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Second Quest Raves and Rants
« on: April 07, 2006, 01:37:13 am »
I finally got around to playing both of the second quests, and here's how it went:*****SMALL SPOLIERS*****
Also, note that this is without the patch.

In Crono's quest, I think there should be a save point at the cave where the channcelor and the Guardia refugees are. Because if you die on the huge snake boss, it's a long way to the last save point. and I almost did die too. Marle died, and Crono beat it with 20HP left. So I thought that that was a prime place for a save. That, or at the place with the good snake businessman who sells you stuff. Otherwise, Crono's quest was great and I really liked it. I'm proud to say also, that I did manage to rescue the girl. This isn't a complaint or anything, just a question. I'm having a severe mental block with the rescued girls name. Help with that?

In Alex's quest, there were a couple more problems. First off, I think for the Alex questers(Alex, Therris, and Vera)and others who don't really learn "Magic" I think instead of Magic in the battle menu it should say "Skill" or "Tech" or something. Also, at one point in the Tower of Porre, you fight a battle outside after climbing a chain. I understand if this is hard to fix(I'd assume so), but in the battle, your characters are sorta standing in the air and it looks funny. Another thing, is the face sprites in Alex's party. I know you can't really do anything about it, but they don't really fit, ya know? I was thinking we could hire someone to draw the faces. But that's a minor gripe. Lastly, after getting the healing herbs, I ran to the hospital, but nothing happend. I talked to everybody in it, and talked to everyone else on the whole continent, but nothing happens. They still say the same things they said before I got the herbs. *THAT LAST ONE WAS ADDRESSED IN A DIFFERENT POST*

However, despite this, I really, really, enjoyed playing this. I was happy to see how much progress you've made, and I was sad when the demo ended. I just wanted to keep playing. I can't wait to plot out the third quest with you guys! :D

EDIT:Also, on another note, I think we should be thinking of a way to incorporate a Stream into Chrono Stream, so the name isn't meaningless. Also, in Alex's quest, in the castle place there's some random sewing wheel that's just sorta there, and I didn't know why.
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