Author Topic: 2022 Update! Radical Dreamers Edition, Interviews, Remixes, and ROM Hacking!  (Read 3978 times)


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It's November! The buzz around the Radical Dreamers Edition may be slowly dying down, but we've got a massive update covering all three games and more. This update will be followed by the great DeepL renaissance (covering interviews), and afterwards, an update for the albums and doujins section of the encyclopedia. The dream of Zeal is alive!

[TRIGGER]  Reld has produced some insanely detailed scans of Chrono Trigger art, now happily on our Official Art page. Seriously, this is the best resolution we've ever had these in; find them in the V-Jump section.  [PRERELEASE]  Reld has also scanned a ton of new magazine coverage and has also made several new comparisons of different areas during CT's development. Head to this post to catch up on everything!  [GENDAI PLUS]  Vehek found an episode of Gendai Plus with a section showing some work on Chrono Trigger, including the tile editor for the exterior of Magus's lair, as well as possible proposed titles for the game. Find it here; we need someone who understands spoken Japanese to translate, if you're feeling charitable!

And now, some other odds and ends from the new material...  [SECRET HD SCENE]  There is a secret credits scene if one beats Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers; see the transcription here (thanks to AcaciaSgt). It appears to confirm that Guile is Magus with his memories erased, although it's, as expected, written so vague as to almost be useless. It's a shame that this is all Square could muster to close out some of the canon's questions.  [AE and FFBE TRAILERS]  All have been mirrored on the Compendium here[AE, FFBE, AND RD ART]  Art from Square's Twitter and Another Eden's other press releases has been added to the Chrono Cross (Official Art) page. Sprite art from Final Fantasy Brave Exbius has been added as well (thanks to AcaciaSgt).  [MUSIC VIDEOS]  The music videos for the Radical Dreamers Edition of Chrono Cross can be downloaded here.

Interviews abound!  [KATO Q&A]  Kato, Mitsuda, and Yuuki did a Q&A for a while on Twitter. Vehek graciously saved all the responses, translated with DeepL and viewable here. Unfortunately, the majority of the answers are deeply unsatisfying, with a handful outright contradicting prior canon. Join the sad discussion here. The encyclopedia has been updated here and there accordingly.  [DEV COMMENTS]  Masato Kato, Yasunori Mitsuda, Hiromichi Tanaka, and Nobuteru Yuuki all left comments on release day, explaining the light polishing work they did on the remaster. Check them out here[AE INTERVIEW]  Kato did another interview for Famitsu before Complex Dream debuted; find it here. The only interesting detail is that at one point, Serge was going to be able to recruit Mojo and Poshul both before meeting Leena, before Hiromichi Tanaka intervened.  [SAKAMOTO]  Producer Koichiro Sakamoto was also interviews, describing some of the technical challenges of the remaster; find it here.

[RADICAL DREAMERS]  RainOnMars has ripped and given us the full script to the official translation of Radical Dreamers, in all languages presented! This is an incredible contribution. Download it here[ANALYSIS]  A read-through of the script revealed two gems missed in the original fan translation. First, Lynx wants Lucca's Time Egg to correct certain mistakes in the past (by combining its power with the Frozen Flame); this tidbit about his motivation was previously omitted. Second, it's clarified that Kid was asked by Lucca to bury the Frozen Flame in Marle's grave, not in Crono's grave. It's also explained that Lucca's "mates" were married, but died shortly after, which apparently confirms that Crono/Marle both survived Chrono Trigger, but died in the Fall of Guardia (whereas we previously thought that Radical Dreamers came from a timeline where Crono wasn't revived). This also confirms that Kid's Time Egg is not THE Chrono Trigger, which would've been previously used to revive Crono; rather, it's likely an incomplete Time Egg made by Lucca, analogous with her ability to create them in Chrono Cross. Lastly, the script does indeed clarify that the Frozen Flame (called "the stone" in Kid's recollection) is what took pity on her, didn't want her to die, and de-aged her and sent her to the modern age as a baby to be found by Lucca. Why does Lavos/the Frozen Flame suddenly show pity on her? Who fucking knows?! Alas, woe that these plot revelations have only spurred more questions!

[CHRONO CROSS]  AcaciaSgt compiled all the character bios released by Square leading up to the HD remaster; find them here. They'll also be added to the encyclopedia. Some revelations are that Glenn was indeed named after Frog; General Viper earned his title while fighting in wars on the continent; Turnip is the continued life of a soldier who perished in the Dead Sea in Home World; Leah indeed is from 65,000,000 B.C.; and more. Many thanks for compiling.  [WEAPONS]  Beach Bum wrote a guide on the arduous process of getting a sorted weapons list in Chrono Cross's inventory; check it out here. We've also added it to the encyclopedia under Features.  [ENDING ENIGMA]  Morao has posted some ideas about how the bogus Kid rumors started for the Chrono Cross programmer's ending; check out the list here[STARKY]  Reliable as ever, AcaciaSgt has delivered the goods on what Starky's mini-quest reveals in Another Eden (written by Masato Kato). Apparently, Starky's home planet was destroyed by a member of Lavos's species, causing his race to depart across the galaxy to find another planet to terraform. The party must defeat his manager's terraforming equipment, as well as a transformed version of his manager who uses Lavos energy (as channeled through the still-corrupted Masa and Mune) to grow in size and power. Sadly, the last update came out a few months ago, so we're unsure if more Chrono Cross characters are on the way.  [S.O.T.]  PowerPanda has begun a retelling of Chrono Cross to address its flaws (such as having too many characters, and losing the plot as the game goes on). Check it out here; it's already generating some buzz!

[CT+]  Chrono Trigger + has been updated to version 2.5.2; grab it here[BATTLE THEME]  PowerPanda has innovated a way via ASM to control (based on your story progress) which default battle theme plays in Chrono Trigger. Check out the tutorial here[TURKISH CT]  The Hot Coffee Turkish translation of Chrono Trigger has updated to version 0.7; find it here[CT DS]  G-bit has released a small patch for Chrono Trigger DS that changes "Fiends" back to "Mystics", with some other minor graphical tweaks included; grab it here[TUTORIAL]  TheMage completed a tutorial on decompressing tilesets; find it here.

[CROSS FONT]  Dabitto has found a way to restore the old-style Chrono Cross fonts in the Radical Dreamers edition; check here[CROSS 60FPS]  Marcelo20XX tried overclocking ePSXe's Cross emulation to 240% to get 60fps gameplay, but this causes softlocks due to the 09 opcode in the fieldscript. Head to this thread if you have any ideas for workarounds. I suspect, based on a certain mod at the Chrono Cross Nexus, that he's found a solution since then.  [ENCYC]  Other encyclopedia updates for new notes: [ Offset 2535 ]

[MUSIC SAMPLES]  A better sample list for game music has been launched at this link, now featuring Chrono Cross! We've saved a backup to the Compendium and are hosting the link on the Music page in the encyclopedia.  [ORANGEC] OrangeC has completed more Chrono Trigger restorations via finding the original samples used in the game! [ Secret of the Forest ][ Boss Battle 2 ][ Battle with Magus ][ Schala's Theme ][ Epoch ~ Wings that Cross Time ][ Remains of the Factory ]

OCREMIX  [ Joyful Forest by RebeccaETripp et. al. ][ Neons of Time by Neon X ][ Presdestination by ABG ][ Protector in Green by MkVaff ][ The Secret was Clarinet by Multiplayer Big Band ][ Vision of Hades by RebeccaETripp ]  DWELLING OF DUELS  [ Burned to the Death by Development of Avoid ][ Johnny B. Fool' by Unknown Pseudoartist ][ Battle with Magus by BadHairlineProductions ][ Ayla, Queen of the Prehistoric Age by Sly ][ Is Loscann É by Na Daoine Laghairt, et. al. ][ Final Confrontation by Ian Martyn ]

DOD Mitsuda Month  [ Run to Forever by Ivan Hakštok ][ Chrono Trigger Warning by BadHairLine Productions, et. al. ][ A Synonym for Death by minusworld, p4p3r ][ Khrono Kong by Biggoron, Newmajoe ][ A Vow of Wind and Dreams by Triple B Music et. al. ][ Corrido of Time by Hat, Surbhu Samdani ][ Go! Go! Shin Gato Robo by Jett Swole ][ Policing my Dreams by Shea's Violin, Baron ][ Deep Blue by Maldivir Dragonwitch ][ Scars of Time (Broken Memories Will Mend)' by Mule Parking, et. al. ][ Big Black Omen by CRGuitar ][ u]Corridors of Time - This Really Isn't a Paradise[/u] by Ian Martyn ][ Before, In Those Peaceful Days by valence ][ Cafe of Time by Luna Rabbit ][ u]Whispers of the Wind[/u] by Cyril the Wolf ][ Beyond, a Far Green Country by Newmasonic, evilsonic, Newmajoe ][ Arc Impulse by Unknown Pseudoartist, et. al. ][ Radical Dreamer by celtzcaneddie ][ Wind Scene by Izzy ][ Undersea Palace (This Goth Club Endeavor)' by ButcherShoppe ][ No Bone Roomies ][ Can't Help Feeling at Peace by cacomistle ][ Wait for Slurp by Biggoron ][ Requiem - Dream Shore by celtzcaneddie ][ Epilogue - To Good Friends by Ian Martyn ][ A Synonym for Death (Instrumental) by minusworld, p4p3r ][ Er...Hu Is Schala by Shea's Violin ][ You knew It Was Coming by Unknown Pseudoartist, Newmajoe ][ Frogificator by Unknown Pseudoartist, et. al. ][ Lavos Delaverno (Big Fire of Hell) by Unknown Pseudoartist ][ KazooNo Trigger by zeonicfreak ]

FAN ART  [ Chrono Cross Wallpaper (Updated) by Beach Bum ][ No Komodo Is Safe by Tirion ][ Chrono Trigger Poster by DanjisDesign ]

Last but not least, we are indebted to many contributors for combing the entire Internet and finding all the material that we've gathered here. We have new Gurus! We would like to extend our thanks to Reld (Life) for finding and scanning prerelease coverage with incredible quality, plus making comparison images illuminating the development of Chrono Trigger; to PowerPanda (Time) for blowing open Chrono Trigger music hacking (including the recent developments of ASM hacking different battle themes by map or era); to Zakyrus (Time) for the numerous Temporal Flux videos; and lastly, to AcaciaSgt (Reason), for steadfastly keeping track of the tons of random content that flooded the world with the Radical Dreamers Edition. We also have to thank Vehek for gathering the Q&A transcriptions, along with several others (glennxserge, inuksuk, IHBP, Mauron, grobycftw, TheMage, Sailor Phantom, itoikenza, Beach Bum, MrBekkler, tirion, trig and the old usual suspects I'm recalling as I type this) for keeping things alive. The RDE brought a lot of old faces back temporarily, including Radical_Dreamer!
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