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Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version. (And other oddities.)
« on: December 13, 2022, 01:16:03 pm »
Hello again all. It's me. Welcome to another unorthodox attempt at me making notes for my next story... since I don't have a reliable way of keeping notes. *cough*

With my last story, Sea of Dreams, it was a full-blown story synopsis. This time, it's the wonderful life-ruining magic of TV Tropes! :D

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of TV Tropes, there will be SPOILERS for a story that hasn't been written yet. Yes, it is madness. No, I don't give a crap.

Edit: Also, because there is no 'spoiler' type font or html that I know of around here, things that can be considered spoilers will be put in parenthesis.

Disclaimer 2: Because said story has not been written, I don't want to actually put this on TV Tropes quite yet. Not until I can find a way to get off my duff and start writing.

*record scratches*


……wait a second. This spiel seems awfully familiar…

……Ehh. I'll figure it out later.

Edit: Due to recent interviews from Masato Kato and the resulting broken pedestals in their wake, I have been pensively reconsidering the direction I want this story to go. In light of this, I will be making some heavy changes to the plot and excising some unneeded elements.

I will also include an official story synopsis so this topic doesn't look solely like a notes page.

Hope you all enjoy the changes… when I get around to them.
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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2022, 01:32:18 pm »
Other notes: These Tropes will be written under the assumption that a fanfic and a fan game for this story was completed.

Obviously NOT the case, but I digress.

So let's start this bad boy!

General Tropes:

Arc Words - “Ours is the power to shape reality.”

An Aesop - Power in itself is not good or evil, but it is easily corruptive, and it takes wisdom and a strong will to avoid said corruption. At the same time, those without power cannot protect what they hold dear, so do not be afraid to seek it out as long as one is mindful of the consequences.

And Man Grew Proud - The first half is the story of how.

And Now for Someone Completely Different - Beginning a New Game+ doesn't depict the prologue as normal. No, it puts you in the shoes of Kid post-Chrono Cross and her attempts to put things right when reality starts crumbling around her.

Anti-Frustration Features - Completing one of the bonus endings does not send you back to the title screen, but to the moment before entering the Green Gate with your progress saved and said ending unlocked.

- The Developer's Room is no longer tied to an ending, and is unlocked by beating the game once. However, it will be generally empty until the player unlocks all the different endings, in which it will be filled by bestiaries, music, character bios, and bonus artwork.

Beach Episode - The setting (an artificial beach in Tristan's territory) for a mid-game Side Quest, complete with the party in beachwear (which is even reflected by their dialog portraits). Besides being a source of fanservice, there's a more practical reason for the quest: The whole trip is a plot by Eiric to give Cain and Schala a moment to relax and reconnect without their respective burdens hampering them. (Despite a couple of setbacks, it works.)

Book Ends - At the beginning of the Prologue, Cain and Schala first meet and become friends as children during Zeal's Founder's Celebration. At the end of the Normal Path before the climax, Cain dances with and reveals that he's been in love with Schala ever since as adults during Zeal's Founder's Celebration.

Central Theme - Revenge is Not Justice. However, while this is true, some people are so selfish and monstrous that any peaceful solution is outright impossible. In such situations, there is no other choice. The Villain Must Be Punished.

- Power, and all its incarnations. The power to protect, the power to destroy, power's corrupting influence, and the pitfalls of overcoming said corruption.

Companion-Specific Sidequest- Each party member has a personal quest unlocked during New Game+ in which they have a problem that Cain can help solve, and completing each one is required to unlock Another Path.

- Eiric's involves him being forced to throw his hat in the ring concerning his family's Succession Crisis, and ends up fighting all four of his siblings to not only become head of the Guardia household, but to prevent it from joining Arvis' faction.

- Zhao's involves the forced closing of his forge due to 'royal decree', and has him confront a major proponent of the Anti-weapon law, a local lord (and former student) who enforces his personal views of pacifism even as monsters bleed his lands dry.

- Eva's involves the Coalition's spy network, specifically their leadership, switching sides to Arvis' camp, and Eva's conflicting loyalties between her mission for the Coalition and her duty to her organization.

- Tristan's involves the disappearances of his fellow empaths once employed by King Alphard, only to discover that the collective corruption of society has since transformed them into a hive mind.

- Schala is unique in that the entire first half of Another Path's story is this for her. In essence, because Cain survives his run-in with Magus, she is never driven to Nihilism, develops the inner strength to fight Dalton during the invasion of Guardia, and grows to become a worthy successor to her father's legacy.

Crippling Overspecialization - The Enlightened Ones wholly rely on their magic, with very few of their soldiers proficient in actual close-quarters combat due to their false pacifism. This naturally ends up biting them in the ass in Another Path when Cain gathers an army in rebellion. Turns out that all the magical shields in the world aren't so effective against an arrow or a stone axe to the face.

Damned by Faint Praise - Played with. When Eiric speaks with Schala to try and restore her and Cain's strained relationship, the princess ultimately says of the latter that despite her disagreements with him, his willingness to stick to his principals is a virtue. While this may sound like faint praise, considering that many of the Enlightened Ones at that point had sold their souls to worship Lavos, Cain's stubbornness seems like a genuine breath of fresh air.

Dance of Romance - Cain offers Schala a dance during the kingdom's Founder's Celebration gala near the end of the story. This happens regardless of story route.

Dangerous Forbidden Technique - Opening the Seventh Gate ends up being this. It's said that doing so unlocks the secrets of time and the universe, allowing the opener to achieve 'enlightenment'. Unfortunately, the reality is that the massive infusion of power and information shatters the mind and warps the body into something beyond comprehension, as revealed to be what happened to Norstein Bekkler. Cain takes the risk during the Final Battle, feeling that it's the only way to put down Thanaton. Thankfully, the Entity had other ideas.

Darker and Edgier - While the Chrono series is no stranger to heavy themes such as prejudice and existentialism, Origins puts them on the forefront and beyond with subjects such as genocide and the inevitability of death… as well as the lengths (or depths) some people would go to stave off the latter. It also has much coarser language, with Cain in particular as quite the potty-mouth.

Darkest Hour - Almost all of the major Conspiracy players are dead, but the Coalition failed to protect the fleeing Earthbound, and the Underground is in complete ruins. All of this cascades to the point where Chancellor Arvis finally has justification to crack down on our heroes. Weapons are outlawed across the kingdom and the Coalition's reputation is in shambles. Abel is under house arrest. Melchior, Zhao, Eva, and Tristan are arrested and sent to Mount Woe (with the latter three scheduled to be executed to make an example), while Eiric is spirited away by the remaining few sympathizers to parts unknown. Cain is utterly isolated, his only ally left being Schala…

Earn Your Happy Ending - Cain, Schala, and many others end up going through hell for it, but completing Another Path brings out the best ending possible for everyone.

Everyone Can See It - The painfully obvious attraction between Cain and Schala when the former first arrives as a ward can be seen by everyone, especially King Alphard. Even with the changes in attitude the two undergo after the king's death, Eiric and the rest of the party still comment on the tension.

Evil Only has to Win Once - Thanks to Thanaton's interference, the Time Devourer is still in play even after its defeat in Cross. All it will take is one reality where Serge gives up and doesn't use the Chrono Cross to stop it. Lo and behold, Serge is wiped from history and the world is sliding into chaos, forcing Guile and Kid to set up a massive gambit to save the one person who could possibly prevent all of this.

Fantastic Racism - Played with in the fact that it's the magically empowered people abusing those without it. Unfortunately, unlike how it's glossed over in Chrono Trigger, Origins pulls no punches depicting how much it sucks to be an Earthbound One in an Enlightened-controlled society.

Five-Man Band - Cain's party runs with this dynamic.

- The Leader:  Cain

- The Lancer: Eiric

- The Big Guy: Zhao

- The Smart Guy: Tristan

- The Chick: Eva

- The Sixth Ranger: Schala

Fix Fic - Of epic proportions. New Game+ outright establishes that the primary goal of the story is to save the lives of everyone screwed over by Thanaton, with Cain, Schala, Crono, and Serge in particular.

Foreshadowing - During the Final Battle of the Normal Path, blue flames begin sparking around Cain, and his actions start becoming more feral, causing Magus to take off the kid gloves and deliver a fatal curb-stomp battle to Cain. This foreshadows the Final Battle of the altered timeline where Cain fully awakens the Seventh Gate against FATE and Thanaton.

- Near the start of the story, Cain witnesses on of Gaspar's lessons in which under very specific circumstances, the timeline can tweak itself to prevent possible paradoxes. Sure enough, in the altered timeline, to keep Chrono Cross! Kid's cessation of existence from creating a paradox and sending the timeline into the DbT, events have been tweaked so that Eiric had rescued Cain. Cain is understandably confused at first because he remembers Kid's presence, but then remembers Gaspar's lesson and stops questioning.

Garden of Love - Cain first falls for Schala in the palace gardens during the Prologue. Thus, it ends up being the place where most of the more romantic scenes in the story take place.

Golden Ending - This is one that takes a while to pull off. One has to complete the Normal Path, complete all of the bonus endings, and complete the New Game+ sidequests to unlock Another Path.

Grand Finale - Of the Chrono Trigger mythos. At least of the 'Lavos Saga'.

Happy Ending Override - For Chrono Cross due to a rather cruel case of Surprisingly Realistic Outcome. The Chrono Cross in fact didn't magically retcon Lavos out of existence, only deprived it of its food source. The means, of course, that the origin event of Schala being absorbed still happens, so the Time Devourer still exists in some timeline. Cue Serge popping out of existence and reality coming apart at the seams, and it takes a desperate gamble between Guile and Kid to put things back together.

Hotter and Sexier - Going hand-in-hand with the mature themes depicted in Darker and Edgier above. Eva is the story's resident Ms. Fanservice while Schala seems to be packing more than is advertised, with both girls having alternate outfits and swimsuits that emphasize their curves. The boys are no slouch in the fanservice department either, as Cain is somewhat Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Zhao has some impressive muscles despite his advanced age, and Tristan is straight up Bishounen. Even King Zeal is depicted as a Silver Fox.

In Spite of a Nail - In the altered story path, Schala still stays behind in the crumbling Ocean Palace. The difference is that Cain stays with her… putting him in the perfect position to thwart the creation of the Dream/Time Devourer.

- Even in the altered timeline, Lynx still manages to burn down Lucca's orphanage. However, Cain and Schala's presence ensures that he's at least driven off before he can harm Lucca.

Irony - The Enlightened Ones spent their lives in the pursuit of mystical fulfillment and Nirvana, and sacrificed their collective morality to try and achieve it once Lavos worship became widespread. In the altered timeline, Cain, who had long since been ostracized by the people and considered lower than an Earthbound, is the only person out of all of them to ever actually attain it.

- Doubly ironic is Cain, who for most of the Origin arc believes that Humans Are Bastards, is the one to ultimately champion humanity against Thanaton.

Loyalty Mission - Cain privately fears that the allies who end up joining him are Fair-Weather Friends at best, and unfortunately, that view is not without merit; Eva and Tristan join with noticeable hangups against Cain, while Zhao holds sympathies but worries that Cain's actions may bring more trouble than they're worth, and while Eiric personally has Cain's back, his household in general does not. These all lead to Cain's inevitable isolation during the Normal Path, and it is only after beginning a New Game+ and completing all other side quests that four new Companion-Specific Sidequests appear, in which all are required to unlock Another Path.

Multiple Endings - It wouldn't be a Chrono story without them. To be more specific, there are two main story endings and eleven bonus endings.

Mythology Gag - Some among the fandom dictate that the people of Zeal, especially the royals, dyed their hair. Turns out there is one who did just that. (It's Cain, who started off blonde but dyed his hair black in mourning for the King's death.)

Once More, With Clarity - At the start of the game, we see the massacre that is the Benedict Estate Incident, and a younger Cain slaughtering everyone he can find. All of this is from Schala's perspective, and is the cause of her 'power is evil' mentality, as well as the cause of her and Cain's strained relationship. However, upon witnessing the slaughter of countless Earthbound Ones at Priestess Olivia's hands and Cain's subsequent fury causes her to remember that the former incident only happened after Cain was wounded trying to protect her.

One-Winged Angel - Remember Queen Zeal's final form on the Black Omen in Trigger? This story reveals it to be a corruption of the Sixth Gate when the wielder is overcome by extreme negative emotion. Each consist of a disembodied face/head and cognizant limbs. The Queen naturally undergoes said transformation when fighting her for the bonus endings. Lynx naturally has the FATE interface as well.

Pre-Climax Climax - Due to the events described in Darkest Hour above, Cain is ready to die in a last stand against the Chancellor and the kingdom. Schala, desperate to stop him from throwing his life away recklessly, gives him a reason not to by invoking the arranged marriage her father set up for them. The brief exchange after their honeymoon and events depicted after the Normal Ending all but outright spell out (that Kid is the result of this union).

Prophecy Twist - Cain is prophecized from a young age to be the cause of the world's end (i.e. the Fall of Zeal), which is one of the many reasons he's ostracized, and implied to be the reason there are so many overworld fights with bandits and mercenaries in the so-called 'peaceful' Zeal Kingdom. The twist is that aside from ultimately inciting rebellion he never does anything that leads to Zeal's destruction while alive. It's his death that brings everything into motion, as it drives Schala head-first into nihilism and ultimately summoning Lavos at the Ocean Palace.

Stealth Sequel - The story is initially presented as a prequel to the events of Antiquity in Chrono Trigger. Once you start New Game+ however, the fact that Kid becomes a focal point reveals the story as a sequel to Chrono Cross.

Super Mode - Anyone who has fully mastered the Six Gates of magic theory is capable of incredible power, manifesting in-game as a colored aura tailored to the character's personality. (We only see it briefly in a flashback but King Zeal has a multicolored aura, Queen Zeal has a sickly green one with jutted spines not unlike Lavos during her fights in the bonus endings, Schala has a golden aura that occasionally manifests as dove wings befitting her otherwise gentle personality, Sigmund has a deep red aura with phantom swords representing his bloodlust, Cain has a royal blue aura with six phantom arms depicting his righteous fury towards the cruelty and corruption plaguing the kingdom, and finally, Magus has a dark purple aura that he can channel into a phantom red scythe.)

- Cain uses a minor version of this during the Normal Path. Yes, it makes him powerful as all get out for a few turns, but it doesn't have the aura, representing his stubborn nature and lack of focus at the time, which bites him in the ass when he becomes no longer of sound enough mind to control it.

The Very Definitely Final Dungeon - The story has two of them, dependent on story path.

- Normal Path: Zeal Palace. Having been framed for Abel's murder, Cain fights through five floors in a Last Stand before confronting the Prophet (and his own demise) in the Grand Hall.

- Another Path: The Frozen Sea of Dreams. With Cain's survival altering the timelines of both Trigger and Cross, the three parties of heroes across time are forced to do battle with the God of Death Thanaton for the right to survive and change their fates.

Three Faces of Adam - By the time of the altered events of Chrono Cross, Serge is the Hunter, Crono is the Lord, and Cain is (ironically enough) the Prophet.

Tragic Keepsake - The Astral Amulet that Kid wears in Chrono Cross retroactively becomes this during the normal ending, as it once belonged to Cain.

Wham Line - “Inquisitor Cray! You are under arrest on suspicion of the murder of Commander Abel!”

Wretched Hive - The Underground of Zeal has this reputation, being a hiding place for thieves and killers, as well as being a 'red light district' where the citizens above indulge in various vices. Ultimately subverted in that in spite of the above, many of its denizens are simply exiles, social pariahs, and non-mages just trying to make a living.

Xanatos Gambit - Guile's plan to save reality post-Chrono Cross is for Kid to not only save Serge through time, but to save Cain as well, banking on the latter's loyalty and devotion to Schala to be at her side when Lavos attempts to absorb her. It ultimately pays off with the threat of the Time Devourer ending for good.

(To be continued)
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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2022, 02:04:27 pm »
Main Characters:

Cain Cray: The main protagonist of the story as a whole. Formerly a member of the Kingdom of Zeal's Royal Guard, he now serves as an Inquisitor investigating the assassination of King Zeal. Although young, he is a prodigy in the arts of magic and warfare. Having lived a troubled childhood, he tends to hold people in general with disdain to outright contempt, and prefers to solve problems with violence. The only person he seems to hold any affection for is Princess Schala…



Schala Zeal: Princess of the Kingdom of Zeal. Kind and graceful, she tries to see the best in everyone around her. Unfortunately, this makes her a rather poor judge of character, as in her current state, the idea that her kingdom is rotting from within morally is anathema to her. She and Cain first met as children and became fast friends, but the death of her father years later and the violent fallout that followed have since driven a wedge between them. Whether their relationship will be mended or be torn apart forever will depend on Cain's actions….

Break His Heart to Save Him - In the altered events of the Ocean Palace Incident, Schala does this to both Magus and Cain after their duel in order to save her brother's life and her husband's soul. It works.

Dark and Troubled Past - We see it happen in the Prologue with the Benedict Manor Incident, in which her father is killed in front of her and has a front row seat to Cain's violent retaliation. It ends up being the catalyst for her 'all power is evil' mentality.

Despair Event Horizon - Crosses it completely after Cain's death in the original timeline. The Ocean Palace Incident keeps her there.

Guest Star Party Member - There are a few times where Schala becomes a sixth party member. Averted after the alternate timeline's 1005 AD time skip, where she join full-time by necessity.

The Gloves are Off - In the altered timeline, Schala finally steps up to fight when Dalton threatens to overthrow Guardia. The man played a large role in destroying her old family and home, and she will not let the same thing happen to her new one.

Happily Married - Ultimately follows through on her Arranged Marriage with Cain after the trying events of the Underground's destruction, and the two are shown to be genuinely happy… for about the day and a half before Cain is framed and arrested, ultimately leading to his death. The latter part is thankfully averted in the altered timeline where they're actually able to live out their married life.

Hidden Buxom - There are a few scenes which show that Schala is packing quite a bit more than her baggy robes advertise. No longer hidden during the 1005 AD time skip in the altered timeline, where her outfit is far more flattering.

I Choose to Stay - Chooses to stay in the collapsing Ocean Palace while teleporting Crono's party (and Magus) to safety. In the altered timeline, Cain stays with her. A far less bittersweet version of this happens after the two of them end up in 1002 AD, where they decide not to return to Antiquity.

OOC is Serious Business - Invokes this Trope during the altered Ocean Palace in order to stop Cain from pulling a Vigilante Execution on a weakened and defeated Magus.

White Magician Girl - Schala generally checks all the boxes when she's playable; compassionate, a skill set dedicated mostly to healing and buffs, and motherly. The latter more so in the altered timeline where she actually becomes a mother.



Janus Zeal: Prince of Zeal and Schala's little brother. A morose child with little to no empathy towards anyone other than his sister and his cat, he was born seemingly without magical ability. In truth, he holds potential even greater than Cain, of whom the boy sees as an annoyance, and later on, a usurper of his place in the royal family. Unfortunately, nobody ever realized how deeply such feelings could fester over time, or how a certain event would ultimately drive him towards terrible villainy…

Curb-Stomp Battle - In the original timeline, Magus gives Cain one of these during the latter's Last Stand before killing him. In the altered timeline, he gets a taste of karma in the Ocean Palace after Cain realizes that Lavos had drained him of much of his powers.

Heel Realization - In the altered timeline, ruminating on Schala's admonishment of his actions as Magus in the Ocean Palace causes him to have one of these on the North Cape. Far sooner than he does in the original timeline.

Hero Killer - This story reveals that killing Cyrus wasn't enough. In order to get into Queen Zeal's good graces, Magus poses as a prophet and uses his knowledge of the future to 'divine' Cain's death, and then does the deed personally to ensure his ascension.

I Hate Past Me - Much prefers his life as Guile over his life as Janus.

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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2022, 02:40:49 pm »
Characters - Party Members


Eiric Istane Guardia: Youngest in a long family line dating back to one of the founders of Zeal, he is considered by his peers a useless layabout, and was only drafted into the Alphard Coalition to keep him out of the way. That said, he's a dab hand with a bow, and if one manages to catch his interest, they'll find that they now have a friend for life.

An Ice Person - Can imbue his arrows with Ice magic in one of his Techs, freezing and inflicting Stop on a single enemy.

Archer Archetype - Wields a bow and arrows.

Badass Family - Considering his family contains the likes of Ayla and Marle, this is no surprise.

Bottomless Magazines - No matter how many arrows he fires, his quiver never empties. Justified, since he replicates his supply with magic.

Handsome Lech - Downplayed. He's not a sleazeball, but he is a shameless flirt.

Healing Hands - His first Tech is Aura, and he ultimately learns Cure All and Arise.

Hero of Another Story - In Chrono Trigger. While Crono's group was infiltrating the Ocean Palace, Eiric was busy trying to evacuate the Kingdom. After Zeal's fall, he was out searching for survivors, explaining why the party never meets him. That there were ANY survivors left in Antiquity were due to his efforts.

Making a Splash - His innate color is blue, and his elemental attack line is Water.

Noodle Incident - Has been involved in more than a few, and no, he will not elaborate.

The Lancer

Only Sane Man - Like Cain, he seems to be the only other person in Zeal to realize something is deeply wrong with society.

Shipper on Deck - For Cain and Schala. In the Normal Path, he's the one who convinces Schala to try and understand Cain's views and mend their strained relationship.

Suckcessor - How the rest of his family views him. He even personally describes himself as 'the spare to the spare of the spare of the spare', referring to his family's lines of succession between his many brothers. Ironically, he ends up outliving them all after the Fall of Zeal.


Zhao: A former combat trainer who now spends his twilight years running Zeal's greatest forge of elemental weaponry. When the kingdom 'officially' moves towards pacifism and tries to shut down his forge, Zhao understandably worries for his livelihood. Once Chancellor Arvis decides to push the issue by arresting his employees and sticking them in the Underground's colosseum, Zhao takes up arms in order to save them.

Blow You Away - His innate color is green, and he's a master of wind magic.

Cool Old Guy - The oldest of Cain's party members and a jovial guy all around.

Doomed by Canon - In the Normal Path, he and the rest of the Alphard Coalition is imprisoned in Mount Woe after Cain's death, and is executed before Crono's party ever learns of his existence.

Dual Wielding - Halberds with rather large axe heads.

It's Personal - When Isaac kidnaps his non-mage workers for the Underground's colosseum, Zhao takes it upon himself to rescue them.

Old Master - Was once the combat instructor for Zeal's Royal Guard, and the only other party member besides Schala that Cain knows personally.

The Big Guy

Ultimate Blacksmith - Zhao is close friends with Melchior and taught the latter everything he knows about smithing.


Eva: A young woman employed by the Alphard Coalition as its Spymaster. Cool-headed and aloof, she's introduced investigating strange happenings in the abandoned Benedict Estate. Able to manipulate stone and metal with her powers, she creates an armored humanoid golem by the name of Benmaru.

Action Girl

Bedlah Babe - Her outfit heavily invokes a belly dancer vibe. Slightly justified as she moonlights as a dancer when gathering intel.

Big Damn Heroes - Joins the party and officially introduces Benmaru during the battle with Issac and his colosseum beasts, turning the tide.

Blade Below the Shoulder - Has a baton attached underneath her armband that she can call to her hand with a thought. Said baton also conceals a hidden blade with which she fights reverse-grip.

Clark Kenting - The only difference between her civilian attire and 'spymaster' attire is a long scarf. Nobody else but the Coalition can tell the difference, and it confuses them greatly.

Combat Hand Fan - Uses these to puppeteer Benmaru.

Deadpan Snarker

Dishing out Dirt - Her innate color is yellow, and she can manipulate earth to create constructs.

Doomed by Canon - In the Normal Path, she and the rest of the Alphard Coalition is imprisoned in Mount Woe after Cain's death, and is executed before Crono's party ever learns of her existence.

Fragile Speedster - She can hit harder than the norm, but Eva is the fastest member of the party.

Gadgeteer Genius - She considers herself a student of Balthasar, and has a knack for building and repairing technology. In the altered timeline, due to Dalton being stranded in Zeal during its fall/taking a trip through the golem portal early, she's the one who installs wings onto the Epoch.

Jack of All Stats - Not in terms of battle per se, but in her place in the Five-Man Band. Once Schala joins in Another Path, Eva immediately proves her flexibility in group dynamics. With Benmaru, she can double as The Big Guy to help take the load off Zhao, her tech savvy meshes well with Tristan's knowledge as The Smart Guy, she can offer insights that Eiric can't as a second Lancer, and although she's not as fitting for the role of The Chick on her own, she becomes the firm hand to contrast Schala's gentle touch.

Ms. Fanservice

Ninja - The closest Zeal has to one.

The Puppet Master - Controls Benmaru with mystical wires when using him to attack.

Samurai - What Benmaru is modeled after, complete with stylized antler-horned helmet.

Secret Test of Character - Has been conducting one on Cain since even before the two meet, under the orders of King Alphard. The test is to confirm Cain's suitability to become the future king of Zeal.

Scarf of Asskicking - Sports a long on appropriate for her role as Spymaster, though it doesn't quite match her outfit.

Ship Tease - Between herself and Eiric.

Shock and Awe - Although she can create earth constructs, the attack spells she has that are governed by her innate are Lightning-based.

Tomboy and Girly-Girl - The Tomboy to Schala's Girly-Girl.

We Have Reserves - No matter how many times Benmaru is destroyed, Eva can just reconstruct him again.


Tristan Arlan: An Enlightened of noble birth with an ancestry reaching back as far as one of the Six Founders of Zeal. He is the governor of the kingdom's southeastern landmass, is a staunch supporter of King Alphard, and beloved by his people. He is a member of the Alphard Coalition, but due to his upbringing and his unique powers, he is the slowest of the party to warm up to Cain.

Blue Blood - He is a noble of quite high standing, and one of the few aligned with the Alphard Coalition.

Casting a Shadow - His innate color is black, and he utilizes the Dark series of attack spells, as well as Dark Bomb.

Doomed by Canon - In the Normal Path, he and the rest of the Alphard Coalition is imprisoned in Mount Woe after Cain's death, and is executed before Crono's party ever learns of his existence.

The Empath - Tristan is psychically in tune with the emotions of those around him. Cain's clear distaste and anger towards society is enough to make him wary, and the sheer rage felt when the latter goes on their doomed rampage against the Prophet nearly causes him to pass out… in his cell on Mount Woe.

Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold - He has blonde hair and is one of the few nobles left in Zeal who still considers the Earthbound Ones people.

Innocently Insensitive - As an empath, Tristan has a unique way of dealing with people. Unfortunately, it seems he never quite gets the memo that just because you can read minds doesn't mean you should vocalize other people's thoughts willey-nilley.

Martial Pacifist - He would rather not kill if he doesn't have to, but neither will he abide threats to the people under his care.

Royal Rapier - His weapon of choice.

The Smart Guy




































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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2022, 02:47:01 pm »
Supporting/Other Characters


King Alphard Zeal

Abel Lorre

Gaspar, Guru of Time

Melchior, Guru of Life

Balthasar, Guru of Reason

Elder Xander: The elder of Alghetty village.

Raul: A young, outspoken hunter of Alghetty, and one of the few friends Cain had made during his time there.

Violet: A student of Melchior who was tasked with protecting a sacred sapling after the Guru's arrest. She is the ancestor of 600 AD's Fiona.

Small Role, Big Impact - On two fronts. One is her small part in eventually restoring the forests of Porre. The other is the fact that she is the one that keeps Eiric out of Cain's rebellion, at least in the normal ending, thus ensuring the birth of the Guardia royal line.

Pitch: The proprietor of the 'Pitch Black' Tavern in Zeal's Underground, and unofficial representative of the Earthbound living in it.

Good Guy Bar - Runs one of these.

Killed Off for Real - Is killed during Ophelia's purge of the Underground.

Cain's Mother/Shannon Cray: An influential scholar of some renown during the days of King Victor. Meets and eventually becomes the wife of Arvis Cray. Dies giving birth to her son Cain.

Devil's Advocate - For King Victor. Unfortunately, she knew nothing about the Frozen Flame or its corrupting influence, making her bias stand out all the more.

Horrible Judge of Character - Two-fold. As nice as she was, she was one of Victor's loyalists, and thus found a 'kindred spirit' in Arvis, who would go onto use her influence to rise to power.

Inspector Javert - Believes Alphard Zeal to have usurped King Victor's power, despite the fact that Victor was no longer himself due to the Frozen Flame or that Alphard did what he did to save then-Princess Samaela.

No Name Given - Not during the main story. Developer's Room Archives reveal it to be Shannon.

Posthumous Character - She dies long before the story begins.

Spanner in the Works - Her Death by Childbirth ends up being one of these to her husband's political aspirations. Unfortunately, her newborn son became the focus of Arvis' subsequent wrath.

Unwitting Instigator of Doom - She holds the belief that regicide is unforgivable, and thus holds umbrage that Alphard was allowed to be crowned king despite leading a coup against King Victor. Unfortunately, she never realized just how influential her stance was, which Arvis uses to great effect to plant the seeds of his own coup…























Marbule Elder

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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
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Characters - Villains


Queen Samaela Zeal

Chancellor Arvis Cray

Archnemesis Dad - He's Cain's father, and a complete and utter bastard.

Greater Scope Villain - Of Antiquity. Arvis masterminds the death of King Alphard, uses the Queen's ensuing obsession with Lavos to usurp power, and is entirely responsible for the divide between Earthbound and Enlightened.

High Priestess Olivia

Minister Pavlov

'Don of the Underground' Issac

'Mother Unit' Hera


Eye Scream - When Cain is arrested following Abel's death, Dalton picks the wrong moment to taunt the fallen Inquisitor. Cue Cain hitting his Rage Breaking Point, breaking free of his restraints, and giving Dalton a gauntlet-clad sucker-punch with enough force to rupture his eye. He sports his iconic eyepatch from then on.

Karmic Death - In the altered timeline, Dalton ultimately meets his end at the hands of Schala, years after he had killed her father. That he dies trying to assassinate another monarch (in this case, Marle) makes it extra fitting.

Made of Iron - Takes all kinds of beatings throughout the story and still manages (with one exception) to make it out unscathed. It takes four separate beatdowns by the Zeal trio in the altered timeline to finally bring him down.

This Cannot Be! - Basically Dalton's reaction to Schala (of all people) reflecting his assassination attempt of Marle back at him before dying.






Porre High Command

'Supreme Commander' Dalton

The Acacia Dragoons





The Dragon God

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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
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Those Behind the Curtain



The Entity


Cain and Abel - The Cain to the Entity's Abel, a literal God of Death that will not stop his 'duty' until all life is extinguished.

Canon Character All Along - Well, background decoration. You see that demon statue in Magus' chambers in Trigger? That's Thanaton.

Greater Scope Villain - While Lavos is the greater Inciting Incident, its actions are born simply from animalistic survival instinct. Thanaton, on the other hand, is directly responsible for many of the travesties that befall the series and our heroes, all out of an in-born directive to end all life and a near psychotic hatred of humanity.

- By sending Dalton to 1000 AD, he is ultimately responsible for the Fall of Guardia.

- He is the one who sends Schala to the Darkness Beyond Time, thus responsible for the creation of the Time Devourer. As an added insult, he reinforces the creation point, making it so the Chrono Cross fails to ret-gone Lavos, and thus the reason Project KID ultimately failed.

- He is the one who pulls Dinopolis from its reality to counteract Chronopolis, all in the hopes that the Dragonians would destroy humanity.

- Finally, he is the one to guide Magus back to Antiquity in order to specifically kill Cain due to the latter being the lynchpin of foiling his plans.

Gaia's Vengeance - Prioritizes protecting the planet itself more than the lives living on it. Its twisted philosophy would inadvertently be adopted by many extremist non-humans, especially the Dwarves.

Grew Beyond Their Programming

The Man Behind The Man - For Dinopolis and the Dragon God.

Pieces of God

Threads of Fate - Represents Clotho, 'severing the thread of life'.

True Final Boss
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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
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Crowning Moment of Funny


One particular moment comes during the epilogue of the Golden Ending. Cain attempts to open the Seventh Gate a second time on a whim. However, since he isn't in the proper mindset, the built up power simply fizzles out, but not before giving him one hell of a headache.

Cain: *knocked on his ass* Ow, ow! Son of a…! Okay. Can't do the whole Enlightenment thing whenever you want. Good to know.


Late in Antiquity's story, after Cain and Schala have Their First Time, the post-coitus pillow talk inevitably turns to Schala's fears about everyone discovering their private marriage. Cain, being the tactful sort…

Cain: I'm willing to bet three months of my stipend that Eiric figures it out just by looking at us.
Schala: Please tell me you're joking…
Cain: You have not seen that man work. I swear, he can smell purity from a mile away.

And sure enough, the next morning…

Eiric: Alright, hold up. (Beat) Well, it's about damn time.
Cain: (resigned) I hate it when I'm right…

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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
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Crowning Moment of Heartwarming

Why does King Zeal take Cain in as a ward of the royal family, despite the young man being potentially dangerous in magic, having a chip on his shoulder the size of the kingdom towards its society, and being the son of one of his potential enemies? Because he was the very first friend outside of the palace young Schala had ever made.


In the altered timeline where Cain lives, nearly every interaction he has with the three-year-old Kid can be considered this on many levels. He is incredibly loving to his family and dotes on his daughter constantly, a far cry from the angry youth he was in Antiquity. Judging by his previous experiences, it becomes very clear that Cain will never be the bastard his own father was.


Unlike in Chrono Cross, Kid has grown to be far more well-adjusted in the altered timeline than her counterpart due to having both parents in her life, though she still sees Lucca as her 'honorary' Big Sis. She's even given a proper name of (Kalyana). She still inherits her father's spicy temper, but her new experiences do much to take the edge off. Even after Lynx upends everything she holds dear, she's able to hold herself together over the years as her family goes on the run.


In the altered events of Chrono Cross, Cain is the only person who remains of Serge's original entourage after Lynx's body swap, and nobody else aside from Pip. Why is this? Well, aside from Crono, Serge helped Cain fight off and destroy Lavos Terminus, thereby saving his wife. Then, Serge is transported to the day Lucca's orphanage is sacked and gets Kid to safety, thus saving Cain's daughter. Cain owes Serge a debt twice over, and he's not going to let a small roadblock such as Lynx hijacking Serge's body stop him from helping.
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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
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- The entire confrontation concerning High Priestess Olivia. Regular citizens are driven into a frenzy by Olivia to 'sacrifice' the Earthbound and other denizens of the Underground to 'give more power unto Lavos'. Cain chooses to help Schala and the others protect the fleeing refugees by holding the mob off. Unfortunately, this allows Olivia to set a trap that ends up killing all of said refugees, despite the Coalition's best efforts. Cain is once more consumed by rage leading to a “boss fight” with Olivia, while Eiric and the others are forced to put down the maddened mob that have turned their sights on them. A single line from Eiric proceeds to hammer home not only the hopelessness of the situation, but forces Tristan, Zhao, Eva, and ESPECIALLY Schala to finally confront the reality that the 'paradise' they believed they lived in had become nothing more than a hypocritical lie.

Tristan: You aren't actually suggesting we put down our own people?!

Eiric: Take a damn look around!! These 'things' are NOT! OUR! PEOPLE!!!

- It gets worse. Cain isn't just consumed by rage. All of the hatred that he's built up inside towards society, his father's machinations, and just plain old human cruelty finally erupts in a horrifying display of power. He doesn't even see his opponents as human anymore, just 'sacks of meat' for the slaughter. For Schala, she's basically reliving the Benedict Manor Incident, and tries to break through to Cain. By the time she does, the opposition is already dead and Cain's anger is already spent, causing him to fall to his knees and mutter the question of why people always act like monsters. Recognizing this question from when they first met and with the added context of knowing Cain's history, Schala can only hold and weep for him.

- Just to twist the knife further, Arvis uses this incident as a rallying cry to finally put an end to the Alphard Coalition, leaving the party isolated…


The Normal Ending. Framed for killing Abel, Cain is isolated and realizes at this point the only way to survive is open rebellion. Schala is confined to her room and Eiric is spirited away from Zeal by remaining sympathizers. We see Melchior, Eva, Tristan, and Zhao arrested and sent to Mt. Woe, where the latter three are implied to be executed for treason. Cain mows through the palace defenses only to run into the Prophet/Magus. Not only is he capable of going toe-to-toe with the former, but Cain notices the amulet Schala was making for Janus at a critical moment and puts two and two together.

Cain's brief hesitation costs him, and takes a point blank Darkmatter, killing him. The only thing left of him is a familiar rosary amulet that falls to the ground. Meanwhile, Schala feels the full force of the Black Wind, realizing Cain has died, and breaks down weeping.

After a short cut to black, we see Lavos nuking Zeal to all hell, in far greater detail than in Trigger. Cut to later on, Eiric is at the shores looking for survivors. He sees Schala's pendant wash up on the beach. Picking it up, he laments that everything has been left up to him and sobs, realizing that all his closest friends are dead just before the credits roll.

- It gets worse when you take Chrono Trigger into account. Cain is never mentioned once by anyone. Not the Gurus, not the citizens, not the people of Alghetty, and certainly not Magus (for obvious reasons). The implication is (and confirmed in the Developer's Room Archives) that everybody ultimately held him responsible for lighting the fuse for the Fall of Zeal and the devastation that followed with his ill-fated rebellion after Abel's death, and was thus made persona-non-grata.


The first side quest of the game. Eiric convinces Cain to help build goodwill among the citizens of Zeal. The first client is a nobleman looking for one of his manservants. Eiric and Cain ultimately rescue the man from a sticky situation, only for Cain to note that he's Earthbound. With a bad felling forming, they return to the client only to find him screaming and kicking his now dead manservant. All for accidentally breaking one of the eggs (from the monsters he was saved from, mind) for the man's breakfast. Furious, Cain tries to call the boorish bastard out for such a petty reason, only to get dressed down that a 'lowborn' has no clue of a noble's palate. Cain is so disgusted at this point that he skewers the bastard on the spot.

This plays out more like a vigilante execution than a murder, but Eiric freaks out anyway, claiming the should've called in the authorities, only for Cain to coldly reply 'I AM the authorities' before leaving. Eiric can only look back at the two bodies and lament on how deep the divide between Earthbound and Enlightened has grown. This quest not only shows Cain at the peak of his misanthropy before his Character Development, but also how morally bankrupt the people of Zeal have become compared to the Prologue, as well as just how close Cain is to Jumping Off the Slippery Slope. This outcome also gives some horrifying weight to Abel's belief that Cain signed up to become an Inquisitor partly to have a license to legally kill people.

The kicker? The trophy for completing this first (mandatory, by the way) side quest is called Untrustworthy. Make of it what you will.


Cain's backstory heavily averts Hilariously Abusive Childhood, and has left him some long-lasting emotional scars. His mother dying when he was born caused his already-rotten father to want him dead, and is only spared because Arvis is reminded of the potential scandal a newborn's death would cause. Nonetheless, Cain would grow up treated as little more than a parasite, with what little support dwindling to nothing due to pressure from either society or Arvis himself, until he's old enough to be tossed out into the streets.

At ten years old and no sign of magical talent, Cain would be harassed wherever he went, with one traumatizing incident being used as target practice by a Sadist Teacher for her students. Once, he even visits a fortune teller to see if his fortunes will ever change, only for said teller to sense the Black Wind flowing around him (foreshadowing the power he'll one day come to wield) and decry him as Zeal's future destroyer. Typically, this interpretation spread like wildfire. It gets to the point where he genuinely considers leaping over the edge of the kingdom just to make the pain stop, and he probably would have had he not met a young Schala by chance.

Unfortunately, Arvis receives word of Cain's impromptu play-date with the princess. Since he wants the Crown's eyes off of him while he plots their downfall, he stuffs the poor boy into a cage with other 'undesireables' and exiles the whole lot into the blizzards below. For the next three years, Cain earns his way as a young hunter amongst the Earthbound, but one day his latent magic finally manifests, causing many of the villagers to begin fearing him. The manifestation of such powerful magic draws the attention of King Zeal, who manages to reach the young man before his inner turmoil causes his uncontrolled powers to run rampant.

Alphard takes Cain in as a Ward, and for the next five years it seems his life is finally come around as he sees the Royal Family as the family he never got to have… but then the Queen discovers the Frozen Flame, and Arvis succeeds in his plot to kill Alphard, leading to the Benedict Manor Incident and his new peaceful life crashing down, leaving him jaded, cynical, and hateful. It's no small wonder Cain believes that Humans Are Bastards so strongly after the prologue, and he never truly gets any closure until the altered timeline.

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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
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Crowning Moment of Awesome

- Cain's invasion of Mount Woe in Another Path. Does he walk up the chain like Crono's party? No. He joins with Benmaru (thanks to Eva who had planned ahead and resummoned him before her capture) to first wipe out the mountain's outer defenses. Once they find the prison compound within the mountain's depths, Cain performs a Dynamic Entry that would make Kamen Rider proud and releases the cell locks. With the ensuing prison riot as a distraction, Cain and Benmaru tear through Zeal forces and rescue Eiric and the others.

- It doesn't end there. Before the group is able to escape, they are stopped by none other than the iconic Giga Gaia. Some time after the battle starts, it flies upwards, inadvertently dragging Cain with it. Cain is eventually launched over the precipice and lands straight in front of a familiar group of time travelers. Yes, Cain is officially introduced to Crono and his team. While the initial standoff starts out tense, the ultimate golem's appearance necessitates the obvious truce. Almost immediately, Cain develops synergy with the group, developing at least three Triple Techs during the fight, culminating with Cain smashing through Giga Gaia by way of the Spectral Strike. Now that is a hell of a team-up.


The culmination of Guile's gambit in the altered timeline. After Schala whisks away Crono's party (and an utterly defeated Magus) from the crumbling Ocean Palace, Cain stays right by her side. Sure enough, they're both sucked into the DbT, where Cain faces down a dying Lavos… except Lavos isn't dying, no matter how much damage Cain does. The will to protect and the will to survive clash in a similar manner to an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.

The Awesome part is that thanks to the timey-wimey ball that is Crono's last battle with Lavos, that battle, Cain's battle, and Serge's battle with the Time Devourer all happen in the same plane of existence, and Serge uses the Chrono Cross just as Crono deals the final blow. Schala's pendant, the Chrono Cross, and the Astral Amulet all resonate, transporting Crono and Serge to Cain's side. The three heroes team up to finally end Lavos for good and properly save Schala from her doomed fate.


Awesome Music

Like with many fan stories, the author of Origins uses music from other games as placeholders to hopefully set the tone of certain events.

- The True Final Battle with Lavos uses “I'm Here: Revisited” the theme song of Sonic Frontiers, a song fitting for fighting Lavos for the final time for a few reasons. One, it's a kickass rock ballad fit for fighting a literal eldritch alien beast, and two, the lyrics are surprisingly appropriate for the story and Cain's situation as he, alongside Crono and Serge , fight to Screw Destiny and save themselves and their friends from their undeserved fate.

”Leave the life you knew before…
See a new world worth fighting for!

Find the truth of who I'm meant to become…
Another Path I must now walk on!”
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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
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Nightmare Fuel

The Benedict Manor Incident. The event that signaled the beginning of Zeal's decline into hubris, and changed the lives of Cain and Schala forever, and not for the better.

- It begins with the young Schala stealing the recently discovered Frozen Flame from her mother's chambers and disappearing, sending her father and the Royal Guard into a frenzied search. What they didn't know was that she had stolen off to Benedict Manor, believing that one of her father's allies would be able to help. Unfortunately, Benedict had already been bought off by Arvis Cray, and decides the situation would be perfect for luring the King into a trap. All of this would be horrifying enough, but it gets worse…
- Long story short, the trap is sprung, and Alphard is separated from the guard. Although he finds Schala quickly, the King of Zeal is shot, and soon enough dies in Schala's arms. Some of Benedict's men then prepare to kill the distraught princess, but Cain intervenes, and is nearly blinded in one eye and impaled for his trouble. A terrifying situation indeed, but it gets worse…
- It's at this point that Cain's full magical potential awakens, opening the Sixth Gate. What happens next is a one-sided massacre by Cain against Benedict's guards… and Cain is laughing, reveling at the slaughter, as if finally releasing his all of his hidden grudges against society at once. Benedict tries to stop Cain's rampage with an experimental robot, but the latter takes it apart with ease, and with a deranged grin, Cain literally cooks the traitor alive inside the machine's remains. Schala, still rooted to her dead father's side, witnesses all of this, begging for it all to stop over and over. Unfortunately, this activates the Frozen Flame, bonding her fate to Lavos, and rendering Cain unconscious.
- Although Cain seemed to regain his senses later, he was never the same, while Schala was left afraid of him for at least a year according to Abel. Not only that, she came from the experience believing that power of any kind can only destroy, a mindset that would ironically nearly serve to destroy all reality millennia later…


Cain's nightmare at the beginning of a New Game Plus. It start with a re-enactment of his own death in the Normal Path, but it doesn't stop there. It cuts to a dungeon somewhere in the depths of Mt. Woe where the bodies of Eva, Zhao, and Tristan lie. All three show signs of having been tortured before being executed. It gets worse however, when it then switches to Schala collapsing in front of the Manmon Machine as the Ocean Palace collapses around her. There is no discretion shot here: we see Schala get crushed. The last thing seen before Cain nearly catapults out of bed is Schala's arm sticking out from the rubble and blood pooling on the ground…
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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
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Fridge Brilliance

Cain shows plenty of times that he has a soft spot for the Earthbound, and in a few sidequests, even shows sympathy to those in Zeal who have trouble unlocking their potential in magic. Yet, he shows no such courtesy to Janus, who seems to be in a similar situation. However, canon shows that Janus was hiding his potential out of fear of what Schala has been forced to go through, and then it makes sense. Cain knows Janus is holding back and sees the prince as a coward for not tapping into that well of power ease his sister's burden. One may argue that Janus is still just a child, but Cain ended up having to grow up too fast and thus believes that's no excuse, expecting the son of the man he idolized to step up.


Near the end of the Normal Path, after the brief time skip that happens after the capture of his allies, Cain is bereft of his usual confidence, almost listless at times. The room next to Schala's he uses while under her protection is completely barren save for a bed, and during the dance at the gala, he gives her a quiet, if anguished declaration of love. Schala learns soon afterwards that Eva, Zhao, and Tristan are scheduled to be executed, and things suddenly click, for her and the audience. Cain is expecting the coming reckoning, and he knows he's not going to make it out unscathed, so he's putting all of his affairs in order.


Why is Schala able to access the mastered Sixth Gate despite her negative views on power? Because she's the Princess of Zeal. She has been trained in basic, practical, and advanced magical theory since childhood. And despite her pacifism, self-defense is a requirement for a royal.

- Which then begs the question, how was she able to awaken it regardless? It happens in the altered timeline during Porre's attempt to sack Guardia. Schala wants to help him, to save him and her newfound family, whatever it takes. And it clicks. For the first time in her life, she wants power, in spite of past experiences telling her 'no, bad idea'. It is the first time her heart and mind are in conflict, and she ultimately chooses the former in spite of her misgivings.

- The best part? It pays off. Cain is saved, ironically validating his own belief that desiring power is not a bad thing as long as it’s used responsibly. The first crack in Schala's long-held beliefs appears, but it does take a couple more incidents before it all finally sticks.


Fridge Horror
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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version.
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YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)


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Re: Chrono Origins: The TV Tropes version. (And other oddities.)
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Soundtrack List

1. Song Title - (Song used as placeholder)

Disc 1:

1. Origin's Dawn (Title Screen)
2. Dreamers Forward (Theme of Chrono)
3. Guardian Qualification Exam
4. Push Forward (Battle Theme 1)
5. Unexpected Danger
6. Alphard's Theme
7. Schala's Theme (Origins)
8. Zeal Palace (A Shining Star)
9. Conspiracy
10. The Frozen Flame
11. The Trap is Sprung
12. Death of the King
13. Madness
14. Innocence Lost
15. Sands of History (Chapter Narration)
16. Underground Vice
17. Inquisitor
18. Mansion of Demons
19. Last Rites (VS Conspirators)
20. Awe-Inspiring Force - (The Gods' Military Forces - Asura's Wrath)
21. The Sixth Gate (Battle Ver.) - (Furious - Asura's Wrath)
22. A Hand of Friendship
23. The Alphard Coalition - (Avalanche's Theme - Final Fantasy VII: REMAKE)
24. Cain's Theme - (In Your Belief: Instrumental - Asura's Wrath)

Disc 2:

1. Cain and Schala: Fractured Bonds
2. Eiric's Theme - (Partitio's Theme - Octopath Traveler 2)
3. Janus' Theme
4. Southeastern Territory
5. Sigmund: First Movement - (Moebius: Phase 1 - Xenoblade Chronicles 3)
6. Enhasa
7. Kajar Labratories
8. The Three Gurus
9. An Honest Day's Work
10. Hostility (Boss Theme 1)
11. Zhao's Theme - (Hikari's Theme - Octopath Traveler 2)
12. The Northern Forge
13. Bitter Memory
14. Gotta Hurry!
15. Blood Sport
16. The Great Divide (Earthbound)
17. Eva's Theme
18. Tristan's Theme
19. Cain and Schala: Stalemate
20. Frozen Wastes
21. Alghetty: The Earthbound's Prison
22. The Great Divide (Enlightened)
23. Schala's Theme (Trigger)
24. Zeal Palace (Corruption)

Disc 3:

1. Underground Blues
2. The Pitch Black
3. Returning to the Traitor's Estate
4. Secret Lab
5. Mechanical Menace
6. Cult of the False Savior
7. Enter The Prophet
8. Genocide
9. The Underground Aflame
10. The Chancellor's Judgement
11. The Coalition Collapsed - (Come Back to Us - Final Fantasy VII: REMAKE)
12. The Manmon Machine
13. Alghetty Enslaved
14. A Dance Among Enlightened
15. Abel's Theme - (Osvald's Theme - Octopath Traveler 2)
16. Cain and Schala: Desperate Pleas
17. Stay With Me Forever
18. Zeal Palace (Trigger)
19. A False Crime
20. Rebellion
21. The False Prophet (Battle With Magus)
22. Fated End
23. Sorrow's Prize (Normal Path End Credits) - (Sound of Breath - Yakuza Kiwami 2)
24. Epilogue: Life, Legacy, and a Distant Promise

Disc 4:

1. Nightmare
2. Battle with Queen Zeal
3. Vera's Theme
4. Turning Point
5. Funeral Tears
6. The Vision
7. The Princess Missing
8. Siegmund: Sixth Gate
9. Cain and Schala: A Bond Renewed
10. Forbidden Archives (Sealed Door)
11. Passing the Torch - (Orphan Wolf Legend: Wind - Asura's Wrath)
12. Sacrifice
13. Wounded, Through the Wastes - (The Look on Her Face - Final Fantasy VII: REMAKE)
14. Severed Ties (Schala vs Magus)
15. Bringing Down the Mountain - (Orphan Wolf Legend: Fang - Asura's Wrath)
16. Confrontation (vs Arvis)
17. Karmic Punishment
18. Ocean Palace
19. False Prophet of Time
20. World of the End
21. Harbinger of the Black Wind
22. Saving One's Own Future (vs Thanaton) - (I'm Here - Sonic Frontiers)
23. Epilogue: A New Dawn
24. To Far Away Times (Another Path End Credits)
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