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Re: Dialogue
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right now i'm working on dialogue with secondary characters in the hometown and in the sacred berial. also some key dialogue

i almost have the hometown shops and so on dialouge written. i've been thinking of what those in Guile's town might say. like since Schala is a goddess they might say a variation of:
"May Schala bless you"
there's a certain theme to chrono game's it's hard to find that trade mark way people act.
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Re: Dialogue
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Here it is everyone, the first bit of Dialogue. i'll probably have to revise some stuff, but hey i atleast have it mostly written.

Guile’s mother: Guile… Guile… come on wake up and get ready to go… you have a special appointment today.

Guile wakes up in his room and walks over to his little brother’s bed.

Guile’s brother: Guile, don’t wake me up, I’m trying to sleep. You may be 19 but you’re still as annoying as an 18 year old.

Guile walked downstairs.
In the living room his dad sat reading the paper.

Guile’s father: be careful son, don’t get into trouble.
In the kitchen Guile’s mother was cooking.

Guile’s mother: by the way here’s your allowance Guile, have a nice day. And don’t forget your wish.

Dialogue for shop:

Cashier: Hello Guile, happy birthday. Would you like to buy something?    AFTER TRANSACTION/ Thanks for shopping.

Shopper: These prices are too high, it’s like moneys worthless.

Dialogue for couple’s house:

Wife: well hello Guile. I hear it’s your special day.

Husband: Shirley is always badgering me, Oh hi Guile. Happy day.

Mayor’s house:

Mayor: Oh, hi Guile. Election time is coming, vote for me!

Mayor’s wife: George always gets so excited toward election time. Sometimes I wish he would just shut up and drink, that’s what I do when I get excited.

Son: I wonder why mom keeps on drinking, probably dad driving her insane again.

Daughter: I hate this town. It’s so dull and uninteresting.


Woman: Hi Guile. Nice day isn’t it. So going to see Schala? Remember to make a wish.

Luccia’s Orphanage:

Luccia: Hi, I’m Luccia. Please make a donation to our orphanage, even if you don’t may Schala bless you.

Marcy: Luccia says one day I’ll see my parents, but there dead I know it. I just want to cry.

Orphan1: Luccia’s so great I love her.

Orphan2: it seems like there’s never enough to eat.

Orphan3: once I read a book about a girl named Lucca. The book was really good, but the ending was sad.

Orphan4: I keep on having nightmares about the orphanage catching fire. It always ends with some weird figure looking out the upstairs window. I wonder what it means?

Schala’s Shrine:

Guard: Ye have you’re five minutes with the mistress, but be warned unusual occurrences happen in this alter.

Guard 2: I hate this job, who’s going to kidnap a goddess. If there was a ransom, no one’s rich, Schala would be held prisoner forever.

Guile walks into the shrine.
There lays the goddess Schala. Young and pretty, and most of all magical by all belief.
Overcome by beauty, Guiles mind wanders.
"How did you end up this way? What kind of person were you? Will you ever wake up? Then started to ask deeper questions. Where did we come from? Is there a purpose to this life? Can we ever find the answers to the strange things that happen in life?"
Then out of sheer determination, schala pulled her inner self out to Guile, and told him this:
Guile...Guile you must help the people of Aeos. You're all being tricked! You're all being used!

I have no time; he'll know that I've spoken with you soon. You must find a way to awaken me; it is the only chance Aeos has. Please, seek the sun stone, and find a way to harness its powers. It's possible you can wake me up with that, but that may be the only way. And act quickly, he is ruthless and smart, you won't be able to avoid him for long. Go, Guile. Go!!
A visible shield rose over her.
And Guile felt uneasy, feeling watched and excited the shrine.
In a smaller town to the southeast lay a library of sheer beauty and ancient word. Historians, readers, and just plain citizens rushed about the old building.

Library of Goliad:

Librarian woman: I really wish we could afford new books.

Boy: I hate reading.

Girl: my parents make me study here. When in my life will I need to know how to build a telepod?

Boy 2: this book is really interesting, other than the writer keeps on using the term “core functions.”

An old man asked Guile what information he wanted.
Old man: what do you want in the sacred library of Goliad?
Guile: the whereabouts of a powerful stone.

Old man: The Sun stone? What on Aeos is with you, it seems like all you young children want to find this stone. I said it before and I’ll say it again, NO SUCH THING EXIST!

Guile left the old man and walked around the library looking for more information. Suddenly Guile came upon a teen around his age maybe younger.
Mysterious figure: are you sure you don’t know anything about the Sun stone.

Librarian: I swear you ask one last time and you’ll be looking down the barrel of my Plasma Gun.

The figure went quickly out the library.

Librarian that talks to Damien: I swear that child will be the death of me.

 Guile decided to do the best thing he could think to do. Follow him.

He came to a forest where a portal of blue light appears.


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Re: Dialogue
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haha man that's really good dialogue...Keep up the great work.  I loved the spot about the orphanage XD


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Re: Dialogue
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haha man that's really good dialogue...Keep up the great work.  I loved the spot about the orphanage XD

thanks. its really fun to write for this.

speaking of which, Kimber from the very first thing i wrote for this, was actually a character i was writing about for a chrono game i was doing.

she was a playable character, but my project died, but i made some sprites for it. even schala was playable.
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