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Game Reader Reviews
« on: September 28, 2005, 07:43:47 am »
I love reading reader reviews. Some are logical, others are just plain shit with the common words being LOL, NUB & r0x0r. This occured to me when i was reading a Fable review on Game FAQs. Some ones are written well, others are weirds.
Now look at this

But thats my view, and im crazy, i think. Off topic (kinda) but have you noticed how badly fable plays? You want to be evil, but when you kill and enemy to save your selfish hide, you get good points! So i have to go to a normal villager and kill him

Look at this
I have no problem with it. I have not even played LC. But i doubt its sidequests can be better then Morrowind

Post your own annoying reader reviews that you hate

Before i leave my inevitable flaming and booing and possible death by AuraTwilights hand, i leave you with this
i dont like mitora