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The One List to Rule Them All
« on: June 26, 2006, 12:36:39 am »
Ok enough with the slump. I've decided to compose this list of everything so far. If someone could pin this, so we could edit it later, that'd be great.


Crono - Crono goes on mission, Marle tags along, they find forest place, fight through it, meet Therrist. Togethr they go into this underground place, save an unconcius Alex by fighting a monster, go through a warp thing that the monster escapes through, find themselves in an alterante continent, where Guardia has fell, and Porre rules, then they go into the caves in the back of the Guardia castle ruins, where they fight through it and come to a Gaurdian(as in the people of Guardia, not the word) refuge. They find that a monster is making the people make sacrifices in order to live there, they kill him, and find that its a robot created by the alternate Crono and Marle, and they possibly(depending if they get there in time)save the girl being sacrificed, and the demo ends.

Alex - Alex is about to take on Monster in cave, him and soldiers get butts whooped (screen black - Crono and co save Alex).  Alex wakes in a hospital.  Leaves to find Therris - his friend that helped Crono and Marle.  Go on a separate route to fall in an underground cavern.  Fight monster's brother.  Enter the "secret" area of the forest.  Find the warp and enter.  From there Alex is in the same world Crono is in.  He and Therris find the people of Porre are sick from some unknown disease.  A healing herb should cure it but the only place to find it is in the Tower of Porre.  Other Alex left a while ago but has not returned.  Alex gets sent on a journey to get the herbs.  Fights to the top of the tower.  Side: Ability to get a new charater (Vera) who shoots people with a gun.  She's pissed someone stole her herbs, will gladly join you.  Get to the top to find monster.  Fight monster and win (hopefully).  Return to hospital where herb is administered.  People happy - yay - end of demo Alex.


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PLEASE - If I forgot you over the many months of inactivity, notify me or Solid.


AZARATH: Check the I AM BACK!! Thread for the link. The site isn't fully functional, but you can see some of the cool stuff Solid saw on his summer job!


RPGMaker 2K3


Have released first and second demo. Starting soon on the development of either the rest of the game. Might release one more demo.


Alex - Goodly Porrean knight general
Crono - The prince I guess you could say of Guardia who is on a mission for Guardia
Therris - Alex's swordsmen friend, briefly joins Crono, then Alex
Marle - Crono's wife, princess of Guardia
Clara(Don't know if she counts as a main character) - Nurse at the hospital
Verra - Girl who got her herbs stolen, joins Alex
And the girl you rescue(Who's name is caught behind my mental block) - Can't say due to SPOILER.


Being able to play again as old CT favorites.
Travel between two unique dimensions.

And more to come...

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Re: The One List to Rule Them All
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2006, 01:00:44 am »
- Possibly another new guy Adma who has knowledge of coding(Might know some with RPGM?)
i used to be an RM2K3er before i switched to XP but i'm willing to do work on this game