Author Topic: Novel Prologue Draft: Opinions Wanted  (Read 1418 times)


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Novel Prologue Draft: Opinions Wanted
« on: May 28, 2006, 12:10:50 am »
     I have decided to put together a draft of a potential Prologue for the novel, and would like to get a large variety of opinions on it.  This Prologue, the first publicly available piece of the novel since the Demo Chapters, is available for download (Microsoft Word .doc format) for an indefinite but likely not permanent amount of time.  I'd like to invite YOU to download and read the Prologue, and then come into our forum topic created specially for this discussion to share your thoughts and opinions amongst myself and other fans.  To do this, simply follow these ridiculously simple steps:

1. Download the Prologue by going to  You will need the username and password to get in.  The password is forumuser and the password is ctnp4me.
2. Read the Prologue ONE TIME ONLY
3. As soon as you can after reading it for the FIRST time, head to this forum topic to discuss and share opinions.  Note that membership is NOT required to post and participate, though it is recommended and encouraged.  If you do not have a username, just give yourself a name when you post, and it will recognize you as a non-member.

     Also, please only come to the CTNP forum link above to discuss the Prologue.  This is not to take away posts from the Compendium forum but simply to keep discussion on this Prologue in one place.

     All participation is greatly appreciated.  Thanks and take care!