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Voice Recording
« on: January 18, 2004, 06:44:02 pm »
Well, I'm working on a little project over at OC ReMix (can be found here) and I think I'm mostly near-finished, but I've run into a little rut. To complete this, I need some actual voices recorded, and my mic sucks so incredibly much it hurts. If I yell directly into the mic, then turn my speakers to the max for the playback, I can just barely make out what I'm saying almost in the volume of a whisper, and there's a horrid amount of feedback from the computer itself and air conditioner (which I can't seem to completely shut off when I want it to, but it turns off automatically as soon as I'm all voice out).

So, the point is, as Zeality suggested, I'm asking all of you folks out their with decent mics and either normal voices or semi-present voice acting skills to make some recordings for me. There's a lot of background noise in the actual mix where (most) of these voices are going to be inserted, so don't worry too much about any small crackles as long as it's not too obnoxious. As long as you can be heard and understood, I'm not going to be too picky. So, for anyone who can help me out (I really want to get these done, I've been trying to find a way to get them since I began wthe mix), the lines are as follows:

Commoner (Male, normal or below average guy): "I can't believe they're knighting Glenn."

Commoner (Female, snotty sort - doesn't have to be real high-pitched, as if necessary I can mess with the pitch myself): "Wasn't he that creepy frog?"

Sergeant (Male, stern and very loud voice, militaristic): "Attention! Drums march!" and "Drums halt! All hail Guardia!"

Don't feel obligated to take on anymore than one line if you can take any at all, since I need every line from " to " in a separate .wav file; once you have one, either talk to me on AIM at OtherGreenKnight or just e-mail it to Any help would be appreciated, thanks![/url]