Author Topic: How did FATE killing Serge disable the Prometheus circuit?  (Read 16264 times)

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Re: How did FATE killing Serge disable the Prometheus circuit?
« Reply #15 on: February 22, 2020, 06:53:39 pm »
Dunno bout all that, old sphinx boy is pretty vague. Going to "all is lost" from "woe shall befall you" seems like an extreme conclusion. For all we know he could be talking about Schala dying. Which would be pretty sad for sure, after all Belthasar has sacrificed to make it happen.

Anyway, let's say it's true, that means the TD cannot be killed by force alone, period? Even without regarding Schala, the only way to defeat it is this very specific method using the Chrono Cross?


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Re: How did FATE killing Serge disable the Prometheus circuit?
« Reply #16 on: September 05, 2020, 01:23:36 pm »
I've been trying to see where in the text the game actually says that FATE killed(A)/tried to kill(H) Serge for the purpose of trying to release the lock on the Flame and disable the Prometheus circuit. Based on what I could find, which is the same quote from Ghost Crono that a lot of people are quoting, I think an alternative interpretation is possible.

Quote from: Ghost Crono
   Ten years ago, it was Lynx
   who tried to kill you at
   this beach.
   After Prometheus broke the link
   between FATE and the Flame,
   FATE tried to eliminate any
   obstacle that stood in its way!


   The elimination of the
   Prometheus circuit's lock
   on the Frozen Flame was
   everyone's top priority!


   Lynx and Harle abducted
   Lucca, who alone could
   release the Prometheus lock
   that guarded the Flame...
   But the whole attempt only
   ended in failure.
   Then, they just waited for
   you to appear instead!

So it seems possible that FATE/Lynx never thought that killing Serge would release the lock. For that, they were relying on the first plan, kidnapping Lucca and making her do it. The killing of/attempt to kill Serge was merely to "eliminate any obstacle that stood in its way", meaning they could see that Serge would become powerful enough to challenge them later.

In this interpretation, when the Lucca plan failed they must have breathed a sigh of relief that they *hadn't* succeeded in killing Serge (at least not in both worlds, which FATE now knew was enough since it knew Serge would eventually cross dimensions), since the Serge body-swap plan was now FATE/Lynx's only chance to release the lock on the Flame.

This is, of course, unless there is more text in the game that I missed that makes it clear that the drowning was indeed intended to directly release the lock on the Flame. Does anyone know? Search terms only took me so far.
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