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Project Kid
« on: February 19, 2006, 04:25:01 pm »

How did Belthasar plan Project Kid? He traced alternate dimensions, the will of the planet, Schala's actions, and thousands of years of history in order to produce Serge and the Chrono Cross. How could one man coordinate all of this?


Belthasar had several tools at his disposal. Natural to him were magic and his intellect, which had fathered the Epoch and Blackbird before him. What probably empowered him further were the FATE supercomputer, complete with thousands of years of historical data and capable of running simulations on possible timelines, and the Frozen Flame, which served as the facility's power core. The use of the Flame is problematic, however, if only because contact would cause Belthasar to become its Arbiter. Belthasar also had the Neo Epoch, and it is a possibility that he went back and forth in time to shape his plan to perfection. Lastly, perhaps Gaspar assisted Belthasar from the End of Time, where he could observe the timeline evolve.

The real issue with Belthasar's Project Kid is its complex nature. Belthasar created an alternate world, disrupted the world of the Dragonians by having Dinopolis shift to the Keystone Dimension, and manipulated the lives of thousands over the course of El Nido's history through FATE's controls. Much of this can be explained by the nature of the Chrono Cross, the only item able to free Schala; points suggest that the Chrono Cross had to be bidimensional in creation in order to have its healing effect and purpose. This provides for the necessity of two dimensions. Secondly, the Chrono Cross relied on Dragonian technology for its creation. Why Belthasar simply couldn't use his superior magic to effect its creation is unknown; it is possible that the Dragonian Elements had demonstrated the effect of the Chrono Cross previously, and Belthasar decided to simply use its system instead of attempting to devise his own magical remedy for defeating the Time Devourer. This provides for the introduction of Dragonians to the history of the world. The last element of the equation unaccounted for is the manipulation of the citizens of El Nido, who used the Records of Fate for thousands of years. This may be related to the timeframe Serge was to be born in, which may further hinge on Kid. While Serge could have been born considerably early, Belthasar probably wanted Kid to come in when she did at 1004 A.D. so that Lucca could take care of her. There is some evidence that Lucca and Belthasar corresponded.