Author Topic: Question on a Magus line  (Read 5281 times)


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Question on a Magus line
« on: November 24, 2022, 12:28:58 am »
Does this appear in-game? I'm steadily going through CT Ultimania to see if they expand on any of the new areas, but so far, there's been no new info (not even on the "Space-Time Institute"). However, this appears in the Dream Devourer section.

太古にこの星に降り立ち、 未来に破滅の運命をもたら すラヴォスを、時空を超えて打ち倒し、 星がたどるはず の歴史を変える一我らがやろうとしているのは、つま りは選択の数だけ存在する可能性のひとつをつかみ取る 行為にすぎん。
ならば、 我らに選ばれなかった別の歴史は消え失せて しまうのか? そうではあるまい。 数かぎりなくわかれて いく無数の可能性の世界は、この世界とは次元のずれ た時空に重なり合って存在しつづけるだろう。 そこはラ ヴォスを止められなかった世界・・・・・・あるいは、 もっとや っかいな魔物に踏みにじられた世界もあるやもしれぬ。
そのいずれでも、 私は戦い、 あらがっているはずだ。 どれだけ過酷な運命のもとでも、かならず・・・・・・!


A world where more threats lie in wait.

What we are trying to do is merely to seize one of the many possibilities that exist, as many choices as there are.

So, will the other histories that were not chosen by us vanish? Not at all. The countless worlds of "possibilities" will continue to exist, overlapping in a time-space that is out of dimension with this world. There may be a world where Lavos could not be stopped ・・・・・・, or a world where he was trampled by a more dangerous monster.

In each of these worlds, I will fight and rise above. No matter how harsh the fate, I will always be there ・・・・・・!