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Text Issues
« on: July 28, 2006, 06:19:35 pm »
Alrighty for those of you who have played the latest patches you've probably noticed some of the following two errors

1.  When the text gets to the end part of the middle gets screwed up
2.  End text wraps around to the beginning

Both of these are not....unknown errors but just so damn annoying to fix that well....I was lazy.

They will be fixed by release of course but we should start making a list of times that this happens so if you notice it post it here.  And I'll make a master list.

1.  Frozen Flame notes


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Re: Text Issues
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2006, 07:00:06 pm »
  • The Imp in 600 AD Medina who mentions the tunnels. Error type 2
  • The "..." of the middle part in Lucca's remark about the sleeping Janus wrapped around to the begining of the line
  • Robo's remark about the sleeping Janus. Part of "anything" wraps around to the beginning of the line and covers up part of "waited".


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Re: Text Issues
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2006, 03:26:23 am »
I think I really only paid attention to type 1, so here are the ones I've found:

Roget: @ "meet"
"...someone wearing vigrant clothes like that in the southest..." @ "that"
Magus: "These were the catacombs beneath Zeal" @ "catacombs" (pending revisions)
Man (talking to Dalton): "...any of us knew the power..." @ "the"
The Chancellor: "he is sending an envoy, and you must attend!" @ "and"
"They're going to speak about the assassination" @ "about"
Belthy (when he tells the party to fetch Magus): "Anyhow, I'd start with Magus" @ "I'd"
Belthy (when speaking of King Zeal after the party meets him): The first "That man" @ "man", the second "That man" @ "That"
When Schala and Magus talk: "But we are together" @ "But"
(Medina 1002): "And the new Elder is a warmongering buffoon." @ "warmongering"
(Vanguard Post 602): "I heard the Viper clan in Porre" @ "the"
Frog: "Unfortunately, this envoy had quite a few magic users in it." @ "few"
Frog: "...set back peace relations with the Mystics to pre-war levels" @ "relations" (pending revisions)
The big NPC at the Porre "Cafe": "Maybe he'll join that new Vanguard!" @ "join"

Other text issues are listed below (T = Technical -- A = Artistic/Debatable):

T: "Glenn had this order chartered in 601 A.D.," does not need the comma. (Vanguard Post)
T: "seeya around some time, Prince" probably should use "see ya" (Medina Square)
T: Roget's "Oh are you Crono?" could use a comma after "Oh."  "Brains of this outfit" needs to be indented, or the rest of the text bubble needs to be un-indented in order to achieve consist formatting.  The same applies the end of his speech sequence.
T: "Hm, hope I stay in this form..." could use some sort of adjustment, such as adding an addition "I" before "hope" in order to make grammatical sense.
T: Magus: "These were the catacombs beneath Zeal" runs a bit too far to the right (move Zeal to the next line; you'll need to do the same with "made" on the next line).
A: "1.5425 years to be exact" seems like a period of time that would make 2 years a rather rough estimate.  "1.9178 years to be exact" would be a little more reasonable.
T: "Doan when to Arris Dome, and is officiating it" should have "Arris" indented.
T: "It seems like a blink to us" could use an indentation.
T: "normal human.  Our organic material..." could use an indentation.
T: "It seems... Someone's trying to shut them off!" should probably make "Someone" lowercase.
T: Melchior's "Well... Things became hectic" should probably make "Things" lowercase.
T: There's a blank speech bubble after Magus's "Bribery..." speech bubble that ought to be removed.
T: Marle's "You have to have that baby" needs "to" to be indented.
T: "Ayla wish you luck!  Come visit!" needs "luck" indented.
T: "Chapter 3: Old Friends, New Enemies" seems odd because we already have a Chapter 3 (when the party added Magus to the party).
T: "It's a tough material and conducts their energy if we manage to..." needs a period after "energy" and needs to capitalize "if"
A: "It's amplifying the power hugely!" is technically correct, but "hugely" seems like an odd word.  "greatly" or "immensely" would seem more appropriate for Belthy to say.
T: Belthy (when speaking after the party meets King Zeal): "A great evil seems to have returned" needs one fewer spaces before "returned".  The second sentence could use some clean-up, possibly like "That man... oh, how could this have happened?  That man is from Zeal.  His power is extraordinary!"
A: Crono can reply with "But who is he?"  I thought the kid was supposed to be a mute.
A: "For now, we need Glenn's aid more than ever." might make more sense as "Now we need Glenn's aid more than ever."  The player also needs to know why we actually need Frog so badly.
T: Schala's "Thank you ....everyone" has an ellipse and a period before everyone.  Get rid of the period.
T: "I have no memory of what has transpired.  Only...pain..." might make more sense as "I have no memory of what transpired, only... pain..."
T: Medina (1002): Regarding the NPC calling the new Elder a "warmongering buffoon", moving "the" up to the previous line would make a better speech bubble fit, espcially if you take "the killing of the Elder" and move "of" to the previous line.
T: Tata's "I run this place now, why don't you help a friend out?" could be "I run this place now.  Why don't you help a friend out?"
A: Frog: "...set back peace relations with the Mystics to pre-war levels" -- Removing "peace" may add clarity.
T: Frog: "...relations with the Mystics to pre-war levels" -- The word "to" should be hit down to the next line.  You then have to bump "there" (towards the end) to the next screen.
T: Frog: "Okay, I'm in." has one too many spaces before "Okay"
T: (Frog) The last line in the next bubble needs an indention.
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Re: Text Issues
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2006, 04:46:40 pm »
Just a note to say that sentences which don't fit in one textbox... should fit in one textbox (it looks a bit awkward when a sentence is cut in half between two textboxes). It's better to simply {full break} the box at a previous sentence and make the long sentence span a whole textbox by itself. I'm fixing those I find.