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Boo the Gentleman Caller:
Vidkid and I have had an ongoing chat in the "What are you playing" video game thread, and we have been planning all year for an informal "Let's Play" of a Lunar series video game. Well that time is finally upon us!

We'll be playing through the game separately and somewhat slowly, posting screenshots, thoughts, and general hearty discussion here in this very thread. If you'd like to join in, please feel free! If not, feel free to still to participate in discussions.

About the game: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar:_Eternal_Blue

If you aren't familiar with the Lunar series, Eternal Blue is a fantastic jRPG originally released on the Sega CD and later re-released on the PSX as a "Complete" version with updated graphics, events, etc. Although a sequel to Silver Star Story, the two are almost entirely independent.

"The game follows the adventure of Hiro, a young explorer and adventurer who meets Lucia, visitor from the far-away Blue Star. Together they become entangled in Lucia's mission to stop Zophar, an evil, all-powerful being, from destroying the world. During their journey across the world of Lunar, Hiro and Lucia are joined by an ever-expanding cast of supporting characters."

It's a heart-warming story with romance, excitement, danger, and fantastical elements.

Ah! First of all, Merry Christmas to Boo and everyone else here at the Compendium! Playing any a version of Lunar during Christmas has always been tradition in my house and I'm glad I get to share it with you all here today.

I'm happy that Boo and I chose EBC to play since I haven't played that one in a while. It's a pretty typical game like if you like traditional old-school turn-based RPGs... Personally I enjoy Working Designs' translation and text the most and I re-play their games a lot just because it gives me a chortle every now-and-then. Haha.

A hearty cheers to everyone! I always play something that I know will ring in the new year with a lot of fun so I always choose to play a Lunar game around this time of year. Thanks for joining us on this adventure guys! :)

Hey, Boo! (I was gonna wait for you to make the first post!) So I guess I'll make the first post in this adventure! Now that the festivities have died down a little bit and I get some winding down time to myself tonight... I'll pop in L2:EBC. So usually I play the game in little chunks. Whenever I start EBC I usually try to get through the opening introduction sequence with Hiro's voiceover (which reminds me a lot of Wild ARMs and Jack's intro) and get to his and Gwyn's house. There's a little dungeon in-between that takes a fair bit of time so I try to get through that, and I fight every monster to level up Hiro and go back to the Althena's Statue for healing if-needed. (The great thing about LUNAR is you can definitely abuse the Althena's Statues for the ultimate of free-healings--and I definitely take advantage of this privilege whenever I can!) I get to Grandpa's house and I kinda take a little rest there before the events in the tower.

The First Session

So the enemies in the desert aren't that hard I just go back to the statue if I'm not feeling confident enough about the next monster. I mentioned abusing the free healing in this game but the one thing I love the most about the LUNAR games is the Save Anywhere feature I catch myself saving whenever I feel like it! If you fight every battle in the desert Hiro will reach level 7 and learn the best of his most basic skill set so definitely try to do-so! If you're unsure where to go next with the Dragonship Destiny parked outside and Your House, try going north to the spire if you just want to explore. I usually talk to the guards in the Destiny then I go inside the house. Try talking to Leo first before Gwyn for a little extra dialogue, then talk to Gwyn first when the game lets you cause Leo will take off if you speak to him. You can interact with a lot of objects here so try to explore a little bit! When gazing at the Blue Spire from up top the outpost I just feed Gwyn whatever dialogue choice cause I don't think it really matters (I'm gonna keep picking the first available option from here on out to make things easier on me on the next playthrough). The books in the basement-library are worth reading if you want a little more backstory!

Boo the Gentleman Caller:
I'm glad you made the first post, haha... I haven't started yet, despite my best efforts. Sorry! We ended up doing unplanned running all day yesterday, and I didn't get to bed until 2:30am last night. Had to wrap presents since we ended up on the move all day - it's 11:00am here and we just finished opening presents.

I have to get started on the Christmas ham and associated Christmas dinner, but I'll be playing for 30 minutes to an hour here within the next few hours. I'll post once I do.


EDIT: I've finally got everything configured on my PC for emulation, including cheats. I always hated grinding for GP in this game, so I've worked around that (gwah ha ha). I'm diving in!

Boo the Gentleman Caller:

Okay, I'm officially a bit into the game!

First off, I had forgotten how this game opens with a little monologue by a certain character from Lunar: Silver Star Story. Moving straight into the animated intro, this is such quintessential 1990s anime. Everything about it - the characters, the music, the historical diagrams on the walls... and I love it. I'm so enthralled and it's obvious why this game is such a near and dear game to my heart. This enhanced port isn't as good as Silver Star Story Complete, though. Firing this up after so many years, I'm initially a bit jarred by the graphics having not really been upgraded from the SegaCD version (unlike SSS Complete).

Regardless... Poor Luna Lucia in all that cold without being properly dressed, haha...

Once Hiro gives his intro via narration, it's time to go explore! I always liked Hiro and Ruby as characters, and when they're being chased in the initial dungeon, my heart warmed when I heard Burg's theme. This soundtrack never gets old!

I spent most of today trying to get the cheats to work and my controller configured to the emulator, so I'm still exploring the desert valley and haven't quite reached Leo and the ship yet. If I can tonight, I'll play some more and continue catching up.


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