Author Topic: My Spoken Word is Art... No? A Chrono Cross "love" Poem...  (Read 2116 times)


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My Spoken Word is Art... No? A Chrono Cross "love" Poem...
« on: July 20, 2022, 03:23:37 pm »

oh how i love my dear chrono cross. my love and care for it, was unwarranted dear! i dunno where. i'd be otherwise! definitely not here!

u know kenza cares. to no end. when! when i bend over backwards and spend! all of my time to rhyme and make zero dough. i dunno. how it is so! i do know that i care. tho! soooooo much. much more so. than i should. could!

could i ever raise a hardcode? gale out, and put, quitting the body in... so? i dunno. i'd blow! my 800 million, on what's it? my nonexistent flow. how i go off on tangents and do not keep on topic. i know. i know.

i do not flow with the meter of any backing track. i lack any kind of rhythm and poetry. in my raps... no rap! soul! but now back... to chrono. because i love it. really?

it's my "never harmed". me? imma not blonde bombshell allison mack myself. i love her face tho! allie. miss mack. but she soooo used like a rat! infested prison incel of uhhhhh... kiss her in her jail cell, her once a slave master and sex trade self!

pause! chrono cross is the topic here. not allie. so get the heaven, outta here! i'm not shy. but i fear! fear my ramblings and rantings will go unheard. dear.

i care. so! much. that it's almost unfair. you see? i dunno how u put up with me, my listeners? a 42 yr old incel of a haram. non kosher. nsfw. gimme gimme! me attention. like jimmy olsen. i met them. them who. they/them!

the offtopic transgender obama lecture. of an obamacare. spectre. i wreck this song. huh? Ozzie, Flea, And Slash. heehee. please forgive me. transvestite shifts thee, topic off of thee! on a tangent.

i kick/ban myself back on topic then. i tried to put it out of my mind. how rude i am sometimes. i love chrono cross. soooo much. i loves it beyond. my means. i ain't mean. i'm touched!

beyond man! man! woah man! will i ever find a woah man! so loving that my love for chrono will pale in comparison? i wish i were immortal. son. done! soon. i will be.

in heaven after the second! coming. i'm not frontman fronting. kenza is too loving. so much so? that i'm stunted. in growth! as in my rudeness won't grow. chrono never cold. to me.

even so! when i'm so in the mood to android epsxe? play thee. i love thee!

Quitting the body...  :picardno

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