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Archived discussion
« on: August 13, 2006, 05:57:41 pm »
I'm an archivist and perfectionist by heart, so here's something I found on my hard drive.

You have just entered room "Compend."
Y has entered the room.
Z has entered the room.
Z: ha ha ha ha
X: This is a backup in case we can't totally stop that
X: I'm against with you guys reviving old forces of good and evil
Z: are you guys watching the other chat room?
Y: Somewhat.
X: What do you guys think of the "Ultimate" idea
X: This is my reasoning, again
X: ZEAL, in order not to disturb the testing environments it finds, starts with small changes and evnetually moves to larger ones, before abandoning the dimension for a new one
X: Gaspar and the ones of his choosing also start with the smallers and head up
X: Opening up a metric shitload of subplot possibilities all dealing with what-if questions
Z: wait
Z: how does gaspar cross dimensions?
X: "What if Magus did "Party Boy" from Jackass"
X: Oh,
Z: also, does ZEAL have time travel, or only dimension travel?
X: I meant that Gaspar and his chosen try to fix Keystone
X: And each time they fix it, ZEAL messes with it again
X: Both
Z: ah
X: I would say that if you can pick to enter a new building, you could also pick the door and entryway
Y: He doesn't - Gaspar sees the changes from his point at the EoT.
X: So with each disturbance of ZEAL, Gaspar and his chosen rectify it, and find another.
X: My idea is that this opens up tons of subplots based on what-if questions.
X: The subplots increase in gravity as they move on
X: An early one could be "What if Toma found the Rainbow Shell"
Z: but the same characters deal with each distrubance?
Z: so it becomes a serial of sorts
X: A later one could be "What if Guardia and Truce were burned down to the ground itself"
X: It could be, or ZEAL's mucking could occasionally remove a character here and there
Y: While at the same time, setting up for the story's central conflict -
X: Yes
X: Y has planned the final subplot
Z: I meant regarding how we're writing it, but continue
X: Oh, then yes
X: This would also let authors finish subplots and perhaps leave the story if they had to
X: And new writers could be brought in
Y: ZEAL is interested in seeing how other realities handle the Frozen Flame.
X: "for this scenario, X, Y, and V Translanka will be writing. You, write from this perspective, the plot is this, talk about this"
X: "subtheme is this"
Y: Whether they use it to further "enlightenment" or simply use its power for selfish, material ends.
Z: but they would only give it to post-zeal societies in other dimensions, correct?
Y: At some point, they'll "test" this by locating Keystone's flame and giving it to someone, who more or less, will be the Keystone dimension's main "villian".
X: Yes
X: Post-Zeal
Y: Who will do something ridiculous, like attempt to take over the world. Something bad.
X: ZEAL cares specifically about dimensions in which Zeal arose and history is mainly the same until a poin
Z: the death of king zeal being that point
Y: Gaspar and his chosen will end up having this person out and finding way to cross into ZEAL and hopefuly stop them from screwing around further.
Y: [taking] this person...
Z: they cross over?
X: Yes, this will be the ending piece in the series
Z: ok
Y: That would be interesting, I'd say.
Z: now that makes sense
X: Since ZEAL can so easily mess with other dimensions by this time, it shouldn't be too hard for Gaspar and his guys to round up the mental giants of Keystone and reverse-engineer it
X: Hell yes, I'm back to my original euphoria
Z: will he tap the other gurus?
X: About Amanda; disregard this message
X: Thats a thought
Y: ^^
X: Belthasar is protected after CC by Time Bastard
X: But we're not sure where he will be
Z: And Melechoir?
Z: Perhaps have him forge a sword out of the flame, to cut through  the dimensions?
X: Yeah; I don't think he could be used for some important time thing
Z: after taking it from the person it was given
X: Since he's never really shown skill in that area
Z: I think he should play some part
Z: CT was Gapar's story, CC was Bel's
X: Aha
X: He can come along
Y: I figure they could simply use the power of the Flame to open the way back somehow, yes.
X: Radical Dreamres helps in this regard
X: It holds that Time Egg + Frozen Flame = :-)
X: control over time
X: Now, the possibility lies in that
X: the Time Egg is an object with finite capacity
X: Surely, better and more useful feats of engineering can be done
X: For instance, jerryrigging 50 Time Eggs together. Even that grants a little more power, perhaps
X: So, I don't think its that far of a leap to use the Flame to interconnect dimensions
X: I have an idea
Y: /nod
X: For justifying some of this dimensional stuff
X: Who wnats to hear
Z: sure
Y: Go for it.
X: Since Cross is really damn strict about Dimensions, and doing this entire thing is stretching it a bit
Y: I'll need to go to bed in a minute or two, I'm tired.
X: We can operate closer to the original mechanics
X: By holding that ZEAL and others mess with dimensions via the Missing Piece principle
X: Essentially, they can read the quantum signature of any object and sort of detect dimensions in which copies or something very close to it exists
X: And with this data, effect such energy on the object in such a way that they induce dimensional travel
X: The object is switched with whatever dimension they chose
X: Since both are at odds with each other, being pulled to the other dimension by the natural forces of the universe
X: They can use this pull between the objects, who are now in opposite dimensions, and exploit it like a Gate
Y: And then cross through personally.
Y: Right?
X: Yes
Z: interesting
X: Its just exploiting this pull force
X: Like, extending it to the objects to transfer
Z: with their great magical power, it wouldn't be hard to stabalize such a "gate"
Y: Alright, I'm psyched, but I'm exhausted.
X: Yes, 13,000 years after 12,000 B.C. is a scary thought considering Zeal's power
X: one sec
X: in order for ZEAL to change stuff
X: Doesn't it need agents
Z: yes
Z: and it also needs a means to observe...well, everything
X: Let's have these agents do a quantum leaping effect, in order to cover our tracks in terms of conservation of energy/matter
Y: Agents as in people from ZEAL entering the dimensions? Yes. ^^
X: Ah, thats easy
X: Bend of Time
X: Alright, before I do that
X: I'm saying that agents, upon entry to the experimental dimension, switch with someone like them
X: Just to balance dimensional energy out and not cause any unwanted disturbances
X: in reference to the Bend of Time
X: the most popular theory right now is that its like the End of Time
X: A place between dimensions, connecting to both (like EoT connects to time); a point of least spatial resistance
X: And, like the EoT, it can observe other dimensions like a Pocket Dimension can
X: So, upon the switching of the "object" used to create the Missing Piece effect, ZEAL locates the resulting Bend of Time between dimensions
X: Brings in an observation station like Gaspar did
X: And toasts some marshmellows.
Y: Wait, are you suggesting that these agents simply "possess" someone from the dimension, or actually swap places with these people, sending the switchee to ZEAL?
Z: but they also have to keep these other beings "captive" until they are ready to go back
X: Oh, whoops
X: Yeah, I don't mean Quantum Leap fundamentally, but just the switching
Y: Gotcha.
X: The leapee goes to ZEAL and is detained, sedated, whatever
X: The agent replaces him
Y: Yes, that has the potential to be very interesting indeed...
X: Yeah, we've justified it well
X: We'll control the explanation of these things in the beginning
Z: but they'd have to find people no one would miss
X: I'll save what we have now
X: Hm, yes..
Z: or else that in of itself would have a major effect
Z: perhaps they'd look into the future, to see peopel that contribute nothing to society, and don't reproduce
X: dead-ends
X: those stranded on islands
X: I'd venture to guess that Janus's floating in the air trick has been mass-produced by the time of 1000 AD in ZEAL
X: So travel isn't much of a problem for ZEAL agents
Z: easily
X: What in the hell
X: Is happening in that other chat
Z: are we to assume that by this point everyone is as powerful (or on the order of power as) Magus?
Z: I stopped caring long a go
Y: I wasn't paying it any attnetion, heh...
X: Hm
X: Yes, but as the old saying goes
X: Only wizards were allowed to really use it
X: People in ZEAL's society wouldn't really need it, as they don't in Zeal
X: Though
X: I suppose by 1000 A.D. they'd all be magic innates
X: Royal family would still have an evolutionary edge over everyone else
Y: ZEAL would have its own hierarchy, I'd suppose...
Z: but what would be the average power?
Z: surely, it would be greater than in 12,000bc keystone
Y: Some more powerful than others, surely.
X: Magus is tempting, because
X: He received the training of 600 A.D., a short hop from 1000 A.D.
X: although that doesn't take into account his innate potential
X: it is a chronological signpost
X: as the Mystics kept researching magic
Z: then again, how does the average mystic compare with the average zealian?
Y: Remember though that the common ZEALian isn't going to need that kind of power, so these "agents" aren't the norm, yes?
X: Yeah
Z: correct
X: Hm
X: ZEALians are mostly the academic sort, I guess
X: We must remember that muscles in the absence of resistance waste away
Z: perhaps the agents are up to Magus-like power, but the average citizen is more along what was incredible power in CT
Z: Enhasa wouldn't help that at all...
X: Well
X: This honor rusting in the absence of war thing is making me think
X: That the average ZEALian possesses the knowledge several times over to match a Zealian
X: But in terms of practice, not really
X: So its there, but just not ready for huge use
X: So I'd put them a little under than Magus
X: While having the agents somewhat higher than Magus
X: Say, Magus at Dark Bomb level of experience
X: Compared to an average Zealian, thats pretty high
X: Just think in your mind of random Zeal NPC vs. Magus.
X: I see a barbecue
Z: right, that'd be a quick battle
X: And lastly, the royal family
X: They'd need training as leaders
X: So they might be the total asskicking guys
X: Alright, thats that,