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An Untitled Work
« on: December 22, 2006, 08:25:15 am »
I just sat down and started writing. This is the first fanfic, or any piece of fictional literature I've ever written, and I actually had a lot of fun for what little I wrote! Comments and critique? :)


   The Gate closed, ending the journey.
   Marle looked over at Lucca and Crono. “Well, now what?” she said, smiling.
   Marle was a tall, blond-haired, young woman. She wore a simple white unitard with a powerful crossbow across her back. Headstrong and compassionate, she was the heir to the Guardia royal line. Over the past events with Lavos, the Epoch,  her friends, and with Crono, these qualities had shone through all the more.
   “I suppose we simply have to live our lives as best we can now,” answered Lucca.
   Lucca, a brilliant young scientist from the town of Truce, the greatest scientist the world had ever, and probably would ever know, stood beside the other two. Slightly shorter than Marle, her intellect made up for any physical prowess she lacked. Her trusty firearm at her hip, Lucca lowered her head slightly, adjusted her glasses, and moved a rogue purple hair out of her eye and back under her helmet.
   “There really isn't much else we can do.”
   Crono nodded his agreement. He was a young man also from Truce, not long past his teens, and the driving force behind the journey that had just come to an end. He stood not much taller than his two friends, clothed in simple travelling attire, wielding a katana for protection. His hair was what was most recognizable though – long, wild, unkempt, and flaming red, and he wore a bandana to keep it out of his eyes.
   “At any rate, we should probably head down to the main square. This is the Moonlight Festival, after all. Our families are waiting there for us, and I could really sit down for a while,” sighed Lucca, happy to finally have the chance to once again be home and work on her projects.
   “Well that's no fun!” giggled Marle.
   The three took one last look at where the Gate had been, turned around, and walked down the cobblestone path down to the main square. Silence overtook the fading footsteps as the three happily walked away. Their hard work was finally finished, and the world's future secure.
   The night overcame the area. The Telepod remained deployed, but unpowered. A mouse poked its head out from behind the console and sniffed the air, before turning around and scampering away.
   There was no one to see or hear the small crackle of energy where the gate had been.


Obviously unfinished. I don't know where I intend to go with it either, but if there's enough interest or positive feedback, I may continue working on it. :)
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