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Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes Plot
« on: May 07, 2005, 03:00:14 am »
Thread created to siphon the story out of the big CE thread.

Quote from: Coming attractions

-Bandits in on eof the ruins
-Ghost/Dagger in Hyrrde
-Party goes on a bit of treasure hunting in each era
-Eventually tracks
-Go to El Nido in 1000 A.D. (of course nothing is there but the Flame)
-Try to take the Flame, but King Zeal unleashes its full power
-Breaking Point

Quote from: Sidequests
-Visit the Larubans (who have the Sun Stone)
-Help Ozzie, Slash, and Flea contain some demon they accidentally unleashed (they eventually depart to travel through time on an adventure)
-Help Toma stake a claim to fame so he can seal a marriage (bringing about Toma XIII in Chrono Cross)
The Secret of Nu. Learn what Nu truly are, integrate the article.
-Fiona's Shrine

The overall story:

Lavos sits critically wounded in the DBT; the Frozen Flame still points to it, but is silenced without an Arbiter. Originally, King Zeal died/disappeared because he messed with the Flame back in Zeal in the previous timelines. Now that Lavos is dead, the Flame needs an Arbiter; King Zeal fits the bill, since the Flame can't do anything and use its power without a commander. Lavos still wants revenge on humanity for destroying it. Thus, it communicates to the Flame; whenever King Zeal has a fancy, such as "What would 1000 A.D. be like with wars n stuff loalz," the Flame can use it to translate temporal changes. Introduction of chaos and strife pleases Lavos. Crono and the gang gradually reverse these problems; King Zeal is annoyed and begins messing with them. Still, nothing is in place to stop Lavos, and no one but King Zeal even knows it still exists.

This all changes after an experience that Crono survives; King Zeal intended to kill him, and thus told him of the Lavos's existence. He also lets it out that the Flame has convinced him to bind with Lavos as the Arbiter, making a prototype for what we know as the Time Devourer. Now that Crono has told Belthasar that the Lavos exists, it is threatened for the first time. This is when the game gets rapid and tough. The Devourer pulls out all the stops in its effort to stop the crew. Ultimately a confrontation arises with King Zeal, and the Frozen Flame. The party suffers losses, but believes they have succeeded. Time sort of exacts revenge on them in its own course, and Belthasar recognizes the threat still exists, and later creates Project Kid. Thus, this links Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.


Storyline 1 - Prologue - Castle Meeting

The year is 1002 A.D. Crono and Marle are married, though they're still innocent and mostly the same. Life hasn't changed much; things are peaceful. Marle wakes Crono up in the expanded house, and informs them that he, as chief knight, must attend a diplomatic meeting between King Guardia and two Porre diplomats. Crono must first run some errands. Lucca arrives with a newfangled car, and they ride to the castle, accidentally trespassing on an Imp's lawn. After a bunch of political bullcrap that Lucca and Marle trade running commentary on and that reveals the present political situation in the western half of the planet, one of the Porre servants begins to feel sick and excuses himself, followed by a friend. The Trio is suspicious, and Crono gets up and follows them alone. When he does, he finds that their suspicions were correct - the man is not ill at all, but rather is plotting against Guardia. The idea was to kill the Chancellor by requesting private audience with him; a pocket of soldiers hiding in the Dorino forest would then swoop in amidst the confusion and blockade Guardia Castle with few casualties. The first runs off, and Crono easily dispatches the other. The party unites and rushes out to Zenan Bridge, finding Porre troops approaching en masse. He fights them back somewhat, and continues to seek the Porre agent, who runs onto the Denadoro Mts. Porre begins shelling the mountain with napalm, an invention Lucca hasn't even released yet, and they retreat to the Masamune cave. Its remaining magical aura will allow Lucca to use an incomplete Time Egg to free herself.

Storyline 2 - The New Future

It backfires like no one's business, sending the party into a massive distortion. Cut to Magus in 11998 B.C. Magus is stumbling along a high mountain range, in a fierce blizzard. He recalls the words of the Elder of Last Village..."Indeed, the sea level has dropped, and a new mountain range has emerged on the horizon. However, it is very dangerous, as while the rest of the world is warming, these mountains still suffer terrible weather." Magus coughs a few times, and finally falls to the icy ground. In 2301 A.D., the party find they are in a strange building; the room is closely guarded. Eventually, they are released, finding Belthasar there. He is the director of this facility, called Chronopolis, and was testing his new Temporal Catch system. The rooms in Chronopolis include the Medical Facility, the Chrono Compendium, the Temporal Catch, the Dispatch Chamber, the Observatory, and the central directory. Belthasar asks how the party came to this era, though he is happy to see them; he informs them that according to his observations, the politics are heating up in their time, but that it shall all pan out. The player can visit some of 2302 A.D. at this point, and speak with a few residents.

It is noted that the existence of the Central Regime allows Belthasar the necessary resources and guise to operate Chronopolis under, and that the Central Regime came about due to an explosion in science that suddenly allowed widespread destruction and advances. Such was the technology that a world government's formation was sped up through direct fear of use of this power.

Robo works at Chronopolis with Atropos, so they can visit him, but not recruit him quite yet. After visiting, Belthasar informs the party that while their Dispatch technology is not finished, he can afford them a one-way trip back to 1001 find the world under attack.

Storyline 3 - Darkness Ascendant

The Porre military has marched up through Zenan and is launching an assault on the kingdom, while Medina and Choras have gotten involved. They immediately wonder 'wtf.' They fight a few battles, whatnot, as Porre has recruited Mystics and stuff. They manage to beat them back, before Belthasar calls in. He tells them that something has changed time, and that they must immediately report to Chronopolis. The gang decide to ignore orders, however, and stop the Porre assault. They fight battles directly in Porre and immediately confront the individual known as General Montcrief. When Montcrief is destroyed, the Porrean assassin returns; before Montcrief dies, he directs the assassin to kill Crono, rather than just follow it. Stuff happens; the party seems to die but time's rewound. The assassin is nowhere in sight, and the world is back to normal.

Porre Navy bypasses Zenan Bridge and attacks Truce; CML go on an undercover mission to sabotage their forward command post and steal their plans. This is done and the information is relayed to King Guardia. CML catch Genreal Montcrief and William Ishito on the way out; Ishito remarks that it is deplorable that things have happened this way, but he must do his duty. He then leaves; the party stays behind to battle Montcrief's tank.

Storyline 4 - Ephemeral Time

Belthasar instructs them to come to Chronopolis. They must first use the Epoch, which is stored in a crypt in the new Cathedral where Lucca believed it would be safe. They go down two flights and find what should be the crypt in which the Epoch's stored; however the room is in a state of temporal flux and appears to be an amalgation of weird architecture. They kill some fake boss and it changes to normal; they then come under attack, and fight a big boss battle with the assassin, who escapes, but they make it in (still only Crono, Marle, Lucca) and get there. The future, meanwhile, has been encircled in clouds, save for Chronopolis, which has a generator that can shield the facility from changes in time just in case. It has formed a temporary Pocket Dimension encircling Chronopolis. Belthasar can't figure it out, but there are problem areas where really crappy stuff is going wrong in time. He admonishes the party to recruit the old heroes and save them from this stuff so that they can launch a counteroffensive agianst..whatever's doing this. First, the team must get the secondary generators back online for Chronopolis. So they go to get secondary generators online, and Robo and Atropos accompany. Temporal fluxes abound and some baddies come; one injures Atropos severely, but the party succeeds.

So Atropos gets axed for awhile, and Robo's very said, but since Lucca and Robo are united, he feels like he needs to make a difference again. Belthasar warns the party that the Entity may or may not be on their side in his tasks, but he has faith in them. Chronopolis becomes the new End of Time/waiting area, as the dispatch Chamber can susbtitute characters in the three man party like the EoT used to. Now, they're given the directive to find the old team. First is Magus, who Belthasar is confident is still in the Dark Ages, looking for Schala. Before they leave in the Epoch, they are told to visit the armory, where Melchior awaits. Melchior tells the party that Belthasar brought him out of 1002 A.D. himself, and that he knows not what terrible things are going on. Melchior gives them some new equipment. So they go to 11,998 B.C., where Magus is located.

Storyline 5 - Wind of Ruin

They come to Last Village, where Alfador still chills with the villagers, and wahtnot. Elder tells them to search the new mountain range to the West, far on the horizon. So they get there, and immediately they're fighting some pretty big baddies. After CML or Robo get past the first area of the mountain, cuts to Magus on the ground. He says..."The wind...I will...never..." Then bang, flashbacks begin. Some attendants show Janus Zeal his room. He runs in a little, and then runs back to his mother, saying "Mommy!" The attendants laugh. Next, we see Queen Zeal and attendants in the hall of the Mammon Machine; she pushes Janus back and tells him to get away and go play somewhere. Alright, and then we go back to the gang, who fight some more baddies. We see a young Magus in his teens, surrounded by Mystics and Flea. Flea taunts Magus excessively, but the teenage Magus suddenly arcs a lightning bolt at him. He's about to punish Magus, but Ozzie walks in and says "heh, its a good thing he's gettin better."

The next cutscene shows Magus on a pedestal, with Ozzie. Magus doesn't actually speak, just faces the crowd, a ton of freakin Mystics all saluting. Ozzie says "It is the will of the Magus that we blockade Porre and Dorino! Go! We must capture the continent!" Meanwhile, we see a short pan of Denadoro Mts and the cave, and cut back to the army cutscene, to imply Magus is only doing this for the Masamune. He doesn't care about the Mystic War, just having them do his dirty work. Cut back to Crono owning people. And the very last cutscene shows Magus, alone in the darkness. Frog fades in next to him, in his mind..."Is that all thou hath?" He then sees a sparkle, and Schala's face. Fade back to the party. They finally find Magus, but he's only on his knees on the ground, sort of almost gone crazy. Tthey're about to rescue him, but you know it, a boss battle. This boss is going to be "one of the ancient ones," maybe a legendary beast passed down in legend to the modern day. So they fight this idiot and bring Magus back. Magus is just totally out of it. So they leave him to recuperate in Chronopolis. Belthasar then notifies the party that he has an increasing concern for Ayla, now that the blizzards have begun.

Storyline 6 - Shadow of the Entity

They go to 64,999,998 B.C. and they find the villages completely deserted, save for some robust, foolhardy people who continue to try and live topside. They know nothing about Ayla, and speak in spite about her. There are still reptites and other creatures alive. But they're dying out rapidly, so they're attacking like all hell to try and get access to the shelters the humans have secured. The lava fields cooled, and humans swooped into the warm caves. These creatures repeatedly try to break into these shelters, and are relentless in their attacks. Crono has to fight a few before he can get into Ioka. They learn that Kino met a warrior's end. Regardless, everyone tells the party that Ayla has gone on some magnificent spirtual journey to save everyone, as she was informed about an artifact by a "strange man." No one can really tell teh party what exactly they're doing. Belthasar comes in with some rumors and ancient legends, but nothing confirmed. He advises the party check the Lost Village, or that village that sat below Singing Mountain in the Prerelease. So they check around Lost Village, finding some pretty bad mutations and stuff, but eventually they nail it -- stone tablets.

They pick up these tablets, and Robo (or if he's not around, Belthasar) translates them. They speak of the highest holy artifact of the Reptites -- the Dragon Tooth. It was kept for generations, but now left unguarded as the Reptites begin to die out. It also speaks of huge guards and stuff. Now the Iokans explained that Ayla was doing this to try and stop the cold weather, or save her people. She was seeking this holy artifact. Crono and them are like "omfg, Ayla's gonna get her ass kicked" cause the kicker is, Ayla's pregnant. so they pursue her into Singing Mountain, fight some baddies. Eventually they find Ayla, but she passed out just before reaching the Tooth. They take Ayla and the Tooth back to ioka, and tell everyone to take shelter and prepare for the long haul. Ayla is sad she can't accompany the party, but they tell her she absolutely needs to have those babies. Back in the future, the Dragon Tooth, which has strong living/necromancic properties, allows Magus to quickly regain consciousnsess. Belthasar tells the party that he's narrowed down his options in pinpointing the source of this problems, but its still difficult as all hell. He gives the party teh assignment for Frog, but Magus intervenes loudly. He begins making his way for the door, but is stopped by the party, who ask him wtf is going on. Magus is still a little under the weather so he's more talkative. through some persuasion by belthasar, he tellst he party whats going on. While he was on the verge of death, and almost in total harmony with the Black Wind, he felt Schala. Belthasar immediately starts crapping himself with wtfs, like the Doc on Back to the Future when you mention changing time, but no one can change the will of Magus. So the party reason and say "Well we're going anyway; who knows, we might find some clues as to what's messing with time." They depart in the Epoch.

Storyline 7

It is noted at this point that the Dragon Tooth was later forged into the Hero's Medal. Belthasar allows them to journey by Epoch to 11,998 B.C. By Magus's advice, hey go beneath the waves, to the ruins of the Black Omen/Ocean Palace, which crashed. They can't take the main route in, though, and most of the architecture has been ruined. He senses Schala, but its weird; they're fighting their way through, but they notice odd stuff. The place looks like its been broken into already. Magus notes that defense points he observed being constructed while he oversaw the project as the Prophet have been destroyed, like sealed doors being opened. Eventually they come to the antechamber of the main hall, and find this huge funerary pedestal. The remains of Queen Zeal are inside. Right now, Belthasar breaks in to say "what? She was killed atop the black Omen." As they enter the main hall, a voice says "Go away..." the party notes how this voice seems to get all up inside their heads. There, at the head of the chamber, is the Mammon Machine, once again; its ruins. Hhowever, several wires protrude from beneath it, it is hooked up to a capsule behind it. As the party approaches it, it actives, and immediately opens up a huge gate.

A Lavos spawn emerges. This is a pretty weird Lavos Spawn. After its defeated, the Mammon Machine cracks, and the party turns to escape the crumbling Palace. But as they turn to run, they hear another voice. They turn back, and see that the capsule has broken. Schala has fallen to the floor, completely drained of her energy. Meanwhile, the Mammon Machine cracks, and gates start opening and closing all over the place. So they grab Schala and start heading for the exit. As the Mammon Machine's temporal distortions are preventing Belthasar from doing any kind of extraction from that time and place. Just as they reach the exit, a totally black figure appears. He says "This was not supposed to be..." Magus volunteers to hold this idiot off if the others will JUST SAVE HIS SISTER PLZZZZZ. So you fight him for awhile, and Magus's theme plays. You get the message that the other two are about to leave. So Magus does some badass sprite thingy or something, a new move no one has seen. He makes it out just in time. Well, a big explosion happens beneath the Ocean, and a light shines to the sky. They get back to Chronopolis, and belthasar notes that he's been somewaht able to bring his own time period into control. Schala and Magus need some time alone to discuss things, so they retire to a room there. The party can now check out 2302 A.D.

Storyline 8

Someone came and stirred up the Mystics back to ill-feelings agianst the heroes in 602 A.D., and old leaders have emerged. Ozzie, Slash, and Flea are missing, but this has nonetheless led to widespread war. Though Glenn, unspeakably wise thanks to his experiences, has struggled to retire and lay up the Masamune in Guardia Castle for permanent interring, he has been ultimately forced into service by the entire kingdom, who hail him as the greatest hero in the kingdom's history and believe he can swiftly end the conflict. Unfortunately, the nature of the invasion has caused a bloodbath. The party arrives to find him engaged in an unparalleled battle on the north plains, near Dorino, which has been severely ravaged. Glenn has killed hundreds. Crono helps him out, but Glenn quickly spurs off after the battle; the party attempts to follow, but the situation at Dorino is deplorable. They assist with their recovery for awhile. When they finally go up to Guardia to find out what's going on with Glenn, they find him collapsed in the Cathedral, sprawled before the altar. A huge crowd has gathered; Crono forces his way up to the fallen knight, who appears to have passed out. They cannot wake him from this state, so they call in Magus (unless he's already there). Magus tries to shake him with pointed speech; at last Glenn draws his weapon, at which he comes to his senses. He immediately begins to brood, and it is made known that he has lost the Masamune.

Storyline 9

Glenn eventually regains his fortitude once the party tells him what caused the Mystic revolt, and the other adverse effects raging through time. He vows to quest with the troop, but on the condition that they retrieve the Masamune; this is almost a moot point to the party, who laugh, as they had already planned to do so. Glenn has vital knowledge concerning the enemy, so he must attend; they sojourn to the desert, and find Robo critically wounded. They repair him, and he informs them that on a spot not far from here, several Mystics erupted from the ground in force, leading the party to believe their headquarters is underground, where Retinite used to lurk. The Forest reappears in 1000 A.D. now. Belthasar runs a thorough scan of the desert, eventually finding the old cave structure that leads to the surface; the party enters, and fights a few battles. Eventually, they reach a Sealed Door. They immediately question how an object of Zealian origin would be here, much less a highly advanced defense! With the pendant, they're able to infiltrate the complex, eventually entering a huge tunnel leading down (at this point, the scenery becomes lava flows, akin to Singing Mountain). They encounter the new Mystic Superweapon, who Glenn confirms as being rumored to exist. It is another modified Lavos spawn. They defeat it, and eventually reach the Mystic leader himself -- Serran, a sergeant in Magus's former army, who has begun to wield the lost Masamune. Special dialog occurs here if Magus is present.

The battle is won by the party, but Magus notes that Serran was using advanced temporal shadow magic. Before he succumbs to death, Serran informs the party that they will not escape this place -- that the red rock has willed it, and no one can escape its power or desires. However, he does not perish; a voice tells him to retreat into time, and he flees to the ruined Epoch. The party realize they left the Epoch before they knew that a war was going on, and that it was probably captured. It is partly destroyed; Serran triggers it, and escapes. Thoroughly intrigued, Belthasar must stop his curiosity in time to devise an escape plan for the party. Serran has shut down the transport machinery that leads back to the planet's crust; Belthasar provides the party with a series of natural gas vents; these are populated with gas-borne enemies. While fire spells instantly kill them, they are a double-edged sword in this environment. Eventually, the party makes it back topside and finds an inn, but cannot rest, as Porre vigilantes have set out en masse to slaughter the Mystics. Glenn alone awakes at night and attempts to stop the revolt, and is condemned by both sides, as each now wants to war. Glenn has the option to allow himself to stand between the sides and be severely beaten, or kill the opposing factions, who would normally be peaceful. Depending on which option he takes, he will receive different dialog when his friends realize he is gone and rush after him.

Serran's whereabouts are unknown. At the resolution of the incident, the Porre assassin reveals that it was he who incited the Porreans. He is wounded for some reason, and retreats.

Consequences for his decision:

silverforge2670: Option 1: Siding with Porre

This option will show Glenn giving into his distaste for the Mystics. You will fight a Mystic warleader named Ral with the assistance of two of his tough minions. These guys have powerful magic and a devastating Shadow-type triple tech. When you beat these guys, Porre gives you thanks for helping them and sends a favorable message to King Guardia about Glenn. They also give you some sort of magic reward. However, after the scenario is finished, if you try to use Mystic-operated stores in 1002 A.D., you will encounter substantial price hikes and occasionally an outright fight - these are only the more immediate results. If you go to Porre, though, tensions will have backed down somewhat between the two governments.

silverforge2670: Option 2: Siding with the Mystics

Porre will express incredulity at this course of action and will send forth their captain and two minions, just like with Porre. Be warned - these guys have guns. Their magical abilities are limited, but they possess heavy artillery to compensate. The Mystics will thank you if you beat them, give you a magical charm, and cease their revolt against Guardia. The surviving Mystics will turn themselves in. When you go to the future, however, you will find Porre to be much more hostile to you. All Porrean enemies will be more difficult to defeat.

silverforge2670: Option 3: Declaring Neutrality

This provokes a dismissive reaction from both sides. An absolute bloodbath then occurs. When it's over, the opposing armies will have been eradicated to the last man. The corpses are available for looting, and thus you obtain far more items than you would with either of the first two options. When the party arrives, they are shocked at what appears to be Glenn's handiwork, but none moreso than Magus. The party knew Glenn was a powerful fighter, but death on this scale seems beyond him. A flashback to Glenn's conversation with Cyrus on Zenan Bridge occurs. Post-that, the Masamune itself is altered to reflect the more sinister form it takes on in Chrono Cross.

Storyline 10

After the incident, the party returns to Chronopolis, where Belthasar gives them disturbing information -- that the "red rock" could be something potentially catastrophic, and that they must prepare for a journey to infiltrate Zeal to access its boundless libraries and ascertain further information on it. Magus and Schala immediately recoil at the thought of returning, along with most of the party, who question the state of affairs there. Fortunately, Belthasar tells them that it will only be for the space of a night. The party immediately prepares, though Robo visits with Atropos here. They arrive at the Dispatch Chamber, and are whisked away to Zeal, ca. 12001 B.C., before the Prophet arrives and the Mammon Machine is activated for the first time. It is a clear night; the party immediately enters Enhasa, where dreamers have made pilgrimage to engage in wondrous fantasies on this beautiful night. The party can 'talk' to each dreamer, and see what they're dreaming of. The party makes its way into Belthasar's secret room in Enhasa, but finds nothing. However, they are ambushed by Nu guards; Belthasar scrambles to give the party a code to deactivate the guards, and if they fail to activate it, they must fight high level Nu. After this yields nothing, the party travels to Kajar. The labs are mostly closed and empty, but some burn the midnight oil. In the secret room there, the party stumbles upon Belthasar, sleeping peacefully (cue comical scene where future Belthasar laughs about his old self).

The party finds the tomes needed, and begins digitizing the data. However, they hear several footsteps approaching. They overhear voices mentioning that a lofty dreamer has noted that trespassers shall infiltrate the laboratories of Kajar on this night; frantically, the party tries to expedite the data transfer, but it is too late; Dalton enters with his troop of guards. He sics the guards on the party first, and they are easily dispatched, and flee. Dalton immediately summons a GolemPrince, and fights alongside it. When they are subdued, Dalton turns to flee, mentioning that the queen will not be happy about these trespassers, and that the highest authorities in Zeal are on their way to fry these dolts. The party is told to return, as Belthasar does not believe they have enough time to digitize the rest of the data before Dalton returns with a significant force, but the old Belthasar here wakes up. If Schala is in the party, she will ask him for the tomes; he will produce an orb that has them magically stored within. If Magus is in the party, he will remark that he seems familiar; otherwise, the party will simply implore that they are travelers from afar, seeking knowledge. Belthasar is too groggy to care, and yields the information. As the guys leave Kajar, a member of the troop will make a comment about wanting to see Zeal Palace one last time. The party can either return or make the journey; if the latter is taken, they'll have to fight members of the palace guard, which will be very difficult battles. If the party makes it, they will be allowed to see Schala and Janus sound asleep. If they enter the throne room, they will observe a totally black figure upon it who immediately disappears upon their entry.

Storyline 11

The party returns to Chronopolis. Almost having a seizure, Belthasar yells to his advisers that time seems to be changing again. He quickly notes that the facility itself seems to be under attack; the party goes to the roof to find the facility totally enveloped in a haze. Melchior accompanies to give the party upgraded weapons, and then quickly retreats; the party battles several ghostlike figures who fade in and attack the facility. The last boss is a Zombor like creature; after he is defeated, the party reaches the end of the research wing's roof, where the black silhouette is there once more. He speaks -- "Enough time has passed." He fades away; the party is ordered to return inside. Belthasar confides with his advisers, and reaches a conclusion. He asks the party to go to the roof once more; they find that outside are mists, just like the End of Time's clouds. Belthasar confirms it -- Chronopolis has shifted to the End of Time. He explains that while Chronopolis has countermeasures to withstand changes in time that could interfere with its creation, that huge changes in time which prevent its construction entirely will cause Chronopolis to active its last chance -- a trip to the void of the End of Time, where, in a Pocket Dimension-like area, it is shielded from temporal changes. The party is dumbfounded; they inquire what could have done this, to which they receive no answer. Belthasar merely tells them they absolutely must figure out what was changed; the party thus enters the dispatch chamber, and returns to 11998 B.C. Instead of the new continent, they arrive upon frozen, icy plains, set in the midst of an unrelenting blizzard. Fearing the worst, they scan the continent, they find Terra Cave, and immediately question its inhabitants.

Storyline 12

All this time, Belthasar is relaying messages of pure bewilderment, and confirms that they are in the real 11998 B.C. The citizens of Terra Cave confirm his greatest fear -- that this is a time in which Zeal still soars in the sky as the crown jewel of human achievement, and the Earthbound are relegated to the cold planet. Belthasar notes that the events of 12000 B.C. must have been somehow averted, and that the salvation of Zeal has ensured that the Ice Age never relents, and human society never evolves on the ground past the hovels of the Earthbound -- at least not for thousands more years. The party immediately travels to Zeal via Skyways, though they must battle guards stationed there. They make their way to Zeal Palace, and find Queen Zeal -- though she is still infatuated with Lavos, she remembers nothing of the events of Chrono Trigger, but nonetheless is joyful at the chance to beat some trespassers into the ground. After she is dispatched, she hints at where she is retreating; a Skyway gate is left in her wake. The party uses it, and travels halfway across the globe to the Royal Court, a small island with regal gardens and a second throne room; the gardeners inform the party where they are, though they wonder how they arrived. Inside, upon the second throne, sits King Zeal. He immediately welcomes the party, hoping that they've had a pleasurable stay in Zeal; the party immediately begins to question his living, history, and why Zeal has remained afloat. Zeal simply notes that he took some measures to avert all that nasty history, including instating clone versions of all the citizens, including Schala, Janus, and Queen Zeal. Schala/Magus and the party are horrified, but King Zeal merely welcomes them to enjoy a residency in the eternal kingdom of Zeal, holding that the world they knew will be erased as Zeal continues to fly, and the Ice Age below never ends.

The party insists on further knowledge and confrontation, but Zeal seems to not want a fight. Eventually, he retires to a balcony, with the view of the boundless sky below. The party follows him here; he once again tells them to have no worries, and live forever with him. A party member will have none of this, and physically attacks King Zeal. Thus begins a large battle; King Zeal is mostly a spellcaster, not wishing to soil his own hands. After being defeated, he collapses on the ground, muttering incoherent things, and blinks out of existence. The party, dumbfounded, begin to check the balcony, but Belthasar radios in and informs them that the death of King Zeal is serving as a trigger in time; however, explosions instantly radiate from the air and island; Belthasar notes that he cannot extract the party, but is dispatching the party's other members in an attempt to reach them while still retaining a grasp on the new dispatches, thus being able to pull them back. This fails; the entire party is caught in the maelstrom, and black out, the last vision being the figure in shadow in the sky.

Storyline 13

They awake on the ground, very injured; the must find shelter soon, which comes in the form of Zealian ruins buried long ago; they still contain a warming, magical aura. They fight a few automated guards and eventually reach the repository; there lies the Porre assassin. They have a long dialogue; the Porre assassin reflects on the erasure of his commands, and his gaining consciousness. He notes that after trying to stop the party from receiving the Epoch, he told Porre of their time traveling, and was given the instruction that should he be in a position to influence the past, he should do it for Porre's favor. After the events of 602 A.D., his human side grew discontent. He desires to come to Chronopolis with them. While around the fire, they discuss things, and reminisce of their journeys. As they're about to retire Belthasar bursts onto the scene, and is hugely happy they've been found. He notifies them that though the trigger of King Zeal has undone Zeal's continued survival, it will probably only be a matter of time before further ripples in the water of time effect catastrophic changes. Crono, Marle, or Lucca inquire as to what will happen in the modern time; Belthasar begs them to simply act out of faith, and continue the journey.

Before extracting the party, Belthasar reveals that the data taken from the Zealian volumes, their battles and encounters in the new Zeal, and temporal searches have yielded a few theories. He notes that he'd better not jump to any conclusions, but that the fate of the world rests on one man -- Gaspar. In all the tested scenarios in Chronopolis, knowledge that Gaspar retains is integral in rectifying the problem in time; the party is quick to ask where he can be found, but Belthasar regretfully states that he has disappeared from the scope of history. After the party transports back to the End of Time; the Porre agent has an adverse reaction to the magic being used to transport him and his damages, causing him to skew off into an unknown period.

Storyline 14

The party is advised to consult Spekkio; they search until they find the coordinates of his former room. A ladder of monsters begins, with the weakest ascending to the strongest; this lasts for a fairly long period of time. After the final boss, a red Nu appears, and activates a spell that instantly neutralizes the party. He then exclaims "SEE, I AM THE MASTER OF WAR!!!" Instanlty identified as Spekkio, he lets the party know that sadly, Gaspar embarked on a journey of his own back through time, and Spekkio was not told where he would be heading -- only that Gaspar, having fulfilled his duties and helped the planet rid itself of Lavos, was attempting to become one with the Entity.

Storyline 15

The party returns to Chronopolis, and speak with Belthasar in an attempt to decipher that riddle. Robo visits Atropos; Glenn speaks with Magus and Schala, while Crono and Marle retire to a cliff. Lucca talks to Belthasar; she asks him directly why he truly built Chronopolis. Belthasar remarks that like ancient humans guarding their caves once they find shelters, he is attempting to protect the timeline for humanity's sake from negative outside influence, giving the choice of free will to all. Lucca immediately asks what the danger is to time; Belthasar responds that time is relentlessly at war with itself, and that immortals such as Lavos and other beings who can harness shadow magic in excess will always pose a danger. Satisfied, Lucca begins helping around the laboratory. Crono desires an end to fighting, and Marle reassures him that it won't be long. Glenn, to Schala and Magus, makes the comment, "Truly, thy family is the most dysfunctional upon this world," in jest. He then expresses huge worry that no one in his era is worthy to wield the Masamune, and notes that its capacity for dreams are still subject to the corruptability of mankind.

Melchior also here informs the party that he was in the process of packing up his tools and moving off the continent of Medina when he was attacked; Belthasar transferred most of his items away, but powerful weapons may have fallen into the hands of the bandits, who may be allied to Porre. He remarks that before his transfer, he had been testing Guardia Rainbow Shell and discovered that the composition of most of the outside layers was dirty and unpure, having mixed with other dusts and metals over millions of years. He postulated that if one could penetrate these layers and tap the pure shell beneath, compressed at the time of Lavos's fall, the most hardest substance known to man could be accessible, and perhaps imbued with special energies due to the coating of magic that occured when Lavos hit the planet. He had no way to test this in the outside world, and only wrote basic theories and made smal applications (nonetheless dangerous in the hands of the wrong). However, in Chronopolis, he has access to temporal energies, where he can put his theories to use. By using a small wormhole gate, he plans to open a portal inside the shell temporally and fission out pure material. He is not skilled enough to shape the Gate fission as to produce a sword instantly, but he can spend a huge amount of time hammering away at the stuff to make it into something useful. He's refining the Rainbow at the moment. Belthasar tells the party that the Porre agent who assisted them's whereabouts are unknown. He then asks "What, you don't want to find him, do you?"

Storyline 16

...Everything I just wrote was erased because I clicked some link, and back wasn't fast enough to preserve this.

-Party visits Ayla, who had a child
-Talking with Ayla triggers temporal distortion
-Belthasar loses contact
-Party finds itself in prehistory prior to Lavos's landing; Ayla, Iokans dance
-Talking with Ayla and mentioning Azala triggers invasion; Ayla knows nothing, but does know the paty members
-Party helps fight off invasion, reaching Azala at the top
-Ayla fights her, loses; party steps in to fight
-Azala defeated; party asks about Red Star, Azala knows nothing
-Mention of Red Star sends Ayla into a fury; she kills Azala
-World grows colder; postulating, party talks about her son
-They reassure her that he'll live, and reality reassumes itself
-Belthasar extracts them

Storyline 17

Belthasar notes that like the previous Chrono Triggers, talking to Ayla was the cause of this distortion. He notes that research shows no pattern to these historical rewrites, but that it seems a force is choosing at whim human desires and magnifying them, using dark, widespread machinations to alter the course of time itself. The party remind him that they wish to visit the Porre Assassin and locate him. He does some searching, and gets a lock. Belthasar expresses wonderment at the location of his whereabouts, but notes that it should be safe for the party.

They spot Sorin in 11998 B.C. and head there to confront him. Magus and Schala request to be taken along for this, so they head off. When they get out of the time portal, though, they find themselves in the middle of a city under the waves, a few hundred kilometers north of where Zeal used to float. This is that mini-Coruscant city I mentioned earlier, except that the architecture is distinctly Zealian. Belthasar can't even believe this place still exists. He tells them about the Zealian Schism; basically, the Zeal you see in the original CT wasn't the original Zeal, but rather a secessionist nation. The city they're in right now is Calasperan, the capital of ancient Zeal. According to Belthasar's story, Zeal first conquered the sea, and then later the air. However, before skyborne Zeal came about, the King and Queen, and four Gurus ruled Calasperan. This was back when Zeal was more closely tied to elemental energy. Some wanted Zeal to rise into the sky, but the fourth Guru was against this, and the kingdom split. He remained in charge; the Guru of Stars. As there are two realms to human existence -- body (Life) and mind (Reason), there are two realms to the universe -- (Time) and space (Stars).

Belthasar instructs the party to talk to whoever's in charge there about getting some extra gear; not one but two members of the Zealian royal family are present. They immediately march to the palace and demand to be let through. When they reach the throne room, they're greeted by none other than King Zeal, who is positively overjoyed to see his progeny and offers Crono free room and board and a special card that gives him a discount on every good and service in the city, meaning you can buy some higher-end gear for your party members. For a while, Crono is split from the Zeal siblings to explore the city and gain insights as to its nature. Magus and Schala, however, are spending time with their father. As Crono accomplishes various quest-related tasks around the city, cutscenes occur of the siblings talking with their dad. Janus is a major focus here; a true family and security is all he has ever wanted because he never had it. He worked his arse off both to defeat Lavos and to retrieve Schala, and now that he has his father back it seems like he doesn't have to fight anymore. He and his sister could live out the entire rest of their lives in Calasperan, unmolested by history or by conquering warlords; hence, the sequences with the Zeal family here are something akin to Darth Vader or the Emperor trying to tempt Luke to the dark side. And as in that case, the temptations turn out to be founded on bullshit. At the end of this whole sequence, Crono still hasn't found Sorin, but Queen Zeal proposes to Magus that he and Schala live out the rest of their lives there, and that they have no choice. King Zeal tries to seal it by telling Schala that he has a special artifact he recovered from the skyborne Zeal ruins, just for her, and gives her a mysterious black object. Janus realizes this is all a setup, however, and tries to flee her.

King Zeal warps in front of the party as they seek to find some way out, and tells them that if they do not leave, then "we have a problem; give that item back." A woman bursts in at this point, shouting that he has defiled history, and that the city, Calasperan, was supposed to lay sleeping in ruin. The party wonders if this entire city is a fabrication, just like the previous fake Zeal. The party has no earthly idea what's going on, but the woman tries to restrain King Zeal. She tells the party to flee; looking back, they see Zeal overpower her and throw her in a room. Crono and company reach a strange area where a few men ask them if Dyasavah wished them away; a party member says yes, if they are referring to the lady. The attendants offer to transport them to dry land, but Belthasar interrupts, stating that he's finally got a lock on the team, who travel out.

The team immediately question what just happened; Belthasar remarks that the city they were in is indeed real, with a long and rich history of its own -- one cut short. Initially, Zeal conquered the waves before rising to the air; the place they built was called Calaspera. There were four Gurus, and when Zealians desired to sail above, one of them and several people declined this option, and remained underwater. They continued their own time research, in much more harmony with the planet than their friends above, but in 12000 B.C., the fall of Zeal caused destructive auras and debris to permeate the magic barriers and waterlocks of that city, causing it to come into ruin. He said that the Zeal of the sky even forgot that place eventually, and news of it only came through hearsay, which, investigated by a Guru, would cause suspicion of that Guru's mental health. Belthasar reveals that apparently, King Zeal has restored the city in 11998 B.C., two years after its destruction. The party then begins speculating whether the area will disappear if they defeat King Zeal there, and whether the loss of life would have to pass again. Belthasar can't offer moral advice here, but does note that back in 1002 A.D., a meeting is about to be held.



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Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes Plot
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2005, 03:00:54 am »
Storyline 18

The party attend a meeting in the Kingdom of Guardia about the current state of affairs, and in the Vanguard Post, read of the awesome power of the holy artifact that allowed Guardia to be created in a time of tumult and absence of leadership. They learn also that Guardia retained the artifact only the first three centuries of its reign; it was then strangely lost. Belthasar jumps at this and tells the party that this is the Frozen Flame; that he recalls it was used in the Mammon Machine and that his theory being developed has reached a head -- combined with its powers he observed before the fall of Zeal, and other legends and accounts he's been acquiring, the Frozen Flame may be the source of these strange repercussions throughout time, and is certainly capable of it. Knowing that the Vanguards will immediately answer the call, and can mount a very effective ground search combined with Chronopolis's technology, Belthasar requests that Glenn give the order. Luther of the Vanguards is unexpectedly zealous to the call, and the Vanguards are wowed by Glenn's illutrious presence. They immediately spread across the world with zest to find the mysterious artifact.

Like some of the lesser-organized and venal crusades of the middle ages, this effort has an immediately apparent dark side, as the overexcited soldiers refuse to take no for an answer when questioning some, and even pillage storehouses they come across. The villagers of Choras, Porre, Medina, and even Truce are infuriated at this violation of privacy, and only the recent sedation of the Porre army keeps them from viewing the search effort as an outright invasion. Cut to a cutscene; Magus tells Glenn that his villainous band of Vanguards is disgusting; Schala tries to calm his words. Glenn acknowledges that this was not his intent. Though Luther is away, the Knight-Captain and Roget appear (again, these three lead the Vanguard; Luther is sort of PR charismatic leadership vision, Knight-Captain Renault kicks unreal ass, and Roget maintains books, legends, scrolls, logistics, etc. [he's wise]). The Knight-Captain notes that his band of warriors is attempting to reforge a path into the Denadoro Mountains, which have been finally cut off after the peoples of Dorinos moved. Roget expresses interest in the area as well, as even in 600 A.D., the very deepest nests and slopes of the range were never truly penetrated and mapped.

Storyline 19

A thought happens upon Crono; the party decide to go check on the great Toma in 602 A.D. He's resting in the Dorino Cafe once more; he hails the party's return and declares that he is following the advice of an ancient prophecy, and is trying to locate four treasure armors that are said to keep the elements in check. The party reluctantly inform him that they found those long ago; he laughs it off well enough, and asks them what they're doing. The party responds that they're searching for a holy atifact, and describe the Frozen Flame. Toma does know of it, but says that its probably fiction or legend, and that they shouldn't waste their time finding it. When asked about good places to hunt legends and treasure, Toma concedes that since the Rainbow Shell has been found, the only real thing left is the Valle Crimse, the mountain behind Guardia Castle. An ancient monastery used to exist there, where the kings of Guardia would retreat to undergo pious study in the first couple centuries of Guardia's reign. He notes that its sort of the proving grounds for thieves and adventurers such as himself, and the place has probably been scraped clean. The party is nonetheless pleased, as the thieves probably have not stooped so low as to have carried away inscriptions on giant stone tablets. They thank him, and depart immediately for the mountain, which is impassable. King Guardia tells them that the knowledge of its access has been kept in his control, occasionally leaking to adventurers, and that he'll grant the party access, since "nothing of value is up there anyway." He then lets it out that he truly thinks the Frozen Flame is a myth, and when asked further, says that Guardia is well enough now, and can do without the aid of mystical items.

The party begin searching; the mountain is almost completely deserted of monsters, having been so well traversed, and so close to the knights of Guardia. They reach the monastery (new tileset will be made for this area), and search around; they eventually reach the highest level, which affords a spectacular view. As they begin searching and reading stuff on the walls, a voice stops them, and out comes a spectre of a knight. His dialogue is very old English and the party cannot understand him; Glenn must come in to translate. The knight remarks that he was one of the old legion of personal bodyguards to King Guardia V, and back in 261 A.D., received appointments to help him conquer the wild tribes of the east. He died honorably in battle there, but his loyalty and valor was of such strength that he did not pass on, but remained, and retreated to the monastery, a place he had often guarded while King Guardia V studied scripts and made plans at the quiet retreat. He is somber about the recent turn of events, which he has viewed from afar; he notes that the old order of Guardian knights is finally dying, replaced by newer soldiers who do not uphold the ideals in complete purity and obedience. He is impressed with Glenn's carrying the Masamune, and reveals himself to be a former wielder. Masa and Mune get some dialogue here, as they remember him as a really great warrior, but kind of too serious for their tastes. The knight then remarks that he plans to retire to the afterlife soon, and that he does know a bit of information on the mystic artifact rarely seen in his time, but always present at the King's request. Desiring one more rush of excitement and vigor through his being, he challenges Crono, the heir of the Kingdom of Guardia, to a one on one match to see if "The Kingdom still has it where it counts." Masa and Mune watch. At the Bottom of the Night plays during the battle.

Crono defeats him, and the knight is somewhat happy. He tells the party that his only knowledge is the quip, "The Crown Star of the Blue Empyrean." (refers to Flame being in sea of El Nido) Before he leaves, Glenn asks him if he has seen or approves of the Vanguard Post he has created. The knight warns that the Flame has its own will, and that no man should know too much about his own destiny, but to never accept less. And even if good endeavours fail, there is no shame in trying with all of your being. He then exits to a portal, leaving Crono a kickass sword -- the Geistrand, perpetually in limbo like the knight, and almost capable of cutting through a person's being and soul due to this aspect. Belthasar calls and notes that they're some of the most privileged people in the world to have the audience of such a person, even in his ghostlike state. He also states that the riddle has him confused, but that he has a lead. Recall in the Prerelease, the Sealed Pyramid had a trove beneath it. Belthasar states that the North Palace ruins are probably intact, and as the creator of that stash, he's got the keys to the place. They journey there, and Belthasar arrives himself to undo the magical seals, with Melchior in attendance. Melchior talks about the Swallow somewhat. The seal is undone, and Belthasar wishes them well. They return to Chronopolis; the party venture inward.

Storyline 20

(Music: Keeper's Dome) They find it in pristine condition, and the chests grant some hefty gold. Belthasar notes that a shrine was built in the lowest level, farthest back, and that a simple historical account was maintained there by a guard. Though he's long passed away, the party do find a Nu standing there, looking into the distance. They confront the Nu, who, surprised, blurts out that he was feeling nostalgic, and found this place. He notes that he will be going now, but the party tell him it is okay, and Belthasar talks to him over the transceiver. The Nu translates the historical account, which mentions the integration of the Flame into the Mammon Machine: "And raised, it shone with Diamonds Million, piercing the eyes of all who gazed upon it." The Nu has some difficulty with the DM term, since its written in ornate script. Belthasar notes that Diamonds Million was a sorcery term, describing a special kind of effervescence that high level fire-elemental spells emitted. He is pleased, as he can now limit his searches of radiation and magic effects to this kind.

Storyline 21

Back in 1002 A.D., the Vanguards are being blocked by a huge mudslide that occurred a hundred years ago and has caused the entrance to the slim valley leading to the heart of the mountains to be impassably blocked. Lamenting that it will take months to clear a way through, the party nonetheless get the idea that perhaps triggering the impending slide in 602 A.D will allow ample time for erosion, perhaps freeing the way in the future. They get to the task; a member expresses some worry, but the party eventually snaps to the task and causes the mudslide. Returning to the future, they find the Vanguards advancing happily as if nothing happens. They arise from an encampment, and attempt to get started when a Porre scout arrives on the scene and demands to know what is going. Informed by the zealous Vanguards that a search mission is underway, the scout freaks out and takes off sprinting in the direction he came. The Vanguards dismiss him as a timid creature; Roget is worried about the implications, stating that the Vanguard had better finish this Denadoro search and leave to avoid tension. Belthasar calls in with another recommendation for the party; he states that before Zeal was raised high, sacred sites existed on the planet's crust that held archives of magic, or were charged with elemental power. While most of these were decomissioned or raised, one or two may still exist. The party then asks him with common sense why in the world they just do not visit Zeal and read the tomes there; Belthasar notes that the implementation of the Flame was a very secretive operation, and that only he and the other Gurus knew about it (after all, he did have the "Red Rock" entry in his book in his Kajar room). The Guru of Reason states that the party will be assisted in their search for these sacred sites by the use of markers he will place on the party's commlink map screen. The party depart to Chronopolis and begin to head for the Dispatch Chamber; Melchior stops them and remarks that he once maintained a storehouse on the ground, built for experimental technology he deemed unfit for the people of Zeal to currently wield. Its magical auras were dampened with a seal, so it will not show on Belthasar's improved world map. However, should they find it, he can accomplish some new things with the technology there.

There are five areas to explore; they include the Salr Riki (hall-kingdom), Forlogborg (fate city), Maerr (glorious), Hyrrdis (fiery grave), and Svyrdass (sword-god), Melchior's small hideaway. Salr Riki is a former throne room, predating Zeal and seemingly of only temporary use. A special accessory is available here, which will have an effect on magic. Forlogborg seems to be a town of sorts, but gaping holes in its floor lead downard to bottomless pits, leaving much of it inexplorable. Of note are two intact skeletons, with Zealian shrouds over them; Belthasar notes that they were part of an expeditionary force assigned to census these old locations and determine any usefulness. The party properly buries them, and nets a knife/staff for Schala (either will work, as Zealian agents carried both). An inscription on the entrance tile reads, "Precious Incarnadine,' perhaps a reference to the color of the Flame and its possible presence here long ago. Maerr is a mere shrine to the planet, and a shawl laid over it and absorbant of the shrine's original power can be used as armor for the female members of the party. Hyrrdis is originally unable to be accessed; the party consult the elder of the village, who reveals that merely in spoken Earthbound legend, the shameful kings and lords of those who did not live in the caves were put to death and placed in a shrine, and that this is the only recorded burial of their race (those that predate Zeal).

Storyline 22

A former Zealian who was part of the expeditionary force's administration notes that Hyrrdis lay within a mountain cave several fathoms deep. He then regrets the fall of Zeal, and forgetting Schala's face. He does state that it should remain intact within the mountain. Belthasar radios that yes, he has known where it is, but has been working to solve the problem of penetration itself. The party then ask a fisherman for advice; he replies that yes, the building of sea-travelling vessels is beginning to emerge, and shows off his rudimentary boat. Belthasar notes that the party could possibly use it to reach the island, but it would require upgrades to withstand hours at sea. Off the crew go to the guy in 602 A.D. with tools; they find him in the bar with Toma. They borrow the tools; Toma asks what they're using them for, and if they've found something that's eluded him. They return, and fix the boat, and sail off to the edge of the mountain.


After the Frozen Flame goes crazy, the group is divided into three parties. Crono is by his lonesome, Marle, Lucca, and Robo form one, and Magus, Glenn, and Schala are in the other party. Crono finds himself in a nightmarish temporal flux; in truth, when the Flame went critical, the Time Devourer (which is forming according to temporal rules) has a split second to extract someone as they're vulnerable to temporal effects, much like Schala accidentally found herself in the Darkness Beyond Time. It naturally takes Crono, but his resilience throws him into a kind of limbo, in which realities and timelines come about to him, and the Flame plays on his fears. He's first in the Millennial Fair; everything seems happy and he's being congratulated on defeating Lavos. However, someone says something that raises his eye, and then Zeal steps out and notes that he's played right into his hands. He's knocked out. He awakens in Truce, and sees the Porre army in full force heading toward a group of civilians. Guardian retainers are cut down, and eventually another version of Crono comes on the scene. He attempts magic, but it doesn't work strangely; he is captured (fancy that) and taken back to Porre. The real Crono furiously pursues, fighting strangely VERY DIFFICULT battles; he reaches Porre, and the new Crono is under the guillotine. He attempts to go up and stop him, but William Ishito (a dark, red clad version) stops him and a fierce battle ensues. He must kill William Ishito, causing him pain; as he approaches Crono on the guillotine, Doan approaches him and asks if he would so quickly kill Doan again. A being called Prometheus arrives; the Robo sprite, but very damaged. He accuses Crono of causing him eons of eternity. The battle cannot be won; Crono sprawls on the ground, and watches as his nightmare-self gets the blade. Temporal Fluxes happen, and we switch to Marle, Lucca, and Robo.

They're on a frozen tundra; they have no idea what age they are in, but begin wandering. Immediately, Marle begins expressing turmoil over Crono's fate; Lucca is disturbed as well, and reveals that she still sort of likes the guy. Ensues girl talk. The party continues wandering near a mountain range; down a mountain, they spot a large mass, which turns out to be a primitive army bearing the brunt of the cold. Before they approach, they notice another army riding up the valley behind them; it is flying the Guardian flag, so they venture over there. The army is dumbfounded and nearly kills the travelers due to the weird robot with them (Robo), but Marle's pendant is the same as the leader - Cedric the Executor, later to become King Guardia I. Marle attempts to catch up, but the approaching army - the primitive tribe of Porre - is ready to fight, with spears armed. A massive battle takes place; as it did historically, it turns in Porre's favor, so Cedric the Executor books it out of there with Marle. Lucca and Robo can't rejoin the main forces; to save the wounded Lucca, Robo lets himself go. He is utterly vicious, protecting Lucca at any cost.

Back in an encampment and rudimentary shed, Marle converses with Cedric Guardia about the future. He notes that the divine forces were not on his side at the battle today, but that he shall "bring" them to the next encounter. Marle and the player learn that the angel in Manoria Cathedral is Cedric's mother, claimed to be of divine descent. At night, Robo drags Lucca in, and promptly collapses. Lucca is well-awake, and in a fit of rage; she blames herself for not being strong enough to fight on her own, and is starting to split down the middle in terms of science failing her and wanting to express herself violently. After they sleep, the party converse on the fact that it is indeed 1 A.D., a huge focal point in time. They wonder what's going on, and why Belthasar hasn't helped them. They resolve to get sleep and hope for better results tomorrow.

The army rides out early; with them is an Ark of the Covenant type box. They've goaded the Porre army into approaching their position in huge numbers; a secret attack from the side routs the army quickly. They stumble onto an encampment; Cedric orders the killing of everyone, including the women and children. Marle cannot stand this slaughter; Robo points out that changing things now might have an adverse effect in time, and Lucca notes that this could all be one of the bad Frozen Flame timelines anyway. Before the atrocity can be committed or prevented, Porre attacks again - a surprise retaliation! The Porrean leader arrives; his name is Antaeus. He wields an artifact called the RivenCrimse; Robo and Marle both recall that this battle, recorded in ancient lore, is the founding of Guardia. Though the story was glorified and edited as time went on, it nonetheless matches the prerequisites for the final showdown. Antaeus taunts Cedric the Executor, remarking that with the RivenCrimse, he just finished slaying a pack of Dorino filth escorting a Guardian chieftain. This sends Cedric into a fury; rather than fight, he opens the sacred box, and the Frozen Flame is revealed. Marle cries out; a light floods the battlefield. Robo is alarmed, however; while rumors have always been passed down that Guardia used an artifact to establish its kingdom, some of the energy emanating from the Flame registers in his Chronometer as being far in the the future of the Flame itself. Robo then remarks that Antaeus isn't being phased out of existence as he should be by the Flame. The Porre leader then appears in front of the party.

"A thousand fires have sparked within my mind! I see everything! I know all! And I know this: you must perish!"

Since the Flame in 1002 A.D. (or the enemy with King Zeal) is using its old version in 1 A.D. as a proxy, it pumps tons of energy into Antaeus making him a formidable opponent against Marle, Lucca, and Robo. They defeat him; Cedric acts as if nothing happened, confident that his using the Flame wiped him out. He then declares that since the Porre leader showed himself and died, he will now found Guardia, and makes preparations to return to Truce. The party find the RivenCrimse intact; stained with the blood of innocents, it appeals to Lucca as something that Magus could make good use of...

Crono Nightmare #2

Crono is bound to a wall, and all his former party members take stabs at him. They echo lines.

Marle: You have no idea how said your death in the Ocean Palace made me...Is your planet God more precious to you than me?

Lucca: Oh, you poor little idiot. Solving everything with a sword. You couldn't begin to understand science and reasoning.

Robo: Thank you, Crono...because if you, I had to watch Atropos die before my eyes.

Glenn: You gave me the Masamune...and with it, the pain of all whose blood have stained its breadth.

Schala: I spent my energy saving you from the collapse of the old Palace...and was condemned to lie there, half alive, crushed beneath its weight...

Ayla: Red Star gone! But what Iokans have, but inheritance of ice!?

silverforge2670: ok, so Magus could say something like this
silverforge2670: You feel it, don't you?  The Black's all around us.
silverforge2670: This is its true form, a more potent death than anything inflicted by blade or bullet.
silverforge2670: To be stricken from history utterly, to be an unmourned hero...
silverforge2670: ...or even a villain, like me.  Honor can be forgotten just as easily.
silverforge2670: But you don't know any of that, do you?
silverforge2670: You calmed the Black Wind.
silverforge2670: You drove back the gates of hell, and you gained knowledge from it.
silverforge2670: And yet you're still a weakling, because you don't understand that.
silverforge2670: So teach me, weakling...teach me what it means to truly be alive.

Magus, Glenn, and Schala awake to find themselves in a maximum security section of a prison. They are utterly and totally sapped of energy. A guard comes in, and questions them; they have no replies, and the guard kicks Magus while he's down. This ... infuriates Magus, but he's powerless to do anything. They have nothing; Glenn attempts to make a reconciliation with Magus through laughing, and they joke away their tired history, even mentioning Cyrus. Schala meanwhile tells Magus that she is thankful for this last bit of life, feeling that she was fated to die in the fall of Zeal and the Ocean Palace Incident, and that she was never meant to live. Magus cannot take this, and stands up. He finds where sedatives were injected, and smashes the only computer screen reading schedules in the room. Using the fiberglass, he cuts himself and bleeds out some of the pooled sedative. The effects begin to diminish, and he can feel power enough to control magic return. Glenn comments on how his blood is very dark. Soldiers see him through the camera, and rush in; Magus sneers, and recognizing the guard who kicked him, casts his Black Hole spell. The guards are engulfed. Schala winces at the loss of life, but Glenn reminds her of the sheer gravity of their mission, even if it incurs cost.

They find a room with a computer terminal, and find out that they're in 2102 A.D. The Central Regime is emerging, but a resistance effort is remaining strong; they're in the maximum security prison of that resistance. They locate their weapons. They fight a series of difficult battles to climb out of the basements; along the way they find a deadly arm for Robo, the Clasp. A guard briefly seizes Schala, but Magus dispatches him. At the top of the facility, Serran awaits. He tells them that he escaped into the Flame, but that the bastard Glenn wounded him too greatly to attack on his own. Thus, he waited, and when the Flame displaced them here, he arrived and instated himself as director, and sprung all the difficulties and traps that befell the party. He notes that they are weakened, and will die. He shouts that his sword is tempered by a dark power, and begins the battle. After being defeated, Glenn worries that the sword was made of Dreamstone, but it disappears after he loses. He is a huddling mass on the floor; as payment for the trouble, Magus prepares to split him up the middle, but Glenn holds him back. He is merely a pawn of the Flame, and has been cast away. As the group prepare to escape the prison, Serran makes one last remark - that the prison is the progeny of Glenn.

Belthasar confirms prison is Vanguard establishment, and the very reason that contact with him was totally eliminated. He notes that for reasons unknown, shortly before the party ventured to get the Flame, time was horribly altered and Chronopolis was shunted to an area of temporal safety. This precluded any kind of contact, leaving the parties on their own. He notes that the Vanguard in general were somehow not wiped out from conflicts in the mid 1000's, and that this new incarnation is operating on some prophecy that causes nuclear winter in the near future. The party ransack the computer archives, and learn that deep within its motives are "prophecies" set out by a confidant of Crono, the Chief Knight of Guardia. It turns out that Lucca's diary entries prior to the hunt for the Flame, speaking of the incident in which Chronopolis came under attack and the future was altered (resulting in the elimination of hte Central Regime), caused the Vanguard not only to survive with something to cling to but also to try and instate this Central Regime. Their brightest minds believe that the only way to cause a world government to form is to wreak widespread destruction upon the world, frightening principalities into unconflicted union and removing all desire for war or other differences. Of key note here is that Lucca's diary caused this turn of events - her diary and it alone. Magus, Glenn, and Schala are then given the task of destroying the Vanguard. Plot to come on that point.

Quote from: Sidequest
As part of the round of sidequests before the plot gets back on track to rock the final boss, Magus will get disconnected from the others by a catastrophe in order to undergo some plot development. He'll end up on a desert island, El Nido size, off the coast of the Medina continent. Due to his wounds, he'll be forced to wear normal clothes (I'm hoping that Geiger figures out controlling NPCs at this point, so we'll have a Magus (commoner) sprite) and help the few Mystics there who fled during the war and have been making a living. He'll be initially dismayed at losing contact with Schala again, but the place is peaceful, and for the first time in his life, he can rest. The Mystic villager periodically speaks with him about the war prior to 600 A.D., and learns of Magus's true history. The player will learn some fabricated history about the motives of the Mystics in the war and other stuff.

This'll be 80% of the sidequest - gentle development. The rest will come when marauding Mystics from the Medina mainland want the islanders to rejoin them in an army and bear weapons once more. Now, the Magus from Chrono Trigger might say "well, sorry guys, but this is your business, so SEEYA" and let the islanders be overpowered, but the objective here is to show that the emotion of caring has been cultivated within him enough so that he makes a stand on the islander's behalf. After he wins, the elder will then tell him that he has displayed true growth as a character, and that others are more needing of his caring and integrity. He'll then set off to rejoin the team.


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Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes Plot
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2005, 03:07:58 am »
Character Notes:

Quote from: Geiger
Nich Maragos (a freelance game journalist) wrote fan fiction for Lucca in the NuRPG. At one point, she had a complete mental breakdown and split into two personas (much like Gollum or the episode of Star Trek where Kirk is doubled via a transporter glitch). Her personas were pure, clinical, steralized, no-ethics science on one side and the wild passionate girl she had deeply repressed on the other.

Neither was really good or evil (though the passionate persona seemed to have more negative traits), but the science persona strongly desired to become a Technorg (a cybernetic species devoted to the same sort of "pure" science), which would have annihilated her emotions and pretty much everything that made her human. You can read the climax of it here if you like (I co-authored this chapter). A warning: should you wander around that site, keep in mind that not all of our authors produced works of art like Hamlet.

Quote from: Zaperking
Okay here are some stupid ideas for the dark wishes:

Marles dark wish would be to not be Princess Nadia but instead take on the life that Lucca would have lived. Basiaciaclly Marle wanted to be born as a type of Lucca person. She would have been a nobody, who spent her time in machanics. There is no doubt about this since Marle did say that she would trade all her Princessness to be like Lucca in CT.
She would one day grow up to.... Control the Porre military?

Robo's dark wish would either be:
1) Be human with emotions and allow all robots to be human (aint that dark but meh) and maybe kill the real humans?
2) He becomes mother brain and instead and tortures humans to literally feel their emotions Twisted Evil

Crono's dark wish would be to be a bad ass. Why can't he eat that mans bread, or steal Marles pendant? Why couldn't he live a life as a theif?

Lucca's wish would be somewhere where she would want alot of popularity and power, possibly switiching places with Marle and being Princess Lucca. She wants all the glam etc.

Just my own little idea: The Marle and Lucca dark wishes would calibrate because after the dark wishes are over, there could be a scene where both of them regret ever saying that they wanted to be in the others shoes or something Razz

Quote from: Hadriel
Yeah, I forgot about those dark wishes. That's a pretty good jumping-off point. I especially like the Marle and Lucca reversal bit, because it gives a chance for some more sexual tension -- Marle would be gaining Lucca's genius, but losing Crono as a lover. Lucca, on the other hand, would retain her knowledge via her powers of spirit, and in addition have Crono as a spouse, but then where would her friend Marle be? Lavos would of course have to get a mention or two -- the chances of three people all being born at the same time with powers to defeat him are extraordinarily slim. All one would have to do is alter one single piece of the genetic code that Crono, Lucca, or Marle was born with, and it might negate the possibility of assembling a force strong enough to defeat him.