line break}
real gift! I'd trade my royal ancestry for your genius{line break}
in a heartbeat!{full break}

{Lucca}: Well...if you say so...{page break}
Anyway, I call this thing a "Gate." Gates seem to work as{line break}
portals that take you to the same location in a different era.{page break}
Normally you can't see them or enter them, but I analyzed{line break}
happened with the "Telepod" and used the results to create{line break}
this "Gate Key"! It even excites a nearby Gate into appearing{line break}
so we can see and enter them whenever we want!{full break}

{Marle}: But...where did this Gate come from?{full break}

{LUcca}: Honestly? Not a clue. Either the "Telepod's"{line break}
interaction with your pendant created it...or something{line break}
else made it.{full break}

{Marle}: ...this is pretty weird...let's just head back{line break}
to our own time!{full break}

{Lucca}: Alright! Coming, {Crono}?{full break}

END "The Princess Is Gone!"

Quote from: We're Back!
BEGIN "We're Back!"

{Marle}: Phew...we're back! I hope we weren't gone too long...{full break}

{Marle}: {Crono}, {Lucca}, why don't you come home{line break}
with me to the castle? I'd love to have you over for{line break}
dinner!{full break}

{Lucca}: I'm really sorry for putting you through all of{line break}
that, {Marle}. I had no idea the "Telepod" would--{delay 05} {instant full


{Marle}: Are you kidding? That was the most fun I've{line break}
had in months, and I've got some new friends too! Sure it{line break}
was scary, but it was fun!{full break}

{Lucca}: {Crono}, be a gentlemen and take her home. I'd{line break}
come with you, {Marle}, but I've got some work to do{line break}
at home, and my dad is really worrying about me.{full break}

{Marle}: ...oh, okay then. See you soon, {Lucca}!{full break}

{Marle}: Will you escort me home, {Crono}?

*player wanders over to Lucca's house*

{Lucca}: Hmm...time seems to pass normally on both sides{line break}
of a Gate...almost like the Gates know how much time we{line break}
spend in each year and take us to the same day, minute, and{line break}
second in a different year! I just can't figure out why...{page break}
Oh, {Crono}, what're you doing here? Take the Princess{line break}
home before the castle starts freaking out about her being gone!{full break}

*player goes to Guardia Castle*

{Chancellor}: Princess Nadia!{full break}

{Chancellor} Are you alright? Where have you been, Your{line break}
Highness? We had word you were kidnapped! Soldiers{line break}
have been scouring the nearby villages for you!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Ahah! This boy kidnapped you, didn't he!{full break}

{Marle}: What?! No! {Crono]'s my friend! He didn't kidnap me!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Admit it, boy! You confused Princess Nadia{line break}
into believing you were a friend so you could take{line break}
over the throne! Terrorist! Guards, seize him!{full break}

{Marle}: S-stop it! Don't hurt him!{full break}

{Marle}: I SAID STOP THIS AT ONCE!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Guards, what are you doing?!

{Castle Guard}: But Princess Nadia said to--{delay 05} {instant full break}

{Chancellor}: Idiots! She's confused and doesn't know what{line break}
she is saying! Detain him!{full break}

{Marle}: Oh no, {Crono}!

*shifts to trial scene*

{Lawyer}: I am Pierre, the lawyer for the defendant.{full break}

{Chancellor}: I am the prosecutor, the Chancellor!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Members of the court, Your Honour the Judge, we{line break}
now bring forth the defendant, who stands accused of{line break}
kidnapping Princess Nadia.{full break}

{Chancellor}: How shall we punish him for his crimes?{line break}
Burn him at the stake? Hang him by his feet for a few years?{line break}
Or...shall we employ the guillotine?{page break}
You, the jury, shall decide his fate! Now, let us begin!{full break}

{Judge}: {Crono}, you are hereby ordered to tell the truth{line break}
and nothing but the truth!{full break}

{Lawyer}: {Crono} is charged with "Premeditated Abduction{line break}
of Royalty." The question is, did he truly kidnap Princess{line break}
Nadia? And as for the answer?{page break}
No, no he did not! In fact, no abduction took place! The two{line break}
met completely by accident. In fact, Princess Nadia ASKED{line break}
{Crono} if SHE could join HIM!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Is this true? Who actually started this{line break}
whole mess?
   I ran into her.
   She ran into me!{full break}
(if Crono){Chancellor}: Just as I suspected! The defendant deliberately

tried to{line break}
get near the Princess!{full break}
(If Marle}{Chancellor}: Oh, really now, {Crono}? We have witnesses{line

who say YOU bumped into the Princess, and I'll wager it was{line break}
deliberate, too!{full break}

{Chancellor}: The Princess joined {Crono} in "enjoying" the{line break}
the fair until they went to {Lucca} and Taban's little sideshow{line break}
whereupon both disappeared into thin air in front of a crowd!{page break}
If that was not criminal abduction then I don't what is!{full break}

{Chancellor}: And I have evidence that place the defendant's{line break}
character into question!{full break}

{Lawyer} Objection! This cannot possibly have any relavance{line break}
to this case!{full break}

{Judge}: I'll allow it, if the evidence merits showing. Chancellor?{full


{Chancellor}: {Crono}'s character is at the very CORE of this{line break}
case!{full break}

{Lawyer}: We have nothing to hide.{full break}

{Judge}: Very well, proceed.{full break}

(if returned kitty){Lawyer}: We have a witness: a little girl{line break}
will vouch for the character of the defendant.{full break}
{Little Girl}: {Crono}...this nice man brought Miss Buttons{line break}
back to me! Thank you for being so kind!{full break}
{Lawyer}: How about that, eh? Doesn't that prove this young{line break}
man is a kind man who would never kidnap anyone?{full break}
{Lawyer}: {Crono}, you're lucky. It looks like they're buying it.{full


(if ignored girl){Chancellor}: The defendant is quite the cruel man, ladies

and gentlemen of the jury.{full break}
{Chancellor}: You remember HER, don't you {Crono}? The poor{line break}
helpless little girl who lost her precious kitten? You{line break}
ignored her! She asked you for help and you just walked off!{full break}
{Little Girl}: You big mean man! You ignored me! I hope you're{line break}
punished good!{full break}
{Chancellor}: Oh, you poor dear...I'm sorry you had to go{line break}
through that. Thank you.{full break}
{Lawyer}: {Crono}, you idiot! The jury's buying that crap{line break}
he fed them!{full break}
{Chancellor}: As you can see, no further proof is needed{line break}
of the cruelty in this man's heart!{full break}

(if stole lunch){Chancellor}: {Crono}, enlighten us: have you ever stolen

anything from anyone?
   ...yes, I have.
   What?! No!{full break}
(if yes){Chancellor}: See?! The evidence of his lack of morals{line break}
is on the record! Why, he might be capable of anything...{line break}
up to and including kidnapping!{full break}
(if no){Chancellor}: Lier! Do NOT feign ignorance! We have{line break}
a witness to prove you are lying!{full break}
{Old Man}: Aye, it was him alright! He took my lunch and ate{line break}
it! My wife cooked that for me, not for him, the dirty thief!{full break}
{Chancellor}: Let the record show that {Crono} stole{line break}
from a poor, helpless old man! You may leave now.{full break}

{Lawyer}: The issue here is MOTIVE! Was there any motive{line break}
for this fine citizen of Guardia to kidnap Princess Nadia?{line break}
No, there was none! He had no reason to kidnap her!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Oh, there was not? What about ransom?!{page break}
{Crono}, her fortune DID tempt you, did it not?
   What?! No! I didn't know she was Nadia anyway!
   ...yeah, it did! I wanted her money!
(if yes){Chancellor}: Ahah! He admits it! He wanted her fortune!{line break}
Nothing more Your Honour. The prosecution rests.{full break}
(if no){Chancellor}: Are you certain, {Crono}? Think: were you{line break}
tempted at all?
   No, I told you, I wasn't!
   ...fine, I admit it...
(Previous if yes response is repeated here)
(If no, spoke to Marle before grabbing pendant){Chancellor}: That's enough.

Your Honour, the prosecution rests.{full break}
{Lawyer}: It is evident, ladies and gentlemen of the jury{line break}
that my client is a fine, noble young man who would never{line break}
hurt anyone! Your Honour, the defense rests.{full break}
(if no, grabbed pendant first){Chancellor}: Ladies and gentlemen of the

jury, please keep in mind that{line break}
he just said he had NO interest in her fortune. Witness please!{full break}
{Fairgoer}: He can't lie to me, I saw him with my own eyes!{page break}
Oh, dear, excuse me, I'm so nervous!{full break}
{Chancellor}: Yes, go on, madam.{full break}
{Fairgoer}: {Crono} here grabbed her pendant before he even{line break}
checked to see if the Princess was okay!{page break--only if said no to

returning, otherwise full break}
A-and he didn't want to give it back, either!{page break--onnly if tried to

sell pendant to Melchior, otherwise full break}
He tried to sell it to one of the merchants, too, even{line break}
though she told him it was family heirloom!{full break}

(if attempted to leave before Marle got candy){Chancellor}: And this fine

citizen's final bit of testimony will prove our{line break}
case once and for all!{full break}
{Fairgoer}: I heard her say it with my own ears!{page break}
Is that it? Can I go now?!{full break}
{Chancellor}: Yes, you may. Your Honour, the prosecution rests.{full break}
{Lawyer}: {Crono}...I'm sorry, but I think we lost...{full break}
{Lawyer}: Your Honour...the defense rests.{full break}

{Judge}: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury...{line break}
If {Crono} is guilty, stand to my right. If innocent,{line break}
stand to my left.{full break}

{Juror}: Guilty.{full break}
{Juror}: Not guilty.{full break}

{Judge}: Order in the court! Order!{page break}
A verdict has been reached!{full break}

(If guilty) {Judge}: The verdict is...guilty! The defendant{line break}
will be sentenced to three days of solitary confinement{line break}
followed by execution via guillotine!{full break}
{Chancellor}: Get this dirty criminal out of this court!{full break}
{Marle}: Wait! He didn't kidnap me! He doesn't deserve to die!{line break}
Please don't kill him! PLEASE!{full break}
{Chancellor}: Princess, he has been deemed guilty! You heard{line break}
the judge!{full break}
{King Guardia}: That's enough, Nadia!{full break}
{Marle}: But, father, he DIDN'T kidnap me!{full break}
{King Guardia}: Enough, Nadia! Whatever he said to you to{line break}
cause you to befriend him was a lie! Leave the rest to the{line break}
Chancellor and forget about the whole ordeal!{page break}
We're leaving!{full break}
{Marle}: {Crono}, no!{full break}

(if not guilty){Judge}: The verdict is...not guilty! But the{line break}
fact remains that even though the defendant did not kidnap{line break}
the Princess he ran off with her prompting an unnecessary{line break}
search. Three days solitary confinement as punishment.{full break}
{Chancellor}: Take him away!{full break}
{Marle}: Now just wait a second!{full break}
{Chancellor}: Princess, you heard the judge! He is to be{line break}
confined for causing the waste of precious time and resources!{full break}
{Marle}: But--{delay 03} {instant full break}
{King Guardia}: Enough, Nadia!{full break}
{Marle}: But, father--{delay 04} {instant full break}
{King Guardia}: Nadia, all I have always asked of you is to{line break}
behave as a princess should, and yet you ran off once more!{line break}
Leave the rest up to the Chancellor and forget about events{line break}
in town, please, Nadia.{page break}
We're leaving!{full break}
{Marle}: {Crono}...!{full break}

*player is dragged off*

{Chancellor}: This terrorist has tried to overthrow our{line break}
kingdom! He has been found guilty and you MUST carry out{line break}
his sentence!{full break}

{Supervisor}: So THIS is the monster who kidnapped{line break}
the Princess!{full break}

{Chancellor}: The execution is three days away!{line break}
Whatever you decide to do to him, do NOT let him out of{line break}
your sight!{full break}

(If guilty}{Supervisor}: Yes sir, Mr. Chancellor sir!{full break}
(if innocent){Supervisor}: ...execution? Sir, forgive me, but{line break}
I've not recieved anything about an execution, just{line break}
imprisonment!{full break}
{Chancellor}: What?! How DARE you question ME?!{line break}
{delay 02} ...the paperwork's probably just been held up{line break}
in the system! You know how it is!{full break}
{Supervisor}: Yes sir, Mr. Chancellor sir!{full break}

{Supervisor}: Guards, take the prisoner away!{full break}

END "We're Back!"

Quote from: The Trial!
BEGIN "The Trial!"

(if innocent, bag is there){Prison Guard}: Some sympathizers brought that

stuff for you, you damned dirty criminal.{full break}
Got {#} Ether!{full break}

HP and MP recovered!{full break}

(if break out):
{Prison Guard}: Stop that!{full break}

{Prison Guard}: Damn it, I said knock it off!{full break}

{Prison Guard}: Right, that's it. Open it up so I can{line break}
"teach" him a lesson...hehehe...{full break}

{Prison Guard}: That's what ya get for misbehaving...{line break}
so don't do it again!{full break}

{Prison Guard}: What the hell?! The prisoner is escaping!{full break}

*Player goes through prison areas*

{Omnicrone}: So YOU'RE the escaped prisoner? Hah, this'll{line break}
be a snap!{full break}

{Omnicrone}: ...they don't pay me enough for this!{full break}

{Prison Guard}: What, an escaping prisoner?! I'll show you!{full break}

{Fritz}: H-help me please! I'm innocent!{full break}

Save him?
   No.{full break}

{Fritz}: Oh, thank you! You're a real life saver, you know?{page break}
I'm Fritz. My dad runs a store in Truce. Stop by{line break}
if you're ever in the area. I'll be sure to repay you then.{full break}

{Supervisor}: H-Help! An escaping prisoner!{full break}

{Lucca}: {Crono}! I've come{page break}
Looks like you didn't need my help after all! Come on, let's{line break}
blow this joint and get you home!{full break}

Recieved a Mid Tonic!{page break--only for Supervisor}
Oh, wow, you found FIVE of them!{full break}

He's out cold...{full break}

A top secret document has fallen to the floor...{line break}
Care to read it?
   Nah.{full break}

To the Prison Supervisor:{page break}
"Dragon Tank Owner's Manual"{page break}
The Tank Head repairs damage to the tank. It contains a{line break}
shield that prevents damage from electricity or fire.{page break}
Unless the Head can be defeated, the Tank is indestructable.
   Guardia Research and Development{full break}

(If wait three days)
Three days remain until the execution...{full break}

Two days remain until the execution...{full break}

One day remains until the execution...{full break}

The day of the execution has arrived...{full break}

{Prison Guard}: We've come to take you to the guillotine{line break}
you'll be executed with. I can't wait to see your head{line break}
fall, you disgusting kidnapper.{full break}

{Prison Guard}: Let's get going.{full break}

{Prison Guard}: We've sharpened up the guillotine, hehehehe...{page break}
Any last words, kidnapper?{full break}

{Lucca}: Yeah, lay offa my friend, you jerk!

{Prison Guard}: What the hell?! Who're you?!{full break}

{Lucca}: The Sandwoman to you! Take this!{full break}

{Lucca}: So, what do you think of my Zonker-38, {Crono}?{line break}
Pretty cool, huh?{page break}
{Marle} told me they were going to execute you so here I am!{full break}

{Lucca}: Come on, let's blow this joint and get you home!{full break}

*Player heads up to final bridge where Dragon Tank is*

{Lucca}: ...{Crono}...what was that sound?{full break}

{Lucca}: What the hell is THAT?!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Hahahaha! Forward, Dragon Tank! Kill them both!{full break}

*Boss fight!*

{Chancellor}: ...what?! I don't believe it: they've broken{line break}
the Dragon Tank! Fix it quickly!{full break}

{Lucca}: Hah! Don't mess with Lucca the Great!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Don't fool yourselves into thinking you can{line break}
get away with this!{full break}

{Castle Guard}: The prisoners are escaping!{full break}

{Lucca}: Uh oh...this doesn't look good!{full break}

{Lucca}: {Crono}, we gotta break through 'em! No other choice!{full break}

{Castle Guard}: Stop!{full break}

{Marle}: No, YOU HALT THIS AT ONCE!{full break}

{Castle Guard}: Yes, Princess Nadia!{full break}

{Marle}: These are my friends! You will show them respect{line break}
and let them go!{full break}

{Castle Guard}: B-but Princess Nadia, they were--{delay 04} {instant full


{Marle}: Can't you take orders?!

{Castle Guard}: Y-yes, of course Your Highness!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Hold it right there!{full break}

{Lucca}: Huh?! The'd he escape the bridge?!{full break}

{Chancellor}: You will do as King Guardia has decreed!{full break}

{Marle}: Father, please listen to me!{full break}

{King Guardia}: Silence, Princess Nadia! The throne comes{line break}
before your personal wishes! You know that.{full break}

{Marle}: What?! That's ridiculous! Just because I have{line break}
a title doesn't mean I'm not a person!{full break}

{King Guardia}: ...{Crono} has confused you more than I{line break}
had you such strange ideas...{full break}

{Marle}: It's not a "strange idea!" It's called common sense!{line break}
And {Crono} is my friend! So's {Lucca}! I'm not gonna let you{line break}
put them back in prison!{full break}

{King Guardia}: Nadia...I am warning you...!{full break}

{Marle}: Go to hell, "Father"! I'm leaving!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Princess Nadia, no!{full break}

{Marle}: Come on, {Crono}, {Lucca}! Let's go!{full break}

{Chancellor}: You idiot fools! Don't just sit there bowing!{line break}
After them!{full break}

{delay 03}{King Guardia}: ...Nadia...I've lost you...{full break}

*switch to Guardia Forest*

{Castle Guard}: There they are! Don't lose 'em!{full break}

{Castle Guard}: You won't get away from us!{full break}

{Castle Guard}: Don't try to order us away, Princess!{line break}
We won't listen!{full break}

{Marle}: Oh no, a dead end!

{Lucca}: Guys, look, there's a Gate!{full break}

{Marle}: Lucca, what're we waiting for?! Let's go through it!{full break}

{Lucca}: ...but we have no idea what year it'll take us to!{full break}

{Marle}: Who cares?! We've got nowhere else to run anyway{line break}
and if you're captured again you'll be executed!{full break}

{Chancellor}: Princess Nadia, come with us!

{Lucca}: ...we're going to regret this, I just know it...{full break}

{Marle}: Hurry, {Crono}, open the Gate!{full break}

(if spoken to before entering gate){Chancellor}: Princess, get away from

those criminals!{full break}

*player enters gate*

{Chancellor}: ...they...they disappeared into that portal!{full break}

END "The Trial!"
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Re: Storyline Dialogue Enhancements
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Quote from: Beyond the Ruins!
BEGIN "Beyond the Ruins!"

{Marle}: Eeeek!{full break}

{Lucca}: Ow...we gotta work on that landing...{full break}

{Marle}: Whew...we're safe from the Chancellor here...right?{full break}

{Lucca}: Uh-huh...pretty sure we are, anyway...{full break}

{Marle}: ...where are we...?{full break}

{Lucca}: We must be in the future...look at how advanced{line break}
everything here is...{full break}

{Marle}: Almost like we're in another world, huh?{full break}

*Marle pokes head out door real quick*

{Marle}: Oh my God...{Crono}, {Lucca}, look outside, quick!{full break}

*screen shows view of overworld over Bangor Dome for a bit*

{Lucca}: ...what happened here?{full break}

{Marle}: Is this really our future?!{full break}

{Lucca}: ...we can't know if we stay here. Come on, I think{line break}
I saw another dome to the south.{full break}

*player heads to Trann Dome (NPCs start talking once come into sight range)*

*Male NPC steps forward*
{Wretched Man}: people?! Where'd you come from?{full break}

*Crono, Lucca, Marle all step forward to stand close to the talking man*

{Lucca}: Uh...we're...from t-the dome to the north?{full break}

*Male NPC looks downward/towards the bottom of the screen*
{Wretched Man}: Bangor Dome, huh? I coulda sworn all the{line break}
people there died about a hundred 'n fifty years ago.{page break}
*Male NPC looks at Crono and friends*
Well, whatever...I dunno why you're here, but if you're{line break}
lookin' for food, you've come to the wrong place.{full break}

*Marle holds out her hands in that confused/questioning action of hers*
{Marle}: No...we just wanted to know what happened here.{full break}

*Do the ruined future NPCs have a laughing animation? If so, use it here. If not, use the closest approximation*
{Wretched Man}: What happened?! Hah hah hah! The hell do you{line break}
think happened?! Same thin' everywhere else!{full break}

*Male NPC resumes looking at them*
{Lucca}: We were just wondering if you had any records or{line break}
books about it, that's all.{full break}

*Male NPC laughs again*
{Wretched Man}: BOOKS?! Can you believe these people?{line breaks}
Books...hah!{full break}

*Marle looks away*
{Marle}:'ve got no records, then?{full break}

*Male NPC resumes looking at them*
{Wretched Man}: Nah...if Arris Dome is still around, they{line break}
might have somethin' in their computers. Arris is to the{line break}
northeast, but ya'll have ta go through Ruins 16 to get{line break}
there, and good luck with that, ha..cough...{full break}

*Lucca looks down*
{Lucca}: Okay...thanks.{full break}

*Marle does her sad animation*
{Marle}: ...oh man...this place is horrible...{line break}
I want to go home...{full break}

*Lucca does her own sad animation next to Marle after stepping next to her*
{Lucca}: Me too...but we can't go back through the Gate we used{line break}
to come here because the Chancellor's probably{line break}
waiting for us...{page break}
*Lucca returns to normal animation*
Maybe we can use the Arris Dome computers to look for a{line break}
new's worth a try, right?{full break}

{Marle}: I guess so...{full break}

*Lucca moves near the door*
{Lucca}: Come stop, Arris Dome!{full break}

*player goes to Arris Dome*

{Old Man}: Hey, you there, where'd you come from...?{full break}

{Lucca}: We came through the ruins to the west.{full break}

{Old Man}: ...w-what?! Hey, everyone, these new people have{line break}
crossed the ruins!{full break}

{Wretched Woman}: Huh?!{full break}

{Wretched Man}: You gotta be kidding me...{full break}

{Old Man}: So there ARE people who can beat up those freaky{line break}
mutants in the ruins...{delay 03}but why'd you come here?{full break}

{Lucca}: We wanted to look through your computer records.{full break}

{Old Man}: I see...oh, excuse me...where are my manners...?{page break}
I'm Doan Guardia, the descendent of the Director of this{line break}
dome...what used to be a research facility, centuries ago...{page break}
Unfortunately, the only computers still working here are{line break}
in the lower floors along with the food, and they're guarded {line break}
by powerful robots...I'm sorry.{full break}

{Lucca}: ...damn it...{full break}

{Marle}: {Crono}, I think we should help them!{full break}

{Lucca}: But you heard what Doan said about the robots.{full break}

{Marle}: Yeah, and the people at Trann Dome said we couldn't{line break}
get through the ruins either, and we did that! And we{line break}
gotta use the computers, right?{full break}

{Lucca}: ...well, that's true...{Crono}, what should we do?
   We gotta help these people!
   No...we don't have a chance.{full break}

(if no){Marle}: {Crono}, we have to!
   Then let's do it!
   No...we can't...{full break}(no repeats this line)
(If yes){Marle}: Okay {Crono}.{full break}

*player goes to ladder*

{Doan}:'re going down below?{full break}

{Marle}: Of course!

{Doan}: But the one's ever made it past them.{full break}

{Lucca}: Gotta try, right?{full break}

{Doan}: .{delay 01}.{delay 01}.{page break}
It's nice to see such spirited careful, okay?{line break}
And come back alive...{full break}

*player goes down, messes with computer then heads towards food area*

{Lucca}: Looks like the computer controls the passageway{line break}
but it needs a password.{full break}

Looks like a statue. There's a memo attached:{page break}
Warning: Anyone near the food storage area will be attacked!{full break}

*player enters room and Guardian slams down*

{Guardian}: ExEcutINg PrOGraM!{full break}

{Marle}: Oh no...the robot!{full break}

{Lucca}: It looks like it's deteriorated with age! I think{line break}
can take it!{full break}

*Boss fight!*

{Marle}: Whew...that was tough...{full break}

{Lucca}: Come on, I think the food storage area is just ahead!{full break}

*player enters room*

{Marle}: Ugh...what is that SMELL?{full break}

{Lucca}: Looks like the refridgeration failed...everything's{line break}
completely rotten...{full break}

{Marle}: {Crono}, look!{page break}
...{page break}
...{page break}
Looks like he's been dead for quite a while...the robot{line break}
must've trapped him...{full break}

{Marle}: But he's got something in his hands...what is it?{full break}

{Lucca}: I think it's a bag of seeds...{full break}

{Marle}: Seeds? You think they could grow in a place like this?{full break}

{Lucca}: Maybe...{full break}

The following is written on a soiled sheet of paper:{page break}
The rat is more than just a statue! It holds the password{line break}
for the computers! Catch it!{full break}

*player goes to rat*

{Marle}: Look, there's the rat!{full break}

{Lucca}:'ll scare it off!{full break}

{System}: Dash with the B button and catch him with{line break}
the A button!{full break}

{Marle}: Gotcha!{full break}

{Rat} Squeek! I give up...I'll tell you everything, squeek.{page break}
Press and hold the L, R, and A buttons at the computer to{line break}
open the passage. If you changed the function of the buttons{line break}
though, then you're on your own!{page break}
But since you're playing this on an emulator, just switch{line break}
the keys you assigned to L, R, and A to the same button.{line break}
Just don't forget to change it back when you're done!{full break}

*player goes to computer area*

{Lucca}: Ah, finally, the computers!{full break}

{Lucca}: Great, they still work! Let's see...just input{line break}
the data I collected on Gates and see if there are any{line break}
other than the one in Bangor Dome...{full break}

{Lucca}: Ahah, found one!{full break}

*screen shows location of Gate*

{Lucca}: Looks like it's east of Arris{line break}
Proto Dome, if I'm reading this right.{full break}

{Marle}: Wow...{Lucca}, you really are amazing...{page break}
...think maybe you can find a record of what happened{line break}
to this place?{full break}

{Lucca}: I think, let's see if this does it...{full break}

{Lucca}: ...December 31st, 1999 A.D.? Visual record of The{line break}
Day of Lavos...?{full break}

*screen shows Lavos destroying the world*

{Marle}: Oh my God...what IS that...that THING?!{full break}

{Lucca}: Lavos...that's what destroyed the world...{full break}

{Marle}: No...NO! I refuse to believe it!{line break}
...this can't be the way the world ends!{full break}

{Lucca}: ...damn it all to hell...!{full break}

{Marle}: ...wait, wait! What if...what if we changed{line break}
history, like you two did when you saved me!{full break}

{Lucca}: {Marle}, you saw what Lavos did! It destroyed our{line break}
world! Just look outside! Our world is DEAD because of{line that}
that creature's power! We wouldn't have a chance!{full break}

{Marle}: So we go back in time to before Lavos was{line break}
so powerful and stop him then! We can do it, {Lucca}!{page break}
I refuse to let the world end like this! These people{line break}
...they're without hope...everyone's dying...{line break}
and they deserve a future worth living in!{full break}

{Marle}: Okay, {Lucca]? Okay, {Crono}?!{full break}

{Lucca}: ...yeah, you're right! We're in a unique position{line break}
to change things...and I couldn't just go back home after{line break}
seeing this future...{full break}

{Marle}: Come on, {Crono}! Let's change history!
   Okay, let's stop Lavos!
   No way...we'd die for sure...{full break}
(If no){Lucca}: ...{Crono}...please...for us if no one{line break}
else, okay...?{full break}

{Marle}: {Crono}...{Lucca}...together, we can do this!{line break}
We can--no, WILL stop Lavos!{full break}

{Lucca}: Right! Come on, let's get back to our own time{line break}
and see if we can't find any info on Lavos there!{full break}

{Lucca}: Next stop, Proto Dome!{full break}

*player heads back up*

{Doan}: Hey, you're back! Everyone, they made it back!{full break}

{Doan}: Well? Did you find the info you needed in the{line break}
computers?{full break}

{Marle}: We sure did! This is our future!{full break}

{Doan}: ...future...?{full break}

{Wretched Man}: Who cares about that shit? Where's the food?!{full break}

{Marle}: I'm sorry...these seeds are all we could find...{full break}

{Doan}: Seeds...?{full break}

{Lucca}: You don't know how long the Enertron'll hold out.{line break}
These seeds just might be your only hope for survival.{full break}

{Marle}: You gotta stay alive, all of you! You can make{line break}
it if you just believe in yourselves!{full break}

{Doan}:'s strange just how different you are{line break}
from us...{full break}

{Marle}: I think it's because we're healthy!{full break}

{Doan}: Heal-thy? Never heard that word's got{line break}
a nice ring to it, though!{page break}
Thank you, all of you, for what you've done for us. We'll try{line break}
growing the seeds.{full break}

{Wretched Kid}: What're those?{full break}

{Doan}: They just might be our future...hah, to think just{line break}
yesterday I didn't care if I even had a future...{full break}

{Doan}: So, what're you three going to do now?{full break}

{Lucca}: We're heading to Proto Dome.{full break}

{Doan}: You'll want to go by way of Ruins 32, then. Take this{line break}
with you. It's a key to a jet bike there...use that and you'll{line break}
get to Proto Dome in no time...I sure hope it still works...{full break}

{Doan}: There's a lot of robots roaming the area...more{line break}
powerful be careful, you three, and stay...healthy!{full break}

{Lucca}: You too, Doan. Come on guys, let's go!{full break}

*player heads to Ruins 32 and touches the Jet Bike*

{Mysterious Voice}: Get away from that jet bike!{full break}

{Robots}: Hey it's...the MAN!{full break}

{The Man}: Thanks for the intro, babes.{full break}

{The Man}: So...humans, huh? Haven't seen any of those for{line break}
a while. You bloodbags can call me Johnny.{page break}
Now, listen up. This is my turf. Ya can't cross unless ya{line break}
can beat me in a bike race on the old highway that runs{line break}
through these ruins. Win, and I let you through. Lose...{line break}
{delay 03} ...well, I'm feeling nice, so ya just return here.{full break}

{Johnny}: So use that Jet Bike already, and let's go!{full break}

(Ride instruction dialogue is the same, except for deleting the line "Now

show me what you got, babe!")

*Player beats Johnny*

{Johnny}: The hell? YOU beat ME?!{page break}
Alright, alright, I'm a bot of my can go. But hey{line break}
if ya ever want to race again, I'll be waitin'!{full break}

*player goes to Proto Dome*

{Marle}: ...w-what's this thing, {Lucca}?{full break}

{Lucca}: I think...I think it's a humanoid robot! It's in{line break}
bad shape...but I think I can fix it.{full break}

{Marle}: Are you crazy?! It might attack us!{full break}

{Lucca}: No, no, it won't! I'll make sure it won't!{line break}
Machines aren't capable of evil anyway...humans make{line break}
them that way...{full break}

{Marle}: {Lucca} them, don't you?{full break}

{Lucca}: ...I'll get to work now...{full break}

*Lucca repairs Robo*

{Marle}: The door won't budge!{full break}

*Lucca finishes*

{Lucca}: There...that should do it. I'm going to power it{line break}
up...let's hope it works...{full break}

*Robo spazzes*

{Robot}: ...{full break}

{Marle}: Good morning!{full break}

{Robot}: Mor--mor--mor...{page break}
Good morning, mistress. What is your command?{full break}

{Marle}: "Mistress"? Hee...I'm not your "mistress." I'm {Marle}!{page break}
And this is {Crono}...{page break}
And this is {Lucca}, who fixed you!{full break}

{Robot}: Understood. Madam {Lucca} fixed me. Thank you, madam.{full break}

{Lucca}: Just call me {Lucca}.

{Robot}: Impossible. I am programmed to be polite, not rude.{full break}

{Lucca}: No, really, it's okay. I hate formalities anyway.{line break}
Don't you, {Marle}?{full break}

{Marle}: Uh-huh, I hate 'em!{full break}

{Robot}: As you wish, {Lucca}.{full break}

{Lucca}: Thanks. Now, what's your name?{full break}

{Robot}: Name? I do not have a name, but my serial number{line break}
is R-66Y.{full break}

{Lucca}: R-66Y? I like it.{full break}

{Marle}: What? No! We can't just call him by a number!{line break}
Come on, {Crono}, let's give him a better name!{full break}

{Marle}: {Robo}...that's perfect! Your new name is {Robo}, okay?{full break}

{Robot}: My name is...{Robo}. Data storage complete.{full break}

{Lucca}: Hey, {Robo}, why isn't anyone else around here?{full break}

{Robo}: ...what has happened here?{page break}
Many humans and other robots ARE supposed to inhabit this dome.{full break}

{Marle}: ...they must've died when Lavos attacked...{full break}

{Robo}: would appear so...but how is that you survived?{full break}

{Lucca}: We came through a Gate--a time warp, of sorts--from{line break}
1000 A.D. While exploring Arris Dome, we learned there was{line break}
a Gate here.{full break}

{Marle}: We found you when we came looking for the Gate, but{line break}
the door to the room is locked, so we're stuck...{full break}

{Robo}: It would appear the power is off. If we go to the{line break}
factory up north, I can get us through the security and{line break}
transfer power to this dome.{full break}

{Marle}: You'd do that for us?{full break}

{Robo}: You repaired me. It is only right that I return the{line break}
favor. Unfortunately, the power transfer will only be able{line break}
to last so long before it fails, so one of us must remain here{line break}
to open the door.{full break}

{Lucca}: Then {Marle} or I will stay behind. Who'll stay, {Crono}?
   {Lucca}{full break}

(If Marle){Lucca}: Right, I'll take care of the door, don't worry.{full break}
(If Lucca){Marle}: Okay. Be careful guys!{full break}

END "Beyond the Ruins!"

Quote from: The Factory Ruins!
BEGIN "The Factory Ruins!"

*player goes to Factory*

{Robo}: Entryway security system overridden.{full break}

{Notice}: Left Elevator: Laboratory{line break}
Right Elevator: Factory{page break}
Caution! Do not turn off the conveyor belt in the factory{line break}
or the security systems will activate.{full break}

Up{line break}
Down{line break}
Cancel{full break}

Crane control code:{line break}
Code 00: X A{line break}
Code 01: B B{full break}

To use the crane, enter any two of the controls A B X Y{line break}
after the beep.{full break}

Laboratory door password is "ZABIE." Translation XABY.{page break}
That's X A B Y.{full break}

Hatch open.{full break}

{Robo}: All security systems have been deactivated. The{line break}
lasers blocking our path have also been deactivated.{full break}

Laboratory lock system engaged. Enter password.{full break}

*Player turns on power transfer*

{Robo}: Power transfer succesful. The door should open now.{full break}
{Lucca}: We did it!{full break}
{Marle}: Woohoo!{full break}

{Robo}: Emergency! The security system has reactived and{line break}
malfunctioned! We must escape immediately!{full break}

*Robo holds door open*

{Robo}: You must hurry! NOW!{full break}

Emergency! Elevators disabled.{full break}

*player runs into R-series*

{R-64Y}: Halt.{full break}

{Marle/Lucca}: Who're you?{full break}

{Robo}: ...t-these are my brothers and sisters!{full break}

{Robo}: R-64Y, R-67Y, and R-69Y! I have not seen you for{line break}
over 300 years! How have you been?{full break}

*Blue robot smacks Robo*

{Robo}: W-what are you doing?! Why are you attacking us?{full break}

{R-64Y}: You are a defective model.{full break}

{R-67Y}: You have been tained by the touch of humans.{full break}

{Robo}: Excuse me? I do not understand.{full break}

{R-67Y}: You have forgotten the mission of robots: all humans{full break}
must be eliminated!{full break}

{Robo}: That is impossible...surely that could not be...{full break}

{R-64Y}: You are malfunctioning.{full break}

{Robo}: Impossible...I am a defect...{full break}

{R-67Y}: Your defection is irreperable. You must be destroyed.{full break}

{Lucca}: W-what're you doing?! STOP!{full break}
{Marle}: Oh no! {Crono}, they're gonna kill him!{full break}

{Robo}: Stop...please stop harming me...{full break}

{Lucca}: Damn it, stop hurting him!{full break}
{Marle}: Leave him alone already!

{Robo}: Pl-pl-please s-sto-sto-sto-p...{full break}

*Robo is tossed in chute*

{Marle/Lucca}: Robo!{full break}

{R-64Y}: Now to eliminate the humans...{full break}

{Marle}: No, we're "eliminate" you, you boxes of bolts!{full break}
{Lucca}: NO, let's take of you instead!

*Boss fight!*

{Lucca}: Oh man...Robo's really damaged...I'm not sure if{line break}
I can repair him or not...{full break}
{Lucca}: Let's just get him back to Proto Dome...we're not{line break}
safe here.{full break}
{Marle}: Oh no...Robo's really hurt, {Crono}!{full break}
{Marle}: We gotta get him back to {Lucca} right away! Come{line break}
on, help me carry him!{full break

*zip back to Proto Dome*

{Robo}: C-ca-ca-can y-you r-reap-reapair m-m-me?{full break}

{Lucca}: Ssh...don't talk too much, your vocal processor is{line break}
damaged...{full break}

{Robo}: Y-you are s-sav-save our w-wor-world-d?{full break}

{Lucca}: Yeah, that's the plan, though I don't know how{line break}
far we'll get...{page break}
Anyway, {Robo}, what're you going to do when you're repaired?{full break}

{Robo}: W-what a-am I going t-to d-d-do...?{full break}

{Lucca}: Yeah, I mean, what plans do you have for the future?{full break}

{Robo}: {Lucca}...I do not know. I have never been asked{line break}
that before...{full break}

*finish repairing*

{Robo}: Good morning, everyone.{full break}

{Marle}: {Robo}, you're alright! Wow!{full break}

{Marle}: {Lucca}, you're amazing!{full break}

{Lucca}: Yeah...I just hope I don't have to do THAT again...{full break}

{Robo}: {Lucca}, I have decided to join you in your quest.{full break}

{Marle}: What? Why?{full break}

{Robo}: There is nothing left here for me...I would be much{line break}
more useful working with you three to save our planet. Perhaps{line break}
together, we can give this planet of ours a chance.{full break}

{Lucca}: Right! Then let's go, guys! The Gate's just ahead!{full break}

*party goes into gate*

{Lucca}: What the...there's something wrong! Hang on!{full break}
(Note: I removed the line Lucca says before entering the gate in favor of this. If you'd prefer it, I can always add the line back in. I simply wanted Lucca to comment on the apparent malfunction of the Gate.)

END "The Factory Ruins!

Quote from: THe End of Time!
BEGIN "The End of Time!"

{Robo}: ...where are we, {Lucca}? {full break}

{Lucca}: I don't know...we must've ended up here when the{line break}
Gate malfunctioned...{full break}

*player talks to Gaspar*

{Old Man}: Wha...who--ah, more guests! Welcome!{full break}

{Lucca}: Excuse me, but where exactly are we?{full break}

{Old Man}: Why, you're in "The End of Time!" All lost{line break}
travelers in time end up here.{page break}
Now, where and when are you from?{full break}

{Marle}: We're from Guardia Kingdom, in 1000 A.D.{full break}

{Robo}: I am from Proto Dome in 2300 A.D.{full break}

{Old Man}: Ah, yes, that explains it! You see, whenever{line break}
four or more beings from different time periods step into{line break}
a Gate, the Conservation of Time theorem states...{page break}
...that they will turn up at the space-time coordinatates{line break}
of least resistance, or here.{full break}

{Old Man}: Disturbances in the space-time continuum have{line break}
increased recently. Far too many folks are just popping in{line break}
here...I fear something is having a powerful effect on the{line break}
very fabric of time...{full break}

{Lucca}: Wait a sec...I thought you said this was the{line break}
End of Time, right? Then how could anything happen{line break}
"recently" around here? Or how can we be talking about it?{full break}

{Old Man}: Yes, it is confusing. Though I call this place{line break}
The End of Time, it is not exactly what the name implies.{line break}
Time here flows perpendicular to normal time, a peculiar{line break}
phenomenon I like to call Time Error.{page break}
This place exists outside of the normal time axis, and as{line break}
such you can monitor all of time from here. You may have{line break}
noticed that the amount of time you experience in one era{line break}
is equal to amount of time passing in all others?{full break}

{Lucca}: Uh huh. I didn't understand it, either.{full break}

{Old Man}: That is also a function of Time Error. I do not{line break}
fully understand it myself, but it's what I have observed.{full break}

{Old Man}: Oh, excuse me...I didn't mean to prattle on about{line break}
the subject. Now, as I said before, you will not be able to{line break}
travel in a group greater than three, so one of you must{line break}
stay here, unfortunately.{full break}

{Marle}: Stay here? ALONE?!{full break}

{Old Man}: I know, it is rather bleak here, but not to worry:{line break}
all time periods connect here, so you can visit your friends{line break}
whenever you wish!{full break}

{Robo}: So one of us must stay here.{full break}

{Lucca}: Who will it be, {Crono}?{full break}

{Lucca}: Now don't you getting any ideas, mister!{full break}
{Robo}: Please come for me whenever you need me.{full break}
{Marle}: Aww...okay, I'll wait here for you, {Crono}!{full break}

{Old Man}: Don't forget: Press the Y button to switch party{line break}
members whenever you feel the need.{full break}

{Marle}: How do we get back to our own time?{full break}

{Old Man}: You see those lovely pillars of light? Those{line break}
correspond to the different Gates in time. Once you've{line break}
been through a Gate, you can always use it to come here{line break}
should you need to.{page break}
To use a Gate from here, just step into the pillar of light{line break}
and press the A button. But beware the Gate which leads{line break}
from that bucket...{full break}

*player heads to Gates*

{Old Man}: Hey!{full break}

{Old Man}: I know you're anxious to go zipping back and{line break}
forth through time, but I think you should take a peek in{line break}
room behind me first.{full break}

*player walks in and talks to Spekkio*

{Odd Creature}: Hey there! I'm Spekkio, the Master of War!{line break}
I've seen all kinds of battles from here.{full break}

{Spekkio}: How do I look to you guys?{full break}
   Weak!{full break}

{Spekkio}: I see...lemme put it this way: if you're strong{line break}
I look strong. If you're weak, I look weak.{full break}

{Spekkio}: But be you strong or weak of body, you're strong{line break}
of will! That's why the old geezer out there letcha in.{page break}
Long before you were born, there was a kingdom where magic{line break}
flourished! Everyone there could use it! It was great, lemme{line break}
tell ya.{page break}
But, as always happens, people started to abuse their powers{line break}
and screwed up, destroying themselves in the process. No one{line break}
could use magic anymore. 'Cept for the Mystics, of course.{page break}
But luckily for you guys, the gene for magic is still within{line break}
you, and you have the determination, the strength of heart to{line break}
use it...with my help.{page break}
Magic's divided into four elements: Light, Fire, Water{line break}
and Shadow.{full break}

{Spekkio}: You, redhead punk! You're "Light."{full break}
{Spekkio}: The geek with the purple hair is "Fire."{full break}
{Spekkio}: Blondie ditz over here's "Water."{full break}
{Spekkio}: Woah...big time robot over here! You might{line break}
be alive in another sense, tin can, but since you're not{line break}
descended from the people who could use magic, I can't give ya{line break}
any.{page break}
But you've got other stuff to get you by, like your laser{line break}
weapons, which inflict "Shadow," so you''ll be fine.{full break}

{Spekkio}: Now, not just magic, but EVERYTHING is based on{line break}
the balance of these four elements. Basic elements of the{line break}
entire universe if ya know what I mean.{full break}

{Spekkio}: Think "MAGIC!" and, starting from the door, walk{line break}
clockwise along the walls in here three times. Don't lose{line break}
track, 'cause I'm watching ya.{full break}

{Spekkio}: No, no, no! Start over! From the door, clockwise{line break}
three times! Get to it!{full break}

{Spekkio}: Nice! Now you're ready for some magic. Ahem.{full break}

{Spekkio}: Ipso factor meeny moe...MAGICO!{full break}

{Crono} learns how to use magic!{full break}

{Lucca} learns how to use magic!{full break}

{Marle} learns how to use magic!{full break}

{Robo} can't use magic...{full break}

{Spekkio}: So, you're fortified with magic! Feels good{line break}
doesn't it? Anyway, you wanna try it out?
   Nah...{full break}
(If Yes){Spekkio}: Right, then here we go!{full break}
{If No){Spekkio}: Okay, suit yourself. I'll be here if you{line break}
ever change your mind.{full break}

(if win){Spekkio}: ...I can't believe it! I'm the Master of{line break}
War! ...oh, that's right, I gave yah magic. Hehehe...that's{line break}
how you won.{page break}
Anyway...have some of this.{full break}

Spekkio special refresher set: One Magic Tab and five ethers!{full break}
Spekkio choice set: One Magic Tab and five mid ethers!{full break}
Spekkio healthy choice set: One Magic Tab and five full ethers!{full break}
Spekkio graceful set: One Magic Tab, One Speed Tab, One{line break}
Power Tab, and ten elixirs!{full break}
Spekkio cheerful set: Ten Magic Tabs, Ten Power Tabs, Ten{line break}
Speed Tabs, and ten megalixirs, and enough of Spekkio's{line break}
praise to last a year!{full break}

{Spekkio}: I'm such a generous Master of War, aren't I?{line break}
Hehehehehe...{full break}

(If win, already got all item sets){Spekkio}: Sheesh...greedy little

suckers...I don't have anything else for ya, okay?{full break}

(If lose){Spekkio}: I told you I was the Master of War{line break}
but you didn't listen. Sucks for you, hahahahaha!{full break}

{Spekkio}: You guys are too much, ya know that? Bring newcomers{line break}
to meet me!{full break}

*player heads out*

{Old Man}: Hey!{full break}

{Old Man}: So, did you like Spekkio? I know he can be a bit{line break}
abrasive at times, but he means well, and he did give you{line break}
magic.{page break}
Now, I know you're eager to travel through time, but you{line break}
need to head to the era of 1000 A.D. first.{page break}
And you must hurry. The longer you remain here, the harder it{line break}
will be to start setting the necessary changes into motion...{page break}
But do stop by and chat whenever you come through.{full break}

*player heads to Medina Gate*

END "The End of Time!"

Quote from: The Village of Magic!
BEGIN "The Village of Magic!"

*player pops out of closet*

{Blue Imp}: The hell?! Did you people just come out of our{line break}
closet?! Get out of our house! Now!{full break}

{Mud Imp}: Who do you think you are, anyway, just popping{line break}
in whenever you feel like?!{full break}

(Note: 2nd PC talks in most instances of dialogue where there are only three

party members. In instances of conversation between just three party

members, 2nd PC speaks first, then 3rd, back to 2nd, and so on. Exceptions

will be noted.)
{Marle}: I'm sorry...we didn't know we'd end up in your closet!{full break}
{Lucca}: Geez...sorry about that...didn't know the Gate was{line break}
in your closet...{full break}
{Robo}: Please accept out apologies: we were not aware the{line break}
Gate was in your closet.{full break}

{delay 04} {Blue Imp}:'s okay. We overreacted. Things{line break}
are just a little tense around here.{page break}
Medina Village was founded by the ancestors of the Mystics{line break}
who lost the war four hundred years ago. Most around{line break}
here carry a grudge against you humans for that, so{line break}
be careful, okay?{full}

{Mud Imp}: There's an odd man who lives near the cave in the{line break}
mountains to the might want to chat with him.{full break}

{Blue Imp}: Oh, and if you guys want, you can use our closet{line break}
anytime you need...that Gate thingy seems pretty important{line break}
to you guys anyway...{full break}

{Marle}: Thanks...but why're you guys being so nice?{full break}
{Lucca}: Really? Thanks! ...but you just said Mystics{line break}
hate humans, so why're you being so kind?{full break}
{Robo}: Thank you for your help, but, if I may ask, why{line break}
are you being so kind to us? According to my memory{line break}
banks Mystics in this time period do not get along{line break}
with humans.{full break}

{Blue Imp}: The war was four hundred years ago. Me, I say{line break}
forgive and forget, but not many agree with me. So, be{line break}
careful. Most Mystics here'll pick a fight in a heartbeat.{full break}

*player heads to Melchior's house*

*PCs step close to Melchior who starts up his talking animantion*

{Melchior}: Ah, hello again, {Crono}! What brings you here?{full break}

*2nd PC does their questioning gesture*
{Marle}: We're looking for info on something called Lavos.{line break}
Ever heard of it?{full break}
{Lucca}: We're trying to find information on a creature{line break}
called Lavos and thought you might know something.{full break}
{Robo}: We are seeking information on Lavos. Might you{line break}
know something of it?{full break}

*Melchior looks shocked, then turns away*
{Melchior}: Lavos?! I...{delay 03}I only know of a Mystic{line break}
cult in the cave north of my house that worships a mythological{line break}
creature by that name.{page break}
*Melchior faces the party*
There's a passage to Truce Village through there. The Mystics{line break}
let me through, but you might have a careful.{full break}

{Marle}: Thanks, Melchior!{full break}
{Lucca}: Oh, okay...thanks anyway.{full break}
{Robo}: Thank you, mister Melchior.{full break}

*Melchior resumes his talking gesture*
{Melchior}: I'm always happy to help. Now, would you like to{line break}
buy a weapon?
   Yes, I'd like to buy one.
   No, but thank you.{full break}
(If no){Melchior}: Really? Oh...well, you know where to find me should the
need arise!{full break}
(If yes){Melchior}: often I wish they were used to revive
instead of destroy...{full break}

*player heads to Heckran's Cave*

{Hench}: Humans?! How dare you defile this sanctuary{line break}
for our worship of Lavos?! Die, infidels!{full break}

{Heckran}: Humans have defiled the sanctuary...slain my{line break}
fellow shall not pass! I will bring down{line break}
Lavos' fury on you!{full break}

*Boss fight!*

{Heckran}: Oh...if only the great Magus who created Lavos four{line break}
hundred years ago had destroyed the human race...the world{line break}
would've been ours for the taking...we'd have ruled with{line break}
Lavos!{full break}

*Heckran explodes*

{Marle}: Magus...the one who lead the Mystics four hundred {line break}
years ago created Lavos...!{full break}
{Lucca}: So MAGUS created Lavos four hundred years ago during{line break}
the war with the Mystics...{full break}
{Robo}: It would appear Magus, the leader of the Mystics{line break}
during the war in the seventh century created Lavos.{full break}

{Marle}: You guys think maybe if we took out Magus{line break}
before he created Lavos, we could change history?{full break}
{Lucca}: We should take out Magus before he creates{line break}
Lavos so we can change history!{full break}
{Robo}: Perhaps we should eliminate Magus before he{line break}
creates Lavos so we can change history.{full break}

(Exception: Only Marle and Lucca can speak of the Leene Square Gate.)
{Marle}: Hey, {Crono}, we can use the Gate in Leene{line break}
Square to get to 600 A.D.!{full break}
{Lucca}: We can use the Leen Square Gate to get to 600 A.D.!{full break}

{Robo}: Then let us proceed.{full break}

Take a leap of faith into the water?
   No.{full break}

*player heads to Leene Square Gate and goes in*

END "The Village of Magic!"

Quote from: The Hero Appears!
BEGIN "The Hero Appears!"

*player heads to Zenan Bridge*

{Knight Captain}: Our rations have run out! We need supplies{line break}
fast or else we will not be able to hold Zenan Bridge against{line break}
the Mystics for much longer!{page break}
Sir {Crono}! Please, I beg of you, journey to Guardia Castle{line break}
and bring us new food supplies! If you can, bring news of{line break}
the King's health as well! He was injured during the battle{line break}
to take The Hero across!{full break}

{Marle}: Who's The Hero?{full break}
{Lucca}: The Hero? Who's that?{full break}
{Robo}: Who is this Hero?{full break}

{Knight Captain}: The Hero is a powerful fighter. Wielding the{line break}
legendary Masamune, he is said to be the one who will defeat{line break}
Magus and end the war once and for all!{page break}
I know nothing else. Perhaps the King can tell you more.{line break}
As for The Hero himself, he is already making his way to{line break}
San Dorino, which is inaccesible, as a battle is raging{line break}
at this very moment on the bridge.{page break}
Again, please, bring us the supplies we need, or else we{line break}
will surely lose this battle.{full break}

{Marle}: We gotta help them, {Crono}. And we should{line break}
talk to this Hero, too. Maybe he can help us take out{line break}
Magus!{full break}
{Lucca}: We should help them, so we can find the Hero and{line break}
see if he can't help us defeat Magus.{full break}
{Robo}: I suggest we aid the knights so we can speak with{line break}
the Hero and ask his aid in eliminating Magus.{full break}

*player heads to Castle*

{Entry Guard}: Halt! Who goes there?{full break}

{Entry Guard}: Oh, sir {Crono}! Please, enter!{full break}

*player goes in and talks to the King and cook*

{King Guardia}: Sir {Crono}...I'm afraid I have let my kingdom{line break}
down...ever since Cyrus was lost to us, we have been struggling{line break}
at best in the war. Now that the legendary Hero has appeared{line break}
the medal, all of our hopes rest upon him.{page break}
I fear that if he does not find the Masamune and defeat Magus{line break}
soon, we will lose the war...{full break}

{Cook}: What?! My brother's...{page break}
Hmph! That's what he gets for thinking he's the only one in{line break}
the family fighting for our country!{full break}

{Cook's Wife}: Oh for God's sake, grow up already! Your{line break}
brother and his troops are the only thing keeping the{line break}
Mystics from Guardia Castle right now! They're out there{line break}
dying so Guardia is protected!{full break}

{Cook}: Shut up! What the hell do you know?!{full break}

{Cook's Wife}: I know that you and your brother both love{line break}
each other and that this bickering has got to stop! Now, are{line break}
you going to give the rations to these people to take to the{line break}
troops or not?{full break}

{Cook}: ...{full break}

*player leaves*

{Cook}: Wait!{full break}

{Cook}: ...take this with you.{full break}

{Cook}: And this is for you guys, so take it already.{full break}

{Cook}: And tell that foolish brother of mine...that he'd{line break}
damned well better come back alive!{full break}
(Note: Crono should nod at this line before the cook goes back to the

*player heads to Zenan Bridge*

{Knight Captain}: Sir {Crono}, you have returned! Are those{line break}
rations for us?
   No.{full break}

(If no){Knight Captain}: I see...{full break}
(If yes){Knight Captain}: Food rations...wonderful! The cook...{line break}
he has saved us all...{page break}
Sir {Crono}, if I do not survive this battle, please give{line break}
my brother my thanks...{full break}

{Knight}: Captain!{full break}

{Knight Captain}: Yes, what is it?{full break}

{Knight}: The Maougun have launched an all out attack on{line break}
our position! They are breaking through our defenses!{full break}

{Knight Captain}: Damn it...! Hold your position no matter what{line break}
the cost, soldiers!{full break}

{Knight}: But sir, they outnumber us four to one!{full break}

{Knight Captain}: This is our last line of defense, men!{line break}
If the Maougun break through here, Guardia Castle, Truce, and{line break}
the other villages stand defenseless! We must not let them{line break}
through!{full break}

{Knight}: Understood, sir!{full break}

{Knight Captain}: Our troops are suffering greatly...I do not{line break}
think we will be victorious...{page break}
Sir {Crono}, I hesitate to ask, but would you and your{line break}
companions assist us?
   No.{full break}
(If no){Knight Captain}: ...I understand. We will fight to the last man

nonetheless!{full break}

(If yes){Knight Captain}: Thank you, sir {Crono}. We are{line break}
eternally in your debt. The Maougun lay across the bridge;{line break}
please take this with you!{full break}

{Knight Captain}: The Maougun are highly skilled. Be on{line break}
your guard.{full break}

*player heads across the bridge*

{Green Mystic}: Oh ho ho, more soldiers to slay!{full break}

{Marle/Lucca/Robo}: Who are you?{full break}

{Green Mystic}: I'm Ozzie, Magus' top general! You filthy{line break}
humans will die at the hands of my creations!{full break}

{Ozzie}: Yes, my children...give them a taste of death!{full break}


{Ozzie}: Damn...they're stronger than they look...{full break}

{Marle}: Wait up, already!{full break}
{Lucca}: Holy crap he's fast when he wants to be...{full break}
{Robo}: We have him!{full break}

{Ozzie}: I misjudged you once, but I won't do so again!{full break}

{Ozzie}: Kill them, my children!{full break}


{Ozzie}: Damn it!{full break}

*player chases Ozzie to end of bridge*

{Ozzie}: That's IT! I'll use my greatest creation! You won't{line break}
get past this one!{full break}

*Zombor appears*

{Marle}: ...uh oh...{full break}
{Lucca}: This...could be a problem...{full break}
{Robo}: My sensors show this creature to be much more powerful{line break}
than the others.{full break}

{Ozzie}: Go, Zombor! Crush Magus' enemies!{full break}

*Boss fight!*

*Knight Captain and Knights all wanders over*

{Knight Captain}: Sir {Crono}, are you alright?

*PCs are doing their tired animation*
{Marle}: Yeah...we're okay.{full break}
{Lucca}: We're fine...luckily...{full break}
{Robo}: We are alright.{full break}

{Knight Captain}: Thank God...that was an incredible battle.{line break}
You ripped through the Maougun as if they were nothing...{line break}
and you used magic too...amazing! Sir {Crono}, again{line break}
we thank you.{full break}

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: Sure...not a problem.{full break}
{Lucca}: Anytime!{full break}
{Robo}: We were glad to help.{full break}

{Knights}: Thank you all! We are eternally in your debt!{full break}

{Knight Captain}: So what do you intend to do now, sir {Crono}?{full break}

{Marle}: We gotta find the Hero!{full break}
{Lucca}: We need to find that Hero guy so he can help us with Magus.{full break}
{Robo}: We must locate the Hero.{full break}

{Knight Captain}: You wish to confront Magus?!{delay 03} have{line break}
 more courage than I had ever imagined...and with your magic{line break}
you just might succeed.{page break}
The Hero traveled south towards the village of San Dorino. You may{line break}
find him there.{full break}

{Marle}: Thanks!{full break}
{Lucca}: Thanks a lot!{full break}
{Robo}: Thank you for the information.{full break}

{Knight Captain}: Of course. Godspeed, brave warriors. Godspeed.{full break}

*player wanders into San Dorino Elder's House*

{San Dorino Elder}: Toma, we need you to search for{line break}
the "Rainbow Shell!" With it we can manufacture magic-resistant{line break}
armour and Guardia's troops need all the help they can get!{page break}
Here's some front money to help you search.{full break}

{Toma}: Of course, Elder! I am the Great Explorer after all.{line break}
I'll find your Rainbow Shell no sweat.{full break}

{San Dorino Elder}: ...right. Good luck, Toma. We'll be{line break}
waiting for news about your search.{full break}

{Toma}: With that settled, I'm going to go eat some lunch{line break}
before setting off.{full break}

*player enters Inn and speaks with Toma*

{Toma}: Hello there again, {Crono}! What've you been up to?{line break}
Hey, uh...if you pay my tab...I'll let you in on a new secret.{page break}
What do you say? Deal?
   Sure thing, Toma!{full break}
(If no){Toma}: Well, fine, get outta here, then. Sheesh.{full break}

(If yes){Toma}: Thanks, friend! Hey barkeep, another sake{line break}
please!{full break}

{Toma}: You know the woods to the south, northwest of Porre?{line break}
A whole bunch of Mystic frogs and snakes have taken over the{line break}
place! I think I even saw a huge frog in there, carrying a{line break}
sword and wearing clothes, even!{full break}

*player goes to Tarta's House*

{Tarta's Father}: I still can't believe it! My son Tarta is{line break}
the legendary Hero!{full break]

{Marle}: Do you know where Tarta is? We wanna talk to him.{full break}
{Lucca}: We want to speak with Tarta. Do you know where{line break}
he is?{full break}
{Robo}: We would like to speak with your son, sir. Might you{line break}
know where he is?{full break}

{Tarta's Father}: Tarta's up north, looking for the mythical{line break}
Masamune in the Denadoro Mountains.{full break}

*player goes to Denadoro*

END "The Hero Appears!"

Quote from: Tarta and the Frog!
BEGIN "Tarta and the Frog!"

{Tarta}: Aaaah! HELP!{full break}

*Tarta runs by*

{Tarta}: Th-this place is full of Mystics! Y-you'd best get{line break}
out of here while you can!{full break}

*Tarta runs off to the world map*

{Marle}: THAT was Tarta...?
{Lucca}: Was that Tarta?{full break}
{Robo}: That must have been Tarta.{full break}

{Marle}: But he's just a kid!{full break}
{Lucca}: It can't be...he's just a little kid!{full break}
{Robo}: He appeared too young to be a Hero.{full break}

{Marle}: So if he's not the Hero...who is?{full break}
{Lucca}: So who's the Hero then?{full break}
{Robo}: If Tarta is not the Hero, who is?{full break}

({delay 03})
{Marle}: The Hero's gotta be up at the top of the mountains{line break}
getting the Masamune! Let's go see!{full break}
{Lucca}: Whoever he is, he's probably getting the Masamune{line break}
right now. We should go check it out.{full break}
{Robo}: In all likelihood, the Hero is attempting to retrieve{line break}
the Masamune at this moment. Let us go to the summit to see.{full break}

*player goes through Denadoro, encountering Kilwala NPC on the way*

{Kilwala}: I love the mountains...don't you?{full break}

{Kilwala}: in the mountains is the life for me...{full break}

(Repeat first line)

{Kilwala}: Nosy people, aren't you? Here, take this and quit{line break}
bugging me.{full break}

*Player gets to summit cave* (Mune is running around) -- let me know what you think of this part....

{Marle}:Hey! ANOTHER KID?!{full break}
{Lucca}: What is with this place and kids?!{full break}
{Robo}: How would a child be able to climb this mountain?!{full break}

{Strange Kid}: I am NOT some "kid"! (page break}
 I AM the Wind!
Wooooooosh! (wind sound effect plays here)

*Kid appears to run out of the cave*

*Party blinks eyes in confusion*
(2nd PC)
{Marle}: ...what a weird kid...{full break}
{Lucca}: That kid was weird...{full break}
{Robo}: What a confusing child...{full break}

*Player walks up to the Masamune*

{Marle}: Hey, look {Crono}! That must be the Masamune!{full break}
{Lucca}: Look...the Masamune!{full break}
{Robo}: That sword appears to be the Masamune!{full break}

{Marle}: But the Hero's not here either...maybe we should just{line break}
grab the Masamune and take it to him?{full break}
{Lucca}: But where's the Hero? Ah, forget it, let's just take{line break}
the Masamune and get outta here.{full break}
{Robo}: The Hero is not odd. I suggest we take the{line break}
Masamune and give it to the Hero when we find him.{full break}

*player approaches the sword*

{Strange Kid}: STOP!{full break}

*Kid appears again*

{Strange Kid}: Are you here for the Masamune?{full break}
   No.{full break}
(if no)

{Strange Kid}: You should leave quickly, then.
{"1}Demons{"2} of terrible power guard this sword, and you don't wish to incur
their wrath!{null}

(In the above context, the word Demon has quotes around it because the word represents terrible beast -- not a litteraly demon)

(if yes){Strange Kid}: Of course...hold on a second, okay?{full break}

{Strange Kid}: Oh big brother...! Where are you, Masa?!{full break}

{Masa}: What is it, Mune?{full break}

Masa: What the?!{delay 04}
Not again...{null}

.... So! You want to get a name for{line break}
yourself by grabbing the Masamune?{line break}
What a fool!{null}

{Marle}: No, we--{delay 03}{instant full break}{null}
{Lucca}: Actually, we just--{delay 03}{instant full break}
{Robo}: That is not--{delay 03}{instant full break}

Mune: Humans ARE foolish!{line break}
It's how you USE the sword that's{line break}
important...{delay 04}not WHO holds it!{full break}

(Note: 3rd PC, not 2nd here):

{Marle}: But we just--{delay 03}{instant full break}
{Lucca}: No, see, we--{delay 03}{instant full break}
{Robo}: We are not--{delay 03}{instant full break}

{Masa}: You can't even understand something as simple as{line break}
that, can you? That's why you're human.

{Mune}: What should we do about them, Masa?{full break}

{Masa}: The usual...let's "test" them. You three can entertain{line break}
us for awhile!{full break}

{Mune}: All right!{line break}
Here we go!{line break}
Whooosh!{null} (Wind sound plays again)

*Masa and Mune reveal their true forms*

*Boss fight!* ("The Trial" music plays instead of "Boss Music 1" -- like the Japanese prerelease)

{Mune}: Woah...these guys are tougher than they look, Masa....
AND they know MAGIC?!{full break}

{Masa}: Yeah...only Cyrus made it this far before...{full break}

Masa: Now it's for real!{delay 03}
We will NOT hold back this time!{null}

{Mune}: Yeah, we mean business!{full break}

With Masa's bravery and...{full break}

...Mune's knowledge...{full break}

The two meld into one!{full break}

*Masa and Mune fuse*

{Marle}: ...uh oh...{full break}
{Lucca}: Ah crap...{full break}
{Robo}: The power of that creature is colossal!{full break}

{Masamune}: Now let's see how good you REALLY are!{page break}
Prepare to DIE, little ones!{full break}

*Boss fight!* (Boss Music 2, unless I can import an "Epic Boss theme")

{Mune}: They beat us, big brother...{full break}

Masa: I haven't had this much fun in ages!{null}

{Mune}: Will they reforge us? Will they find us a master?{full break}

{Masa}: Yeah, it'll be alright, Mune. Don't worry.{full break}

*Masa and Mune go back into the broken sword*

{Marle}: that's the Masamune...but it's broken!{full break}
{Lucca}: So this is the Masamune, huh? Looks like it's{line break}
been broken for ages though...{full break}
{Robo}: This must be the true Masamune...however, my sensors{line break}
show that it has been broken for some time...{full break}

You got half of the broken Masamune!{full break}

{Mune}: Allow me! We can ride the wind to the base of the{line break}
mountain!{full break}

{Masa}: Good luck to you!{full break}

*player heads to Tarta's House*

{Tarta}: Ah! Uh...hi again!{full break}

{Marle}: Okay, hand over the medal! We know you're not{line break}
the Hero!{full break}
{Lucca}: Tarta, we know you're not the Hero! Give us the{line break}
medal!{full break}
{Robo}: Tarta, as you are not the Hero, we ask you give{line break}
us the medal so we may give it back to the real Hero.{full break}

{Tarta's Father}: WHAT?!

{Tarta}: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Some frog guy dropped it in a{line break}
a cafe! A-and I thought I-I'd sell it but everyone started{line break}
calling me a Hero so I couldn't get rid of it. I don't know{line break}
what I was thinking...{full break}

{Tarta's Father}: You dirty little...I knew this was all{line break}
some kind of scam from the start!{full break}

{Tarta}: Oh yeah?! Who was going around saying they raised a{line break}
Hero, huh father?! YOU DID!{full break}

{Tarta's Father}: ...{full break}

{Tarta}: Here...take the medal. I'm really sorry...let{line break}
that frog guy know I'm sorry for me, okay?{full break}

You got the Hero Medal!{full break}

{Marle}: Frog guy, huh...that must be {Frog}!{full break}
{Lucca}: A frog's gotta be {Frog}!{full break}

(If spoke to Toma){Marle}: Didn't that Toma guy say he was in the woods

north of here?{line break}
Let's take the medal to him!{full break}
{Lucca}: Toma said something about a frog guy in the woods{line break}
to the northwest, so I'm guessing that's where {Frog} is!{full break}{Robo}:

Toma mentioned a frog wearing clothes in the northern{line break}
woods. Perhaps that was {Frog}? Let us take the medal to him.{full break}

(If not spoken to Toma){Marle}: But where could {Frog} be?{full break}
{Lucca}: We don't know where {Frog} is though...{full break}
{Robo}: I am afraid that we do not know where {Frog} is.{full break}

*player heads to Cursed Woods*

{Voice}: Halt!{full break}

{Frog}: Ah, Sir {Crono}! Welcome to my home. Are you here{line break}
to practice your skills in swordplay with me?{full break}

{Marle}: No, we're here because we brought you the Hero{line break}
Medal!{full break}
{Lucca}: We brought the Hero Medal for you, {Frog}.{full break}
{Robo}: We are here because we have your Hero Medal.{full break}

{Frog}: Th-the Hero Medal?! ...I cannot take it. I am not{line break}
a Hero. I cannot do anything against Magus.{full break}

{Marle}: But we've got the Masamune! ...or part of it, anyway.{full break}
{Lucca}: But {Frog}, we even brought you the Masamune!{line break}
Or...well...the sword part, at least.{full break}
{Robo}: We also have the broken Masamune, {Frog}.{full break}

{Frog}: The Masamune...I have no right to weild that sword.{line break}
And, as you say, it is one alive now could{line break}
reforge the sword. Even if they could...I cannot use it.{page break}
The hilt is over in that chest. If you wish, sir {Crono}, you{line break}
may have it.{full break}

*2nd PC auto gets the hilt*

{Marle}: Yeah, it's part of the Masamune alright! What're{line break}
these strange letters, though?{full break}
{Lucca}: It's definitely the hilt of the looks{line break}
something's written in archaic letters...{full break}
{Robo}: It is certainly the hilt of the Masamune. It appears{line break}
to have engraved letters upon it.{full break}

{Lucca}: I think I can read{page break}
M...e...l...c...h...i...o...r...?{page break}
Melchior?! The guy in Medina Village? What the hell...?{full break}
{Robo}: I will attempt to translate the letters.{page break}
R...o...i...h...c...l...e...m...?{page break}
Roihclem? {delay 05} System error! I reversed the letters. It{line break}
says "Melchior." How curious...Melchior resides in Medina.{line break}
Why would his name be on the sword?{full break}

{Marle}: What does this mean, {Crono}?{full break}

{Frog}: If you are finished, please leave...I wish to be{line break}
left alone, if you do not mind, sir {Crono}.{full break}

*party auto-leaves*

{Marle}: Let's go see Melchior, {Crono}! Maybe he can fix{line break}
the Masamune!{full break}
{Lucca}: We should go see Melchior...if he made the Masamune{line break}
he can fix it.{full break}
{Robo}: Mr. Melchior should be able to reforge the Masamune{line break}
if he forged it, as the name on the sword seems to indicate.{full break}

*player goes to Melchior*
(Note: responses to Melchior switch between 2nd and 3rd PC, starting with


{Melchior}: Ah, hello again, {Crono}! Have you come to{line break}
see my collection?{full break}

*2nd PC places both parts of Masamune in front of Melchior*

{Marle}: Actually, we were kinda hoping you could fix{line break}
this sword for us.{full break}
{Lucca}: We wanted to know if you could fix this sword{line break}
for us.{full break}
{Robo}: We request that you fix this sword for us if you{line break}
are able, Mr. Melchior.{full break}

{Melchior}: Th-the Masamune?! could you have{line break}
gotten it?!{full break}

{Marle}: Why is your name on the sword?{full break}
{Lucca}: Why would your name be engraved on the Masamune?{full break}
{Robo}: Mr. Melchior, why is your name on the Masamune?{full break}

{Melchior}: ...{delay 04}It's a long story...but I don't{line break}
wish to go into it're here about reforging the{line break}
Masamune anyway, right?{full break}

{Marle}: Yeah...can you fix it?{full break}
{Lucca}: Is it possible to reforge it?{full break}
{Robo}: Are you able to reforge the sword?{full break}

{Melchior}: It would be possible, yes...IF we could get{line break}
our hands on some Dreamstone, which is the material the{line break}
sword is made from.{full break}

{Marle}: Dreamstone? Where can we get some?{full break}
{Lucca}: Dreamstone, huh? I've never heard of it.{full break}
{Robo}: Dreamstone? There is no data in my memory banks of{line break}
such a mineral.{full break}

{Melchior}: I'm afraid you can't find it anymore. It was{line break}
a mineral once used in ancient times, much more valuable to{line break}
those people than gold ever could be...{page break}
Unfortunately, it hasn't been available for a very long time.{full break}

{Marle}: Oh no...{full break}
{Lucca}: Damn it...{full break}
{Robo}: That is unfortunate.{full break}

{Melchior}: I doubt you'll ever be able to find some Dreamstone{line break}
but if, somehow, you should find some, I would be more than{line break}
happy to reforge the sword for you. Until then, keep it safe{line break}
with you.{full break}

*2nd PC takes sword pieces back*

{Marle}: What're we going to do now?{full break}
{Lucca}: Now what do we do...?{full break}
{Robo}: What should we do now, {Crono}?{full break}

{Marle}: I know! Let's go ask that old man in the End of Time!{full break}
{Lucca}: Maybe the old man at the End of Time knows something.{full break}
{Robo}: I suggest we speak with the man at the End of Time.{full break}

*party heads to End of Time*

END "Tarta and the Frog!"
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Re: Storyline Dialogue Enhancements
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Quote from: The Ancient Mineral: Dreamstone!
BEGIN "The Ancient Mineral: Dreamstone!"

*player speaks to Gaspar*

{Old Man}: Dreamstone, eh? I've heard of it, of course.{line break}
It's a mineral that existed in great quantities in{line break}
ancient times.{page break}
You might find some in the prehistoric era. There should{line break}
be a pillar of light to 65,000,000 B.C. Take that pillar{line break}
and you'll find what you're looking for.{full break}

*player goes to 65,000,000 B.C*

{Marle}: Wh-what are those things?!{full break}
{Lucca}: What in the world...?!{full break}
{Robo}: They appear to be half-human and half-dinosaur...{line break}
A rather unlikely lifeform.{full break}

{Unknown Creatures}: A-apes?! Attack!{full break}


{Marle}: Oh no, there's more of them!{full break}
{Lucca}: We're outnumbered!{full break}
{Robo}: We seem to be outnumbered, {Crono}!{full break}

*Ayla appears and kicks ass*

{Marle}: Oh wow...she's really tough, isn't she?{full break}
{Lucca}: Who IS that woman?!{full break}
{Robo}: Incredible...her fighting capabilities far exceed{line break}
those of ordinary humans!{full break}

{Marle}: Uh oh...they're coming our way!{full break}
{Lucca}: They're coming for us now!{full break}
{Robo}: Now they are after us!{full break}


{Marle}: W-what do you want?! Don't hurt us!{full break}
{Lucca}: We're not looking for a fight!{full break}
{Robo}: Do not upset her. She is rather agitated at the moment.{full break}

{Party}: {Crono}!{full break}

{Woman}: You strong! What name?{page break}
{Crono}? Good name. Me? Me...{full break}

{Ayla}: Me {Ayla}! {Ayla} like strong people, so {Ayla} like{line break}
{Crono}!{full break}

{Marle}: Hey, back off of {Crono}!{full break}
{Lucca}: Heh...I think she likes you, {Crono}.

{Ayla}: Ayla like all strong people. Even if man, even if{line break}
woman!{full break}

{Marle}: ...w-what's that supposed to mean?!{full break}
{Lucca}: I-I'm not into girls, okay?!{full break}

(If Robo is present, Ayla glances oddly at Robo)
{Robo}: Y-yes?{full break}

{Ayla}: You...different. {Ayla} not know what you be. But you{line break}
strong too, so {Ayla} like you!{full break}

{Robo}: I am different because I am a robot, not a human.{full break}

{Ayla}: "Rawboot?" What that? Ayla not know!{full break}

{Robo}: A robot is a machine that looks like a human.{full break}

{Ayla}: What you say?! {Ayla} not understand!{full break}

{Ayla}: Never mind. {Crono}, where from?{full break}

{Marle}: can we explain it to her?{full break}
{Lucca}: I don't know if we can explain it to her...{full break}
{Robo}: It is beyond her grasp. Her mind is too simple.{full break}

{Marle}: Err...we're from many years into the future?{full break}
{Lucca}: Uh...we're from way after the day after tomorrow!{full break}

{Ayla}: Hahahaha, you very funny. {Ayla} like funny people.{full break}

{Marle}: Ah, man, she doesn't get it.
{Robo}: She does not and probably never will understand.{full break}
{Lucca}: It's no use...she just can't get it.{full break}

{Ayla}: {Crono} must come to village! We talk and eat!{line break}
Dance! Eat! Much fun! Come!{full break}

{Marle}: Thanks, but we can't right now. We're looking{line break}
for some Dreamstone.{full break}
{Lucca}: We'd love to go, but we've got to look for Dreamstone{line break}
right now. Maybe when we're done?{full break}
{Robo}: Thank you for the invitation madam, but I am afraid{line break}
we have more pressing matters, such as the Dreamstone.{full break}

{Ayla}: Stone? Plenty stones! Here, there, at village.{line break}
You take plenty! {Crono}, come, Ioka Village this way!{full break}

*Ayla leaves. Player follows to Ioka Village and goes into Chief's Hut)

{Ayla}: Good, {Crono} and friends come! Night soon; party then{line break}
Come, {Crono}! We finish set up party!{full break}

*segway to Meeting Site at night*

{Ayla}: Listen all! New friends here!{page break}
Strong man, name {Crono}!{page break}
Friends of {Crono}, {member2}, {member3}!{full break}

{Ioka Villagers}: Unngaa!{full break}

{Ayla}: Now we eat and dance!{full break}

*player speaks to all important characters*

{Ayla}: {Crono}, eat, drink, sing, dance!{full break}

{Marle}: Come on, {Crono}! Let's dance the night away!{full break}
{Lucca}: {Crono}, thish ish good sake! Drinkit up!{full break}
{Robo}: This is no time to celebrate, {Crono}!{full break}

{Marle}: {Crono}, dance with me!{full break}
   Nah.{full break}
{Lucca}: {Crono}, you gotta drink shome of thish...
   Sure, why not?
   No thanks.{full break}
(If no){Lucca}: Lush...{full break}
{If yes){Lucca}: Hey, aincha a man?! Gulp it down!{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}, this sake is unpleasant. I do not understand{line break}
why humans like it.{full break}

{Lucca}: Urp...oooh...{full break}

{Kino}: You outsiders...Kino no like you...but {Ayla} give{line break}
party. Why?{full break}

{Ayla}: {Crono}, you want try Rock Crash? Special sake! Good{line break}
stuff! {Crono} drink!{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} fight Reptites. Their leader Azala. She very{line break}
smart, very tough, fight good.{full break}

{Ayla}: All in Ioka Village fight. No fight, go to Laruba{line break}
Village. Not know where village is. Always hide. Always{line break}
cowards.{page break}
Azala want to destroy Ioka AND Laruba. Reptites hate us{line break}
call us apes.{page break}
But {Ayla} no lose! Only when dead {Ayla} give up.{full break}

{Ayla}: Enough. Meet {Crono} today! {Crono} strong friend{line break}
make day good! Party make day better! Eat, sing, dance!{full break}

{Ayla}: {Crono}, you want shiny red rock?{page break}
Rare, shiny red rock sign of power. {Ayla} strongest in{line break}
Ioka Village, so {Ayla}'s rock! You want, you challenge{line break}
{Ayla}! You win, {Ayla} give rock to you!{full break}

{Ayla}: Challenge {Ayla}?
   No...{full break}
(if no){Ayla}: {Crono} scared?! Hahaha, {Crono} joking! You{line break}
strong, {Ayla} strong, we battle!{full break}

{Ayla}: Bring plenty sake!{full break}

{Ayla}: Party now, so not fight! We have sake race!{full break}

{Ayla}: We start now. Push A button much times!{full break}

(If lose){Ayla}: Urp...what?! {Crono} not give up! Race{line break}
again!{full break}

(If win){Ayla}: Ooooh...enough, {Crono} win! I give{line break}
{Crono} red rock!{full break}

{Marle}: Woohoo, {Crono}! Way to go!{full break}
{Lucca}: Oooh...{Crono}, you won...can I sleep now...?{full break}
{Robo}: Congratulations on your victory, {Crono}.{full break}

{Ayla}: All drink last bowl for health!{full break}

*2nd and 3rd PCs stand next to Ayla and Crono and grab bowls*

{Ayla}: Okay, drink!{full break}

{Ayla}: ...maybe drink too much...{full break}

*scene fades out*

END "The Ancient Mineral: Dreamstone!"

Quote from: Footsteps! Follow!
BEGIN "Footsteps! Follow!"

{Marle}: Morning, {Crono}! Last night was really{line break}
fun, wasn't it! Woo! {delay 03}...I feel a little light-headed{line break}
from the sake though.{full break}
{Lucca}: Oooh...what a headache...{page break}
{Crono}, you liar! I did not get drunk last night!{full break}
{Robo}: Good morning, {Crono}. I-it appears the sake has{line break}
affected my systems. I will recover in a few minutes.{full break}

{Marle}: Hey...w-who made these footprints everywhere?!{full break}
{Lucca}: What the...where'd these footprints come from?!{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}, there are footprints all around us.{full break}

(Note: Lucca has priority on this line if in party)
{Marle}: Oh no! The Gate Key is gone!{full break}
{Lucca}: The hell?! The Gate Key's been stolen!{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}, the Gate Key has been stolen!{full break}

{Marle}: The thieves must've left these prints!{full break}
{Lucca}: These prints must've been left by the thief!{full break}
{Robo}: Whomever or whatever left these prints took the{line break}
Gate Key!{full break}

{Marle}: We can't leave without the Gate Key!{full break}
{Lucca}: Without the Gate Key we can't use the Gate, so{line break}
we're stuck!{full break}
{Robo}: We cannot use the Gate without the Gate Key!{full break}

{Marle}: {Crono}, let's find {Ayla}! Maybe she can help us!{full break}
{Lucca}: Let's go talk to {Ayla}, {Crono}. She might know{line break}
something!{full break{full break}
{Robo}: I suggest we speak with Miss {Ayla}. She may know{line break}
who the thief is!{full break}

*player goes to see Ayla*

{Ayla}: Zzz...zzz...zzz...{full break}(Line is repeated until player speaks

to Ayla.)

{Ayla}: Huh...? {Crono}, you up already...?{full break}

{Ayla}: Too much sake! Sleep like stone. ...uurp...{full break}

{Marle}: We'd let you sleep, but something really important{line break}
to us has been stolen!{full break}
{Lucca}: Sorry to wake you, {Ayla}, but we've been robbed!{full break}
{Robo}: Miss {Ayla}, we apologize for disturbing you, but{line break}
we have had a valuable item stolen!{full break}

{Ayla}: W-what?! Must be Reptites!{full break}

{Ayla}: {Crono} come with {Ayla}! We settle with Reptites, get{line break}
{Crono} stuff back!{full break}

{Ayla}: Who else come? Only three go. More and Reptites know {line break}we

come.{full break}

(Note: Party member not chosen from current party will stay in the hut until

the Gate Key is recovered and will be the one to auto-join Crono when Ayla

leaves the party. Also, party cannot be switched--except by speaking with

the remaining party member, like back at Proto Dome--after this till

recovery of  the Gate Key, and the character not in the current party cannot

be placed in, to allow for this section to make a wee bit more sense.

Dialogue for switching will be covered under this chapter's NPC dialogue.)

(Party member not in party speaks here)
{Marle}: Good luck, {Crono}!
{Lucca}: Be safe, {Crono}, and come back with that Gate Key!{full break}
{Robo}: Good luck with the recovery, {Crono}.{full break}

{Ayla}: Someone from village see! We go ask! Come!{full break}

*player heads to Forest Maze*

{Ayla}: Kino?! What you do?!{full break}

{delay 05}{Ayla}: Say NOW!{full break}

{Kino}: {Ayla}...Kino take {Crono} stuff...{full break}

{Ayla}: What?! Why take?!{full break}

{Kino}: Kino like {Ayla} best. {Ayla} like {Crono}, but Kino{line break}
no like...Kino jealous...{full break}

*Ayla smacks Kino*

{Marle}: Woah, {Ayla}, calm down!{full break}
{Lucca}: Holy about strict...{full break}
{Robo} Miss {Ayla}, please do not promote unnecessary violence.{full break}

{Ayla}: Kino! You know why I punish?{full break}

{Kino}: {Ayla} no like Kino...{full break}

{Ayla}: NO! {Ayla} like Kino BEST! That why {Ayla} angry! No{line break}
more do bad stuff! That wrong!{full break}

{Kino}: {Ayla}...{page break}
Kino sorry, {Ayla}. Kino sorry, {Crono}.{full break}

{Ayla}: Give back stuff to {Crono}.{full break}

{Kino}: ...No have...Reptites take!{full break}

{Ayla}: Reptites?! Where they go?{full break}

{Kino}: Run into trees! Go to Reptite Lair!{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} go too! Kino go back to Ioka Village. Kino{line break}
protect village when {Ayla} not there!{full break}

{Kino}: ...yes, {Ayla}! Kino go!{full break}

*Kino runs off*

{Ayla}: Kino is if {Ayla} die, Kino chief!{full break}

{Marle}: {Ayla}...{full break}
{Lucca}: {Ayla}'s tough, but fair, huh?{full break}
{Robo}: {Ayla}, you are a gentle person at heart.{full break}

{Ayla}: Chase Reptites now! Get back {Crono} stuff!{full break}

*player heads to Reptite Lair. Party stops just inside the entrance*

{Ayla}: This Reptite Lair! Is dangerous! Azala here!{full break}

{Marle}: So we gotta stay on our toes, {Crono}.{full break}
{Lucca}: Then we'll just have to be careful.{full break}
{Robo}: We should take care to consider our actions, then.{full break}

{Ayla}: Azala! I come for you!{full break}

*player heads through Reptite Lair to Azala*

{Azala}: What the devil IS this device? Could those Apes{line break}
have made something so advanced?{full break}

{Ayla}: Azala!{full break}

{Azala}: Ah, the Apes have arrived! ...that's odd. You seem{line break}
different from {Ayla}...{page break}
Bah, no matter! Tell what this device is at once!
   Tell her what it is.
   Refuse to inform her.{full break}

(if yes){Azala}: A time travel device?! Do you think me a{line break}
fool without a brain like your friend {Ayla}?! I have{line break}
something that ought to persuade you to tell me what{line break}
it really is!{full break}
(if no){Azala}: Oh? Well, I suppose you need some...motivation!{full break}

{Azala}: Come, Nizbel!{full break}

{Nizbel}: Time to die, Apes!{full break}

*Boss fight!*

{Azala}: Th-the Apes defeated Nizbel?!{full break}

{Ayla}: Give back {Crono} thing NOW, Azala!{full break}

{Azala}: ...Very well! But know this: I underestimated you {line break}
once, {Ayla}, and you bested me. It will not happen again!{full break}

{Azala}: The days of the Apes are numbered!{full break}

*Azala leaves and 3rd PC grabs Gate Key*

{Marle}: Thank goodness...the Gate Key looks okay!{full break}
{Lucca}: Oh, thank God...that dino-woman didn't damage the{line break}
Gate Key...{full break}
{Robo}: We are in luck: my sensors show the Gate Key to be{line break}
undamaged.{full break}

{Ayla}: Azala! I fight anytime! {Ayla} no lose!

{Ayla}: ...urp...!{full break}

*zip back to Chief's Hut*

{Ayla}: You leave, {Crono}? Too bad! {Ayla} have fun when{line break}
you around!{full break}

{Marle}: Thanks for helping us out, {Ayla}!{full break}
{Lucca}: {Ayla}, you really helped us a lot. Thanks...!{full break}
{Robo}: Thank you, Miss {Ayla}, for all of your help.{full break}

{Kino}: Sorry, {Crono}! I try be strong now, just like {Crono}!{full break}

{Ayla}: Come again, {Crono}, {2nd PC}, {3rd PC}! We party,{line break}
dance, drink, fight, have fun!{full break}

*player heads to End of Time*

END "Footsteps! Follow!"

Quote from: The Masamune!
BEGIN "The Masamune!"

{Old Man}: Ah, you've found a Dreamstone! I'd forgotten{line break}
just how beautiful that mineral is...{page break}
You'll need to find someone to process the Dreamstone. You'll{line break}
find him outside of Medina in the present era.{full break}

*player heads to Melchior*

{Melchior}: found some Dreamstone?! How o-on Earth{line break}
could you have possibly, no, don't tell me please.{line break}
My heart couldn't take it...{full break}

{Melchior}: I will repair the Masamune for you, but I'll{line break}
need some assistance.{full break}

(If Lucca is in the party, she has auto-priority over Robo.)
{Lucca}: I'll lend a hand, Melchior!{full break}
{Robo}: I will aid you, Mr. Melchior.{full break}

{Melchior}: Good, let's get started then.{full break}

(Melchior and Lucca/Robo head downstairs.)

(If player attempts to leave before Masamune is fixed)
{Marle}: {Crono}, where're you going? Melchior's still fixing{line break}
the Masamune!{full break}
{Lucca}: {Crono}, are you gonna just leave the Masamune here?{line break}
We've got to wait!{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}, Mr. Melchior is still repairing the Masamune.{full break}

*player heads downstairs*

{Melchior}: In order to repair the Masamune, we need to{line break}
process the Dreamstone and activate the sword before we{line break}
can reforge it.{page break}
You work on the Dreamstone and I'll work on the sword.{full break}

{Lucca}: Okay! Leave it to Lucca the Great! I'll get it{line break}
done in no time.{full break}
{Robo}: Understood, Mr. Melchior.{full break}

{delay 15}{Melchior}: Alright, I'm finished activating the{line break}
sword. Have you finished with the Dreamstone?{full break}

{Lucca}: Yep!{full break}
{Robo}: Yes, Mr. Melchior.{full break}

{Melchior}: Then please, bring it to me.{full break}

{Melchior}: Now we can reforge the sword. {Crono}, this may{line break}
take a while...{full break}

*screen fades to white and the party zips back to upstairs*

{Melchior}: I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, {Crono}.{full break}

*Lucca/Robo holds up the Masamune*

{Melchior}: Take a good look! THIS is the true form{line break}
of the Masamune. Beautiful, isn't it?{full break}

{Marle}: Oh wow...what a weapon! It almost feels...spiritual.{full break}
{Lucca}: The Masamune...its almost makes me{line break}
want to believe in the supernatural...{full break}
{Robo}: sensors are detecting spiritual energy{line break}
emenating from the Masamune...{full break}

{Melchior}: ...I must thank you, {Crono}. You've given back{line break}
to me a part of myself I never thought I'd find again...{page break}
Be careful with the Masamune. This weapon represents{line break}
considerable power...with it, your actions might save or{line break}
destroy life. Wield your sword with full knowledge of{line break}
the consequences, and good luck with your journey!{full break}

{Marle}: Come on, {Crono}, we gotta get the Masamune to{line break}
{Frog}!{full break}
{Lucca}: Let's get the Masamune to {Frog}, {Crono}.{full break}
{Robo}: Let us take the Masamune to {Frog}.{full break}

*player heads to End of Time*

{Old Man}: What a beautiful must be the Masamune.{page break}
...a person in the Middle Ages would like to use that sword{line break}
to take Magus out. Take it to him.{full break}

*player heads to Frog's house*

{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, it is you again. What brings you back{line break}
to my home?{full break}

*2nd PC lays the Masamune in front of Frog*

{Marle}: We brought the Masamune for you, {Frog}.{full break}
{Lucca}: The Masamune's fixed, {Frog}. Now you can help us{line break}
against Magus.{full break}
{Robo}: We have repaired the Masamune for you, {Frog}.{full break}

{delay 03}{Frog}: ...the Masamune?! God in{line break}
is this possible?!{full break}

{Frog}: ...I must ponder this turn of events. Please remain{line break}
here for the night.{full break}

*scene shifts to Frog's Flashback*

{Queen Leene}: Cyrus, are you leaving?{full break}

{Cyrus}: Yes, Your Higness. It is time someone retrieved{line break}
the Hero Medal from the Frog King. And I would like to see{line break}
that mythical sword for myself.{full break}

{King Guardia}: Cyrus, we are in a time of war! The Kingdom{line break}
needs you more than ever!{full break}

{Cyrus}: All the more reason to retrieve the medal and{line break}
find the sword, my king. Both could be valuable weapons{line break}
against the Mystics, especially for the morale of our soldiers.{full break}

{King Guardia}: You do have a point, Cyrus. Very well...but{line break}
please, return to us as soon as you are able.{full break}

{Cyrus}: Do not worry, my king! As long as life remains within{line break}
me, I shall return to you!{full break}

*Cyrus heads out to the hallway*

{Man-at-Arms}: Sir Cyrus!{full break}

{Cyrus}: Yes?{full break}

{Man-at-Arms}: We, the Royal Knights of Guardia, wish you{line break}
a safe journey! Be well!{full break}

{Cyrus}: ...thank you. Listen well, my friends and comrades!{line break}
I now entrust the safety of the kingdom to you! Protect it{line break}
with your lives!{full break}

{Men-at-Arms}: Yes, Sir Cyrus!{full break}

{Cyrus}: Please pardon the delay, Glenn. Shall we be off?{full break}

*Queen Leene pops out of throne room*

{Queen Leene}: Glenn, be careful too!{full break}

{Glenn}: I will! Be of sound health, Your Majesty!{full break}

*zip to forest stuff*

(Note: The Sarah figure in these cutscene is my attempt to explain what that

odd female NPC was doing in the cutscene. I take the stance that it is Ozzie

in disguise in order to find and destroy the Masamune by using Cyrus to

retrieve it.)

{Frog King}: So, you want the Hero Medal, knight?! Well come{line break}
and take it from me...if you can! Hahaha...gribbit.{full break}

{Cyrus}: You are a fool, Frog King! En guarde!{page break}
Nirvana Strike!{full break}

{Frog King}: Auugh! How dare you attack a helpless amphibian?!{page break}
Filthy, useless medal...I won't forget this!{full break}

{Glenn}: Good going, Cyrus!{full break}

{Cyrus}: Thank you, Glenn. And thank you, miss Sarah, for{line break}
aiding us in finding the Frog King.{full break}

{Sarah}: Of course, sir Cyrus. I only wish to help.{full break}

*zip to Denadoro. Scene is outside cave, showing Sarah turning into Ozzie*

{Cyrus}: ...what?! Miss Sarah?! What is happening?{full break}

{Ozzie}: Hahaha! You're a fool to the last, Cyrus! Oh sir{line break}
Magus!{full break}

*Magus appears*

{Magus}: Cyrus, you're more of an idiot than I'd hoped. Now{line break}
hand over that sword!{full break}

{Cyrus}: Never! Magus, I will slay you and bring an end to{line break}
this war!{full break}

{Magus}: Of course...what an idiot. Take this!{full break}

*Magus destroys the sword. We see the Masamune floating in the air and

exploding a la Marle's disappearance*

{Glenn}: The Masamune?!{full break}

{Cyrus}:!{full break}

{Magus}: You still don't understand, do you, Cyrus? You can't{line break}
hope to do anything to me!{full break}

{Cyrus}: Damn you, Magus! I will destroy you!{full break}

*Cyrus attacks and Magus flings him away*

{Glenn}: Cyrus, no!{full break}

{Cyrus}: Glenn...escape while I keep them at bay.{full break}

{Glenn}: B-but, Cyrus...{full break}

{Cyrus}: If you stay they will kill us both! Now GO!{full break}

{Magus}: You'd better worry more about yourself, Cyrus! Now{line break}
taste a bit of my magic!{full break}

*Magus casts Lightning on Cyrus*

{Cyrus}: Augh!{full break}

{Glenn}: C-Cyrus...!{full break}

{Cyrus}: G-Glenn...take care o-of the Kingdom...take c-care of{line break}
Leene for me...{page break}
...{full break}

*Cyrus' body disappears*

{Glenn}: Cyrus?! Cyruuuuus! NO!{full break}

{Magus}: Haha...this is pathetic. C'mon, aren't you going to{line break}
try your luck?{full break}

{Glenn}: ...err...!{full break}

{Ozzie}: Gyahahahaha! What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?{page break}
How 'bout it, sir Magus? Can't you give him a more fitting{line break}
form?{full break}

{Magus}: Why not? There's always time for a{full break}

*Magus casts the transforming spell on Glenn*

{Glenn}: !!{full break}

{Glenn}: Oh...augh...aaah!{full break}

*Glenn falls off cliffside*

{Ozzie}: Gyahaha...what a pathetic kid...can't even help{line break}
his friends! Hear that, Glenn?! Hahaha!{full break}

{Magus}: Enough, Ozzie. Let's get out of here. Our work{line break}
here is done.{full break}

*fade back to Frog's House, 600 A.D.*

{Frog}: Ten years have passed since that horrible day...can I{line break}
truly fight against Magus, Cyrus? Can I do it?{full break}

{Frog}: Of course, you will not answer. You never do...{full break}

{Frog}: Damn it...damn you, Magus...I must avenge sir Cyrus.{line break}
{delay 03} is the least I can do for my old friend.{full break}

*fade to black*

{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, please awaken!{full break}

*fade back in (Also, remember: as always, alternates between 2nd and 3rd PC


{Frog}: ...I have decided to accompany you to Magus' Castle.{line break}
We may succeed or fail...but do it we must.{full break}

{Marle}: Alright, {Frog}!{full break}
{Lucca}: Nice to see you cheering up a little, {Frog}.{full break}
{Robo}: It is good to see you more cheerful, {Frog}.{full break}

{Frog}: ...even so, it will not be easy. Magus' power is{line break}
great, as are the powers of his generals. His magic will{line break}
be difficult to defeat.{full break}

{Marle}: We can take him! We got magic too!{full break}
{Lucca}: He's not the only one with magic, {Frog}.{full break}
{Robo}: We possess the skill of magic as well, {Frog}.{full break}

{Frog}: Is this true, Sir {Crono}?{full break}

*Crono nods*

{Frog}: I find this hard to believe...but you have already{line break}
proven you are more than you seem by repairing the Masamune...{page break}
Would it be possible for me to learn magic as well? It would{line break}
aid us greatly.{full break}

{Marle}: Sure thing! We can take you to see Spekkio!{full break}
{Lucca}: Uh-huh! Spekkio'll teach it to ya.{full break}
{Robo}: Spekkio will be able to teach you magic.{full break}

{Frog}: Then we will see this Spekkio first.{page break}
{delay 04} ...sir {Crono}, might I ask why you are so{line break}
intent on seeking the destruction of Magus? Surely you{line break}
understand how much of a risk this will be? We will be{line break}
fighting in the heart of the Maougun's stronghold.{page break}
Some of us may not survive the journey.{full break}

{Marle}: We gotta do it or else Magus is going to create Lavos{line break}
and destroy our future!{full break}
{Lucca}: We have to or else the future'll be destroyed when{line break}
Magus creates Lavos!{full break}
{Robo}: We must do so to save the future of this planet. If{line break}
we do not, Magus will create a being known as Lavos that{line break}
will destroy the world in the year 1999 A.D.{full break}

{Frog}: are confusing me. Lavos? The future? You speak{line break}
of nonsense!{full break}

{Marle}: No, it's true! We come from 1000 A.D. through a{line break}
time warp called a Gate and when we discovered our future{line break}
was gonna be destroyed by Lavos, we had to do something!{full break}
{Lucca}: We're not lying! We came through a Gate from 1000 A.D.{line break}
and when we found out that the future was going to be{line break}
destroyed by Lavos, we had to do something!{full break}
{Robo}: we speak the truth. My comrades came from the year 1000{line break}
and discovered me in what is their future of 2300 A.D.{line break}
They decided to change their future, and I chose to assist{line break}
them.{full break}

{Frog}: Time travel...ruined futures...this is lunacy.{delay o3}{line break}
And yet, you reforged the possess the skill{line break}
of magic...and your way of behaving is different from that{line break}
of any others...{page break}
I believe you. You have no reason to lie to me. Magus will{line break}
create this Lavos being that will destroy our world in the{line break}
future, correct?{full break}

{Marle}: Uh-huh!{full break}
{Lucca}: Yep!{full break}
{Robo}: Yes, he will.{full break}

{Frog}: Then this battle is more than just for ending the{line break}
war...this is a battle for our future. My conscious will not{line break}
allow me to stand idle and watch it occur! Let us go and{line break}
destroy Magus before he destroys our future!{full break}

*player heads to the End of Time*

{Old Man}: Ah, a new guest! Welcome to the End of Time!{full break}

{Frog}: Thank you. This is a strange place.{full break}

{Old Man}: Indeed it is...{page break}
If you're here to see Spekkio, he's in the room behind me.{full break}

*player takes Frog to Spekkio*

{Spekkio}: A new guy, huh? He's a frog, so he's Water.{page break}
Ipso facto meanie mo MAGICO!{full break}

Frog learns how to use magic!{full break}

*player heads to Magic Cave*
(Note: Because of the new cutscene at Frog's house, Frog will no longer note

the oddity of using magic in the first battle in the Magic Cave regardless

of whether you have visited Spekkio with him or not.)

*Frog walks up to the side of the wall barring the entrance and places his

hand on it, then scene fades to second flashback*

{Glenn}: Aaah! Someone help me!{full break}

{delay 04}{Voice}: Leave him be!{full break}

{Bullies}: Oh no, Cyrus! Run for your lives!{full break*

*kids flee*

{Glenn}: ...sniff...thanks, Cyrus...{full break}

{Cyrus}: Glenn, you have to stand up for yourself! I will{line break}
not always be there to save you, you know.{full break}

{Glenn}: But...if I hit'll hurt them, a-and I{line break}
don't like to hurt people...{full break}

{Cyrus}: Even so, Glenn...{full break}

*zip to Zenan Bridge*

{Cyrus}: Hello, Glenn...I have been thinking about becoming{line break}
a knight.{full break}

{Glenn}: I knew it! You will make a great knight, Cyrus!{full break}

{Cyrus}: You should join me. The Kingdom could use your{line break}
skills with a sword, Glenn.{full break}

{Glenn}: I...I could not. You know how I am...I would not be{line break}
able to hurt someone if I had to...{full break}

{Cyrus}: ...still feel that way, eh Glenn? can be{line break}
my squire, at least.{full break}

{Glenn}: I think that would be best, Cyrus...thank you.{full break}

*zip back to Denadoro Mts*

{Glenn}: !!{full break}

{Glenn}: Oh...augh...aaah!{full break}

*Glenn falls off cliffside and turns into Frog*

{Frog}: The Medal...the Hero's Medal...{full break}

*fade back to Magic Cave*

{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, hand over the Masamune!{full break}

*Crono plunges the Masamune into the ground*

{Frog}: My true name is Glenn! The Masamune...once you{line break}
were Cyrus' weapon...and now you shall aid me in avenging{line break}
him and ensuring his dreams do not die with him!{full break}

{Frog}: Magus, I shall destroy you and reclaim my honour!{full break}

*Frog does the awesome and opens up the Magic Cave*

{Frog}: Come, let us go!{full break}

*player goes up through and to Magus' Castle*

{Frog}: We have arrived...{full break}

*Camera pans up to take a good look at the castle*

{Frog}: This is Magus' Castle. Inside, we will find Magus...{full break}

{Frog}: Let us proceed!{full break}

END "The Masamune!"

Quote from: Magus' Castle!
BEGIN "Magus' Castle!"

(Dialogue of people/monsters is covered in NPC dialogue)

*player wanders around then back to the entrance hall where Ozzie appears)

{Frog}: Ozzie!{full break}

{Ozzie}: Welcome, Glenn! Or should I say Sir {Frog}? Gyahahaha!{page break}
Say, it looks like you've got some replacements for your{line break}
precious Cyrus. They seem familiar...{page break}
Anyway, sir Magus is too busy to talk to you right now, so{line break}
you'll have to take up your business with me...{page break}
The Dark Arts swordsman Slash, the Void Mage Flea, and...{page break}
You'll have to defeat the entire Maougun in the castle!{line break}
Have fun! Gyahahaha...kill them!{full break}

*Ozzie disappers. Also fight. After fight, Frog checks the wall that looks

vaguely like a door*

{Frog}: Damn that seems there is no way through.{line break}
We will have to check the hallways again. I suspect we will{line break}
find Slash and Flea awaiting us at the end of each...{full break}

*player goes down Slash hallway and fights the Decedents*

{Slash}Hmm...congratulations on getting past my...cadaver{line break}
friends.{full break}

*Slash appears*

{Frog}: Sir Slash! It has been a while.{full break}

{Slash}: It has, hasn't it, Glenn? Too bad about Cyrus, eh?{line break}
Well, we both know what we're here for, so let's get to it!{full break}

*first part of boss fight. Slash grabs sword*

{Slash}: Well, that was a nice warm-up! Shall we get to the{line break}
real battle, Glenn?{full break}

{Frog}: You will not be victorious this day, Slash.{full break}

{Slash}: Maybe not...but I'll give it a shot!{full break}

*rest of boss fight*

{Slash}:'ve become so much stronger{line break}
Glenn...congratulations on defeating me. Farewell!{full break}

*Slash evaporates*

{Frog}: Rest well, Sir Slash.{full break}

*player heads to Flea's hallway*

{Frog}: This must be the void Mage Flea!{full break}

*fake boss fight*

{Frog}: No...that cannot have been Flea. Where is the{line break}
real Flea?{full break}

{Voice}: Hahaha...over here, {Frog}...{full break}

*Flea materializes*

{Marle}: Who IS this, {Frog}?
{Lucca}: Who IS she?!{full break}
{Robo}: Who is this woman? I am detecting large amounts of{line break}
magical energy emenating from her.{full break}

{Frog}: Do not be fooled by her playful appearance. She{line break}
is the Void Mage, Flea, an evil sorceress.{full break}

{Flea}: What?! Hey, I'm a guy, alright!{full break}

{Marle}: HUH?! You can't be a guy!{full break}
{Lucca}: ...but you look so...feminine!{full break}
{Robo}: But your exterior is that of a female...{full break}

{Flea}: Male...female...what's the difference, eh? Power{line break}
is beautiful, and I've got the power...haha...{full break}

{Flea}: You poor, poor, {Frog} must be so lonely now{line break}
that your precious Cyrus is gone...{full break}

{Frog}: Hold your tongue! I will not allow you to insult{line break]
him in front of me!{full break}

{Flea}: Oho? You think you can tell me what to do? Hah!{line break}
You're as much of a fool as he was. I'll show you all what{line break}
the term "Void Mage" truly means!{full break}

*boss fight!*

{Flea}: No...Sir Magus...forgive me!{full break}

*Flea evaporates*

{Frog}: I suppose the "Void Mage" was not so powerful{line break}
after all...come, let us continue!{full break}

*player heads back to door and proceeds through to Ozzie*

{Ozzie}: I grow tired of these games!{full break}

{Ozzie}: Slash!{full break}

{Ozzie}: Flea!{full break}

{delay 02}{Frog}: I am sorry, Ozzie, but they can no longer{line break}
help you.{full break}

{Ozzie}: disgusting, twisted bastard...!{full break}

{Ozzie}: Ozzie's outta here!{full break}

{Frog}: You cannot flee from us forever!{full break}

*player heads through*

{Ozzie}: Ah, welcome to my little hallway of death!{full break}

*player heads half-way through*

{Ozzie}: So, too slow? How's this, then?{full break}

*player gets through*

{Ozzie}: ...what the hell?! Impossible!{full break}
(repeat last line for getting through area with the holes and the raised monsters After failing to raise more monsters, he says:
{Ozzie}: That is IT! I've had it with you!{full break}
(Then he flees)

*player heads to next room*

{Frog}: Your time has come, ozzie. You have nowhere else to{line break}
run.{full break}

{Ozzie}: ...gyahahahaha! You're an idiot, Glenn! Magus is{line break}
already calling for reinforcements! Just wait until Lavos{line break}
arrives!{full break}

{Frog}: Even so, you will not live to see it!{full break}

{Ozzie}: That's what you think! You can't defeat me! My barrier{line break}
is impossible to destroy!{full break}

*fight and switch one*

{Ozzie}: Hahaha...this is fun!{full break}

*fight and switch two*

{Ozzie}: You might want to watch where you're aiming...haha!{full break}

*fight and switch three*

{Ozzie}: Almost got yourselves, hahahaha!{full break}

*fight and switch four*

{Ozzie}: Eh?! Oh no!{full break}

*Ozzie falls*

{Marle}: {Frog}, we gotta hurry! Magus is gonna create Lavos{line break}
any minute!{full break}
{Lucca}: We've got to move! Magus is almost finished with{line break}
creating Lavos!{full break}
{Robo}: {Frog}, we have little time. Let us hurry and{line break}
stop Magus before his creation is complete!{full break}

{Frog}: Of course! Magus, we come for you!{full break}

*player heads to Magus*

{Magus}: Neuga ziena zieber zom...{page break}
Now the chosen time has come...{page break}
Take this Mother Earth for--{delay 04}{instant full break}

{Frog}: Magus! Stop at once!{full break}

{Magus}: ...the hell?! It's that stupid frog!{page break}
Kissed any princesses lately?!{full break}

{Frog}: I enjoy this form, actually. Without it, I would{line break}
not have been able to recover the Masamune. In a way{line break}
I should thank you.{full break}

{Magus}: ...the Masamune?! How could Mel--oh, I see. Your{line break}
new friends here must've helped you repair it.{page break}
But, I don't care. Leave me alone. I've a spell to finish.{line break}
{delay 03} Unless, of course, you wish to die like your{line break}
friend Cyrus?{full break}

{Frog}: dare pale-faced bastard!{line break}
You will die for your insults!{full break}

{delay 03}{Magus}: The black wind is beginning to howl...{page break}
Okay then, "{Frog}"...give me your best shot...{full break}

{Magus}: If you're prepared for the Void!{full break}

*Epic boss fight!*

{Magus}: You...the could you have become{line break}
so powerful...?!{full break}

*stuff happens*

{Marle}: What's going on?!{full break}
{Lucca}: What's happening?!{full break}
{Robo}: I am detecting a large-scale energy reaction!{full break}

{Frog}: Could it be...Lavos?!{full break}

{Magus}: Oh, shit! Don't wake up on me now, Lavos! I'm not{line break}
ready now...thanks to them!{full break}

{Marle}: Wake up?! But you're the one who created him!{full break}
{Lucca}: What do you mean?! Didn't you create Lavos?!{full break}
{Robo}: I do not understand, Magus. We thought you were{line break}
responsible for the creation of Lavos!{full break}

{Magus}: What?! Why the hell would you believe that?{line break}
Ugh...idiots! I only "summoned" him!{page break}
Lavos lives inside the planet, absorbing the Earth's power{line break}
and growing ever stronger!{full break}

{Marle}: mean he wasn't born here?!{full break}
{Lucca}: If Lavos wasn't born here...where did he come from?!{full break}
{Robo}: Strange...Lavos must have originated from another{line break}
source...{full break}

{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, what is happening?{full break}

{Marle}: It's a Gate!{full break}
{Lucca}: A G-Gate?! It's huge...!{full break}
{Robo}: Impossible! A Gate this large should not exist!{full break}

{Magus}: You idiots! If you hadn't shown up this wouldn't{line break}
be happening!{full break}

{Marle}: Oh no, we're being sucked in!{full break}
{Lucca}: {Crono}, it's sucking us in! Hang on!{full break}
{Robo}: I am reading an enormous surge of gravity emenating{line break}
from the Gate! It is drawing us in!{full break}

{Frog}: Woah...!{full break}

{Magus}: Damn you...!{full break}

*everyone sucks into the Gate*

END "Magus' Castle!"
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Re: Storyline Dialogue Enhancements
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Quote from: Forward to the Past!
BEGIN "Forward to the Past!"

*Crono's Dream*

{Marle}: {Crono}...{page break}
{Crono}!{page break}
{Crono}, wake up already!{full break}

*fade in*

{Marle}: Come on, honey, get up please!{full break}

*Marle opens curtains*

{Marle}: I'd forgotten how beautiful Leene's bell sounds in{line break}
the morning...{full break}

{Marle}: Ugh! {Crono}, we can't keep mooching off my dad{line break}
forever, you know! Go out and get a job today!{page break}
{Crono}!{page break}
{Crono}! {Crono}!{line break}
{Crono}! {Crono}!{line break}
{Crono}! {Crono}!{line break}
{Crono}! {Crono}!{delay 06} {instant full break}

*fade to Chief's Hut 65,000,000 B.C.*

{Ayla}: {Crono} awake?!{full break}

{Marle}: {Ayla}? ...the Gate must've sent us to her era.{full break}
{Lucca}: {Ayla}?! ...that Gate sent us to 65,000,000 BC...{full break}
{Robo}: Miss {Ayla}? We appear to have been sent to the{line break}
prehistoric era.{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} want see {Crono}, so {Ayla} go to Mystic{line break}
Mountains. {Ayla} found all lie there, hurt. I carry{line break}
back to hut.{full break}

{Frog}: Madam, did you find another there apart from us?{full break}

{Ayla}: {delay 02} Yummy frog! For {Ayla} eat?{full break}

{Frog}: No, I am not "for eat" you idiot! Answer my{line break}
question: was there another there? A blue-haired one?{full break}

{Ayla}: Hahaha...frog funny. {Ayla} only find you there.{full break}

{Frog}: Damn it...we have lost him...{full break}

{Marle}: But what are we going to do now?{full break}
{Lucca}: What do we do now, {Crono}?{full break}
{Robo}: What is our next course of action, {Crono}?{full break}

{Ayla}: Not worry now. You rest. Still hurt. {Ayla} have{line break}
Kino check on you later.{full break}

*sleep. After awaken, Kino checks in*

{Kino}: {Crono} okay now? {Ayla} busy, look for Laruba Village.{line break}
Reptites attack more lately. Need Laruba to fight Reptites.{line break}
No fight Reptites, no survive.{full break}

*caveman enters*

{Ioka Villager}: Kiiiiinoooo!{full break}

{Kino}: What?! Quiet! {Crono} rest!{full break}

{Ioka Villager}: North wood burning!{full break}

{Kino}: {Ayla} in danger?!{full break}

*Kino and caveman leave*

{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, we should assist!{full break}

*player goes to Laruba Ruins*

{Laruba Elder}: {Ayla}...this all your fault! Look at mess...{full break}

{Laruba Elder}: Reptites followed you so village now ruined!{full break}

{Ayla}: ...{Ayla} feel bad. Not want Laruba destroyed.{full break}

{Laruba Elder}: Reptites strong! They live long time{line break}
before us, make smart, smarter than us, so we hide.{page break}
But {Ayla} say fight together or we no survive...{Ayla} still{line break}
fight?! {Ayla} fool!{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} fight while alive! Win and live, lose and die.{line break}
Law of the Earth. No change rule.{page break}
Elder not dead, but not alive either...{full break}

{Laruba Elder}: {Ayla}, you make big talk, but have no power{line break}
behind!{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} fight to gain power over Reptites! We fight{line break}
and gain more power! {Ayla} help Laruba, but need Dactyl!{line break}
Give Dactyl to {Ayla}!{full break}

{Laruba Elder}: ...need Dactyl? Why?{full break}

{Laruba Elder}: Go to Tyrano Lair?! That Reptite's home!{line break}
Dangerous! {Ayla} want die?! {Ayla} idiot!{full break}

{Ayla}: No! {Ayla} want live, so {Ayla} fight Azala! {Ayla}{line break}
will survive! Give Dactyl!{full break}

{Laruba Elder}: ...okay. Go to Dactyl's Nest and keeper will{line break}
help. Careful, {Ayla}! We not want you die!{full break}

{Ayla}: Thank you, Elder!{full break}

*Ayla runs off*

{Marle}: {Ayla}, wait!{full break}
{Lucca}: {Ayla}, wait up!{full break}
{Robo}: Miss {Ayla}, please wait!{full break}
{Frog}: Madam {Ayla}, halt!{full break}

{Marle}: {Crono}, let's go after her! She needs our help!{line break}
{Lucca}: Come on, {Crono}, let's go after her! She could{line break}
use our help.{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}, we should follow her. Perhaps she could use{line break}
our assistance.{full break}
{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, she may need our assistance. We should{line break}
follow her.{full break}

*player zips to Dactyl Nest*

{Ayla}: {Crono}?!{full break}

{Marle}: We can't let you go alone, {Ayla}, so don't even{line break}
THINK about leaving us behind!{full break}
{Lucca}: {Ayla}, you can't go alone! You need our help!{full break}
{Robo}: Miss {Ayla}, please allow us to assist you.{full break}
{Frog}: {Ayla}, I know we have not met before, but I know{line break}
you are Sir {Crono}'s companion, and thus mine as well.{line break}
I cannot allow you to journey forth alone!{full break}

{Ayla}: No! {Ayla} not let all go! All may die!{full break}

{Marle}: {Ayla}, you've helped us out a lot! Now we're{line break}
gonna return the favor, okay?{full break}
{Lucca}: Look, {Ayla}, we owe you one for helping us{line break}
out with the Gate Key, so let us help you this time.{full break}
{Robo}: Miss {Ayla}, you have aided us, and now we should{line break}
aid you.{full break}
{Frog}: And yet you may perish yourself if you go forth{line break}
alone! I will not allow it! One friend of mine has died{line break}
on my watch and I will not allow it to occur again!{full break}

{Ayla}: ...{Ayla} glad to have such strong friends...{full break}

{Ayla}: Okay! We go to Tyrano Lair together!{page break}
...thank you.{full break}

END "Forward to the Past!"

Quote from: Unnatural Selection?
BEGIN "Unnatural Selection?"

*player walks into Tyrano Lair*

{Ayla}: THIS Tyrano Lair. Dangerous...very dangerous...{full break}

{Marle}: Oh wow! This place is HUGE!{full break}
{Lucca}: This is unbelieveable...who knew the Reptites were{line break}
capable of this...?{full break}
{Robo}: Amazing! This structure is more massive than scientists{line break}
in my era had thought the Reptites were capable of!{full break}
{Frog}: This structure is remarkable...these Reptites are{line break}
a truly formidable opponent indeed.{full break}

{Ayla}: Must be careful! Azala nearby!{full break}

*player zips down to Laruba Villager cell*

{Laruba Villagers}: We free! Thank you, {Ayla}!

*Player goes to Kino's cell*

{Reptite Jailers}: Thanks for being the main course, Ape!{full break}

{Reptite Jailers}: It's the Apes! Kill them!{full break}


{Kino}: {Ayla}!{full break}

{Ayla}: Kino, move! {Ayla} save you!{full break}

{Marle}: {Ayla}, what're you doing?! You just got stuck too!{full break}
{Lucca}: {Ayla}, quit being an idiot! That's not going{line break}
to accomplish anything!{full break}
{Robo}: Miss {Ayla}, that method does not appear to be{line break}
rational or wise.{full break}
{Frog}: Why did she not simply push the button?{full break}

*Ayla breaks down door*

{Kino}: Sorry {Ayla}...all Kino's fault.{full break}

{Ayla}: No matter! Kino escape with Laruba villagers!{full break}

{Kino}: What {Ayla} do?{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} put end to all this! {Ayla} kill Azala!{full break}

{Kino}: Kino fight too!{full break}

{Ayla}: NO! Kino no fight! If {Ayla} die, Kino new chief of{line break}
Ioka! Ioka need Kino!{full break}

{Kino}: {Ayla}...{full break}

{Ayla}: Kino no worry! {Ayla} strong! No lose!{full break}

{Kino}: understand...and show you something!{full break}

*Kino opens skull on upper level*

{Kino}: {Ayla} die...Kino need you, okay?{full break}

*Kino runs off*

{Marle}: ...aww...Kino's in love...{full break}
{Lucca}: Kino's a sweet guy, isn't he?{full break}
{Robo}: It appears Kino has fallen in love with {Ayla}.{full break}
{Frog}: Love is always a delight to behold.{full break}

{delay 04}{Ayla}: ...we go!{full break}

*zip to Nizbel*

{Nizbel}: You again?! You won't defeat me a second time{line break}
Apes! Azala brought me back and I'm stronger than ever!{full break}

*Boss fight!*

{Ayla}: Azala close! We go!{full break}

*zip to Azala's throne room*

{Azala}: Ah, {Ayla} and the odd Apes are here at last.{line break}
Welcome to our Tyrano Lair! This is it, is it not? The{line break}
final showdown between our races? Today, the Earth{line break}
passes her judgement upon us.{page break}
Will it be we Reptites or the Apes who rule the world?{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} strong! Strong survive! {Ayla} fight!{line break}
Azala lose!{full break}

*Black Tyrano roars*

{Azala}: Hear that lovely voice, Apes? You will soon{line break}
become the best of friends with it! Come, if you still{line break}
wish to fight me!{full break}

*Azala zips to outside and player follows*

{Azala}: The red omen of our demise?{page break}
Fall to Earth, red start! Stain the Earth red with the{line break}
blood of our enemies!{full break}

{Azala}: Though it may be our fate to perish, we will not{line break}
simply hand Mother Earth over to you Apes!{full break}

{Azala}: Mwahaha! With this Black Tyrano I can finally{line break}
exterminate you filthy Apes! But first...a demonstration{line break}
of its capabilities! Fight me if you wish to live!{full break}

*epic boss fight!*

{Azala}:! It cannot be! Could Mother Earth have{line break}
truly sided with the Apes?! NO!{page break}
Listen primates, and let it be known to all! We Reptites{line break}
fought bravely to the bitter end. Do not allow us to be{line break}
forgotten if you have any mercy within you!{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} understand...{full break}

*stuff happens*

{Ayla}: What happen?!{full break}

{Azala}: The red falls...soon, Apes, stones of fire{line break}
will rain down on the Earth. Flames will scorch the land!{page break}
The burned out plains will slowly freeze and usher in a long{line break}
cruel Ice Age!{page break}
Mwahaha...what a treat! You will wish you perished with us!{line break}
But no...your fate will be much, much crueler than ours.{full break}

{Ayla}: Lavos...{full break}

{Marle}: Lavos?! What're you talking about?!{full break}
{Lucca}: L-Lavos?!{full break}
{Robo}: Lavos? How is this possible?{full break}
{Frog}: Lavos?! It cannot be!{full break}

{Ayla}: Lavos {Ayla}'s tribe's word.{line break}
"La" mean fire.{line break}
"Vos" mean big...{full break}

{Kino}: {Ayla}!{full break}

*Kino flies in*

{Ayla}: Kino! Hurry! Lavos come soon!{full break}

{Kino}: Kino know! Quick! All ride Dactyl to Ioka!{full break}

{Ayla}: Kino, hurry!{full break}

*Ayla gets off and goes to Azala*

{Kino}: {Ayla}?! What you do?!

{Ayla}: Azala, come! Come with!{full break}

{Azala}: Absolutely not! Mother Earth has spoken: my race{line break}
will not survive this day, and I cannot in good conscience{line break}
abandon them!{full break}

{Ayla}: ...{full break}

{Kino}: {Ayla}, hurry!{full break}

{Ayla}: not forget you...{full break}

*Ayla hops on Dactyl*

{Azala}: The future...{full break}

{Ayla}: Future? What about future?{full break}

{Azala}: We...have no future...{full break}

*Lavos lands!*

{Marle}: So Lavos landed in 65,000,000 B.C...{full break}
{Lucca}: So Lavos arrived in THIS era of time.{full break}
{Robo}: Lavos landed in this era...I now understand.{full break}
{Frog}: Lavos does not live due to Magus, but fell in{line break}
ancient times...{full break}

(Only if Robo in party)
{Robo}: We were lucky to have escaped the fall. According{line break}
to my sensors, the impact registered in the terraton range.{line break}
Azala's prediction about an Ice Age may be correct.{full break}

{Ayla}: Lavos huge! {Crono} fight it?{full break}

{Marle}: That sounds like a good idea! He might be weak!{full break}
{Lucca}: Lavos is probably weak from that landing! We might{line break}
be able to kill him now!{full break}
{Robo}: We might be able to destroy Lavos now if we hurry.{full break}
{Frog}: Left unscathed, Lavos will burrow. Best if we{line break}
fight it now, Sir {Crono}, if we are to save the future.{full break}

{Ayla}: {Crono}! We go where Lavos fall!{full break}

*player goes to Tyrano Lair Ruins*

{Marle}: ...a Gate?!{full break}
{Lucca}: What's a Gate doing here?{full break}
{Robo}: A Gate has formed here...curious.{full break}
{Frog}: It is a Gate!{full break}

{Ayla}: Lavos very fast. Deep under Earth already.{full break}

{Marle}: ...was this Gate made by Lavos? Maybe he's{line break}
the source of the Gates!{full break}
{Lucca}: Hmm...the sheer power of Lavos seems to warp{line break}
space-time itself and create Gates...maybe he made all of them?{full break}
{Robo}: It appears that Lavos is magically powerful enough{line break}
to alter space-time and form this Gate, and possibly all Gates.{full break}
{Frog}: Perhaps Lavos caused this Gate? Might he be the{line break}
the cause of them all?{full break}

{Ayla}: {Crono}, want fight Lavos, we go in here, yes?{full break}

*Crono nods. Party enters Gate*

END "Unnatural Selection?"

Quote from: The Magical Kingdom: Zeal!
BEGIN "The Magical Kingdom: Zeal!"

*party falls out of Gate*

{Marle}:'s really cold here! Must be an Ice Age...{full break}
{Lucca}: c-cold...Ice Age, maybe?{full break}
{Robo}: appears the era we have arrived in is{line break}
experiencing an Ice Age.{full break}
{Frog}: It is rather cold in this time...perhaps it is an{line break}
Ice Age?{full break}
{Ayla}: Cold! {Crono}, where this? This Ice Age Azala say?{full break}

*screen shows outside view of cave for a few seconds or so*

{Marle}: And it feels like there's a lot of magic in the{line break}
air, too!{full break}
{Lucca}: Is it just me, or does it feel like there's a LOT{line break}
of magic around?{full break}
{Robo}: My sensors are detecting an immense magical field{line break}
all around us.{full break}
{Frog}: It feels as if magic is all about us, much stronger{line break}
than Magus' Castle.{full break}
{Ayla}: Ow...big headache, {Crono}! Much magic...{full break}

{Marle}: What do you think's causing it?{full break}
{Lucca}: What could be using such powerful magic?{full break}
{Robo}: I cannot determine what is causing this magical field.{full break}
{Frog}: What kind of sorcerers could use such powerful magic?{full break}
{Ayla}: What make magic, {Crono}?

{Marle}: C'mon, let's check it out!{full break}
{Lucca}: We should definitely check it out. They might know{line break}
something about Lavos.{full break}
{Robo}: We should examine the source for more information.{full break}
{Frog}: Sir, {Crono}, we should examine whatever is causing{line break}
this magic.{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono}, we go see magic, yes?{full break}

*player zips to skyway and enter it. At top, PCs stop*

{Marle}: Oh my God...we're floating in the sky!{full break}
{Lucca}: A kingdom in the sky...?{full break}
{Robo}: We are on a land mass floating at an altitude of{line break}
24,000 feet!{full break}
{Frog}: We are on a floating island in the sky...remarkable.{full break}
{Ayla}: We float in sky?!{full break}

*screen shows overworld right over skyway for a few seconds*

{Marle}: What IS this place...?{full break}
{Lucca}: What could this be?{full break}
{Robo}: Who could have built this Kingdom? According to my{line break}
sensors we are in the year 12,000 B.C. and no kingdom existed{line break}
at that time.{full break}
{Frog}: What powerful magic must this kingdom possess?{full break}
{Ayla}: Strong people here?{full break}

*player goes to Enhasa*
{Enhasa Citizen}: Ah, welcome all to Enhasa, in the Kingdom{line break}
of Zeal! Who might you be? We so rarely see new people{line break}
around here.{full break}'

(Note: Ayla cannot say next line)
{Marle}: Zeal?! But I thought that was just a myth!{full break}
{Lucca}: The Kingdom of Zeal...but surely that's just a{line break}
myth...{full break}
{Robo}: According to my memory banks the Kingdom of Zeal is{line break}
a mythological kingdom, not a real one.{full break}
{Frog}: I understood it that the Kingdom of Zeal was a myth{line break}
a fantasy for children to amuse themselves with.{full break}

{Enhasa Citizen}: ...surely not. I do not know what myths{line break}
you may have, but our kingdom is a reality. It has lasted{line break}
for over six centuries and will continue to last for many{line break}
more!{full break}

*player walks near Janus, and Janus immediately runs over to party*

{Odd Boy}: ...{full break}

{Marle}: What is it? Can we help you?{full break}
{Lucca}: Hey, what's wrong?{full break}
{Robo}: Hello...may I help you?{full break}
{Frog}: He is a sullen you have something to say?{full break}
{Ayla}: Who you?{full break}

{Odd Boy}: ...the black wind amongst you...{page break}
...will shortly perish...{full break}

{Marle}: What?! No way!{full break}
{Lucca}: H-huh?! Hey, come back here! Explain yourself!{full break}
{Robo}: this true? What are the odds for and against{line break}
this occurance?!{full break}
{Frog}: Lies! Foul lies!{full break}
{Ayla}: ...?{full break}

*Janus runs off*

{Marle}: {Crono}...d-do you t-think he could be right?{full break}
{Lucca}: It's gotta be a bad could he even{line break}
know something like that anyway?{full break}
{Robo}: Why would he say such a thing?{full break}
{Frog}: I do not know what this might mean...but surely we{line break}
should ignore the boy. Foretelling the future is impossible.{full break}
{Ayla}: Strange...but not bad boy!{full break}

*player heads to Blackbird. Dalton is there with the guards and starts

talking as soon as the player enters*

{Zealian}: Is everything alright with the Blackbird?{full break}

{Guard}: Yes sir, Dalton!{full break}

{Dalton}: Good!{full break}

{Guard}: Sir, look behind you!{full break}

{Dalton}: Oh? Who are you?{full break}

{Dalton}: Aha, of course! You must be the odd ones the{line break}
Prophet spoke of, the ones would who cause trouble for Zeal.{full break}

{Marle}: Uh...we're not here to cause trouble!{full break}
{Lucca}: We're not gonna do anything! Honest!{full break}
{Robo}: Sir, you are mistaken. We do not wish to cause any{line break}
sort of trouble for anyone.{full break}
{Frog}: we are not here to cause trouble for anyway, sir.{full break}
{Ayla}: We not bad guys!{full break}

{Dalton}: Of course not.{full break}

{Dalton}: But I will be watching should you decide to cause{line break}
trouble after stay on your guard. Hah!{full break}

*Dalton walks off*

{Marle}: What was that guy talking about, anyway?{full break}
{Lucca}: What do you think he meant by Prophet?{full break}
{Robo}: A Prophet spoke of us? What was he talking about?{full break}
{Frog}: What a confusing man...{full break}
{Ayla}: He make no sense! {Ayla} head hurt!{full break}

*player goes to Zeal Palace. Zealian greets them upon entrance*

{Zealian}: This is the Queen's Palace, the centre of the{line break}
Kingdom of Zeal, which makes this the centre of the universe!{page break}
We keep the Mammom Machine that uses the power of the almighty{line break}
Lavos to keep the Kingdom afloat!{full break}

{Marle}: W-what?! You u-use Lavos' power?!{full break}
{Lucca}: Are you INSANE?! You use Lavos' power?!{full break}
{Robo}: You utilize Lavos' power? That is not wise.{full break}
{Frog}: What?! Lunacy! You use his power?!
{Ayla}: Use Lavos?!{full break}

{Zealian}: Indeed! The power of Lavos flows within us all!{full break}

*player heads to Schala's room*

{Odd Boy}: Schala!{full break}

{Schala}: Oh, Janus, you've returned! Is something wrong?{full break}

{Janus}: The black howls...{full break}

{Schala}: You feel it too...? Well, worry not Janus. I'm here{line break}
to keep you safe.{full break}

{Schala}: And, take this, Janus.{full break}

{Janus}: ...what is it?{full break}

{Schala}: It's an amulet that I created, embuing it with my{line break} will protect you from dire enchatments and other{line break}
dangerous situations.{page break}
I wish I could protect you always, Janus...but alas...our{line break}
mother has other ideas...{full break}

{Janus}: She's NOT our mother, Schala! She looks like our{line break}
mother...but inside she's changed...turned evil...{full break}

{Schala}: Janus...I...{delay 03}{instant full break}

{Zealian Servant}: Excuse me, Your Higness, but the Queen{line break}
requests your immediate presence at the Ocean Palace.{full break}

{Schala}: ...of course. Janus, I'm sorry, but please excuse me.{full break}

{Schala}: Oh...who might you be?{full break}

{Zealian Servant}: Your Higness, please hurry...the Queen{line break}
will punish me if you are late!{full break}

{Schala}: Oh, yes, of course. I'm sorry, but we will have{line break}
to talk later.{full break}

*Schala and the servant walk off and player follows Schala to the door*

{Marle}: Hmm...didn't work. Now what do we do?{full break}
{Lucca}: Damn didn't work...{full break}
{Robo}: It would appear the pendant will not open the door.{full break}
{Frog}: Why does the pendant not work as Schala's does{line break}
if they are identical?{full break}
{Ayla}: No work...why?{full break}

{Marle}: Say...didn't Schala's pendant glow? Maybe...maybe{line break}
we should charge it up somehow?{full break}
{Lucca}: ...Schala's pendant glowed, almost as if it held{line break}
an energy charge...we should charge up Marle's too!{full break}
{Robo}: I detected energy from Miss Schala's pendant, so{line break}
I suggest we find a way to charge our own.{full break}
{Frog}: Schala's pendant glowed with an eerie energy...{line break}
so we should fill our own with the same...{full break}
{Ayla}: Pendant glow...make Marle pendant glow too?{full break}

*player charges up the Pendant at the Mammon machine and returns*

{Marle}: Alright, the door opened!{full break}
{Lucca}: Hah! You can't keep us at bay!{full break}
{Robo}: It is good to see our theory about the pendant being{line break}
made from the same material as Schala's was correct.{full break}
{Frog}: Now that we have opened the door...what awaits us?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} go! {Ayla} no fear! {Crono} no fear!{full break}

*player enters*

{Prophet}: So you see, Queen, I...the hell?!{full break}

{Dalton}: Ah...I see you've decided to show yourselves. Not{line break}
a good decision on your part.{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Who are you?! How were you able to get{line break}
past the defenses on the door barring the way in?!{full break}

{Prophet}: Your Majesty, these are the evildoers I spoke{line break}
of! They intend to overthrow your kingdom!{full break}

{Marle}: What?! No, we just wanted to--{delay 05}{instant full break}
{Lucca}: No we're not! We're here to--{delay 05}{instant full break}
{Robo}: We are not here to cause trouble! We only--{delay 05}{instant full

{Frog}: No, Your Higness, we seek no trouble, only in--{delay 05}{instant

full break}
{Ayla}: We not--{delay 05}{instant full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Silence! DARE you believe you could{line break}
oppose me foreigners?! You are no better than those{line break}
wretched Gurus!{full break}

{Schala}: But mother...{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Be quiet, Schala. Dalton...dispose of them.{full break}

{Dalton}: Of course, Your Majesty! By your leave...Golem{line break}
come to us!{full break}

*boss fight!*

(if win){Dalton}: Golem?! That was inexcusable!{line break}
Take this, foul Golem destroyers!{full break}

(If lose){Dalton}: Hahahaha! You fools! My Golem cannot be{line break}
defeated by the likes of you! Take this!{full break}

(Either way, party is trapped)

{Schala}: Oh no!{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Haha! Fools! Oh, but fear won't{line break}
perish just yet. We intend to enjoy you first...hahahaha!{page break}

{Schala}: ...mother...{full break}

*zip to former Mammon Machine location*

{Janus}: ...what fools! Schala, what do you intend to do{line break}
with them?{full break}

{Schala}: ...let us rescue them. They do not deserve the fate{line break}
my mother will inflict upon them.{full break}

{Janus}: will be in trouble if mother finds out{line break}
you helped them escape.{full break}

{Schala}: Worry not about me, Janus! They just might be able{line break}
to rescue the Guru of Life...and if they do, perhaps we can{line break}
stop our mother...{full break}

{Janus}: ...Schala...{full break}

*party let out*

{Schala}: There! Are you alright?{full break}

{Marle}: Thanks for letting us out Schala! We're fine.{full break}
{Lucca}: We're okay, Schala. Thanks for lettin' us out!{full break}
{Robo}: We are fine, Miss Schala. Thank you for allowing us{line break}
to escape.{full break}
{Frog}: We are unharmed, madam. Thank you for freeing us.{full break}
{Ayla}: We okay! Thank you!{full break}

{Schala}: You're all welcome. I wish we had the time to talk{line break}
but you need to escape from the palace while there is still{line break}
time!{page break}
And, if you are able, please rescue the Guru of Life! He was{line break}
imprisoned on the Mountain of Woe for opposing the Queen.{page break}
Mount Woe floats over the Earthbound village of Algetty. Now{line break}
hurry!{full break}

{Voice}: I'm afraid I can't let you do that...{full break}

{Prophet}: ...your meddling tires I'm afraid you'll{line break}
just have to...disappear...hah...{full break}

{Schala}: musn't! Please, don't kill them!{full break}

{Prophet}: What?!{full break}

{Janus}: Listen to my sister!{full break}

*Alfador meows*

{Prophet}: ...damn it...fine, I'll spare their lives...{page break}
But in turn, you WILL cooperate with me, Schala!{full break}

{Schala}: I...oh, alright...{full break}

{Prophet}: Now show me how you came here!{full break}

*zip to Earthbound island cave*

{Prophet}: So...a Ga--I mean, you came in through here...{full break}

{Schala}: What might this portal be...?{full break}

{Prophet}: Nevermind that! Just seal the damned thing after I{line break}
throw them in!{full break}

{Schala}: ...NO! I refuse to obey you!{full break}

{Prophet}: Oh really? Fine! I'll just kill them, then.{full break}

{Schala}: No, don't! ...damn you...fine, I'll do it!{full break}

{Prophet}: Good. You three, get in!{full break}

*party goes into the Gate and Schala seals it*

{Schala}: ...please forgive me...{full break}

END "The Magical Kingdom: Zeal!"

Quote from: Break the Seal!
BEGIN "Break The Seal!"

*party falls out of Tyrano Lair Gate*

{Marle}: ...why'd the Prohpet let us go, {Crono}?{full break}
{Lucca}: Why would the Prophet let us leave? He could've{line break}
just done away with us, but he didn't...{full break}
{Robo}: I do not understand why the Prophet spared us...Miss{line break}
Schala seemed to have a bond with him...{full break}
{Frog}: The Prophet spared us...why would he? In his position{line break}
I would not have.{full break}
{Ayla}: Why Prophet let us go?{full break}

{Marle}: I dunno...but we've gotta find a way back. The key{line break}
to beating Lavos is in Zeal...I know it is!{full break}
{Lucca}: I don't know why either...but we need to find some{line break}
way back to Zeal! I'm sure that they've got the key to beating{line break}
Lavos!{full break}
{Robo}: I also do not understand...but at the moment, it is{line break}
irrelevant. We must find a way back to the Kingdom of Zeal.{line break}
They may hold the key to defeating Lavos.{full break}
{Frog}: Nor do I understand...but regardless, we must find a{line break}
way back. Zeal may hold the key to vanquishing Lavos.{full break}
{Ayla}: Not know why. Find way back, though. Zeal important?{line break}
Help beat Lavos?{full break}

{Marle}: But how're we gonna do it? The Gate is sealed!{full break}
{Lucca}: But the Gate's been sealed off by're{line break}
we ever going to get back there?{full break}
{Robo}: The Gate has been sealed, however. We have no way{line break}
back.{full break}
{Frog}: Madam Schala sealed the Gate...we possess no means{line break}
of returning.{full break}
{Ayla}: Gate shut! No go!{full break}

{Marle}: Hey...wait a sec! Didn't we see those weird designs{line break}
on the doors in the future somewhere?{full break}
{Lucca}: Wait a second! We've seen the crests on the Zealian{line break}
doors in the future, {Crono}, remember?!{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}, I have the answer! In my time there are{line break}
doors identical to the one we saw in Zeal Palace!{full break}
{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, have you not seen the crests on the{line break}
Zeal doors elsewhere before? I believe you spoke of seeing{line break}
them in the ruined future.{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono} see crest on doors, yes? In future?{full break}

*Screen shows overworld directly over Keeper's Dome*

{Marle}: We gotta check it out, {Crono}! It's worth a shot{line break}
anyway, right?{full break}
{Lucca}: Let's check it out, {Crono}! It's not like we've got{line break}
any other plan of action anyway, right?{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}, let us return to my time. We have no other{line break}
course of action available to us, so it is worth a look.{full break}
{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, let us depart for the future! We have{line break}
no other ideas in any case.{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono}, we go! Not know what else to do.{full break}

*player heads to End of Time*

{Old Man}: So you've been to the Kingdom of Zeal, eh? And the{line break}
pillar of light is sealed?'ll need something else{line break}
that can transport you through time...{page break}
I...I once heard about someone working on such a device...the{line break}
Wings of Time I think he named it...but unfortunately he's{line break}
become a tad psychotic spending so much of his time on it.{full break}

{Marle}: Where can we find the "Wings of Time"?{full break}
{Lucca}: Do you know where the "Wings of Time" are?{full break}
{Robo}: Can you direct us to the time period and location{line break}
of the "Wings of Time"?{full break}
{Frog}: Old Man, tell us where the "Wings of Time" are.{full break}
{Ayla}: Where "Wings of Time"?{full break}

{Old Man}: Heh...if my memory serves me right, it's in the{line break}
Future...but you'll have some trouble getting past the doors{line break}
if you don't have...{delay 03}oh, nevermind, you'll not have{line break}
any trouble. Good luck.{full break}

*player heads to Underground Sewer*

{Sentry Bot}: Intruders in the sewer?! I must report this to{line break}
Sir Krawlie immediately!{full break}

{Marle}: Uh-oh...{full break}
{Lucca}: Oh dear...{full break}
{Robo}: We may have a problem...{full break}
{Frog}: An obstacle awaits us...{full break}
{Ayla}: worry!{full break}

*player heads through*

{Henchfrog}: There was a bridge here...I saw it, ribbit! I know{line break}
I did!{full break}

{Boss Frog}: ...idiot! There's nothing here, gribbit!{full break}

{Henchfrog}: B-b-b-but...I saw's real...gribbit...{full break}

{Boss Frog}: Someone's coming! Let's get outta here, gribbit!{full break}

*player approaches stairs*

{Marle}: This is getting pretty spooky {Crono}...{full break}
{Lucca}: The sewer here is kinda eerie, {Crono}...I've got{line break}
a bad feeling about this...{full break}
{Robo}: ...even as a robot, I feel somewhat disturbed by this{line break}
sewer...{full break}
{Frog}: ...frogs...why must it be frogs...{full break}
{Ayla}: ...{Ayla} no scared...!{full break}

*player heads through*

{Henchfrog}: Hah, I forgot! Ribbit! You gotta flip the{line break}
switch to lower the bridge, gribbit.{full break}

{Boss Frog}: Then turn it on already, gribbit!{full break}

{Henchfrog}: Ribbit...!{page break}
It's out of reach, gribbit...{full break}

{Boss Frog}: And you call yourself a frog...what a disgrace{line break}
to all frogs, gribbit!{full break}

{Boss Frog}: Ack, those humans again! Let's get outta here{line break}
gribbit!{full break}

*player goes near Krawlie*

{Sentry Bot}: Sir Krawlie, three intruders!{full break}

{Sir Krawlie}: What?! They're in my sewer, damn it! They can't{line break}
just waltz in here! We gotta show them the error of their{line break}
ways...hahahahaha...{full break}

{Sentry Bot}: You'll show them, Sir Krawlie!{full break}

{Sir Krawlie}: Of course I will! HAHAHAHA!{full break}

{Sentry Bot}: They're here! I must flee!{full break}

{Sir Krawlie}: Huh?!{full break}

*Boss fight?*

{Marle}: ...and we were worried...{full break}
{Lucca}: To think we worried over nothing...{full break}
{Robo}: We are lucky there was nothing to our fears.{full break}
{Frog}: Disgusting embarrassment to all...{full break}
{Ayla}: ...{Ayla} never scared!{full break}

*player heads to Keeper's Dome(Nu awaiting at entrance is covered in NPC

dialogue) PCs stop when player approaches sealed door*

{Marle}: Look, it's a door from Zeal! {Crono}, use my pendant!{full break}
{Lucca}: We were IS a Zealian door! {Crono}, use{line break}
the pendant!{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}, it is a door from the Kingdom of Zeal!{line break}
Please, use the pendant!{full break}
{Frog}: We were correct after all...Sir {Crono}, utilize the{line break}
pendant and open the door!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono} use pendant! Open door!{full break}

*Crono auto-uses the pendant to open the door and PCs head through and see

the lights of the messages*

(3rd PC, not second here)
{Marle}: ...what're those...?{full break}
{Lucca}: What could those be...messages, maybe?{full break}
{Robo}: Those appear to be some form of hologram...{line break}
a message, perhaps?{full break}
{Frog}: What are these bizarre lights...?{full break}
{Ayla}: What those, {Crono}?{full break}

*player accesses each light*

{Hologram}: Greetings to those who have opened the door.{line break}
I am Balthasar. Once the Guru of Reason in the Kingdom{line break}
of Zeal, I am now nothing more than a sad old man thrown{line break}
by a great disaster into a time not his own.{page break}
To my dismay, I discovered the infamous immortal, Lavos--a{line break}
creature we foolishly attempted to use as a power source{line break}
existed in this time, and most probably other times as well.{page break}
Aeons ago, Lavos descended from the heavens and burrowed into{line break}
the Planet's core, creating a special Pocket Dimension to{line break}
protect himself. In it, he steals Mother Earth's energy{line break}
for his own parasitical purposes.{full break}

{Hologram}: Lavos was summoned out of his Pocket Dimension{line break}
briefly by a powerful Mystic leader in 600 A.D., though I{line break}
have never been able to figure out why the Mystic leader{line break}
summoned him.{page break}
300 years ago, on the eve of the 3rd Millennium, Lavos...{line break}
Lavos destroyed the world with his fury to protect his{line break}
spawn that he creates on the mountain I call Death Peak.{page break}
I've been conducting research on Lavos ever since I{line break}
arrived in this era...I even built this dome to facilitate{line break}
my research. In the computers are stored every scrap of{line break}
information....{full break}

{Hologram}: But I am growing older and frailer with each day.{line break}
And in this desolation, it is nearly impossible to stay{line break}
sane...{page break}
Oh...Zeal...I long to return to you...I built my creation to{line break}
return home...but it is too late for me...too late...{full break}

{Hologram}: So, who opened the door...I leave things{line break}
in your hands. With my creation, you can end Lavos for{line break}
all time.{page break}
Only by mastering time and working with our Mother Earth do{line break}
you stand a chance...but I believe it can--no, WILL--be done.{line break}
The fate of the world rests in your hands...{full break}

{Hologram}: Open now the final door and take what you find{line break} last, greatest invention...{page break}
My "Wings of Time..."{full break}

*player opens the door and heads in to look at the Epoch*

{Marle}: Wow...what an awesome ship...but how do you tell{line break}
the front from the back?{full break}
{Lucca}: This must be the "Wings of Time..." It's amazing!{full break}
{Robo}: The "Wings of Time" is a remarkable device.{full break}
{Frog}: This ship...moves through time? ...I will never{line break}
understand these strange devices...{full break}
{Ayla}: This time machine?{full break}

{Voice}: Excuse me!{full break}

*Nu walks in carrying the seats*

{Strange Creature}: Sorry, did I scare you? Anyway, this is{line break}
me, Belthasar!{page break}
I copied my memory into this device to aid whomever broke the{line break}
seal. Clever, eh?{page break}
You've seen the holograms, so you understand everything. I've{line break}
no more I can tell you, except how to operate the{line break}
"Wings of Time."{full break}

{Belthasar}: Press the Y button for the time gauge, then use{line break}
either the L&R keys or the directional pad to select an era.{line break}
Press A once selected, and you're off!{full break}

{Belthasar}: Oh, before you leave, why don't you...{full break}

*Nu falls asleep for a brief moment*

{Belthasar}: my time machine!{full break}

{Belthasar}: {Epoch}, eh? Nice name. Anyway, hop aboard and{line break}
you'll be off.{full break}

*player boards Epoch and chooses an era*

{Marle}: Oh my God...!{full break}
{Lucca}: This is incredible...{full break}
{Robo}: I am detecting enormous amounts of if{line break}
the sum total of all human spirtual energy that has ever{line break}
existed is being amplified...{full break}
{Frog}: What amazing speed and power...!{full break}
{Ayla}: Woohoo! Fun! Fast!{full break}

*player goes to End of Time*

{Old Man}: old friend actually finished the "Wings of{line break}
Time..." He even gave his life for the device...{page break}
Put it to good use, {Crono}! Take it to the ancient Kingdom{line break}
of Zeal!{full break}

*player heads to 12,000 B.C. and to the skygate*

{Marle}: What...? It's not working?! Oh come on!{full break}
{Lucca}: Oh man...why isn't this damned thing working?{full break}
{Robo}: The Skygate appears to be sealed...{full break}
{Frog}: We took the time to seek out the {Epoch} only to be{line break}
confounded by a damned sealed Skygate?!{full break}
{Ayla}: no work...! {Ayla} mad!{full break}

{Marle}: There's gotta be another way to get to that Mount{line break}
Woe place...Schala asked us to help the Guru of Life so we{line break}
gotta do it.{full break}
{Lucca}: How will we get to Mount Woe and save the Guru of Life{line break}
like Schala asked us to now?{full break}
{Robo}: We must find another way to reach the Mountain of Woe{line break}
if we are to fulfill Miss Schala's request to aid the Guru{line break}
of Life.{full break}
{Frog}: Another way to reach the Guru of Life on Mount Woe{line break}
must be found if we are aid Madam Schala.{full break}
{Ayla}: Must find new way! Must help Guru on Mountain!{full break}

*player heads to Algetty and is stopped at the entrance by an NPC*

{Algetty Citizen}: ...are you from Zeal? Algetty is just a{line break}
simple Earthbound village! Please, do not take anymore of us{line break}
to build your damned Ocean Palace!{full break}

{Marle}: No, we're tryin' to find a way to Mount Woe so we{line break}
can save the Guru!{full break}
{Lucca}: We're not here to take anyone. We just want to save{line break}
the Guru of Life.{full break}
{Robo}: We merely seek an entrance to Mount Woe to save the{line break}
Guru of Life from his fate.{full break}
{Frog}: We only wish to rescue the Guru of Life from the{line break}
Mountain of Woe.{full break}
{Ayla}: No, want save Guru! Find Mount Woe!{full break}

{Algetty Citizen}: You wish to save the Guru?! Oh thank God!{line break}
Inside our village cave you will find an entrance to{line break}
Mount Woe but you will have to pass through the Beast's Nest.{line break}
Be careful, friends.{full break}

*player heads through Beast's Nest*

{Mud Imp}: No one passes through on my watch!{full break}

{Marle}: Oh come on! Can't we ever get a break?!{full break}
{Lucca}: Oh for the love of GOD...!{full break}
{Robo}: These interruptions in our quest are beginning to{line break}
annoy even me...{full break}
{Frog}: It was a foolish mistake for you to block our path.{full break}
{Ayla}: GRAH! {Ayla} mad! {Ayla} beat you up!{full break}

*boss fight!*

{Marle}: I really hope that's the last of this...{full break}
{Lucca}: That better be the last of them because this is{line break}
really pissing me off...{full break}
{Robo}: With luck, that will be the last foe in our way.{full break}
{Frog}: If we are in luck, no more will block our path.{full break}
{Ayla}: ...{Ayla} feel better now...{full break}

*player heads up onto Mount Woe*

END "Break the Seal!"
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Re: Storyline Dialogue Enhancements
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Quote from: The Guru Imprisoned on Mount Woe!
BEGIN "The Guru Imprisoned on Mount Woe!"

*player zooms through Mount Woe and reaches the top*

{Marle}: This must be where the Guru of Life's trapped!{full break}
{Lucca}: This has gotta be the cage of the Guru of Life!{full break}
{Robo}: Here we will find the Guru of Life!{full break}
{Frog}: A must be where the Guru of Life is{line break}
imprisoned.{full break}
{Ayla}: This big cage?{full break}

*Crystalline cage disappears*

{Marle}: What the?! It's disappearing!{full break}
{Lucca}: The crap?! {Crono}, it's disappearing!{full break}
{Robo}: It is disappearing...!{full break}
{Frog}: The cage is vanishing before our eyes!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono}, cage gone!{full break}

*Giga Gaia appears*

{Giga Gaia}: Intruders...all intruders must be eliminated.{full break}

{Marle}: Uh-ehehe...can't we talk about this...?{full break}
{Lucca}: W-wait...we can talk about this, can't we?{full break}
{Robo}: Surely as robot to robot we can discuss the matter!{full break}
{Frog}: We need not fight! Can we not speak with each other?{full break}
{Ayla}: Talk, not fight?{full break}

{Giga Gaia}: Negative. All intruders must be eliminated.{line break}
Prepare to die.{full break}

*boss fight! After fight, cage reappears only to shatter and reveal


{Marle}: ...MELCHIOR?!{full break}
{Lucca}: Melchior...?!{full break}
{Robo}: Mr. Melchior?!{full break}
{Frog}: M-Melchior...?{full break}
{Ayla}: Melchior?{full break}

{Melchior}: Indeed...I am Melchior. Have we...met before?{page break}
No, nevermind that now. What can you tell me about the Ocean{line break}
Palace and the Queen's intentions?{full break}

{Marle}: The Queen's moving the Mammom Machine to the Ocean{line break}
Palace!{full break}
{Lucca}: Queen Zeal's gone completely crazy. She's even moving{line break}
the Mammon Machine into the Ocean Palace so she can use{line break}
Lavos' power!{full break}
{Robo}: The Queen's sanity is in question. She is proceeding{line break}
to move the Mammom Machine into the Ocean Palace.{full break}
{Frog}: Zeal has gone mad...she is even now preparing to{line break}
move the Mammon Machine into the Ocean Palace.{full break}
{Ayla}: Queen crazy! Move big machine to ocean! She use Lavos!{full break}

{Melchior}: ...I see...the Queen has truly degenerated to that{line break}
degree...{page break}
The more energy the Mammon Machine absorbs, the further the{line break}
Queen's sanity slips away. Her spirit has been stolen by the{line break}
infamous immortal, Lavos.{page break}
If we do not stop on this planet is surely doomed.{full break}

*mountain shakes*

{Melchior}: Oh no! We must flee! With the seal broken, the{line break}
Mountain of Woe will collapse into the ocean!{full break}

*the mountain falls. (Note: apart from adding the name "Algetty Citizen" to

the NPC dialogue, the dialogue remains the same for the two people talking

about the fall). Zip to Elder's room in Algetty*

{Melchior}: Lavos sleeps deep underground while consuming the{line break}
energy of Mother Earth. If the Mammom Machine is brought closer{line break}
to him...he may awaken!{full break}

{Melchior}: We must hurry before it is too late! Lavos{line break}
will destroy Zeal and all life if we do not!{page break}
Damn that Prophet! If only I had not been imprisoned on{line break}
the mountain...I might have been able to stop this...{full break}

{Algetty Citizen}: Elder! Schala is here!{full break}

{Melchior}: What...? Schala?! She's here?{full break}

*Schala enters*

{Algetty Elder}: Miss Schala...why have you come to such a{line break}
miserable place...?{full break}

{Schala}: must not degrade yourself or your people!{line break}
We Enlightened Ones were once the same as you...only now our{line break}
souls have been stolen from us by Lavos...{full break}

{Janus}: ...what a filthy hovel...{full break}

{Schala}: Be silent, Janus! {delay 04}Melchior, it is good{line break}
to see my faith in {Crono} and his friends was not misplaced!{full break}

{Melchior}: Nevermind that, Schala! Is it safe for you to{line break}
leave Zeal? And what of the Ocean Palace?{full break}

{Schala}: ...that is why I am here...the Ocean Palace is{line break}
now fully operational...!{full break}

{Marle}: Oh no!{full break}
{Lucca}: No...damn it!{full break}
{Robo}: ...that is unfortunate.{full break}
{Frog}: Damn!{full break}
{Ayla}: This bad...{full break}

{Melchior}: ...then all is lost!{full break}

{Schala}: No...without me, the Mammom Machine cannot function.{line break}
I have turned my back on that evil device...{full break}

{Schala}: {Crono}...I have removed the seal on the Skyway...{line break}
please aid me once more! Stop my mother from killing us all!{full break}

{Voice}: I have a better idea! How about we all stay{line break}
right here?{full break}

*Dalton enters*

{Schala}: Dalton?!{full break}

{Dalton}: Tsk tsk tsk my dear...the Queen requires you{line break}
elsewhere!{full break}

{Melchior}: Dalton, leave her alone!{full break}

{Dalton}: And why should I listen to you? Be silent old man!{full break}

*Dalton fires a fireball at Melchior*

{Melchior}: Auugh...damn it...{full break}

{Schala}: Melchior! NO! {delay 04}...damn you Dalton!{full break}

*Dalton grabs her*

{Dalton}: You are coming with me, Schala, and if your "friends"{line break}
do anything to stop me, I will kill you without a thought{line break}
understood?{full break}

{Janus}: Schala! No!{full break}

*Janus jumps and is flung back*

{Dalton}: The Queen's children all seem to have a problem with{line break}
authority, eh? Hahaha...{full break}

(Note: Both party members say their lines.)
{Marle}:{full break}
{Lucca}: Damn you, Dalton!{full break}
{Robo}: Dalton, we cannot allow you to leave!{full break}
{Frog}: Dalton, do you not have honour?!
{Ayla}: {Ayla} beat Dalton up!{full break}

{Dalton}: Didn't you hear me?! Do anything and I will kill her!{full break}

{Dalton}: Thought so. any case, shall we be{line break}
going, Schala darling? Your mother awaits! HAHAHA!{full break}

*Dalton teleports*

{Melchior}: you Dalton...ugh...{full break}

{Marle}: Melchior, are you okay?!{full break}
{Lucca}: Are you okay Melchior?{full break}
{Robo}: Mr. Melchior, are you uninjured?{full break}
{Frog}: Melchior, are you unhurt?{full break}
{Ayla}: Old man okay?{full break}

{Melchior}: ...I...{delay 03}I'm fine...but we must save{line break}
Schala and stop the Queen, or else...{full break}

{Algetty Elder}: Impossible...even though it's coming from{line break}
YOU, Melchior...there's no way we could...{full break}

{Melchior}: But we must! If the Queen is allowed to proceed{line break}
Lavos will kill every living being on this Earth!{full break}

*Crono shakes head*

{Melchior}: ...y-you're willing to challenge the Queen?!{full break}

*Crono nods*

{Marle}: Yeah! If we can save you, Melchior, we can save{line break}
Schala!{full break}
{Lucca}: We saved you, didn't we? Saving Schala'll be a breeze!{full break}
{Robo}: We must do it, for Miss Schala's sake.{full break}
{Frog}: I will not allow Madam Schala to be harmed by cowards{line break}
such as Dalton or the Queen!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} save Schala! {Ayla} stop Queen!{full break}

{Melchior}: ...t-thank you! Thank all of you!'ve done{line break}
so much for us...and we don't even know your names...{full break}

{Marle}: Don't worry 'bout it! You helped us...will help us...{line break}
...err...anyway, don't worry about!{full break}
{Lucca}: It's okay, Melchior. Someday you'll help us too.{full break}
{Robo}: You have already aided us, Mr. Melchior. We are simply{line break}
returning the favour.{full break}
{Frog}: You have reforged the Masamune. It is only just that{line break}
I aid you as well.{full break}
{Ayla}: Old man use red stone, help {Crono}. Now {Ayla} help{line break}
you.{full break}

{Melchior}: ...excuse me? What ARe you talking about?{full break}

{Marle}: {Crono}, let's go!{full break}
{Lucca}: Come on, {Crono}!{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}, let us hurry!{full break}
{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, let us be on our way!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono}, we go now!{full break}

{Melchior}: Wait! Take this with you.{full break}

{Melchior}: It's made from Dreamstone, just like the Mammon{line break}
Machine. With it, you can destroy the Machine!{full break}

{delay 05}{Melchior}: ...good luck...for all our sakes...{full break}

END "The Guru Imprisoned on Mount Woe!"

Quote from: What Lies Beyond?
BEGIN "What Lies Beyond?"

*player makes their way through Zeal to Zeal Palace and enters the Queen's


{Dalton}: Damn it! Why is that Prophet allowed in the Ocean{line break}
Palace while I am stuck with guard duty?! I brought Schala{line break}
back, right?! Argh!{full break}

{Member2}: Dalton!{full break}

{Dalton}: ...of course...YOU are here...just my luck.{full break}

{Dalton}: I allowed the Prophet to leave, knowing he would{line break}
make a mistake sooner or later...but you? You are no use to me{line break}
whatsoever!{full break}

{Dalton}: Today you die by my hand!{full break}

*boss fight!*

{Dalton}: ...n-no...NO! I am going to be immortal! I can't{line break}
be defeated now!{page break}
You have not seen the last of me! Ocean Palace, here I come!{full break}

*Dalton disappears and leaves a portal to the Palace*

{Marle}: ...look, he left a way to the Palace! Quick, let's go!{full break}
{Lucca}: That idiot...he even left a portal! Come on, {Crono}{line break}
we gotta get going!{full break}
{Robo}: I do not understand why he would leave a method of{line break}
travel to the Ocean Palace...{full break}
{Frog}: That coward...and stupid too...even as he flees he{line break}
leaves a way for us to follow...{full break}
{Ayla}: Gate! Follow Dalton! Beat Dalton up!{full break}

*player goes into gate*

END "What Lies Beyond?"

Quote from: Lavos Beckons
BEGIN "Lavos Beckons!"

*Player appears in Ocean Palace; PCs stop upon arrival*

{Marle}: ...t-this is the Ocean Palace?! It's spooky...{full break}
{Lucca}: This is the Ocean Palace, huh?'s kinda{line break}
scary, isn't it?{full break}
{Robo}: The design of this Ocean Palace appears to be intended{line break}
to frighten visitors...{full break}
{Frog}: So this is the Ocean Palace? Quite an uncanny place.{full break}
{Ayla}: ...this Ocean Palace? ...{Ayla} no scared...{full break}

*Mune wanders up into view*

{Marle}: Look, it's one of those weird spirit people!{full break}
{Lucca}: Hey, aren't you one of the spirits of the Masamune?{full break}
{Robo}: It is one of the spirits of the Masamune!{full break}
{Frog}: Are you not a spirit of the Masamune?{full break}
{Ayla}: ...who you?{full break}

{Mune}: A black spirit grows nearer...something frightful{line break}
is awakening!{full break}

*Mune disappears and the Palace shakes, shifting the scene to Zeal, Schala,

and the Mammon Machine*
{Queen Zeal}: Schala, raise the power of the Mammon Machine{line break}
to its utmost limit!{full break}

{Schala}: No...I refuse...!{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: You dare to disobey me, Schala?!{full break}

{Schala}: ...alright, Mother...{full break}

*Schala pushes it to the limit*

{Queen Zeal}: Oh what bright splendor...such radiance...truly{line break}
the power of the almighty Lavos!{full break}

{Schala}: Oooh...augh...!{full break}

{Prophet}: ...{full break}

*zip back to player who proceeds till the Masa encounter*

{Marle}: It's the other spirit thingy!{full break}
{Lucca}: You're the other spirit of the Masamune, aren't you?{full break}
{Robo}: The other spirit of the Masamune?{full break}
{Frog}: It is the brother of the other spirit...{full break}
{Ayla}: ...another?{full break}

{Masa}: An ancient piece of Dreamstone has been passed down{line break}
throughout the ages...from it, a magical pendant and a knife{line break}
were created.{page break}
We embody Melchior's dreams, sealed within the knife...{full break}

{Masa}: You must hurry, {Crono}, if you plan to confront{line break}
Queen Zeal! We are all counting on you! Good luck!{full break}

*Masa disappears and the Palace shakes again, zip to Queenie*

{Queen Zeal}: Ahh...the power...the pulse of eternal life{line break}
within my grasp...I can feel it! Hahaha! Oh, Lavos...!{full break}

{Schala}: S-swirls of a black spirit...?! AUGH!{full break}

{Prophet}: ...Schala...{full break}

{Zealian Scientist}: T-the Mammon Majesty{line break}
this is too dangerous!{full break}

*Zeal flicks the scientist away*

{Schala}: M-mother...p-ple-please...{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Do not stop now, Schala! Immortality is within{line break}
our grasp!  For far too long have I awaited this day...Zeal{line break}
will be engulfed in the light of the almighty Lavos for{line break}
all time! Hahahahaha!{full break}

*zip back to Crono and friends. Player makes their way to Dalton*

{Marle}: Dalton?! Again?!{full break}
{Lucca}: What, you wanted some more, Dalton?{full break}
{Robo}: It is not wise of you to confront us again, Dalton.{full break}
{Frog}: So...the cowardly Dalton? Will you flee from us yet{line break}
again, or will you stay and fight?!{full break}
{Ayla}: Dalton! {Ayla} beat you up!{full break}

{Dalton}: You again?! ...damn it, why did I leave that{line break}
portal...{page break}
No matter! This is the end for you! THEY will deal with you!{full break}

{Dalton}: Come forth, Golem Sisters!{full break}

*The Golem Twins appear. Boss fight!*

{Dalton}: ...t-t-they defeated the Golem Sisters?! DAMN IT!{line break}
It looks like I need to bring out the GolemBoss!{full break}

*strange energy*

{Dalton}: What...what IS this...? An eerie swelling of{line break}
spirit energy...could it be the true power of Lavos?!{page break}
Something tells me this has become far too dangerous...and{line break}
if I perish before becoming immortal, all of our work will be{line break}
for nothing!{page break}
{Crono}! This is your lucky day! We WILL meet again...count{line break}
on it!{full break}

*Dalton disappears and player goes ahead*

{Nu}: This is the shrine of the Mammon Machine...if you wish{line break}
to live now is the time to turn back, Nu...{full break}

*player reaches Queen*

(Note: Both 2nd and 3rd PC speak their lines here)
{Marle}: Schala! We're here to save you so come on, let's{line break}
get going!{full break}
{Lucca}: Hey Queenie! Guess what? We're here to shut that{line break}
machine of yours off for good!{full break}
{Robo}: What an immense fluctuation of gravity! My sensors are{line break}
detecting a dimensional distortion!{full break}
{Frog}: We cannot allow you to meddle any further with Lavos{line break}
Queen!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} here! {Ayla} kill Lavos!{full break}

{Schala}: {Crono}?!{full break}

*energy zaps Schala*

{Schala}: Augh...! HELP ME, PLEASE!{full break}

{Prophet}: Schala!{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Schala! Keep your focus on controlling the{line break}
machine, damn it!{full break}

{Marle}: {Crono}, use the Ruby Knife!{full break}
{Lucca}: What're you waiting for, {Crono}?! Use the Ruby{line break}
Knife already!{full break}
{Robo}: Hurry, {Crono}! You must use the Ruby Knife from{line break}
Melchior to destroy the Mammon Machine!{full break}
{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, use the Ruby Knife!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono}! Red Knife, use!{full break}

*Crono steps up and holds the Ruby knife up*

{Masa}: Here we go, Mune! Get ready!{full break}

{Mune}: I'm ready anytime, big brother!{full break}

*Ruby Knife goes ZAP and turns into the Masamune*

(Note: 3rd PC, Frog priority regardless of where he is in party)
{Marle}: Oh wow...the knife turned into the Masamune!{full break}
{Lucca}: What in turned into the MASAMUNE?!{full break}
{Robo}: The Ruby Knife used the Mammon Machine's energy to{line break}
alter its shape into the Masamune sword!{full break}
{Frog}: cannot be...the Masamune?!{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Mammon Machine?! What have you done?!{full break}

{Prophet}: ...he comes...he's coming!{full break}

{Schala}: N-no, STOP! That sword cannot stop this power alone!{full break}

*The Palace shakes, and Lavos roars and shows up, sending all into his

pocket Dimension and insta-beating the player unless player is on a New

Game + and/or somehow casts Lifeline before being shot.*

{Prophet}: I've waited too long for this...{full break}

*Magus shows himself like the idiot he is*

{Magus}: It's been a while, Lavos. I swore long ago...that{line break}
I would kill you, no matter the cost! And now I can finally{line break}
fulfill that vow! Feel the fury of Magus!{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Oho? What do you think you can do?!{full break}

*Queenie and Schala pop into the Pocket Dimension*

{Queen Zeal}: So...a false prophet after all?! Fool! Lavos{line break}
will feast on you like the worm you are!{full break}

{Schala}: Mother, you must stop! This power...all it brings{line break}
is destruction and ruin! Lavos is corrupting your soul!{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Be silent, Schala! The almighty power of Lavos{line break}
breathes within me, lives within me...and within you too!{page break}
You cannot stop this! It is fate! And if you get in my way...{page break}
I WILL kill you as well!{full break}

{Schala}: musn't!{full break}

*Queenie zaps Schala*

{Schala}: Augh!{full break}

{Magus}: GRAH! Damn you!{full break}

*Queenie jumps up on her precious*

{Queen}: Prophet! Your time is nigh! Come, face the fury{line break}
of Lavos!{full break}

{Magus}: magical powers...they're being drained!{full break}

{Magus}:! I will NOT be defeated! I didn't{line break}
survive all the time to be killed now!{full break}

{Magus}: Take this, Lavos!{full break}

*Magus whips out his Dreamstone staff and whacks Lavos with it*

{Magus}: ...w-w-what?! I-it's not effective?! Damn it!{page break}
Auugh!{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Hahahaha! Fool! No power you can summon up can{line break}
defeat the almighty Lavos!{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Take this gift from shall enjoy{line break}
eternal part of Lavos! HAHAHAHA!{full break}

*Lavos starts sucking everyone in...slowly. Like his black-haired double,

Crono stands up despite the beating he's taken*

(Note: Both PCs speak here)
{Marle}: {Crono}...y-you can move...? Save Schala, please!{full break}
{Lucca}: A-are you okay, {Crono}? If t-this keeps up....{line break}
everyone'll...oooh...!{full break}
{Robo}: The dimensional distortion all around us is growing...{line break}
We cannot stay any longer!{full break}
{Frog}: M-Magus...! You are mine to kill, no one else's!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono}...{Ayla} no like lose!{full break}

{Magus}: Scha--Schala! Are you alright?!{full break}

{Schala}: {Crono}! P-please, save yourself! Human power{line break}
is nothing against this being...{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: {Crono}, eh? Why not turn tail and flee, as{line break}
Schala suggests? Do you not value your life? Hahaha...{full break}

(Player may speak to any and all present. Lines are as follows, with the

line repeated each time player talks to them before confronting Lavos.)

{Marle}: {Crono}...we can't leave Schala here...she'll die!{full break}
{Lucca}: My science...I can't let you lose...not now!{full break}
{Robo}: If the power Lavos is generating is let lose, it will{line break}
disrupt our molecular structure!{full break}
{Frog}: cannot die yet...{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla}...{Ayla} no lose...must fight...{full break}
{Schala}: {Crono}...I know you wish to save us, but run...{line break}
if only for my sake...{full break}
{Magus}: Lavos...damn you to hell...I cannot let you{line break}
kill her...not again!{full break}

*player steps up to Lavos*

{Queen Zeal}: Ohoho? The foolish boy still wishes to fight?{line break}
Idiot! What can you do, with that battered and broken body{line break}
of yours?{page break}
Haha...fool! Die, worm! Behold the power of Lavos!{full break}

*Lavos charges up and fires at Crono*

(Both PCs speak)
{Marle}: {Crono}! NO, DAMN IT!{full break}
{Lucca}: Damn you, {Crono}, don't do it!{full break}
{Robo}: Cease, {Crono}!{full break}
{Frog}: {Crono}, you must halt immediately!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono}!{full break}

{Schala}: {Crono}! No!{full break}

*The pendant flies off of Crono and he goes poof. Player is sad.)

{Party}: {Crono}?! {Crono}!{full break}

*the scene fades to the Mammon Machine. Pendant appears, along with Schala,

Magus, and the two PCs that were with Crono*

{Magus}: bastard...even with my power I couldn't{line break}
defeat you...damn you!{full break}

(Both PCs speak. Marle speaks first if present.)
{Marle}: it NO! {Crono}...{full break}
{Lucca}: {Crono}...even though I was there, I...GOD DAMN IT!{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}...we must grieve later! The Ocean Palace{line break}
is collapsing! We have to escape NOW!{full break}
{Frog}: Sir {Crono}...later! For now, we must make our escape{line break}
before the Palace crumbles!{full break}
{Ayla}: This ocean bottom...what do?!{full break}

{Schala}: I-if I strain the last of my pendant's power...I can{line break}
teleport the three of you to safety.{page break}
I know you may be unable to forgive them...but my mother...and{line break}
this Kingdom...please do not hate them. Please. I am so sorry{line break}
for what they have done...{page break}
Now, you must go to the surface!{full break}

{Magus}: ...Schala, I...{full break}

{Schala}: I know...Janus...{full break}

*Schala ports everyone*

{delay 06} {Schala}: ...{Crono}, forgive me...{full break}

*Scene fades out and Lavos, like the bastard he is, destroys the most

awesome kingdom to ever exist in the Chronoverse. The Kingdom of Zeal

collapses, causing a tidal wave*

{Earthbound One}: A tsunami! Run for your lives!{full break}

*Tidal wave crashes. Scene fades to black*

(Both PCs speak, with Marle priority again)
{Marle}: Nnnh...unnh...{Crono}...{Crono}{full break}
{Lucca}: No...{Crono} can't...{full break}
{Robo}: It is too dangerous...{Crono}, no...{full break}
{Frog}: idiot fool...{Crono}...{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono}...stop...!{full break}

*scene fades in to Last Village hut*

(Both PCs speak)
{Marle}: {Crono}!{full break}
{Lucca}: {Crono}!{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}!{full break}
{Frog}: {Crono}!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono}!{full break}

*Elder walks in, along with the other three party members not along with

Crono in the Ocean Palace*

{Elder}: you're awake, eh? You were{line break}
delirious...your friends were worried you wouldn't come to...{full break}

(Note: Here it is the first character of the three who were not with Crono

that speaks. Character is determined by order of characters in the out of

of party side of the party change menu. From here on until Elder leaves,

the party members not present in the Ocean Palace are 4th, 5th, and 6th PC

{Marle}: Are you guys okay? What happened to {Crono}?{full break}
{Lucca}: Nice to see you're awake...but what happened to{line break}
{Crono}?{full break}
{Robo}: It is good to see you awake. What happened to {Crono}?{full break}
{Frog}: I am glad you are awake, friends...but what of Sir{line break}
{Crono}?{full break}
{Ayla}: Friends awake! Where {Crono}?{full break}

{Elder}: I'm afraid we found no one else.{full break}

(Note: 2nd PC here)
{Marle}: {CronO} wasn't a dream...NO!{full break}
{Lucca}: {Crono}...he's gone...he's really gone...{full break}
{Robo}: It was reality...not a memory error as I had hoped...{full break}
{Frog}: First Cyrus...and now Sir {Crono} as well...damn it!{full break}
{Ayla}: No...not true! Lie! {Crono} dead is lie!{full break}

(Regardless of whether she was in party or not, Marle is now silent and

crying and dialogue defaults to the next in order.)

(3rd PC)
{Lucca}: Th-this place...are we in the Earthbound Village?{full break}
{Robo}: Is this the Earthbound Village, Elder?{full break}
{Frog}: Do we reside in the Earthbound Village?{full break}
{Ayla}: Where here? Earthbound Village?{full break}

(4th PC)
{Lucca}: No...this is a new village. The Earthbound Village...{line break}
was destroyed...{full break}
{Robo}: It is a new village. The Earthbound Village was{line break}
submerged by a tsunami.{full break}
{Frog}: I am afraid not...the Earthbound Village was destroyed{line break}
by a tidal wave. This is a new village.{full break}
{Ayla}: No...this new village. Old village gone.{full break}

{Elder}: That is true...this island was the only{line break}
refuge remaining after the Ocean Palace disaster destroyed{line break}
the Kingdom Of Zeal and causing a tsunami to sweep the land...{full break}

(3rd PC)
{Lucca}: W-what? Damn it all...we couldn't even save this{line break}
era from disaster...we're so freaking helpless!{full break}
{Robo}: We have failed...this era too has fallen into ruin{line break}
despite our best efforts...{full break}
{Frog}: Damn it! We could not even save this era from ruin!{full break}
{Ayla}: Huge bird? Place above clouds? All gone?!{full break}

{Elder}: Yes, I am afraid so...{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: ...wait, what about Melchior?! Tell me he survived!{full break}
{Robo}: Is Mr. Melchior here? Did he survive the tsunami?{full break}
{Frog}: What about old man Melchior? Did he perish as well?{full break}
{Ayla}: Where Melchior?{full break}

{Elder}: It was odd...right as the disaster{line break}
occurred, a strange black distortion appeared near Janus.{line break}
Janus was sucked in, as was Melchior despite his efforts{line break}
to save Janus.{full break}

(3rd PC)
{Lucca}: A black distortion? must've been a Gate...{full break}
{Robo}: A black distortion...perhaps a Gate created by{line break}
Lavos...{full break}
{Frog}: A black distortion?! A GATE! It must be!{full break}
{Ayla}: Black distortion? Like one {Ayla} come through?{full break}

(4th PC)
{Lucca}: Do you know what happened to Schala, guys?{full break}
{Robo}: Do either of you know what happened to Schala?{full break}
{Frog}: Might you know what occurred to Madam Schala?{full break}
{Ayla}: What happen to Schala?{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Last we saw her she was stuck in the Ocean Palace...{full break}
{Robo}: I believe she was trapped in the Ocean Palace...{full break}
{Frog}: Madam Schala...she was trapped in the Palace...{full break}
{Ayla}: ...Schala at bottom of ocean...{full break}

{Elder}: And we've not seen her since...{full break}

(3rd PC)
{Lucca}: Oh crap, the {Epoch}! What happened to it?!{full break}
{Robo}: What of the {Epoch}?! Is the ship intact?{full break}
{Frog}: The {Epoch}?! What has befallen it?!{full break}
{Ayla}: Where {Epoch}? {Epoch} alive?{full break}

{Elder}: {Epoch}? Is that your ship, eh? It's so sturdy{line break}
it's washed ashore here like it was chasing{line break}
after you...almost like a pet or a friend...{full break}

{Marle}: {Crono}...oh {Crono}...{full break}

{Elder}: Oh, yes, let me return this.{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: My...pendant...the one {Crono} held onto for me...{full break}
{Lucca}: That's the pendant {Crono} had...{full break}
{Robo}: {Marle}'s pendant...the one {Crono} had with him...{full break}
{Frog}: Sir {Crono}'s--no, {Marle}'s--pendant...{full break}
{Ayla}: This pendant {Crono} had!{full break}

(If Marle is 2nd or 3rd PC)
{Elder}: Young was at your though{line break}
protecting you from harm...{full break}
(If Marle is not 2nd or 3rd PC)
{Elder}: It was at your a guardian angel...{full break}

{Elder}: Please, excuse me. Take all the time you need to{line break}
rest. I will be waiting for you in the commons.{full break}

*Elder leaves*

(Note: At this point, dialogue does not rely on specific characters, but

like the Fiona's Forest scene, it is devoid of any actual party. I leave it

up to you, Zakyrus, to program this correctly.)

{Marle}: {Crono} it...damn it all...!{full break}

{Robo}: {Marle}...please, calm down...this is not like you.{full break}

{Marle}: CALM DOWN?! {Crono}'s dead! DEAD, do you hear me?!{line break}
DEAD! Doesn't that mean anything to you?!{full break}

{Lucca}: Look, damn it, I knew {Crono} a hell of a lot longer{line break}
than you did! B-but...we gotta cope with it, okay?!{line break}
We can't let it affect us, not now!{full break}

{Frog}: Miss {Lucca} is correct. We must set aside our grieving{line break}
for later. I once made the mistake of wasting years of my life{line break}
grieving for a friend, and I will not do so again!{page break}
We must defeat Lavos and avenge {Crono}!{full break}

{Marle}: Are you INSANE?! Lavos killed him, {Frog}! KILLED HIM!{line break}
What were we thinking...we can't take on Lavos...we'll all just{line break}
die like {Crono}...{full break}

{Ayla}: {Marle} be strong! {Marle} cry, {Marle} sad, make{line break}
{Crono} sad! {Marle} not be sad!{full break}

{Robo}: I am certain {Crono} would not want you to give up{line break}
the fight against Lavos, {Marle}.{full break}

{Marle}: Oh what do you know...y-you stupid effing r-robot...{page break}
Just...j-just leave me alone...{full break}

{Robo}: ...perhaps we should leave her here for now.{full break}

{Frog}: Yes...she needs time to grieve...{full break}

{Lucca}: But what're WE gonna do? We need to pick a leader.{full break}

{delay 05}

{Robo}: I nominate {Frog} as our new leader...I believe {Frog}{line break}
is the one whom {Crono} would wish to lead us.{full break}

{Ayla}: {Frog} good leader.{full break}

{Lucca}: Yeah...{Frog}, you should lead us.{full break}

{Frog}: ...of course. Let us be off...Sir {Crono}, we will{line break}
avenge you yet...{full break}

*Every PC except Ayla and Marle leave*

{Ayla}: {Marle} strong...{full break}

*Ayla leaves*

(Note: At this point, as agreed, Frog is now locked in place as the leader

of the party, and Marle is unavailable.)

*player heads to Commons and speaks with the Elder*

{Elder}: All rested up now? Say, where's the blonde girl?{full break}

{Frog}: She...she remains in the hut for that{line break}
alright?{full break}

{Elder}: She was close to that {Crono} fellow, huh? Sure, she{line break}
can stay with us for as long as she likes.{full break}

{Dalton Corps}: Bow and pay homage to our new liege, {line break}
King Dalton the First!{full break}

*The Dalton Corp pops in and starts smacking people around. PCs dodge a

fireball coming their way*

{Dalton}: What is wrong, everyone? Such sad faces, even though{line break}
I went through the trouble to survive for you! Now that the{line break}
old "Queenie" and the Gurus...and that DAMNED Prophet are{line break}
gone, I rename this the Kingdom of Dalton!{full break}

{Dalton}: What in the hell?! You survived?! But you were{line break}
in the Ocean Palace when it collapsed!{full break}

{Frog}: Sorry to disappoint you, coward.{full break}

{Dalton}: Be silent! Is that vehicle outside yours? It{line break}
looks somewhat like the one Balthasar was planning to{line break}
build...{page break}
Well, lucky for me! It is such a splendid toy...far too{line break}
good for you to have! Henceforth it shall be my personal{line break}
chariot!{full break}

{Frog}: Excuse me?! I do not think so!{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Yeah! You can't just take the {Epoch} without asking{line break}
first!{full break}
{Robo}: I am afraid that is impossible.{full break}
{Ayla}: {Epoch}?! She {Ayla}'s friend! No take!{full break}

{Dalton}: Hahaha! You cannot stop me! That reminds me...{line break}
you had better come along as well. You might start a rebellion{line break}
and we can't have that.{page break}
So...ask a token of my esteem...take this!{full break}

*Dalton fires and Frog blocks*

{Dalton}: Oh? {delay 03} Hey, wait, what the hell is THAT?!{full break}

*the party looks behind themselves and gets hit by fireballs*

{Dalton}: Hah! Fools! Enjoy a taste of the power of the new{line break}
King Dalton!{full break}

*scene fades out*

END "Lavos Beckons!"
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Re: Storyline Dialogue Enhancements
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Quote from: The Ancient Era's New King: Dalton?!
BEGIN "The Ancient Era's New King: Dalton?!"
*party awakens in Blackbird*

{Frog}: Nnh...ooh...{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: W-where are we...?{full break}
{Robo}: Where could we be?{full break}
{Ayla}: Where this?{full break}

(3rd PC)
{Lucca}: Our equipment's been stolen!{full break}
{Robo}: All of our equipment is missing!{full break}
{Ayla}: Weapons all gone!{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Our items too...!{full break}
{Robo}: The items have also been taken!{full break}
{Ayla}: Other things too!{full break}

{Frog}: Damn it, even the money has been taken!{full break}

(2nd PC Note: Ayla's line is said regardless of position in party.)
{Lucca}: What're we gonna do now?{full break}
{Robo}: We must find a means of escape...but how?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} fight! Get all stuff back! Beat bad guys!{full break}

*player tries the door*

{Guard}: Hah, serves you idiots right. Bet you can't do{line break}
anything without your weapons.{page break}
Better get comfy. You're not going anywhere. HAHAHA!{full break}

*player tries the ladder*

{Frog}: Oh my God...{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: If we're up in the clouds...we must be in...{full break}
{Robo}: At the altitude we are flying, we must be aboard...{full break}
{Ayla}: Sky?! Maybe...{full break}

*Screen shows blackbird*

(3rd PC)
{Lucca}: The Blackbird?!
{Robo}: The airship Blackbird!{full break}
{Ayla}: Big metal Blackbird!{full break}

*screen returns to ledge area*

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: But how'd it survive the fall of Zeal?{full break}
{Robo}: How was it able to survive the destruction of Zeal?{full break}
{Ayla}: How Blackbird live?{full break}

{Frog}: Dalton...the coward must have stolen it even as{line break}
the kingdom fell...the disgusting bastard...{full break}

*player goes down the ladder*

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Hey, look, there's an air duct...maybe we can{line break}
crawl around in it.{full break}
{Robo}: {Frog}, there is an air duct. Perhaps we can use it{line break}
to move about the ship.{full break}
{Ayla}: Breeze here. Crawl through?{full break}

*player tries the door again and chooses to play sick*

(3rd PC)
{Lucca}: Oh I get it...we're gonna lure him in here and take{line break}
him out. Nice idea.{full break}
{Robo}: I understand...we deceive the guard into entering so{line break}
we may escape.{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} no sick...but if {Frog} want sick, {Ayla} sick!{full break}

(Also 3rd PC)
{Lucca}: Ooooh...OW! Oh my GOD it HURTS! Someone HELP, PLEASE!{line break}
I think I'm dying!{full break}
{Robo}: Complete systems breakdown! Control of self impossible!{line break}
I require immediate repair!{full break}
{Ayla}: Uooh...{Ayla} hurt! Hurt bad! UOOOH!{full break}

{Guard}: What's going on in here?!{full break}

*Guard enters. 3rd PC knocks him out*
{Lucca}: Hahaha! Mission accomplished.{full break}
{Robo}: It seems we have succeeded.{full break}
{Ayla}: ...{Ayla} hate lie again...{full break}

{Frog}: We should not be careless...they may yet find us{line break}
and imprison us again.{full break}

*player goes around through the vents*

*First grate crossing*
(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Hey, look...if we're quiet maybe we can use these{line break}
grates to check out what's going on below.{full break}
{Robo}: we can observe the enemy from one of these grates{line break}
so long as we do not alert them to our presence.{full break}
{Ayla}: Look! We see down!{full break}

*Grate at end of the ship*

{Voice}: Ah, damn it! Hey you guys!{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: The hell?! He's messing with the {Epoch}!{full break}
{Robo}: He is modifying the {Epoch}.{full break}
{Ayla}: {Epoch}?! They change!{full break}

{Frog}: How dare he...but be quiet...we do not want them{line break}
to hear us...{full break}

{Dalton}: Pay attention to what you are doing! This is, after{line break}
all, MY new personal chariot. With it, the world will do my{line break}
bidding! HAHAHAHA!{full break}

{Frog}: Damn you Dalton...{full break}

*player wanders around snatching their stuff till they come across the last

ladder, where PCs stop*

{Frog}: This is the only way remaining to us. If we are{line break}
to escape, it is through here.{full break}

(If did not retrieve all items, 2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Hold on! We can't just leave our stuff behind!{line break}
We gotta go back for it!{full break}
{Robo}: We are still missing some items. We should retrieve{line break}
them before proceeding.{full break}
{Ayla}: Still stuff missing!{full break}

*player goes up onto the wing*

{Frog}: We are on the wing of this can we escape{line break}
the ship from here?{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: I can feel something on the end of the wing...maybe{line break}
it's our ticket outta here!{full break}
{Robo}: My sensors are detecting a magical field near the{line break}
wing's end...perhaps we can use it to leave the ship.{full break}
{Ayla}: Feel something! At end, there!{full break}

*player wanders over to the end of the wing*

{Frog}: ...something is coming...what is it?{full break}

*Golem Lord appears*

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: It's another Golem?! Oh crap...{full break}
{Robo}: It is another Golem...this may be a problem.{full break}
{Ayla}: New Golem?!{full break}

*Boss fight?*

{Frog}: How tedious...{full break}

*scene fades out*

{Voice}: We did it! WE DID IT! It's done! HahaHA!{full break}

*scene fades in to "King" Dalton aboard the Winged Epoch*

{Dalton}: What truly beautiful wings...THIS is a true{line break}
chariot for a King such as me...{page break}
I name you the Aero-Dalton Sylbird!{full break}

*A Dalton Corps rushes in*

{Dalton Corps}: King Dalton, the prisoners have escaped!{line break}
They're on the wing of the ship!{full break}

{Dalton}: What?! Those fools! THEY will be my first victims!{line break}
Time to test out these new weapons! Aero-Dalton Sylbird,{line break}
engage!{full break}

*Chrono Trigger plays and Dalton becomes pissed*

{Dalton}: NO! Stop that awful music! Choose something else!{full break}

*A shot of Crisis/Critical Moment/whatever the hell the song is called


{Dalton}: That's more like it!{full break}

{Dalton}: Aero-Dalton Sylbird, launch!{full break}

*Epoch zooms off; scene switches back to Frog and the gang*

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: ...holy that...?!{full break}
{Robo}: That...that must be...{full break}
{Ayla}: That's...{full break}

{Frog}: The is flying?!{full break}

{Dalton}: It's not the {Epoch}! It's the Aero-Dalton Sylbird!{line break}
Hahahaha...this time...THIS TIME I am done with you for sure!{page break}
Make like the wind and die!{full break}

*Epoch fires lasers*

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Holy crap, DUCK!{full break}
{Robo}: We must avoid the lasers!{full break}
{Ayla}: Aaaah!{full break}

{Dalton}: Hahaha...look at you, squirming like worms! Pathetic!{line break}
No wonder your friend died at the Ocean Palace! HAHAHAHA!{full break}

{Frog}: cowardly bastard! Damn you, Dalton!

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: You're gonna pay for that! And we're taking back the{line break}
Epoch too!{full break}
{Robo}: You have angered even me with that statement...{full break}
{Ayla}: Dalton! {Ayla} beat you up! {Ayla} save {Epoch}!{full break}

{Frog}: We come for you, Dalton!{full break}

*Frog and the gang leap onto the Epoch*

{Dalton}:{delay 03}Fine! I'll kill you{line break}
myself!{full break}

*Boss fight! During fight, Dalton says this line:
{Dalton}: Damn have not seen the last of me yet!{full break}*

{Frog}: That thieving coward...{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Is the Epoch okay?!{full break}
{Robo}: Is the Epoch undamaged?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Epoch} healthy?{full break}

(3rd PC)
{LUcca}: Nevermind that! What about the controls? Did he{line break}
change them?!{full break}
{Robo}: Did Dalton change the controls? Are we still able to{line break}
pilot the {Epoch}?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Epoch} steer okay?{full break}

*PCs get into Epoch*

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Oh man...what's that lever for? And this button?! I{line break}
don't recognize ANYTHING on this control panel!{full break}
{Robo}: The controls have been altered beyond recognition.{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} not know buttons.{full break}

(3rd PC)
{Lucca}: Oh to hell with it! Try that blue button, {Frog}!{full break}
{Robo}: {Frog}, press this blue button.{full break}
{Ayla}: Push blue button!{full break}

*Player hits Y button and the lasers fire on the Blackbird*

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Damn it, that wasn't it! Hit the green one!{full break}
{Robo}: Try the green one next!{full break}
{Ayla}: Maybe green?{full break}

*player hits the X button*

{Frog}: Nothing happened!{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Look, the Blackbird!{full break}
{Robo}: The Blackbird! It has been critically damaged!{full break}
{Ayla}: Blackbird fall!{full break}

*Scene shows the Blackbird crashing as well as allowing the Last Village

peeps a quick line or four*

{Last Village Man}: Oh my God...{full break}

{Last Village Woman}: Hah! Dalton can no longer oppress us!{full break}

{Last Village Man}: Dalton was served the justice he deserved.{full break}

{Elder}: Oh my...look at that {Epoch} fly!{full break}

*shifts back to Epoch*

(If present. Only one speaks, Lucca priority)
{Lucca}: Oh, now I understand how the controls work...{full break}
{Robo}: I should have linked the {Epoch} to my CPU...but{line break}
I do understand the controls now.{full break}

{Frog}: What an amazing feat...we are actually indebted to{line break}
that coward...{full break}
(All Present speak their lines, in this order)
{Ayla}: {Epoch} healthy! {Epoch} become bird!{full break}
{Robo}: We were lucky...had we pressed the wrong controls we{line break}
might have crashed the {Epoch}. Still, we now have a flying{line break}
ship.{full break}
{Lucca}: I'd been thinking about remodeling it too...lucky{line break}
us, huh?{full break}

(If left any items in the Blackbird)
(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Wait a sec...look! Our items!{full break}
{Robo}: {Frog}...these are our items!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} stuff here!{full break}
{Frog}: Cowardly thief...he attempted to take everything!{full break}

(If left money)
(3rd PC)
{Lucca}: Our money isn't here...{full break}
{Robo}: we are missing the gold...{full break}
{Ayla}: No shiny stone!{full break}
{Frog}: Lost at sea with the Blackbird most likely...and{line break}
one would have thought Dalton kept it.{full break}

*Epoch returns to Last Village island*

{Frog}: Whether he might be dead or alive, let us search this{line break}
island for {Crono}. We have no other choice at the moment.{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: While we were flying, I saw a cape north of the{line break}
village...let's try looking there.{full break}
{Robo}: I noticed a cape to the north. Perhaps {Crono} is{line break}
there?{full break}
{Ayla}: Cape north of village. {Crono} there?{full break}

*player heads through the North Cape*

{Frog}: What is that sparkle...?{full break}

*Frog auto-touches it and Magus shows up*

{Magus}:'s you...{full break}

{Frog}: Magus?!{full break}

*everyone draws their weapons. Magus is not amused*

{Magus}: Look at the sea, everyone. Everything and everyone{line break}
whoever lived in the Kingdom of Zeal...its hopes and dreams...{page break}
All lost below the vast, ever-shifting ocean.{full break}

{Frog}: What is your point, {Magus}?!{full break}

{Magus}: I once lived there, you know. But I was another{line break}
person then...another person entirely...{full break}

*scene shifts to Mammon Machine overloading. Queenie, Schala, and the Gurus

are present*

{Queen Zeal}: Do you not see, Melchior, that your worries were{line break}
for naught? The Mammon Machine functions perfectly!{full break}

{Schala}: Mother...the cannot withstand this{line break}
energy much longer...augh!{full break}

{Melchior}: Schala...{full break}

{Gaspar}: Your Highness, you must stop the machine before it{line break}
overloads!{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: No! Push it to the limit, Schala!{full break}

{Balthasar}: Your Majesty, there is a dimensional distortion{line break}
of some sort forming! It is too dangerous!{full break}

{Melchior}:'s too late...this power is too much to{line break}
control!{full break}

{Gaspar}: We can't stop it now! We're going to be dragged in!{full break}

*Janus walks in with Alfador*

{Schala}: Janus?! What are you doing here?! Return home, Janus!{line break}
It is far too dangerous!{full break}

{Janus}: But...Schala...I...I...{full break}

*Everyone is dragged into the Pocket Dimension*

{Queen Zeal}: Guru of Reason...Guru of Time...Guru of Life...{line break}
Behold the splendor of the almighty Lavos' awakening! Feel his{line break}
power and the beginning of my true glory!{full break}

{Janus}: What is that thing...?!{full break}

{Melchior}: Lavos...we were so foolish!{full break}

*A gate opens at his feet and drags him in*

{Melchior}: It's a---NO!{full break}

{Gaspar}: It's a time gate?! But how?!

*One drags Gaspar in as well*

{Balthasar}: No...Gaspar...Melchior...Damn you, Lavos!{full break}

*Balthasar is dragged in*

{Schala}:{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Mwahaha! The power of Lavos can dispose of any{line break}
who oppose me! Observe!{full break}

*A portal opens at Janus' feet*

{Schala}: Janus?! No, mother, don't do it!{full break}

{Janus}: Schala...!{full break}

*Janus is dragged in*

{Queen Zeal}: Hahahaha...{full break}

(Lavos shrieks and the scene fades to the different Gurus appearing in


*Melchior pops out of the cupboard*

April 11th, 990 A.D.{delay 04}{instant full break}

{Melchior}: Oooh...where am I...{full break}

{Blue Imp}: It's a human...he came out of our CLOSET!{full break}

{Mud Imp}: He looks like he's hurt...let's help him out...{full break}

*Balthasar pops up in the future*

October 30th, 2291 A.D.{delay 04}{instant full break}

{Balthasar}: Where am I...? Could this be the future?{full break}

{Balthasar}: Damn that Queen...I must restart my work on{line break}
the Wings of is the only way back.{full break}

*Gaspar appears in the End of Time, without platforms*

January 1st, 0000 Time Error{delay 04}{instant full break}

{Gaspar}: Th-this is...{page break}
Hey...there's nothing here. This must be...the End of Time?{full break}

*Janus pops up in Truce Canyon*

March 24th, 580 A.D.{delay 04}{instant full break}

{Ozzie}: What in the hell...a human child?! Kill him!{full break}

*Scene fades back to the North Cape*

{Frog}: are the child that warned us of {Crono}'s{line break}
death? You are...Janus?{full break}

{Magus}: Yes...ever since I that damned portal stranded me{line break}
in what you call the Middle Ages, I spent my life vowing to{line break}
destroy Lavos. But to do that, I needed power. The Mystics{line break}
provided that power.{full break}

{Frog}: The war...the deaths you was all for{line break}
power?! For your own purposes?!{full break}

{Magus}: Trying to make me feel sorry about it? Don't. All I've{line break}
EVER cared about is avenging my sister and killing that{line break}
damned creature. You interrupted me when I was finally close{line break}
to killing it in my castle.{full break}

{Frog}: We were attempting to stop the war!{full break}

{Magus}: I know why you did it and I don't give a damn. And{line break}
yet...and was ironic...I ended right back in my own{line break}
lost childhood thanks to that Gate.{page break}
Since I lived through it already, I was able to dredge up{line break}
my memories and convince my "mother" I was a prophet. Eagerly{line break}
I awaited the moment of the confrontation with Lavos.{full break}

{Frog}: You fool! Why did you not simply attempt to alter{line break}
events so the confronation never occurred?!{full break}

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: Yeah! You even made it worse by making the Queen{line break}
banish the Gurus!{full break}
{Robo}: You worsened the situation by banishing the Gurus. Why{line break}
did you do so?{full break}
{Ayla}: You put old man in cage! Make things worse!{full break}

{Magus}: Don't even THINK to judge my actions! Nothing I could{line break}
have done would've stopped Lavos' eventual eruption. The{line break}
Kingdom of Zeal had already drained too much of his power.{page break}
I disposed of the Gurus so they wouldn't get in my way...{line break}
I thought I could save my sister and destroy Lavos alone...{full break}

{Magus}: But I was a fool. Lavos' power is unimagineable...{line break}
The black wind howls fiercely against all who confront IT.{full break}

{Frog}: Perhaps for you, Magus, but we will not lose so easily!{full break}

{Magus}: HAH! You're more of an idiot than I thought, {Frog}.{line break}
What makes you think you'll do any better than that fool{line break}
{Crono}, eh?{full break}

{Frog}: You dare insult him?!{full break}

{Magus}: You just don't get it, do you? He is DEAD, just like{line break}
you would be. He was all weaklings, he died like{line break}
a worm foolishly defying its fate.{full break}

*Frog whips out his sword*
{Frog}: MAGUS! Hold your tongue before I remove it from you!{full break}

{Magus}: What, you want to fight me? For keeps this time?{page break}
I've got nothing left to lose, you know. My old home is{line break} mother{page break}
So how about it, eh {Frog} Want to settle the score?
   Yes!{full break}

(If Yes)
{Magus}: Very well then...but remember, I was feared in the{line break}
Middle Ages as Magus! You won't kill me easily, and I'll take{line break}
as many of you with me as I can!{full break}

{Frog}: No, you will not. You two, stand back. Magus is mine{line break}
and mine alone.{full break}

{Magus}: Fine! Come, {Frog}...if you still have the nerve...{full break}

*A boss fight the player is foolish to fight.*

{Frog}: Cyrus...I have finally avenged you....{full break}

{Magus}: is it. I'm dying...{page break}
Your curse will dissipate in time with my death, {Frog}, if{line break}
you care to know. But...if you want to revive {Crono}...{page break}
Hack...the G-Guru o-of Time...Gaspar...find him...{page break}
Schala...I will be with you shortly...{full break}

*Magus goes kaboom and the player receives Schala's Amulet*

(If No, the canonical choice)
{Frog}: Sir {Crono} would not return to us with your{line break}
death...and he would not want us to kill you. Nor would{line break}
Cyrus return...Magus...we will trouble you no further.{full break}

{Magus}: Of course...{full break}

(Either way)
(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: {Frog}...let's go see {Marle}. Maybe she's finally{line break}
ready to come with us again.{full break}
{Robo}: Let us speak with {Marle}, {Frog}. Perhaps she will now{line break}
rejoin us.{full break}
{Ayla}: Talk to {Marle} now, {Frog}!{full break}

{Frog}: Perhaps she will...let us be off, then.{full break}

(If player attempts to speak to Magus, Magus repeats the following line ad


{Magus}: ...{full break}

*player goes to Marle*

(Note: the PC not currently in the party joins the party in the hut with

Marle as soon as the party walks in, and all dialogue ignores the current

party present, as before)

{Marle}: ...hi guys...sniff...{full break}

{Lucca}: How're you feeling, {Marle}?{full break}

{Marle}: I...I miss {Crono}...{full break}

{Robo}: So do we all, {Marle}.{full break}

{Frog}: Indeed.{full break}

{Marle}: I know...I...I think I can cope with it now...{full break}

{Ayla}: {Marle} come back?! {Marle} help fight Lavos?{full break}

{Marle}: Yeah...I have to...for {Crono}. Lavos took him away{line break}
from me...and I'll be DAMNED if I let him get away with it!{full break}

{Lucca}: That's the spirit, {Marle}!{full break}

{Frog}: We WILL avenge Sir {Crono}.{full break}

(if killed Magus)
{Lucca}: By the way...I don't want to get your hopes up, but{line break}
we met Magus up on the North Cape...{full break}

{Marle}: Magus?{full break}

{Frog}: Magus fought us, but we defeated him. As he died...{line break}
he spoke of the oddest thing...{full break}

{Robo}: He said that the Guru of Time, Gaspar, might know a{line break}
way to revive {Crono}.{full break}

{Marle}: ...really?! {delay 03}Y-you're not lying to me just to{line break}
make me feel better...are you?{full break}

{Lucca}: {Marle} know us better than that! Come on, would{line break}
we really do that to you?{full break}

{Marle}: Nuh-uh...{full break}

{Marle}: If there's really a way...let's go find Gaspar! We{line break}
gotta do it!{full break}

{Frog}: Then you may lead the way, madam.{full break}

{Marle}: Huh?{full break}

{Robo}: {Marle}, you should lead us in the search for reviving{line break}
{Crono}.{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} follow {Marle}! {full break}

{Marle}: ...okay! Let's find {Crono}!{full break}

(If Magus did not die)

{Voice}: You might want some help with that, if you're{line break}
serious...{full break}

{Marle}: Who's there?!{full break}

*Magus walks into the hut*

{All}: Magus?!{full break}

{Magus}: Yes, me.{full break}

{Frog}: What do you want with us now?{full break}

{Magus}: ...I'd like to join you.{full break}

{Marle}: What?!{full break}

{Magus}: I want to kill Lavos, you want to kill Lavos. Our{line break}
goals are the same...revenge for what we've lost. I don't see{line break}
why we can't join up. Together...we might have a chance.{full break}

{Frog}: You would betray us in an instant if it suited you!{full break}

{Magus}: Maybe...but only if you get in my way. And don't get{line break}
me wrong...I'm not joining you for your sake, but only{line break}
because we might actually succeed this way.{full break}

{Magus}: Besides...there just might be a way to get that{line break}
friend of yours back.{full break}

{Marle}: ...r-really?!{full break}

{Robo}: You know a way of resurrecting him? That is impossible.{full break}

{Lucca}: Yeah...{Robo}'s right. Nothing could bring him back{line break}
after what Lavos did to him.{full break}

{Ayla}: Not get {Ayla}'s hopes up! False hope bad!{full break}

{Magus}: Geeky, the key word there was "after."{full break}

{Lucca}: Huh?{full break}

{Magus}: The Guru of Time...Gaspar...I'm pretty sure he{line break}
knows a way to turn back return us to the moment.{line break}
We may be able to save him from death.{full break}

{Marle}: ...y-you're serious?!{full break}

{Magus}: Don't misunderstand me...I don't give a damn about{line break}
that spiky-haired idiot. But...he's pretty powerful in a{line break}
fight...he could be useful.{full break}

{Marle}: ...if there's a way to bring {Crono} back...then{line break}
we gotta find Gaspar! We just gotta!{full break}

{Frog}: Then you may lead the way, madam.{full break}

{Marle}: Huh?{full break}

{Robo}: {Marle}, you should lead us in the search for reviving{line break}
{Crono}.{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} follow {Marle}! {full break}

{Lucca}: But what does Magus think?{full break}

{Magus}: I don't give a damn who's leading us, geeky. Just{line break}
pick someone so we can get on with it. We're wasting time.{full break}

{Marle}: ...okay! Let's find {Crono}!{full break}

(Note: Either way, Marle is now required to be the first person in the party, for the duration of the game up until Crono is revived.)

END "The Ancient Era's New King: Dalton?!"

Quote from: The Egg of Time!
BEGIN: "The Egg of Time!"

*player boards the Epoch, but as they board...*

(All Present speak in the order listed)

{Marle}: What...what is THAT?!{full break}
{Lucca}: It's a-an enormous Gate can't be{line break}
Lavos, can it?!{full break}
{Robo}: The {Epoch}'s space-time gyroscope is spinning at{line break}
random as if something is interfering with it!{full break}
{Frog}: I feel something...dark in nature...
{Ayla}: ?!{full break}
{Magus}: That's...!{full break}

*The Black Omen pops up*

(Again, everyone speaks in the order listed)
{Marle}: almost feels as though it's calling us...{full break}
{Lucca}: So much spiritual energy floating around{line break}
feels like we're going to be sucked in just by looking{line break}
at it...{full break}
{Robo}: It is ridiculously enormous! I am detecting tremendous{line break}
amounts of spiritual power as well as an space-time{line break}
distortion around it...almost as if it exists outside of time.{full break}
{Frog}: A ship of the dead? Come to meet us?{full break}
{Ayla}: It hate {Ayla}! It hate all!{full break}
{Magus}: It's the Ocean Palace! But...that's impossible!{line break}
{delay 04}...mother...?{full break}

{Marle}: Forget about it for now, guys! {Crono}'s more{line break}
important! We'll figure out what it is later!{full break}

*player heads to the End of Time. Gaspar speaks up the instant they walk

into range*

{Old Man}: Hey there! Say, where's the energetic kid? Isn't he{line break}
always with you?{full break}

*Party members hang their heads*

{Marle}: .{delay 01}.{delay 01}.{delay 01} He's gone...{full break}

{Old Man}: ...I see...{page break}
I have nothing to give you but this song. It's called{line break}
"Memories of {Crono}."{full break}

{Old Man}: I'd love to help you if there's anything I can{line break}
do, but...{full break}

{Marle}: We're looking for the Guru of Time, actually...can{line break}
you help us?{full break}

{Old Man}: Eh?! The Guru of Time...?!{delay 03}I've heard of{line break}
him, of course, but...but what do you want with him?{full break}

(2nd PC. If Magus is in party, he speaks regardless of PC placement.)
{Lucca}: We've heard he has a way of bringing {Crono} back{line break}
to life...{full break}
{Robo}: We have heard the Guru of Time knows a way of{line break}
resurrecting {Crono}.{full break}
{Frog}: It is said he might be able to bring {Crono} back to{line break}
{Ayla}: He make {Crono} come back life!{full break}
{Magus}: I'm familiar with the Guru of Time and I know{line break}
he knows a way to return the dead to life.{full break}

(If Magus spoke){Old Man}:'s you...oh, so that's{line break}
your story, eh? You've become quite the powerful sorcerer.{line break}
You've aged quite a bit though.{full break}
{Magus}: ...what?{full break}

{Old Man}: wish to bring back {Crono} make{line break}
the dead return to life?{page break}'s something countless people have wished for{line break}
throughout the ages...{Crono} must be proud to have friends{line break}
like you...{full break}

{Marle}: can you help us?{full break}

{Old Man}: I...{delay 03}...oh to hell with it!{full break}

*PCs look at Gaspar with their questioning animation*

{Old Man}: Here...take this with you.{full break}

*Gaspar places the Chrono Trigger on the ground*

(3rd PC)
{Lucca}: egg...?{full break}
{Robo}: It is an egg...but I do not recognize the species that{line break}
laid it...{full break}
{Frog}: What is it...some kind of egg?{full break}
{Ayla}: Egg? {Ayla} want eat!{full break}
{Magus}: egg? That's it?{full break}

{Old Man}: That is the Chrono Trigger, an egg of{line break}
any egg, it is pure potential. Ask the one who built the{line break}
Wings of Time how to hatch it...{page break}
But, like any egg, it is merely a may or{line break}
not hatch. Still, it gives you the potential to regain{line break}
your friend {Crono}.{page break}
You must give it your all if you wish to brings him back. So{line break}
long as you keep {Crono} in your hearts and minds, you will{line break}
succeed.{full break}

(If Magus is in party, he speaks this line first, in addition to Marle's)
{Magus}: Of's you, isn't it...?{full break}

{Marle}: Wait...are YOU the Guru of Time...Gaspar?!{full break}

{Old Man}: Heh...I believe that's what they used to call{line break}
me...ages ago...{page break}
In any case, good luck, all of you. I hope you're succesful...{full break}

{Marle}: Thanks...{full break}

*Player heads to Keeper's Dome*

{Belthasar}: On Death Peak you will find the power to{line break}
resurrect your friend. However, in order to activate this power{line break}
the deceased must be important to the space-time continuum.{page break}
Furthermore, you must have a clone doll identical to your{line break}
friend or the egg will not hatch.{page break}
You don't have a clone doll? Hmm...if only the magician{line break}
Norstein Bekkler was here...he'd be able to make one in{line break}
an instant. He likes fesitvals, so if you find a festival{line break}
you'll probably find him too.{full break}

*zip to Leene Square*

{Norstein Bekkler}: Welcome to my laboratory! The{line break}
spine-tingling show is about to start!{full break}

*Marle holds out her arms questioningly*
{Marle}: Um, Mr. Bekkler, we need a clone doll of {Crono}.{line break}
Do you think you can make one for us?{full break}

{Norstein Bekkler}: ...of course! Normally I'd never make{line break}
a clone doll for someone that isn't themselves, but I'll make{line break}
an exception today...for a price. But if you win, the doll's{line break}
free. The longer you stay in, the lower the price, okay?{full break}

*Marle nods and the Crono clone walks out*

{Norstein Bekkler}: Start when you hear the signal! And...{line break}
action!{full break}

*player plays*

(If lose){Norstein Bekkler}: Knew it! My price is {xxxx} gil!{line break}
I'll send the clone to {Crono}'s house. Enjoy!{full break}

(If win){Norstein Bekkler}: Well played...well played. I'll{line break}
send the clone doll to {Crono}'s house.{full break}

*zip to Crono's house. Gina's upstairs cleaning*

{Gina}: Oh, hello {Marle}! It's been a while...and where's{line break}
{Crono}? He's usually with you. {delay 03}...he's okay, right?{full break}

{Marle}: Er...ah...y-yeah...he's okay...{full break}

{Gina}: Oh...don't scare me like that, dear. He'd better{line break}
be behaving himself...tell him not to cause too much{line break}
trouble, alright?{full break}

{Marle}: Um...listen...we...{full break}

{Gina}: Yes, dear? What is it?{full break}

{Marle}: C-can we borrow this doll for a bit?{full break}

{Gina}: Hmm...? Sure, go ahead dear.{full break}

{Gina}: Stay out of trouble now...and please, make sure{line break}
{Crono} comes by to see me sometime, okay?{full break}

*Marle nods*

*zip to Keeper's Dome*

{Balthasar}: Good, you have a clone. It is time for you to{line break}
attempt Death's the only chance you have at{line break}
resurrecting your friend.{page break}
The final program I've implanted in this creature's memory{line break}
banks will support you as you climb the mountain! Stand back.{full break}

*one by one, the three blue Poyozos zip out*

{Poyozobot}: EXECUTING HIGHEST PROGRAM!{full break}

{Balthasar}: The three robots you saw just now will protect{line break}
you as you climb Death Peak. End of program.{page break}
Finally, may I make a request? This creature has finished{line break}
executing its programs. Please, allow it to rest. The power{line break}
switch is on the stomach.{full break}

Switch the creature off?
   No.{full break}

*player pushes the switch*

This creature sleeps beyond the flow of time.{full break}

*zip to Death Peak*

{Poyozobot}: Proceed forward when the wind is weak. Hide{line break}
behind the tree when the wind is strong.{full break}

*player proceeds through to the Lavos spawn. It shrieks at them*

*Marle's shocked animation*
{Marle}: Oh my GOD?! LAVOS?!{full break}

*2nd PC shakes their head/does their "no" animation*
(2nd PC)
{Lucca}:'s too must be a spawn of some kind!{full break}
{Robo}: It is not sensors show it to be no{line break}
more than 300 years old...perhaps a spawn?{full break}
{Frog}: It cannot be Lavos...perhaps it is a spawn of that{line break}
foul beast?{full break}
{Ayla}: Not Lavos! Maybe Lavos child?{full break}
{Magus}: No, you's too small. Must be its spawn...{full break}

*Marle pulls out her bow*
{Marle}: Then we can take it! Let's go!{full break}

*boss fight!*

*Marle does her victory pose*

{Marle}: Hah! Take that, Lavos Spawn!{full break}

*player zooms to the next spawn*

*Marle is shocked*
{Marle}: Another one?! ...grr...{full break}
*Marle whips out her bow*

*boss fight!*

*player nears the second and third Poyozobot*

{Poyozobot}: Be very careful! It's quite slippery, and if you{line break}
fall you'll have to climb back up.{full break}

{Poyozobot}: If you push the shell...{line break}
if you climb the will reach your goal...{full break}

*PCs blink in confusion*

{Marle}: Push...the shell?{full break}

*player goes to third Lavos spawn*

*Marle looks angry*
{Marle}: Not another one?! Get outta my way, damn it!{full break}

*boss fight! Shell remains after the fight*

(2nd PC)
{Lucca}: I think that's the last of them...I hope, anyway...{full break}
{Robo}: My sensors show no more spawn present.{full break}
{Frog}: With luck, we will encounter no more of those{line break}
disgusting creatures.{full break}
{Ayla}: No more! ...maybe...{full break}
{Magus}: If we're lucky, that's the last of those damned{line break}
things.{full break}

*Marle holds out her arms questioningly.
{Marle}: But look...the shell didn't collapse in on itself{line break}
like it did with the others when they died...I wonder why?{full break}

*PCs blink confusedly, then the 3rd PC performs some kind of "Aha!"

{Lucca}: Oh, I get it. That doll robot said to climb the{line break}
shell, right? Let's use it to reach the summit!{full break}
{Robo}: We should use the shell as a ladder to reach{line break}
the summit per the suggestion of the robot.{full break}
{Frog}: Might we utilize the shell of the spawn to climb{line break}
to the summit?{full break}
{Ayla}: Move shell! Climb!{full break}
{Magus}: Of course...we just move the shell over and climb{line break}
it like that robot of Balthasar's suggested.{full break}

*player pushes the shell and climbs to the summit*

{Marle}: Wow...this must be the summit of Death Peak!{full break}

*Marle steps forward*

{Marle}: we go...{page break}
All life who tremble in the night...who stand against the{line break}
darkness, who holds hope deep in their heart...please lend us{line break}
your power!{full break}

*Marle holds up the Chrono Trigger and the 2nd PC steps forward holding the pendant, unless Magus is the 2nd, then it is the 3rd*
{Lucca}: {Crono}, return to us!{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}, please return to us!{full break}
{Frog}: Sir {Crono}, we seek your return!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono}, come back!{full break}

{Marle}: Look, the pendant is resonating!{full break}

*The pendant sends little sparlkes to the Time Egg, which floats up in the air. The Time Egg shatters per its function. Of course the PCs don't know that*

*Marle does her sad animation*
{Marle}: ..w-w-what?! {delay 02}No! NO! Why?! We...{delay 03}we{line break}
came so far...did so much to bring him back...{full break}

(PC who held pendant)
{Lucca}: ...don't get depressed, {Marle} was pretty{line break}
foolish of us to think we could bring him back...{full break}
{Robo}: Please do not despair, {Marle}...we put too much{line break}
faith in bringing {Crono} back...{full break}
{Frog}: Do not allow despair to overcome you, {Marle}. It{line break}
seems we simply cannot alter Fate as much as we would like.{full break}
{Ayla}: No get down! {Ayla} lonely too. Lonely {Crono} not{line break}
come back...{full break}

({delay 03}) *3rd PC looks in all directions*

(3rd PC/Magus if in party)
{Lucca}: you guys feel that's almost{line break}
like there's a Gate somewhere here...{full break}
{Robo}: How sensors are detecting what appears to{line break}
be the formation of a Gate...{full break}
{Frog}: Wait, {Marle}...I sense some energy in the air, as{line break}
if a Gate were close...{full break}
{Ayla}: ?! ...feel like Gate...{full break}
{Magus}: ...something's happening...some kind of energy, almost{line break}
like a Gate...Gaspar, you may be a genius yet...{full break}

*Marle jumps up into her arm holding out animation*

{Marle}: {Crono}...? {Crono}, answer me! Don't leave me{line break}
behind, please!{page break}
{Crono}!{full break}

*the odd Gate effect of the Time Egg sends the PCs to the time freeze*

(All present speak their lines)
{Marle}: {Crono}?! {Crono}, we're here to save you!{full break}
{Lucca}: Oh my God...the Chrono Trigger, the egg of time...{line break}
it really brought us back to that instant! It even froze{line break}
time! It's almost as if the Chrono Trigger were a Gate{line break}
creator...{full break}
{Frog}: Everyone is frozen as though they were statues of{line break} is eerie.{full break}
{Robo}: Time appears to have been suspended except for our{line break} is this possible?{full break}
{Ayla}: Only us move?{full break}
{Magus}: Time has frozen all around us...I never thought it{line break} really are a genius, Gaspar.{full break}

(If Magus is in party, player can examine Schala)
(Schala){Magus}: ...Schala...{full break}

(Depending on who was in the party at the Ocean Palace, each PC will have

something to say about themselves):
{Marle}: ...don't worry, me, you'll get {Crono} back...{full break}
{Lucca}: I almost gave up then, didn't I...? Good thing{line break}
I didn't...{full break}
{Robo}: ...even for me, it is disturbing to encounter a frozen{line break}
copy of myself.{full break}
{Frog}: ...I almost wish I could speak with my frozen self...{line break}
but that would be foolish...{full break}
{Ayla}: ...{Ayla} scared...{full break}
{Magus}: How pitiful...we couldn't change a damned{line break}
thing, could we...?{full break}

*player touches frozen Crono*
{Marle}: Okay, we just take {Crono} and put the clone doll{line break}
in his place, and...{full break}

*Frozen Crono and fuzzy Crono are exchanged*

(All present speak)
{Marle}: {Crono}...? {Crono}! Oh my God, we actually did it!{line break}
{Crono}...{full break}
{Lucca}: {Crono}! Thank God...but come on, guys, we've got{line break}
to hurry!{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono}...thank is wonderful to see{line break}
that you are safe!{full break}
{Frog}: Let us withdraw quickly now that we have Sir {Crono}.{full break}
{Ayla}: Quick! Take {Crono} back!{full break}
{Magus}: Save the touching hellos for later! If our business{line break}
here's done, we've got to get going.{full break}

*Magus walks a few steps away if present*
{Magus}: {delay 01}.{delay 01}.{delay 01}.{full break}

*everyone pops back to Death Peak. Crono inclines his head and looks at everyone*

{Marle}: {Crono}...! Welcome back, {Crono}!{full break}

(Character who held pendant)
{Lucca}: It's good to see you back, {Crono}.{full break}
{Robo}: {Crono} is such a relief to have you back{line break}
with us again.{full break}
{Frog}: How are you feeling, Sir {Crono}?{full break}
{Ayla}: {Crono} back to life! {Crono} okay?{full break}

*Crono blinks his eyes in confusion. Marle stands*

{Marle}: {Crono}...we...{delay 02}we...{full break}

{Marle}: Everyone...everyone was waiting for you...{full break}

*Marle embraces Crono*

(If Magus is present, he looks away)
{Magus}: ...I hate this sappy shit...{full break}

{Marle}: Don't...don't go away again, please! Don't ever leave{line break}
me again!{full break}

*scene fades out except for the two and the tree*

{Marle}: {Crono}...we spent a lot of time trying to save you...{line break}
so much happened while you were gone...{page break}
First we...and then we did...okay, there we did...but...{page break}
...{Crono}, you're listening, right...?{full break}

*Crono nods*

{Marle}: Good...I'm just so glad you're here...{full break}

*scene fades out*

END "The Egg of Time!"

Quote from: The Fated Hour!
BEGIN "The Fated Hour!"

*party auto-returns to the End of Time, where everyone is standing around

Gaspar, who starts talking soon after the fade in*

{Gaspar}: looks like you were successful after all!{full break}

*Marle nods*

{Marle}: Thanks for you help, meant a lot to us.{full break}

{Gaspar}: Oh, no no no, don't thank me. All I gave you was{line break}
a chance, a means to achieve your goal. It is your companions{line break}
whom you should be thanking. They're the ones who made it{line break}
truly possible.{full break}

{Lucca}: Still...thanks Gaspar.{full break}

*Crono nods in agreement*

{Gaspar}: ...of course. Ahem. By the way, the Wings of Time{line break}

followed you here...almost as if it came looking for you...{page break}
In any case, you wish to fight against Lavos, correct? Many{line break}
paths are open to you. The bucket in the corner will take{line break}
you to him, or you could use the Wings of Time to fly to{line break}
the "Day of Lavos."{page break}
Or there is the enormous Black Omen which floats above{line break}
the world, straddling the eras. A foolish heart lies within{line break}
seeking to use it to empower Lavos...if you go there you{line break}
are sure to fight him.{page break}
When and where you battle Lavos is up to you. By now you must{line break}
realize you are the only ones with the means, methods, and{line break}
tools necessary to effect his destruction once and for all.{page break}
But you need not battle's a little vague, but I{line break}
can see people, places, events that will all empower you...{page break}
In the Middle Ages, a forest is revived through the sheer{line break}
will of a woman's heart...{page break}
Three fugitives who fought under {Magus} in the Middle Ages{line break}
continue to maintain a hideout...{page break}
In the Future a task remains to be completed where machines{line break}
were born...{page break}
There's a stone traveling across all eras from the Prehistoric{line break}
to the Future, collecting the light of the sun...{page break}
The soul of a proud knight slain by {Magus} in the Middle{line break}
Ages continues to haunt a dark castle in the Millennial Era...{page break}
An object in the Middle Ages sparkles like a rainbow...{full break}

(Note: As we add in sidequests later, obviously more will appear here. We

will determine the proper text for these at a later date.)

{Gaspar}: Speak with your companions from the various eras{line break}
to learn more about where and when these empowering events{line break}
and people are located.{page break}
Everyone and everything you meet will aid you in this battle.{line break}
You will need the help of all the spirits of the life from{line break}
every era.{page break}
Without their help, you can never truly be victorious...{page break}
In a way, I am sorry I cannot view the coming spectacle from{line break}
here...good luck, all of you!{full break}

(All sidequest dialogue is contained in their respective parts in the

sidequest dialogue list, including what the PCs say about the sidequest in

the End of Time. We are skipping straight to the Black Omen, storyline


(Also, note that from here on, the PC dialogue switches between 1st and

2nd, not 2nd and 3rd as before. Dialogue auto-skips to the next slot if

Crono is in either slot.)
*Black Omen, 2300 A.D*

{Queen Zeal}: Hahaha! Look at these fools worming their way{line break}
up to the Omen...idiots! The almighty Lavos reigns here!{page break}
But worry not...Lavos has already consumed the energy of{line break}
this Planet. You're 300 years too late to stop him. Hahaha!{full break}

*Queen Zeal goes back inside the Omen. Player cannot get inside*

*Player goes to the Omen in one of the previous eras*

{Queen Zeal}: Oho? Foolish worms! Are you so stupid as to{line break}
try to oppose me yet again? Have you already forgotten{line break}
the death of your friend in the Ocean Palace?{full break}
(If Crono is present, the line is altered)
{Queen Zeal}: Oho? Foolish worms! Are you so stupid as to{line break}
try to oppose me yet again? Have you, {Crono}, already{line break}
forgotten your death?{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: I am immortal! Lavos and I are one together{line break}
and will be for eternity! Underground Lavos eagerly consumes{line break}
the life energy of this Planet.{full break}

*Listed in order of 12,000 B.C., 600 A.D., and 1000 A.D*
{Queen Zeal}: Lavos will drain the world's energy and when{line break}
it is finished in 14,000 years it will destroy this world!{full break}
{Queen Zeal}: Lavos will drain the world's energy and when{line break}
it is finished in 1,399 years it will destroy this world!{full break}
{Queen Zeal}: Lavos will drain the world's energy and when{line break}
it is finished in 999 years it will destroy this world!{full break}

*PCs draw their weapons*
(1st PC)
{Marle}: Not if we have anything to say about it!{full break}
{Lucca}: Not on my watch, Queenie!{full break}
{Robo}: We will not allow Lavos to destroy the world!{full break}
{Frog}: We cannot allow that to occur, Queen.{full break}
{Ayla}: No! {Ayla} kill Lavos!{full break}
{Magus}: Hah...I don't think so.{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Idiots...the Black Omen is a road to Lavos, a{line break}
temple that provides both him and me with infinite power!{page break}
As long as the mighty Lavos and the Black Omen exists, your{line break}
dreams of a future are hopeless!{full break}

*Zeal summons up the Mega Mutant*

{Queen Zeal}: May you become a sacrifice to the almighty{line break}
Lavos! Hahahahaha!{full break}

*Zeal ports. Boss fight!*

*PCs put their weapons away and do their tired animation briefly*

{Marle}: Whew...that was tough...{full break}
{Lucca}: That was a hard battle, wasn't it?{full break}
{Robo}: The mutant was quite a difficult opponent.{full break}
{Frog}: Though difficult, the mutant proved no match for us.{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} win! Strong beast though...{full break}
{Magus}: That was harder than I'd anticipated...{full break}

{Marle}: Can't get tired yet...there's still quite a ways to{line break}
go.{full break}
{Lucca}: There's still a long way to go, guys, so don't get{line break}
tired yet {full break}
{Robo}: We should not allow ourselves to become exhausted, as{line break}
the Black Omen is massive.{full break}
{Frog}: We have some time yet before we reach the top, so we{line break}
cannot allow our stamina to dwindle.{full break}
{Ayla}: Not become tired...much more to go!{full break}
{Magus}: We can't let ourselves become exhausted...this damned{line break}
Black Omen is huge.{full break}

(Nu and Frog dialogue covered under NPC dialogue)

*player approaches Giga Mutant area. Floor goes funky and enemy appears*

{Marle}: Here it comes!{full break}
{Lucca}: Look out!{full break}
{Robo}: Brace yourselves!{full break}
{Frog}: Another mutant?!{full break}
{Ayla}: Fight!{full break}
{Magus}: Another one, eh?{full break}

*Boss fight!*

*player proceeds to Terra Mutant*

{Marle}: Not another one?! Grah...{full break}
{Lucca}: Great, a THIRD one...{full break}
{Robo}: With luck, this is the last mutant.{full break}
{Frog}: Yet another mutant? Surely the Queen must be bored{line break}
with creating these beasts by now.{full break}
{Ayla}: Fight again!{full break}
{Magus}:'re losing your creative touch...{full break}

*player moves on to Lavos Spawn*

(All present speak)
{Marle}:'ve gotta be kidding me!{full break}
{Lucca}: Holy crap! Is there any end to this?!{full break}
{Robo}: My sensors show this spawn to be stronger than the{line break}
ones we encountered on Death Peak.{full break}
{Frog}: A spawn of feels much more dangerous{line break}
than the others.{full break}
{Ayla}: ?! New spawn!{full break}
{Magus}: Of's got to be the strongest spawn{line break}
the healthiest spawn...most likely it'd be the new Lavos{line break}
given a chance. Let's not give it that chance.{full break}

*Boss fight!*

*player heads forward into clone room. PCs stop in the middle of the room*

*PCs are shocked*

(All present speak)
{Marle}: What IS this?! I'm getting really creeped out here...{full break}
{Lucca}: Are those more clones?!{full break}
{Robo}: Why would the Queen keep clones of us in tanks?{full break}
{Frog}: ...this is quite disturbing...who knows what foul{line break}
intents the Queen has with these clones...?{full break}
{Ayla}: ...another {Ayla}?{full break}
{Magus}: ...mother, you really ARE insane...{full break}

*player heads through to Queenie*

{Queen Zeal}: Hahaha! Welcome, all, to your destiny in its{line break}
most brutal form!{page break}
All your dreams that might have been...all your joys, sadness,{line break}
pain and suffering...every experience you have ever had or{line break}
will ever have!{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: The Black Omen flows above all timelines,{line break}
awaiting the day the almighty Lavos will awken!{page break}
Your destiny led you here, and here you will remain for{line break}
eternity, unless you can defeat me and destroy the Black Omen!{full break}

*PCs draw their weapons and surround Queen Zeal*
(1st PC)
{Marle}: We will! Count on it!{full break}
{Lucca}: We're gonna stop you, Queenie!{full break}
{Robo}: We will not allow the Black Omen to continue to{line break}
exist.{full break}
{Frog}: I think you will find us a more than worthy foe, Queen!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} stop Zeal!{full break}
{Magus}: Idiot fool...{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Come, children of this world! I shall lure{line break}
you into the midst of Lavos' slumber...into an enternal{line break}
black dream!{full break}

*Boss fight!*

{Queen Zeal}: Damn it...I cannot draw out my powers here...{page break}
Of course, I will just toss you vermin into the Mammon{line break}
Machine!{page break}
I hope you are grateful for will be one with the{line break}
Black Omen...with me...and with Lavos!{full break}

*Party is tossed into the Mammon Machine's Pocket Dimension. PCs are shocked briefly while the 1st PC says a line, unless Ayla is 1st then its the 2nd PC*

{Marle}: B-but I thought it blew up in the Ocean Palace!{full break}
{Lucca}: Wasn't the Mammon Machine destroyed in the Ocean{line break}
Palace disaster?{full break}
{Robo}: How is this possible? The Mammon Machine destroyed{line break}
itself in the Ocean Palace...and yet here it remains intact.{full break}
{Frog}: Was the Mammon Machine not destroyed in the Ocean{line break}
Palace?{full break}
{Magus}: But the Mammon Machine blew itself up during the Ocean{line break}
Palace the hell did she pull this one off?{full break}

*boss fight!*

*PCs zoom to outside of Black Omen and Queenie pops in*

{Queen Zeal}: Disgusting worms...I am the queen who will{line break}
rule this world eternally together with the almighty Lavos!{line break}
How dare you oppose me?! HOW DARE YOU?!{full break}

(If Magus is in party)
{Magus}: You fool! Nothing can escape the fate of death!{full break}

{Magus}: Queen Zeal...a sad woman enthralled by Lavos, used{line break}
as nothing more than a pitiful...{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Cursed Prophet...or should I say Janus?{full break}

{Magus}: ...what?!{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Did you think I would not recognize my own{line break}
son when you revealed yourself to Lavos?! You betrayed me{line break}
with your sins at the Ocean Palace, Janus!{full break}

{Magus}: You betrayed yourself, mother, and the kingdom!{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Idiot! The Kingdom of Zeal will live for all{line break}
time as part of the almighty Lavos!{full break}

{Magus}: it won't. Lavos just used you, mother! And{line break}
when he's done with you, he'll just crumple you up and{line break}
throw you away.{full break}

{Magus}: I won't let it go on any further! I'll end it once{line break}
and for all by my hand!{full break}

(1st PC in party in order listed below speaks)
{Marle}: ...Janus...?{full break}
{Lucca}: {Magus}...?{full break}
{Frog}: ...{Magus}...even I sympathize...{full break}
{Robo}: I sympathize with you, {Magus}.{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Oh, you will, Janus? No! You will atone for your{line break}
sins with your death!{full break}

(If Magus is not in party)
{Queen Zeal}: May you die and regret this folly of rebellion{line break}
for all time!{full break}

*Either way, Boss fight!*

{Queen Zeal}: I-impossible! How could you mere worms do this{line break}
to the likes of me?! Oh, almighty Lavos, give me your power!{full break}

*The Black Omen shoots energy into whatever surface is below it on the world map, depending on era it was taken on. Area where PCs are starts shaking.*

(All present speak in order listed below)
{Marle}: Uh-oh...{full break}
{Lucca}: Aw crap...{full break}
{Robo}: A massive energy reaction is building! The Omen may{line break}
disintegrate!{full break}
{Frog}: The Omen crumbles beneath us just as the Palace did!{full break}
{Ayla}: ...?! Lavos come!{full break}
{Magus}: ...mother, you are a fool to the end...{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Hahaha! HAHAHAHA! At last, the almighty{line break}
Lavos shall awaken! Before him, you are as helpless as{line break}
infants! What a delight!{page break}
Though my physical body dies, my spirit will live on for{line break}
eternity as part of the almighty Lavos! HAHAHAHA!{full break}

*the Black Omen disintegrates*

END "The Fated Hour!"
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Re: Storyline Dialogue Enhancements
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Quote from: At the End of the Planet's Dream!
BEGIN "At the End of the Planet's Dream!"

*Note: I will cover the various other methods of accessing Lavos as a small

aside in the sidequests dialogue. The storyline covers the Black Omen route

to Lavos alone.*

*party appears in front of Lavos in the Pocket Dimension. The other four

party members not in the party also appear along with the party.*

*PCs draw their weapons*
(All PCs Speak in order listed)
{Marle}: This is it...this is the final battle, everyone!{line break}
Let's give it our all, for the sake of the world!{full break}
{Lucca}: Lavos...the final battle of our journey..let's go{line break}
everyone! We can't lose now!{full break}
{Robo}: We have come so far...without this journey I would{line break}
still be a deactivated robot in a ruined dome...I thank you{line break}
all. Now let us destroy Lavos!{full break}
{Frog}: To seems only yesterday I was a sad frog{line break}
living in misery...and now I fight not just for Queen Leene,{line break}
but all humanity! Lavos, you will fall this day!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} fight for world! {Ayla} fight for friends!{line break}
Lavos...{Ayla} kill you!{full break}
{Magus}: defeated me in the Ocean Palace, but here{line break}
you will fall! I will take revenge for all you have taken from{line break}
me!{full break}
*Lavos shrieks his might shriek of Lavostude*

*Player chooses party to fight battle. Other PCs are relegated as NPCs and

disappear during the battle, but reappear after the battle.*

*Lavos Shell Fight!*

*Everyone is, unsurprisingly, exhausted, including the PCs not actually in

the party. I am doing this because I want the impression that every party

member is actually fighting, storyline wise, and not just the people in the


{Marle}: W-we did it...we actually did it...{full break}

{Lucca}: It's over...right?{full break}

*Robo shakes his head no*

{Robo}: sensors detect an even more powerful lifesign{line break}
inside.{full break}

{Frog}: Damn it...we should have known this would not be{line break}
so simple...{full break}

(If Magus is present){Magus}: We've got to destroy the core!{full break}
(If Magus is not present){Robo}: We must destroy the core!{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} no lose! We go!{full break}

{Marle}: Right! Let's go inside!{full break}

*Everyone steps inside the hole in the shell*

{Marle}: We're in really deep, aren't we...?{full break}

{Lucca}: Uh-huh...everyone's okay, right?{full break}

{Frog}: I am ready for battle, as always!{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} ready.{full break}

*Crono nods*

(If Magus){Magus}: We're fine, geeky...let's just get on with it.{full

(If no Magus){Robo}: We are alright, {Lucca}. Let us proceed!{full break}

{Voice}: Foolish mortal creatures...why do you insist on{line break}
such fighting?{full break}

*Everyone looks around, blinking, confused*

{Marle}: ...w-w-what was that?{full break}

{Frog}: Might that have been...Lavos?{full break}

{Lucca}:{full break}

{Ayla}: ...{Ayla} no scared...everyone no be scared...{full break}

{Robo}: We can only find out by proceeding deeper inside.{full break}

*Player can now select party, and then save at the save point. From here on

out, other party members wait in this shell area. Player can go back to the

End of Time, but the party members not in the party will no longer be


*player's party heads on inside. Other party members auto-follow the player

after the player reaches the exit. Scene only fades to the Lavos core after

all PCs reach the exit*

(Note: We need a different track to play during the dialogue, and have

World Revolution start up only when the battle begins)
*PCs are all around the Lavos Core holder machine thingy*

{Marle}: Oh my GOD...what IS this?! Is this the real Lavos?!{full break}

{Robo}: It is incredible...I am detecting what appears to be{line break}
DNA from every creature to exist since it crashed on this{line break}
Planet!{full break}

{Ayla}: Smell like Earth...yet not Earth!{full break}

{Voice}: I am more than what you see here.{full break}

*PCs are all shocked*

{Frog}: It speaks!{full break}

{Marle}: Lavos...Lavos can talk?!{full break}

{Lucca}: How...? Is Lavos actually...SENTIENT?!{full break}

{Voice}: I am sentient, mortal creature.{full break}

{Magus}: Why am I not surprised?{full break}

{Marle}: B-b-but...but why are you doing this?! If you're{line break}
sentient, how could you do what you've done to our world?!{full break}

{Lavos}: It is how my species propogates. With every world{line break}
my species takes the genes of the lifeforms and integrates it{line break}
into our own, to create a more perfect life form.{full break}

{Frog}: You are killing this Planet! You are taking the{line break}
energy it needs to live for your own!{full break}

{Lavos}: Do you not also take what you need to live from{line break}
other creatures? You kill animals for food. You destroy trees{line break}
for fuel to burn, or to use as writing material. I am no{line break}
different from you.{full break}

{Lucca}: Yes you are! You're killing a sentient being for{line break}
your own food!{full break}

{Lavos}: I will not explain myself to mortal creatures. Your{line break}
limited lifespans blind you to the truths I speak!{full break}

*PCs draw weapons*

{Robo}: We cannot allow you to continue killing our Planet!{full break}

{Magus}: This is the end for you, Lavos!{full break}

{Lucca}: We can't let you live after what you've done to us, to{line break}
our world!{full break}

{Lavos}: Violence against me will be futile. But, even so,{line break}
if you wish to fight, then fight! This is a battle of{line break}
survival!{full break}

*Lavos opens up his arms*

*Player chooses party to fight with. Epic boss fight commences. At end,

mechanical Lavos shell is replaced by the core*

{Marle}: ...i-it's humanoid...?!{full break}

{Lavos}: Your will to live is stronger than I had anticipated.{page break}
But why? Do you not understand what I truly am? I take all{line break}
life as a part of me, to create a more perfect life form! Is{line break}
this not the inevitable conclusion for all life? I am more{line break}
than a mere carnal entity...I allow all life to live forever!{full break}

{Lucca}: Lier! Why would you destroy the world in 1999?! You're{line break}
not some miracle of evolution! You're just a parasite!{full break}

{Frog}: You have bred life on this Planet as if we were{line break}
naught but cattle! If you wished for all of us to live you{line break}
would not kill the future!{full break}

{Lavos}: I can see my attempts to reason with you are futile...{line break}
I had hoped to stop this violence.{page break}
The world would not understand me anymore than you would. If I{line break}
attempted to spawn without ensuring the safety of my children{line break}
you would kill them without a thought.{full break}

{Ayla}: They fight us!{full break}

{Lavos}: My spawn defended themselves from your aggression{line break}
against them. Why would they not? Any life form under attack{line break}
defends itself, as I am doing so with you now.{full break}

{Marle}: You're lying!{full break}

*Crono nods*

{Lavos}: I do not understand why you continually refuse to{line break}
listen to reason. I give you one final chance: cease this{line break}
hostility. Humanity will have the splendor it dreams for as{line break}
a part of me, for eternity!{full break}

{All}: NO!{full break}

*Crono whips out his sword and his hairs blows dramatically*

{Marle}: This is {Crono}'s, ours...Leene's, Doan's...{line break}
everyone's...!{page break}

*Marle enters her casting stance*

Everyone's Planet!{full break}

{Lucca}: Such...{page break}

*Lucca draws her gun*

Such a ridiculous evolution...I won't allow it!{full break}

{Robo}: I am a life created by humans...however, life is life!{line break}
The same as {Lucca}, {Crono}, {Marle}, {Ayla}, {Frog},{line break}
{Magus}...{page break}

*Robo thrusts his fist out*

I am one of the many lives of this planet!{full break}

{Frog}: For the sake of a disgusting, amoral creature such{line break}
as you...?!{page break}

*Frog whips out his sword*

That is not why we are living!{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} not lose! {Ayla}'s this Earth's life!{page break}

*Ayla takes a dramatic kicking pose*

You not part of this Earth's life!{full break}

{Magus}: ...this time, Lavos...for certain...I will beat{line break}
you, you bastard...{page break}

*Magus flips his cape*

I will settle my long struggle once and for all!{full break}

{Lavos}: Very well...a battle for survival is what awaits us...{line break}
the natural order of life in the universe...{page break}
Who am I to deny this natural order?{full break}

*player chooses party*

*Evil Lavos scream*

*The uber boss fight of utter awesometude*

*Screen does the zip through all eras bit, and as the screen fades to white

with the sillouette, one last line is uttered...*

{Lavos}: This is not the end of me...I am eternal! I shall take{line break}
revenge on this entire universe for your actions against me...{line break}
You will see! I will destroy everything!{full break}

*scene fades out*

END "At the End of the Planet's Dream!"

This is where I'd normally add "More to be added as work continues" but that's not true anymore. Officially, the storyline script is now finished! On to the sidequests!