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From Zeality
« on: July 11, 2006, 06:02:48 pm »
Note:  This is not to take away from Crison Echoes, Zeality just wanted to keep this away from public and had me post it here.  He wanted feedback:


Radical Dreamers: The Mystic Key

In search of the Frozen Flame, Magil and Kid meet Serge, and learn of the Mystic Key -- rumored to be the only way to access the artifact. Thinking it will lead them to the Flame, they set out on adventure, raiding lavish mansions, working for hte Guardia resistance and ultimately taveling rhough time to find hte artifact. Starts in late 1019 A.D., ending in early 1020 A.D. All birthdays are assumed to be January 1. Right now, its looking like they'll visit two shades of middle ages and one prehistoric setting, though this is all subject to change. This totally takes place in the Radical Dreamers universe, meaning Crono is and Kid holds the original Chrono Trigger.

Player Characters:

Serge - Age 16, grew upin Reigorra. Musician; fun attitude.
Kid - Age 15, grew up in Truce, then Regiorra.
Magil - Age 33, grew upin Zeal / Medina. Arrived in 1015 at age 27.
Lucca - Age 21, controlled in Fall of Guardia memory. Died at age 31.
Frog - Age 34, grew upin Choras, then Guardia. Helps during 605 A.D. visit.
Ayla - Age 23, grew up in Ioka. Helps find Dreamstone in 65000001 B.C.
Robo - Age 385. Grew up in Proto Dome. Helps out in 684 A.D. visit.


Marle - Age 35. Horribly hurt by of Crono and apparent of son in Fall of Guardia. Son was born shortly after Lavos's defeat. Shadows the party and attempts to get Flame for herself to revive Crono (Lucca wants this too but died). Is eventually left in a prior time period and makes it back after aging another 30 years, setting the stage for her to become Vera in time for the Lynx mansion raid.
Cedric Comnenus - Age 18, leader of Guardian rebellion, and unknowing son of Crono / Marle. Oh hell, make his middle name Shinrin.
Norris - Age 22, Black Wind leader. Hunts Dreamers and has crush on Kid. Not a bad guy.


Lynx - Age 39. Ambitious artistocrat who foils Dreamers and getsin good with Dragoons as time goes on, eventually overthrowing them.
Norstein Bekkler - Age 108. Skilled Zeal refugee who leads his group, the Spades, to find the Frozen Flame. Motive not yet established.
Gul-amahn - Age 30. Corrupt early knight of Guardia serving as the Spades' physical muscle.
Shadrus - Age 52. Cunning Reptite given magic; seeks to commune with Lavos through the Flame.
Jiruhime - Age 4. Clone of Queen Zeal serving as the magical arm of the group.
Col. Murgan - Age 40. Porre commandant committed to ending Dreamers. Compare to Norrington in Pirates of the Caribbean.

And, not to mention:

Toma XIII - The main competition, apart from the Spades, for finding treasure.
Guardia Freedom Front (1019 A.D.)
Porre Military (1019 A.D.)
Black Wind (1019 A.D.)
Mystic Auxiliary (1019 A.D., arm of Porre)
Guardia Royal Army (600's)
Acacia Dragoons (1019 A.D.-dead by 1020 A.D.)
Other thieves


Northern Zenan (Truce, Guardia castle, Porre camp)
Zenan Junction (Dorino, Bridgeport, Sanctuary)
West Zenan (Viper mANOR, rEGIORRA, gERZBUEHLE)
South Zenan (Porre, Stead, Shakington)
Ioka (oka, Ragne, Reptite Camp, Cave)
Central Zenan (Fiona's forest, Dorino, Regiorra) (600 A.D.)
Choras (600 AD.)


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Re: From Zeality
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2006, 11:26:30 pm »
I see RD as the preface to a much grander adventure. On its own, it is a cozy, slow-paced, unsettling mystery story--not a high-fantasy epic. Consequently, I am not supportive of expanding it into a CT-style time-travel adventure. To me it is important that the setting of RD is entirely in or around Viper Manor, and that most of the consequences of the plot are left for another day. That's starkly different from either Chrono game, but especially CT.

To put it another way, I think such a game as has been proposed here will encounter such difficulty in preserving the distinct RD flavor.


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Re: From Zeality
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2006, 07:10:41 am »
If a sequel were to be made to RD, I'd personally imagine it as point-and-click adventure game... you know, like "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis", or The Secret of Monkey Island" (that sounds really oldschool eh?)... I think this kind of game would really fit RD (humor, puzzles, etc.). Well, RD is basically that already, except there's text instead of clickable objects on a scene picture.


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Re: From Zeality
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2006, 11:13:42 am »
I am assuming this is a TF game.

I think our playable characters should include Esmeld. He is an interesting character, and full of personality in RD. I personally like him alot.

I also think we should use the ghost of Shea as a playable character. This will create an interesting moral dilema in fighting Lynx, beacuse she is keeping him alive, and I imagine that connection is keeping her spirit in this world.

Granted using these two will eliminate the use of two of the original CT cast, but I think it will add some much needed RD expansion. Esmeld could replace frog, which would only require sprite assembly work, which I could do. Shea would require Tech work, and sprite assembly. We would also need a good sprite artist. We are already replacing Crono with Serge and Marle with Kid, we might aswell take advantage of the other characters in RD. 

Using these two can give us a huge plot adavantage.

I also think the scenarios of RD should very much influence the plot, even the bizarre mars one (hmmm 2300 AD map would make a good mars). I'll jot down some of my ideas as they come, but RD has a huge amount of plot material to work with.

RD by nature is a smaller scope for the plot. This carries the simple themes of revenge, family, and love. While the original cast was worried about saving the world.


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Re: From Zeality
« Reply #4 on: July 19, 2006, 12:33:12 pm »
We would definitely lose the theme and feel of the original. The idea here would be to likewise enhance the sense of grand adventure. But the actual purpose of this is to throw something out there for when Crimson Echoes is complete. Kajar Laboratories and Temporal Flux have now cultivated a large crop of rom hackers; Crimson Echoes is a freight train now, running on high octane fuel. I've seen modding communities split with several simultaneous projects in development; none are completed. That's why I enjoy having the Compendium run its own brand ROM hack, something people can count on to be made simply because it bears our brand of endorsement and quality. This game would not be in the vein of Chrono Trigger or Crimson Echoes at all; it would attempt to expand upon Radical Dreamers. As a result, the main characters would take turns narrating, and there would be more humor. Character development would be high, but the central frame upholding the game would be its story and adventure. To pull it off successfully would be difficult, so it is going to be confined in the planning stages until more commentary comes around.

But other than this, I'm exhausted for ideas for the next Compendium ROM hack. We could always take another existing one and elevate it to that status, but it excites me to think what we could accomplish with something planned perfectly from the start. Had Crimson Echoes been maintained cleanly from its inception, it might be nearing beta testing stages right now.

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Re: From Zeality
« Reply #5 on: July 19, 2006, 04:07:42 pm »
Well the next hack I work on hard core will be  a mini hack.

It's going to tell the story of Cyrus--->Hero's Medal-->Fight with magus.

Frog King is already an enemy too whooo.