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Re: Interesting Pre script discoveries...
« Reply #75 on: January 30, 2009, 12:38:31 pm »
0C0AAE - 02 2C 01 is the data for it, if you change 02 to 0, it won't work, but if you change the others to 00 00, it still works fine.

Edit: No, it doesn't exist in the final at all from what I'm seeing.
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Re: Interesting Pre script discoveries...
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The Loose Ends Post [I'll always edit this in the future]



Well then, ahem......

Missed in the spreadsheet. Said by the Algetty man before he begins his story on the magical kingdom of Zeal. Perhaps preparing to speak.


 ラルバの民 へんな石
神だといって あがめてた。[END]

   Laruba people worshiped
   strange stone like god.

 こないだ へんな石みつけた
もってると 気持ち悪かった……

   Found weird rock.
   Felt sick when have……
   Threw away soon.

Compare stone / rock in these to see if these lines are talking about the same thing, and see if the Laruba line stone can in any way be correlated with the "Red Star" of Lavos.

Yes, "strange stone" and "weird rock" are the same words (へんな石) in Japanese, so you can change one to match the other, it doesn't matter which.



Lucca: We can't let you go
   all alone……
   Plus, I've grown
   to like you……

   I don't like the idea of skipping out on owing
   someone a favor.

Lucca: We can't let you go
   all alone……
   Plus, you helped
   us out……

   I don't like the idea of skipping out on owing
   someone a favor. says:
世話になる 【せわになる】 (exp) (See お世話になる) to receive favor (favour); to be much obliged to someone; to be indebted

I seem to have misunderstood this as "getting along well with someone" when I heard it in the past, but the dictionary definition and subsequent explanation from a friend shows that I made a mistake. My apologies!

Unlikely, but is there any romantic tinge to Lucca's "I've grown to like you......"?


今日もここまでだ ひきつづき
他の場所を デバックしてくれクロ。[END]


Today ends here. You've been going for a long time.
Please debug other places, Cro.


Any guess to what Mesu4 means is welcome (not necessarily from Glitter, I mean).

I wasn't sure, I was hoping that would call up something from the minds of the more technically oriented as I haven't seen it as part of debug text before.

召す 【めす】 (v5s,vt) (1) to call; to send for; (2) to put on; to wear; to take (a bath); to ride in; to buy; to eat; to drink; to catch (a cold);

However, "call" or "send for" could be promising?



Old Man: Fu fu… I feel as though I've been called that
   This is the Brink of Time, you see.

What exactly does he intend to say by reminding them that they're at the End of Time? Is he merely talking about his origin?

何せ = at any rate
ここは = here (is)
時の最果て = The Brink of Time
だから = so/therefore
ね = isn't it? (particle seeking and anticipating listeners' agreement)

"At any rate, it's because this place is the Brink of Time, isn't it," would be very literal...

I assume it implies that he's heard that because everything that ever happened before happened in the past (as they're at the Brink of Time). Does that make any sense?


   お前さん達も見たかい? あれを。

Old Man: Oi, you there.
   Did you see it too?
   Just now, a dark silhouette, aimlessly
   drifting by……

   I wonder what it could be?
   I feel as though I've seen it before…...
   Zeal's Ocean Floor Palace……?
   No, something different……

I thought this was his recognizing the Prophet, but after Glitter's translation, it seems that came earlier. This is a totally unique line. Is he talking about the appearance of the Black Omen? Or the opening of Lucca's 990 A.D. Gate?



   It's unfortunate, but we can't let you play here
   in this version.

   To play with the items you had before,
   take a look at the other world beyond
   the left gate.

Where is this said, if it's possible to find? Glitter's note: "This debug message looks like it was written by someone else; they spelled "version" differently." It comes at the end of the End of Time dialogue, and after the line from Lucca about a console opening a passageway (which is in the final...Arris Dome, I think?)


Marle: Okay, let's go from the front!

Lucca: I, I wonder if it's safe......

Robo: It's dangerous, but......
   Let's give it a try!

Frog: It's sink or swim, let's give it a shot!

 エイラ「さすが [pc1]!
   エイラも そう思う![END]

Ayla: Even so, [pc1]!
   Ayla think so too!


Magus: It's idiocy, but.... whatever.
   We shall go.

Forgot to mark these for translation.



Magus: Idiots......!

Not sure who he's addressing... he could be talking about someone rather than to the party.

Blackbird. Forgot to mark this for translation.



   I don't have the time to listen
   to your idle chatter!

 [Young Woman]

   The queen is young.
   There is nothing she cannot do.

Forgot to mark for translation; Guardia Castle.


Part-Timer self reminder. What does SDI stand for self reminder. Bikku Lapis self reminder.


The " きおくのかがみ " item (Mirror of Memories) corresponds with the description "Escape", so if anyone's feeling adventurous, hack it into inventory in the Prerelease and try to use it for that purpose in battle and boss battle.
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Re: Interesting Pre script discoveries...
« Reply #77 on: February 02, 2009, 03:57:51 pm »
Here's something from Lorenz:

Quote from: Lorenz
Also, one more thing, I was reading the CT Prelease translation thing and noticed that there is a part of text in the End of Time that you have described as a mystery.  The part whre the old guy is talking about seeing some black shape and asking the kids about it.  There is some speculation about it being Lucca's time warp, etc..  Anwyay, I read over the Japanese and he is absolutely talking about the emergence of the Black Dream.  Also, he is not saying "just now" he is saying "konoaida" which means an undiclosed time in the not so distant past.  He is not talking about something he just saw seconds ago; he is talking about a little while back when the Black Dream rose from the depths.  That's why he menitons the Underwater Palace, too.  Anyway, just wanted to clear that part up.


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Re: Interesting Pre script discoveries...
« Reply #78 on: February 05, 2009, 04:12:49 am »
Thanks, Lorenz!


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Re: Interesting Pre script discoveries...
« Reply #79 on: December 24, 2013, 03:51:45 pm »
End of Time Party Lines

It seems several unique "take me along?" lines existed for the parts of the game where Crono was required to be in the party:
Actually, these lines appear when you talk to Crono in the End of Time.
I feel like elaborating on this comment of mine from years ago.
As you probably already know, in the final, you get a prompt instead of dialogue when you talk to Crono in the End of Time, since he's a silent protagonist. The pre-release doesn't do that. Instead, it flips the role of party leader and reserve member: The party leader asks Crono to join them, and the player gets to choose how Crono responds. That's what those lines are for. So they're for when Crono is out of the party, not the pre-Ocean Palace when he's always in it.
It's too bad it doesn't work well with how the final behaves when making decisions. It'd look strange if an active PC asks a question yet they're the one thinking over the question.