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Currently tweaking the master ROM
« on: July 12, 2006, 09:45:16 pm »
With Jsondag's permission, I'm editing around certain areas in the master ROM right now to improve functionality, detail, and overall presentation. My apologies for the delay in posting an updated IPS file, but I'm trying to hammer out a few issues with Temporal Flux and getting the tiles to work the way I want.

Right now, I've finished tiling for the following maps:

{157} - CE - Vanguard Dungeon (Present)
{176} - CE - Cathedral Back Room (Present)
{1BB} - CE - Catheral Foyer (Present)
{1BC} - CE - Vanguard Courtyard (Present)
{1C2} - CE - Vanguard Post Lobby (Present)
{1C3} - CE - Vanguard Study (Present)

Most solidity modifications are also complete to these maps, in accordance with the tile editions. However, I'm trying to work out numerous issues of priority, which I am descretely asking the community for help with here.

Things for me to continue working on:

1: Finishing up the aforementioned maps' tile priorities (or changing them to accomodate different tiles if priority issues aren't addressed).
2: Tweak any solidity issues arising from the potential changes of the aforementioned maps.
3: Fix the overworld problems that arose from my tweaking (Southern Zenan continent is full of holes of water).
4: Test the maps to make sure they work properly and no tiling issues are found.
5: Publish an IPS file of these changes.
6: Finish preliminary work on {02F} Sandorino Plains.
7: Finish Sandorino Plains.
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