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How to extract NPC overworld model & texture
« on: March 05, 2024, 01:15:53 am »
Hi I just released a video on how to extract NPC overworld model & texture using Flea as an example
and replacing Lynx PC overworld with her (making Flea ~playable!)

Tutorial Video link :

How to extract the model & texture of a specific NPC :
1) you wanna pick a room where your desired NPC appears in, like in the video I went and look for Bend of Time backroom to take Flea's overworld's model/texture, but you can pick just about any NPC (I think)

This doesn't seems to work with very big NPC such as Dragons, I tried and I think the Dragons models are just to huge to be put instead of a PC that simply, this needs more testing/editing to know

2) Using Purplecat tools you can find the room.cpt & .rgfx
the .cpt contains all the model(s) used in the room
the .rgfx contains all the texture(s) used in the room

using both unpackcpt.exe & tim2view you can extract both Model & Texture
*How to find the right model & texture?
- Opening the .rgfx as seen in the video, will open up all the texture(s) for the room
simply look for the texture of your desired NPC -> Flea in this case
- Once you got the NPC.tim extract it, open it in Hex Editor and look at the first line
the 01 EX is the VRAM corresponder values, shared between both the Model & Texture so the game knows which Model goes with which Texture for the room.

So simply confirm that the numbers for both are the same and you know it's the right model!

3) The .mdlx are exactly the Overworld Model NPC but with an extra ~line of code
You must absolutely delete that line to get the working overworld model for us to use!

4) Since Flea model/texture is a 128x256 we have to edit both to make them useable for PC
- Model Edit : Using the remap.exe you can half the Y axis model UV map (256 -> 128)
making a 128x128 model UV map!
- Texture Edit : Using PS6 .tim plug-in we simply reduce the size of the texture to 128x128
very easy to do and save with the setting used in the video, results may vary if you don't

5) Now that both your Model/Texture are 128x128 we can simply replace both instead of ~any PC, used Lynx in the video for easy demo

That's about it, ~all the tools can be found here on CCompendium utilities page :

but now everybody can replicate it  8) 
Enjoy! If you have any comments or info you want to share feel free to here :) !
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