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Chrono Genesis- The Story (Has been UPDATED!!!!)
« on: December 06, 2006, 02:32:46 pm »
Chrono Genesis
Storyline by Brandon Markham

" The Gate...has opened"
" Opened?"
" Yes... you must find the lost flame which can control time."
" Why do you want this...flame"
" ..."

This is all I can remember... Listen to my words. The story of the lost arbiter.

My name is Virgil Lightmor, for the past three years now, I've been raised by my parents, but we are not related. You see...I was adopted. According to my parents, I fell on their doorstep here in Truce, three years ago, when I was fourteen. I have no memory of my past, all I can remember, are these cryptic words..." The Gate...has opened" " must find the lost flame which can control time". I can't remember anything after. Today is a good day, it's my birthday, at least I can remember that. Today's the day I turn seventeen, today is also the day where one of the students at Truce Academy actually tries to open a wormhole to another timeline, and it has to be impossible. My parents gone off to work at Guardia again, I'm proud of Guardia, they rose up to power again and became one of the most feared nations worldwide. I went out of the house and went to Truce Academy. When I got their, the experiment with the opening of a wormhole already started. I ran to the Stage Room, and made it just in time while receiving some "Happy Birthdays" on the way. I made it; the student conducting the experiment, he had a weird machine. "Ladies and gentlemen, today I shall re-perform an experiment that has happened over a thousand years ago!!! That's right... I shall open a wormhole!!!" the student shouted as the audience screamed out of excitement. "And now...Open Sesame!!!" I knew it. No wormhole, and no "Ooooo" or "Ahhhhh". "What is this crap!!!" "What the heck!?" " Gettin us excited!!!" Yep, the students were mad. "N-nothing to worry about!!! Let's see ummm..." After he tried and tried again we heard a big noise outside, everyone jumped and got scared. "Nothing to worry about students, remain calm" the Principal came in so I got up and went outside. I looked up when I was out, and...I saw this... weird black hole in the sky, and the clouds were surrounding it as if they were following it. The sky turned from blue to a terrible purple and I could hear the sound of thunder, could THIS be the wormhole? It was huge… I couldn’t believe it… something came down… “So…it’s here…” A young man walked up beside me and gave me a glare. Good thing I knew who it was. “Leon!!!” I screamed his name out of joy. Leon is my best friend, he went off on a journey for the past year and this is the first time seeing him back in a long time. “What’re you doing here!?” “ The Gate… has opened” I was perplexed, these were the words that a man told me before I came to Truce! Could he be this man!? “Hurry, we must make haste to Guardia Empire.” Leon was acting weird... “Leon, are you…okay?” “Yes, I am. It’s just that fate intended for this to happen. ”Leon gave me a strange reply. “Fate?” I replied, but Leon was already gone. He has gone to Guardia Empire, but I went back to my village. When I got their, I saw these weird creatures that popped as if from nowhere. I wanted to protect the people…but I had no weapon and I was a coward. But...this weird sword, just popped in my hand, and I could hear voices coming out of the sword. “We’ve chosen you…” “Please…make use of us and save your friends!!!!!” With hope, I charged at the monsters but I was blown back. That’s when Leon showed up with his chakrams and took out one of the monsters, he looked at me and gave a perplexed look when he saw my newly acquired sword. “How did you gain the Masamune!?” “Is this what the sword is called?” “Are you it’s…chosen wielder!?” I was completely perplexed by Leon and the sword. After battling with the other monsters, me and Leon searched the town for survivors. After sending the survivors off to Guardia, a huge monster fell from the skies from that weird hole; it totally crushed Truce Academy to ruins. “Lavos…” Leon said. “Lavos?” “The Calamity of Time…” I did not know what he was saying, but I charged at it hoping that I could save everyone from this…thing. “You fool!!! You will only accomplish an early death if you fight Lavos!!! ...oh well…you were always so persistent…” With that me and Leon fought this thing called Lavos together… but we… “It’s…too…tough” I said while trying to cling to my life. The hole sucked in the continent of Guardia, while Lavos burrowed into the Earth. Leon…         

Was I…sleeping? Where…am I? I woke up to a weird room… It was ruined. “Leeeooon!!!” I yelled, but he didn’t answer. I walked outside, and the sky…It was all black and purple, the color of darkness. “We are at the Darkness Beyond Time…” “Leon!!!” “This is what happens to timelines that have been interrupted by an entity. The timeline can not continue normally because that entity has entered a space-time where it does not exist…and that timeline is “discarded” into the Darkness Beyond Time…” I was never so perplexed in my life. What I really wanted to know is what happened to Guardia, what is this sword, and who is Lavos. “Leon…you know more than what you let on. Tell me everything, starting with Lavos” “…very well. The Entity of Destruction…Lavos. It existed long ago…in his own timeline. It fell from the heavenly stars in the black sky we know as space…back when dinosaurs existed…it burrowed…deep within the Earth’s core…and caused the Ice Age…in the year 1999 A.D., it destroyed the world. But, three youths knew of this, and changed history.” “But…why did it come back?” “I have no idea” “What about this sword!?” “The Masamune… “The sword that travels through space-time continua” It travels through space-time in order to find its rightful wielder…I wonder if it was a coincidence or fate that brought that unification of you and the sword…” “Where is Guardia too? What happened to my-I mean OUR home!!!” “History said that Lavos would not exist…but for some reason…history was wrong…perhaps it was fate” “I could give a damn if this Lavi, or Lavao, or whatever his damn name is! Just tell me what the hell happened to my home!!!” “…you’re standing on it” I looked around at the familiar scene and I couldn’t believe it. I was standing on the remnants of Guardia. How could this have happened? “This has to be a-a joke! This is my home!? No…it can’t be! It can’t be true!!” Leon looked at me with another serious face and began to move his lips. “I’m sorry but it is. Fate intended this to happen.” “Fate!? Is that your answer to everything!? You talk like the future is predetermined, that we can’t have any free will!” “This is true…the future is always predetermined…it’s the way of life. Whether or not we have control…fate always decides our future…” “You’re wrong!!! We shape our own future! Fate is just a word that says we don’t have a choice in life!! It’s my life and mine alone!!! No one guides it!!” "...Well then...draw your sword if your ready to prove it..." "What the...? NO!!! I won't fight my best friend!!!" He didn't listen, he chagred at me with his chakram, I dodged it, but I got cut. "LEON! DON'T! I don't want to fight you!!" What will happen next? Find out soon...
"Fate is just a word that says we don't have a coice in life!! It's my life and mine alone!!! No one guides it!!"

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Re: Chrono Genesis- The Story
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Wow. if this is tru........ i can't wait. I luv reading allthese neat fafnic's and other stuff. it simply makes me haaaaaaapppy!!! :D


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Re: Chrono Genesis- The Story
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That's cool XD