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Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
« on: December 08, 2021, 11:23:14 pm »
So, with the collaboration between Another Eden and Chrono Cross finally here, let's have a place dedicated to talk about it. I intend to post up of highlights as I go, so if you are mindful of spoilers, then now's the time to turn back.
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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion
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+ Must be started from its entry in the Symphony records.

* Moonlight Prologue
+ Sorik/Kyros is wandering the forest. He soon finds a young Aldo (?), who is lost.
+ Looking at his collar, he reads the name Kyros. By all accounts, the boy can't be 'Aldo' then.
+ Kyros detects something and runs off.
+ A sparkling spot opens up a side path, which unlocks a sub-event later on.
- Once done, no need to do it again on subsequent playthroughs.
+ There's a butterfly and lake he can interact with, but it's just for flavor.
+ Lynx emerges elsewhere from a green rift, stating he was being called by someone.
+ 'Aldo' and Kyros come across him, and the former actually introduces himself as Eden, resolving the issue of both 'Aldo' and Kyros existing at the same time, while the latter reacts to Lynx with hostility.
+ Lynx comments it was Kyros' soul who called him in and his to him.
+ He states he found himself in a dream, and wonders whose, as well what fates befalls him.
+ He suddenly notices something offscreen, then the screen flashes.

* ???
+ Harle is in a white foggy void. She warned Lynx not to step into the rift.
+ She encounters a young Altena, who laments about beasts and humans not able to coexist and her friends being gone.
+ She tries to cheer her up while wondering if they were both called to this void for a reason.
+ Young Altena disappears, then the screen flashes.

* ???
+ Kid is in the same void. She calls out to Serge, but there's no reply.
+ Suddenly, Ashtear shows up before her. Naturally, she thinks she's Lucca.
+ Before the confusion can be cleared up, the screen flashes.

* Burning Miglance Castle
+ Beast King Guildna and Altena have Aldo and Feinne cornered at the broken terrace.
+ The Beast King blasts them off, making them fall.
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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
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Chapter 1

+ Chapter begins upstairs at Aldo's house.

* Baruoki
+ Aldo has a vision of him and Feinne falling off the castle during the beast attack. Reference to Serge's dream of Kid being stabbed.

(Third Route)
* Unigan
+ To save time for a future sub-event, consume your current food item and stay at the inn to receive an Imperial Bean Soup if not carrying one already.

* Miglance Castle
+ Upon traveling to the terrace, a spacetime rift materializes under them, falling through.

* Miglance Castle (Night)
+ They wake up upon night time on the terrace.
+ Castle is suddenly fixed up. They wonder if they got sent to the past.
+ Green rift opens, from which Harle jumps out. Introductions ensue.
+ Harle describes El Nido, which makes the party realize she's from another world.
+ Another green rift appears, spitting out Kid. She and Harle are quick to point out they're enemies.
+ The party wants to find out more about their surroundings, but Kid and Harle don't want to go together.
+ Option to choose who to bring with you.
(New Game Plus)
+ Whoever was chosen already in previous playthroughs has their sprite blacked out.
+ Once both routes have been taken, their sprites are back to normal, and a third option shows up, that of picking neither.
+ Feinne is now present for the story segments.
+ Though the decision was more in line of not wanting to upset the one not chosen, both girls end up at each other's throats and upset with the party.
(All Routes)
+ Whoever is not chosen wanders off on their own.
+ (Third Route) Feinne hopes they will see both of them again.
+ If it's their first time chosen, Kid/Harle join the party as a guest, 4* class, level 30.
+ While exploring, a fallen portrait can be hung back up, which opens up a doorway leading to a chest.
- This must be done as soon as possible, as eventually a beast blocks the path to the portrait for the rest of the playthrough.
+ Also, one can find a set of five armors with one missing a shield, just like at Viper Manor.
+ Eventually they're spotted by a beast, who says this is the Beast King's new castle, having taking it over after defeating the Royal Family.
+ They're thrown out into Unigan, now named Unigalna.

* Unigalna (Night)
+ The party figures this is an alternate timeline where humans lost the war, and clarify this to Kid/Harle if they're present.
+ The party decides they must sneak back inside the castle, but for now, they'll check on the town. Entire sequence references the Vapor Manor infiltration sequence.
+ A bed inside two houses east of the inn can be inspected, revealing hidden stairs. Scarlet Meteorite found within, which can only be obtained once across the playthroughs.
+ The tavern has a "normal cask." Like the Arni barrel, examining it several times yields an item.
- Repeating the process gives a Castle Wall Key. Once done, no need to do it again on subsequent playthroughs.
+ The key opens doors at the Wall Gatehouses, accessed from the doors near the gates, leading to chests.
+ (Kid Route) Sub-event: Aldo and Kid talk about beasts and demi-humans. A little human girl runs by, stealing Kid's wallet. Reference to Mel stealing Kid's elements?
- They corner the girl, who says her broach was stolen. She saw it in some beast's hands, who wants a lot of Git for it.
- Kid steals the broach then goads the beast to attack. A battle ensues.
- Upon getting her broach back, the girl reveals there's something she hid by the city fountain. It's a Scarlet Meteorite, which can only be obtained once across the playthroughs.
+ (Harle Route) Sub-event: Aldo and Harle overhear a pair of beasts wonder about Lynx, and are wary of him due to how fast he got close to the Beast King. Kid gets mad at this slander and threatens them to tattle on them with him, making them leave. Aldo comments Lynx must means so much to her to have done that, and she says her wish can only be done with Lynx's help, and that she'd turn on Aldo if he were to become Lynx's enemy. Just then, a human servant girl appears, saying she has a message from Lynx to give to a jester if she ever sees one, telling her to come to the gates of Unigalna.
- Once there, it's revealed it was a trap from the earlier beasts, who arrive to attack her for being Lynx's underling and use her as a hostage to lure him out. A battle ensues.
- Afterwards the beasts are driven off. The servant then shows up, explaining she was threatened by her master to deliver the fake message, who was one of the beasts fought.
- She explains she was worried, since she couldn't anything against it, but still went over to check things out.
- This makes Harle comment it must've mean a lot to her to have done that, and encourages her to just run away and forge her own path.
- Watching the beasts being beaten up makes the girl convinced there is another choice for her than to serve the beasts, and decides to return to her hometown, thanking Harle.
- She adds they can take her savings from the house around the corner, which belongs to her now former master, and insists they take them. A Scarlet Meteorite can also be found there, which can only be obtained once across the playthroughs.
- After she leaves, Harle mentions how she thinks its foolish to be bound by measly fates and make decisions based on that, as this holds one back.
- Aldo comments he has dealt with that a lot, and thus has gone beyond it time and again in order to change the future. This makes Harle wonder if her being in this world is due to something like that, a small wish of hers to change fate.
+ (Third Route) Sub-event: Aldo encounters an exhausted human servant girl, who is being overworked by the beasts, and wishes she could have her favorite food. Ever since the occupation, it hasn't been prepared.
- If not currently carrying the food item, sub-event can't be finished until after Chapter 1.
- Aldo gives her the soup, and the girl mentions finally being able to work again, though he tells her to not overdo it.

(New Game Plus)

+ One can already go all the way to Another Rinde and Moonlight Forest during night time.

* Another Baruoki (Night)
+ Can start and complete the nutritious drink sub-event already.
+ No goblin blocks you from exploring the cave within the southmost well, leading to chests.
+ (Third Route) Sub-event: Aldo finds a note inside one of the houses. It's a ransom note for the owner's son, indicating the cave of the southmost well as the meeting place.
- Due to this requirement, the seb-event can only be finished during nighttime.
- Aldo finds the boy, who reveals he wasn't kidnapped, he just wanted to get his parents' attention as they are busy working.
- The boy thinks they might not care for him, but Aldo assures him they do.
- Suddenly the parents show up, and think Aldo is the kidnapper. The father charges at Aldo.
- Things get cleared up, and the boy gets reassured that they do care, since they came all the way here and risked themselves for his sake.
+ Sub-event: Aldo spots Another Varuo, who runs off.
- The light pillar that leads to the Gallery of Dreams back in Home World is present. Another Varuo jumps in, and Aldo follows.
- It leads to the Another Spacetime Rift instead. Another Varuo travels back to Another Baruoki.

* Another Spacetime Rift
+ Sub-event: A hooded man is under a lamp post. He considers himself working within a dream. He mentions he usually in a mysterious tower researching weapons made from a special material, revealing himself to be the man who made the diary log at the Dreamslip Tower of Time. He considers the Spacetime Rift a perfect place to work and think in peace. He asks about the rainbow material, talks about his research, and finding a tool at the tower. He doubts he can make the weapon within his lifetime. If he can be supplied with blueprints, he can make the weapons.
- Blueprints can't be obtained yet, as they're in the Dreamslip Tower of Time.
- They won't actually appear before you start the sub-event.
+ Sparkling bucket allows you to refight Fate. Reference to the bucket leading to Lavos at the End of Time.
- The fight's difficulty can be chosen before starting. It only applies for the battle.
+ There's a goblin that asks the party to circle around the room clockwise three times. Reference to Spekkio and his request.
- Once done, no need to do it again on subsequent playthroughs.
- The goblin lets you refight the other Symphony bosses.
- Must defeat the Dragon Goddess before unlocking Lynx.
- This version of Dragon Goddess nulls the basic four elements, resists Thunder and Shade, and is weak to Crystal.

* Another Rinde (Night)
+ An extra drawer can be looted for its item.

(All Playthroughs)

* Unigalna (Night)
+ An old lady beast innkeeper talks about the name-change to the city, which is now the capital city of the beasts.
+ (Third Route) Feinne voices concern for Baruoki and their grandfather the mayor.
+ (Kid/Harle Routes)  The party talks about heading back into the castle.
+ The old lady offers to help. She has a meal delivery order they could do in her stead.
(Kid Route)
+ She protests, thinking the old beast is too nave to just trust them.
+ Instead, she proposes they should sneak in from the back.
+ They get inside climbing through a window from the castle gardens.
+ Due to the nature of sneaking in from the back, possible reference to Guile's Path.
(Harle Route)
+ They head to the inn to pick up the food.
+ The guards at the front entrance tell them to deliver the food and get out. Thus they go inside.
+ Due to the nature of heading through the front gate, possible reference to Pierre's Path.
(Third Route)
+ The old lady mentions a girl whose face was painted all over agreed to help her with a meal delivery to the castle.
+ The party realizes it's Harle, and figure they must find their way inside too.
+ They see a note from the castle guards about the back of the castle being forbidden, making them discard that route. Possible implication that Kid snuck inside and was spotted.
+ Riica makes a scan of the city, and finds a way in. It involves speaking with the Hide 'n' Beast King.
+ A beast youth mentions the kid is already hiding somewhere.
+ He's behind a flowerbed all the way east from him.
+ He tells them of a flowerbed at the east gatehouse. Under them is the entrance to an underground tunnel that connects to the castle.
+ They head through, finding themselves inside.
+ Due to the nature of taking an underground passage, possible reference to Nikki's Path.

* New Beast King's Castle (Night)
(Kid Route)
+ They enter a room full of beasts. Rather than fight, the party surrenders, and thrown to the dungeons. However, Kid breaks the lock, freeing themselves.
+ Sub-event: A man is in one of the others cells. He says the key is with the guard upstairs.
- Option of giving the beast your food item or lie about rebels in the area.
- Lying makes him leave his post, allowing to pick up the key.
- This allows to free the man, and open other cells for chests.
- The other option fails the quest, but you don't lose the food item.
- Both options must be chosen across multiple playthroughs to mark the sub-event as fully complete.
+ As they search a room, a blue rift opens up, pulling them all in.
(Harle Route)
+ As they are about to enter the guardroom, a blue rift forms, pulling them all in.
(Third Route)
+ As they search a room, a blue rift opens up, pulling them all in.

* Parallel Burning Miglance Castle
+ They truly end up in the past this time around, during the beasts' attack on the castle. Aldo wonders if it's related to his vision.
+ Wanting to know, and to check if it's really the past they know, they venture forth towards the terrace.
+ The rift remains open, allowing travel between both time periods.
(Kid Route)
+ Sub-event: Wounded soldier has dying request to deliver a pendant to his wife in Rinde.
- When can you finish it will depend on the Chapter and/or Playthrough.
(Harle Route)
+ Sub-event: A soldier has his body pinned down by debris.
- A halberd is just outside the room he's in.
+ The halberd can be used to unblock the path to a chest.
(Third Route)
+ Sub-event: A soldier is injured and in need of medicine.
- Medicine is received from another soldier found further in.
(All Routes)
+ Bookcase has a note pointing to a tilted candlestick elsewhere in the castle.
+ Fixing it reveals a nearby door, leading to chests.
+ Eventually the party finds Serge, fighting beasts.
+ (Third Route) They wonder if he's from the same place as Kid and Harle.
+ Battle ensues.
+ (First Playthrough) First Element obtained out of it.
+ After brief introductions, and if it's the first playthrough, Serge joins party as a guest, also at 4* and level 30.
+ (Third Route) The party tells him they've met Kid and Harle before.
+ Upon reaching the terrace, they see Parallel King Miglance still holding on... and the parallel versions of Aldo and Feinne.
+ The party realizes the timeline was indeed altered.
+ Parallel Beast King mentions Parallel Feinne wielding/holding a sword that's been a blight to him, though she isn't shown holding one. She wields Ogre Rancorem in this world?
+ Lynx shows up, now helping the beasts wipe out humanity. Reference to him helping Viper and/or Porre.
+ Cutscene proceeds as in the Prologue.
+ Blue rift appears, sucking the party back to the present.

* New Beast King's Castle (Night)
+ All this makes the party finally realize they are in a parallel dimension themselves.
+ Explanation about this being an alternate world with its own timeline ensues. Serge and if present Kid/Harle chime in, already having experience with that too.
+ Despite appearances, the party consoles Aldo his parallel self and Feinne's might still be alive.
+ Serge brings up the phrase "Where even angels lose their way" and its meaning, as a way for them to return to their own world. They quickly deduce it's the terrace.
+ (Harle Route) The lunch can still be delivered, for a Git reward.

(Third Route)

* Baruoki (Night)
+ Sub-event: Serge sees the village for the first time, making Aldo ask about his own hometown. Serge begins to talk about Arni. After asking why they're here, Aldo mentions about wanting to know what the people here thought of his disappearance. Just then a girl comes by, excited to see him. She mentions that Another May received a letter supposedly from him about meeting up, and to keep it secret, but the girl managed to get the information out of her. The meeting place was the Moonlight Forest.
- Upon reaching the depths of the forest, they consider the whole thing fishy, as Aldo is sure his counterpart wouldn't write such letter.
- Though being offered to step away from this, Serge wants to help out, as he doesn't wish to leave people who miss someone remain sorrowful. Aldo wonders if he's withholding something, but a shout interrupts them.
- Beasts have cornered Another May. They want to overthrow the King, but can't use weapons taken from other beastfolk, and thus want her help.
- They promise no harm will befall her if she cooperates. However, she refuses.
- Aldo and Serge arrive just in time. A battle ensues.
- The beasts flee.
- Aldo explains everything to Another May, who takes it to mean her Aldo is fine wherever he is if this other Aldo is doing well. Or so she wants to believe.
- This makes Serge be reminded of his own childhood friend Leena, and of the similar situation that happened between he and her dimensional counterpart.

* Another Serena Coast
+ Sub-event: Aldo and Serge find a young man with amnesia. He explains he only remembers being washed ashore. They offer to help him find clues of his identity. He mentions his only lead is a pendant he held tightly when waking up. They decide to check in Unigalna first.
- Once there, they find a human girl wearing an identical pendant.
- She mentions it's part of a matching pair, the other belonging to her brother, who has gone missing. She has been searching for him ever since.
- They realize the young man must be her brother.
- Taking her back to the Serena Coast, they reunite the siblings.
- The girl explains he went out fishing, but a storm came and he disappeared.
- The young man is slowly remembering things. He mentions he got disillusioned when no one at Rinde knew who he was, making him think that perhaps he didn't exist to begin with.
- Serge goes pensive, then says he saved himself by having held on to the pendant, thus allowing for the reunion to come to be.
- He adds he knows well that fear of doubting one's self when no one acknowledges your identity. But ultimately it comes down to one's own choice. Reference to how everyone thought him dead when he first crossed dimensions himself.
- The young man remains confident his memories will fully returns. The two then depart back home.
- Aldo points out Serge was speaking from experience, and asks if he wants to talk about it. He doesn't, but mentions the experiences and people he would miss out by not being here, he thinks there's a meaning in everything, including meeting Aldo.

(All Routes)

* New Beast King's Castle (Night)
+ Back at the terrace, a pillar of green light is now present, similar to Opassa Beach's. Aldo name drops the terms Another and Home Worlds.
+ The attack on Miglance Castle, as the divergent point, making Aldo (and possibly Feinne too) essentially become like Serge, dead in one world but alive in the other, becoming the key to travel between dimensions.
+ Aldo's equivalent of the Astral Amulet seems to be the bell he got when he used to be Kyros.
+ Just then, Lynx shows up. He still has no idea why he's here and still refers to it as a dream, but chalks it up to fate.
+ He doesn't seem to be aware yet Aldo is not the one that died. Says he'd be happy to help them get back home if it means he can work in peace, but of course the party ain't having it.
+ (Harle Route) He tells her their paths have diverged, so he cuts ties with her, adding that her dragon blood doesn't bind her and is thus free to choose her own path.
+ Boss battle against Lynx.
- Weak to Fire.
- Can use Glide Hook (party-wide Slash), Shredder (Shade-Slash, can hit same character three times, alternate the three attacks, or attack just once), and Counter: Element (party-wide Magic, element varies).
- HP Stopper at 50% left.
- Not wise to prolong fight, as Lynx continues to buff both Power and Intelligence as it goes on.
- Best to employ Pierce or Blunt zones.
+ Upon defeat, Lynx mentions the Frozen Flame existing in this world before leaving. Also refers to the beasts as the planet's children and their plans their dream.
+ Amy theorizes the beasts may seek this Frozen Flame to rewrite history.
+ Everyone wants to check on things back at the Home World, though Aldo wants to return back here to get to the end of the whole mystery surrounding this Another World and because he can't just let Lynx and the beasts continue their plans.
+ (Harle Route) She thinks its stupid to risk himself for a world that's not of his business, and to have cross weapons with Lynx.
- Aldo asks which side she'll choose if they fight again. She won't answer, but will remain in the party for now... even if she could still betray them for Lynx later on. Though this may just be a threat for him to stop asking.

+ Chapter Ends
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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
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Chapter 2

+ Chapter begins at the terrace of the New Beast King's Castle.

* New Beast King's Castle (Night)
+ Upon returning to Another World, they figure they now must find more information about Lynx. It's suggested they seek out Another Altena.
+ (Harle Route) She brings up her encounter with the beast princess.
+ They overhear two beasts mentioning that she goes to the Moonlight Forest daily, apparently in search of some friends of hers.
+ (Harle Route) Sub-event: The party overhear two beasts who mention about a hidden room in the room with the five armors.
- Inspecting the room, they finally notice the missing shield, and figure they must find a replacement.
- Replacement can be obtained at Home World Miglance Castle.
- Placing the shield reveals a door. Scarlet Meteorite found inside, which can only be obtained once across the playthroughs.

* Unigalna (Night)
+ They stay overnight at the inn, becoming the following morning.

* Unigalna
+ The cat blocking the well has moved, leading to a chest.
(First Playthrough)
+ The guard at the gate won't let them through without a pass, however. He points them to a freighter for that.
+ They find one who has an extra pass to hand over, but wants them to work in his stead for an additional job he has.
+ Taken to the back of a previously locked house, he reveals he also feeds the freight-monsters.
+ Minigame ensues, similar to the Dragon Feeding minigame at Viper Manor.
- Like that minigame, you only need to do a certain amount to continue the story. Only 10, compared to the original's 20.
- There are also rewards up to feeding them 10, 20, 30, 40 and 100 times. They can only be done one challenge at a time, just like in Chrono Cross.
- Rewards include another Scarlet Meteorite.
- Rewards are only given once across multiple playthroughs.
- You only need to touch the feed and the corresponding monster. Character moves on their own.
- That said, how much feed you carry will slow them down. Can carry up to 3 like in Chrono Cross.
- General recommendation to only carry two at a time, and quickly restock even if only one monster needed feeding.
- Minigame remains unlocked on subsequent playthroughs, allowing you to do it even during Chapter 1.
+ With the pass, the guards lets them through to Karek Swampland and Serena Coast.

* Another Serena Coast
+ Location is virtually unchanged.
+ Hidden paths leading to chests.
+ Foxtail Grass can be picked up here. Needed for a sub-event later on.
+ (Kid Route) Sub-event: A carpenter wants to rebuild a bridge destroyed by the beasts. He asks Aldo to get materials.
- Requires traveling to Home Rinde to get them from his counterpart.
- Once built, bridge allows access to a Scarlet Meteorite, which can only be obtained once across the playthroughs.
+ Another Denny, Lokido, and Azami standing where their Home selves would be. No reaction to their Home selves if they are in the active party.
+ Another Bria, however, is not present.

* Another Rinde
+ Location virtually unchanged. Refugees from Unigan have moved here.
+ (Kid Route) Fallen knight's pendant can finally be delivered, ending the quest.
+ Another Myunfa's teakettle is not present.
+ Another Akane standing where her Home self would be. Though sensing something weird from the party's presence, she has no reaction to her Home self if in the active party.

* Another Karek Swampland
+ Location virtually unchanged.
+ Another World version of Shion standing near where his Home World counterpart is. Same deal as his sister Akane.
+ Jasmine Flower can be picked up here. Needed for sub-event later on.
+ Partially hidden chest at the northwest corner, covered by a tree.

* Another Baruoki
+ Town is still free from beast occupation and mostly unchanged; also harboring refugees from Unigan.
+ (First Playthrough) The mayor shows up, recognizing Aldo and wondering where was he and Feinne all this time.
- Aldo finds it hard to tell him the truth about his other self, so he lets him remain in ignorance.
+ House from the Baruoki Ensemble episode is not present.
+ The little girl that talks about Sorik isn't present.
- Considering Sorik has been renamed Kyros, but young Eden does not recognize him, it's possible this Eden ended in the past before that happened. His behavior does not seem to suggest select amnesia.
- On that subject, it is also a bit suspect for Kyros to be wandering alone in the forest.
- Likewise, since Aldo is still named Aldo and Feinne was present too, it makes it more suspect that Eden ended up in the forest without baby Feinne and Kyros. Possibility that in this parallel world he avoided his main timeline fate is feasible, but not quite what the scene suggests.
+ Town statue is that of King Palsifal's. Implication that Aldo didn't talked to the Ratle stoneworker.
+ Another Darunis, Nomar, May, and Ashtear aren't present.
+ (Third Route) Perhaps as a result of doing the related sub-event, but Another May is present.
+ Inspecting the straw dummy at the blacksmith's yields a cutscene where Aldo and Serge talk about them. Serge brings up Mojo, and if recruited, Strawbow shows up. There's a comment about receiving the straw dummy's delighted gaze, but nothing else seemingly.
- Scene can be viewed again as many times as wished.
+ Breakable wall at the bottom of the southmost well can be destroyed in this world too, but a goblin blocks the entrance anyway. He mentions about it being a bad thing if this had happened at night.
+ Sub-event: A guy wants Aldo to find a rare plant for him to make a nutritious drink.
- He can be given the Jasmine Flower, Foxtail Grass, or a third item obtained later on. Must acquire them all before being given the choice, however.

* Another Nuaru Uplands
+ It's virtually unchanged.

*Another Moonlight Forest.
+ Moonlight Mushroom can be obtained here. Last possible option to give the guy needing a rare plant.
- Foxtail Grass makes the drink work, completing the quest.
- The other two fail the quest, as the drink fails to work as desired.
- All options must be chosen across multiple playthroughs to mark the sub-event as fully complete.
+ If the hidden path was discovered as Kyros, a grave will be there.
+ Hidden path with chest.
+ They encounter Another Altena in the forest.
(Third Route)
+ She mumbles about having come here hoping to find her friend again, referring to Feinne.
(All Routes)
+ She is shocked to see Aldo/Feinne. This time, however, he/they explain about being from a different dimension.
+ Another Altena is in denial, however.
+ (Harle Route) They both recognize each other, making the beast princess comment Harle hasn't aged, since they met when she was a child.
- Harle explains she traveled through time and that Aldo speaks the truth, but even so Another Alterna isn't convinced.
+ (Third Route) Serge brings up being from another dimension that also split into two. Another Altena doesn't outright reject this, but still feels overwhelmed with the information.
+ If they have been recruited, both Home World versions of Guildna and Altena herself show up to prove it.
+ Once believing them, she explains what she knows. Which is little, but she is aware of the Frozen Flame and a plan to create a god of destiny.
+ A brief explanation about the Frozen Flame follows. Another Altena then reveals both she and Another Guilda touched the flame.
+ Cyrus asks what became of King Miglance and the Royal Order in this world. Another Altena explains they escape and are in hiding, waging a guerilla war against the beasts. The party figures they must meet up with them.
+ Upon wondering how to find them, it's suggested to ask the Home World version of King Miglance.

* Unigan
+ Upon the point being brought up, Serge points out Lynx can't cross himself into this world as he had nothing to do with the split.
+ Upon meeting the King, Aldo explains things out. King Miglance mentions of an underground fortress at the Serena Coast.
+ A sigil must be used to open the entrance, but it must be one from that world. He points towards one under the throne only he knows about.
+ (Kid Route) Though she shows hostility and points out her dislike of kings and such, King Miglance takes it in stride.
+ (Harle Route) She points out King Miglance has eyes that burn with passion like Lynx, which the King takes as a compliment. He himself points out that Harle's own eyes have a deep sadness to them, though she avoids commenting on that.
+ (Third Route) King Miglance comments on how much Serge reminds him of Aldo, having a destiny greater than they know, entrusted with the fate of the world and the resolve to see through it, born under the same star. Serge do notes it does sound similar to what he is facing, and King Miglance adds that perhaps this is part of his destiny.

* New Beast King's Castle
+ The sigil is indeed found under the throne.

* Another Serena Coast
+ Upon reaching the place directed by King Miglance, they use the Miglance Sigil, and a cave opens up.
+ Lynx immediately shows up, followed by the Another Beast King, also surprised to see Aldo alive.
+ (Third Route) Another Altena arrives with them as well.
+ The latter encases the party inside a barrier as they all go inside but leaving some guards behind, intending to interrogate them later.
+ One of the beasts complains being on guard duty when he wanted to fight the humans.
(Kid Route)
+ She tries to goad him to free them to have a battle. He falls for it, but is stopped by his companion.
+ Out of a sudden, a bomb rolls by. Once the smoke clears up, it reveals Another Ashtear, wearing a get-up similar to Lucca's. She promptly dispels the barrier.
+ Despite wanting to, Aldo forgoes explaining until later. Meanwhile, Ashtear remembers Kid, indicating it was no mere illusion of her back at the foggy void.
+ Telling Ashtear to wait outside, the party ventures into the Underground Fortress.
(Harle Route)
+ Another Altena suddenly arrives, saying they have permission to join the fight, and that she'll watch over them.
+ The beasts leave, and she promptly dispels the barrier.
+ She urges the party to stop her brother, making Harle comment she has grown so much since they met. Aldo promises he will keep working for a peaceful future where humand and beasts and  coexist.
+ Serge comments now he knows why he and the others found themselves in this world, but won't elaborate they have dealt with this. Thus they go inside the Underground Fortress.
(Third Route)
+ Kid suddenly shows up, saying if they want a fight, then she can provide one.
+ After killing one, Harle shows up next, killing the other.
+ Serge asks Kid to set them free, but she is still mad the party rejected her.
+ Harle takes this chance to do it herself, pointing out that's what a real friend would do. This, of course, only makes Kid madder at her.
+ Intending to chase after Lynx, both girls rush in first into the fortress. The party follows right behind.

* Underground Fortress
+ Place has gates that must be opened by pushing pedestals atop panels or taking helmets and placing them on suits of armor.
+ The sigil has to be used on emblems on the walls to reveal new pathways. They remain open  in subsequent playthroughs.
+ (New Game Plus) Having the Switch Lever, one can skip parts of the fortress, reaching the end faster.
+ Materials on chests include: Shiny Blue Stone, Shiny Flint, Shiny Mica, and depending on the route taken, a second Shiny Flint (Kid) or Mica (Harle).
(Kid Route)
+ There's a locked gate she can break through, opening the path forward.
+ Further in, they find the Another World versions of Anabel and Dierdre... as well as Glenn, fighting beasts.
+ He says he got suddenly pulled into a rift, found himself near the fortress, then was found by the two women. The party leaves them to their fight, moving on.
(Harle Route)
+ There's a fake wall she can remove revealing stairs... and Starky.
+ Serge and Harle wonder what's he doing here, but Starky mentions playing tag and runs off.
+ They spot a beast is the one chasing him, intending to eat him. They give chase.
(Third Route)
+ There's a beast-filled corridor that in the other routes Kid/Harle said to avoid.
+ Serge, however, suggests they fight their way through.
+ A battle ensues.
+ Scarlet Meteorite found in a chest, which can only be obtained once across the playthroughs.
(All Routes)
+ Near the end is a mirror rooms puzzle, requiring to align the objects in both of them. Solution:
- Move the shelf and chair in the left room, and the barrel in the right one.
+ A blue-colored Frozen Flame suddenly materializes before the party.
+ "Let love bleed..." full phrase is suddenly heard, before a swirling vortex manifests.
+ Ogre Rancorem suddenly acts out and strikes at the flame, dispelling the vortex. It says it won't allow outsiders (likely referring not from this dimension) tell it what to do.
+ Lynx warps in and takes the flame.
+ He says soon the God of Destiny will rise, and leaves.
+ (Harle Route) At this point, she has decided to truly throw her lot in with Aldo, finally ditching the illusion she had about Lynx.
+ Final floor has a large room to rest up, and a way to open a shortcut back to the entrance as most game dungeons do.
+ They finally reach the top of the area, where Lynx and the Another Beast King are before Another King Miglance.
+ (Kid Route) Harle is also with the latter.
+ (Harle Route) Another Ashtear is also with the latter.
+ (Third Route) Both of them, as well as Kid and Another Altena, are present on the scene.
+ (Kid/Harle Route) Another Altena suddenly shows up, pleading with her brother to stop.
+ Lynx takes out the Frozen Flame. Serge calls it a fake, which Lynx doesn't deny... but it is one born in this world, and is willing to use it now. He calls for the flame to sing the song of the planet.
+ The Frozen Flame cackles with lightning and fires a ray straight up. Prisma all over Miglance also act up, sending rays of light of their own into the air.
+ Riica detects the elemental energy is spiking rapidly, threatening to unstable the Prisma. All that energy is being absorbed by the flame.
+ A facsimile of the Dragon God appears, created by the four elemental Prisma and the planet's lifeforce.
+ The Dragon God tries to call Harle to its side in order to be complete, and she is resigned to it.
(Kid Route)
+ However, Another Altena brings up the time she met her when she was a child, and how her words helped her, so she intends to do repay the favor now.
+ As a result, she willingly offers herself to the Dragon God, who accepts the offer, declaring her the inheritor of the will of the planet, enchanted by the flame.
(Harle Route)
+ Starky suddenly shows up, telling her not to, and that they'll always be together.
(Third Route)
+ Kid protests, saying whe won't let her give up.
+ Serge adds that maybe in their world she was influenced by her fate, but in this one she has a choice, the one she always wanted to make.
+ Another Ashtear also says it's fine to defy her destiny if only slightly. What's important is to live for yourself and make yourself heard.
(Harle/Third Route)
+ This gives Harle the resolve to reject the Dragon God.
+ The Dragon God then states it'll just take someone else then, calling for the flame to bring forth they who holds the power of the stars, enchanted by the flame.
+ It happens to be Another Altena, who begins to be drawn into the Dragon God. Harle and Feinne if present call her to resist, but it's hopeless.
(All Routes)
+ Even the Beast King is surprised by this development.
+ This was what Lynx had planned all along.
+ Another Altena states she intends to create a world without pain and suffering, and gets absorbed by the Dragon God.
+ Boss battle against the Dragon God, now Goddess.
- Resists Pierce and Blunt.
- HP Stopper at 50% left.
- Attacks include: Piercing Attack (Party-wide Pierce, can inflict Pain), Ultra Nova (Party-wide Magic), Mad Rush (Shade-Blunt three-hit attack, can seal skills), Holy Light (Party-wide Crystal Element, can Confuse), Purify (Crystal Element, Restores status ailments to self), Genius (Shade Element, Intelligence self-buff), Omega White (Party-wide Crystal Magic).
- Best to employ a Slash Zone.
+ Once defeated, the Dragon Goddess disappears, and Another Altena is back to normal.
+ Riica detects the Prisma have returned to normal.
+ (Kid Route) Harle is thankful for her, but still berates her for being reckless.
+ (Harle/Third Route) She is glad to see she is okay, and Feinne if present says the same.
+ The Beast King isn't happy with Lynx, who takes it his cue to bail out. But not before saying the absorbed power was sent to the Tower of Time, surprising the party that it still exists, and Fate's rebirth is soon at hand.
+ Lynx states that Fate will link all worlds, creating another eden (roll credits), a paradise guided by fate. He finally leaves after a bout of evil laughter.
+ Amy points that if Visus Embryo is back, then this world could be its creation/vision.
+ Another King Miglance tells the party they should rest first at the Rebel Base, which is the room with the resting spot and shortcut, before departing.

+ Chapter Ends.

+ Talking to a knight at the Rebel Base gives you a Switch Lever. Once done, no need to do it again on subsequent playthroughs.

(Kid Route)

+Sub-event: Ashtear talks of someone who went to scout Unigalna but hasn't come back yet, and asks Aldo and Kid to look for him. Last they heard is they might be on the Serena Coast.
-As they search, Aldo notes Kid is much more amiable when it comes to Ashtear. Kid talks about Lucca in her explanation.
-They find the man, accosted by beasts who want to enter the Underground Fortress. A battle ensues.
-Ashtear shows up once its over, and patches up a wound Kid sustained to the latter's embarrassment.
-Like Lucca, Ashtear comments Kid could be a wonderful young lady, using similar words even. Kid's quick to return to her old self in order to change the subject, however.

(Harle Route)

* Another Serena Coast
+ Sub-event: Starky spots an old man, and wonder if he's also looking for a Star Fragment, which he is always searching. Though Harle says there aren't, Starky thinks at least one might've ended up in this world like they did.
- The old man is curious about Starky's appearance, and mentions he's a Rinde fisherman.
- He says he dropped a protective charm the other day and is searching for it.
- Upon hearing it's shiny, Starky likens it to the Star Fragment and jumps into the water.
- As they wait, Aldo asks about him. Harle explains he's from a place far from their world and is looking for a way home, and the Star Fragment is key to it.
- They commend him for having come all the way here out of concern for Harle.
- Starky finally resurfaces with the charm in hand. However, a monster followed him. A battle ensues.
- Returning to Rinde, the old man bids his farewell.
- Aldo comments its a shame they didn't found the Star Fragment as well. Starky mentions it's a piece of his ship after it crashed.
- Now Aldo is really curious about what he is, to have come from the sky. Starky says something incomprehensible while standing upside down, thus Aldo remains in the dark.

* Unigalna
+ Sub-event: A cat comes up to Aldo, meowing. Starky wonders if it wants to return to its home, or 'base' as he puts it. He suggests taking it to Home World and see if someone can recognizes it.
- Upon reaching Unigan, they come across Home Mariel, and Aldo asks her if she has seen the cat. She says it lives in Rinde.
- Traveling to Another Rinde, the cat finally runs back home.
-  Starky wishes he too could go back home, and vows to return to his ship, fix it, and return to his mothership.
- Upon mentioning his friends look like him, Aldo imagines multiples of Starky, becoming unnerved at the idea.
+ Sub-event: After a beast girl wanted to see Harle perform a trick, Aldo mentions how Unigan has a big theater. Harle wonders if it's bigger than the one at the Zelbess, and explains what it is to Aldo.
- Aldo takes her to see the theater itself back in Home World.
- They suddenly hear a young man practicing lines for a play, who is impressed with Harle's getup.
- He mentions wanting to join a troupe, but he is the son of nobles who don't want him to take that path and use their power to pressure the troupes to not accept him.
- It makes him wish he was in another world to live free as he wants, making Harle comment everyone has a fate they're born with they can't escape.
- He understands what she says, and wonders if he should just quit his dream then.
- Aldo wonders if they could find his Another World counterpart and see what fate he has there.
- Returning to Unigalna, they find the Another version of the young man performing in a troupe.
- He explains the troupe travels the world, and that he started the group. He was sent away by his family due to the war, and thus had the opportunity to live his dream without their meddling.
- They bring up his Home World counterpart's problem, without actually revealing the parallel worlds business, and ask what advice he can give.
- He says to give him a copy of a play script based on his own life, which has become a masterpiece.
- Back at Unigan, they give him the script. It works, giving him the courage to fulfill his dream no matter what.
- After he leaves, Harle comments his fate is still there, but Aldo says it's good to always have hope and that he will succeed after all.
- He asks Harle what dreams she has, but she ain't telling.
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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
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Chapter 3

+ Chapter begins at the topmost floor of the Underground Fortress.

* Underground Fortress
+ Another Beast King will return to his castle, saying things aren't over with Another King Miglance, but can accept a momentary truce.
+ Another Altena stays with the party, however.
+ Back at the Rebel Base, Aldo still won't explain, though Ashtear figures it involves parallel dimensions already. Aldo and Feinne if present promises to tell once this is all over.
+ (Harle Route) Serge asks Starky how he got here. He said he heard Harle's voice from across a big hole (likely a rift), and ventured in.
+ (Third Route) Harle thanks Kid for having stopped her back with the Dragon God. The latter points out that Lynx didn't seem to care what happened to her. Harle admits their relationship was just out of convenience, prompting Kid to bring up she better not be thinking on betraying Serge.
(Kid Route)
+ Talking to Glenn, who says that while the Order of Knight ain't the Acacia Dragoons, he feels there's not much difference.
+ Cyrus takes an interest with him. Glenn reveals he was named after CT Glenn. He thinks he might not live up to such legacy, but Cyrus is sure he will.
+ Glenn likewise has heard about Cyrus and is intrigued, said he reminds him of his brother.
+ Serge invites him to the party, but Glenn declines, feeling he'd be more useful protecting King Miglance.
+ Talking to him again makes him note that Cyrus' sword is old, but in good condition.
+ When Cyrus brings up about swords having spirits, Glenn mentions the Masamune being the same.
+ He gives a brief explanation of the sword having a connection to his family. Cyrus finds the name familiar.
+ After the talk he is gone from the room.
+ Talking to Ashtear, Kid talks of her situation of Serge, Harle, and her ending in this world... but still don't know why.
+ Ashtear thinks it must be the warped nature of the future, and they're here to set it right.
(Harle Route)
+ Talking to Starky, Serge says there's now a lot of things they don't understand, telling him to stay here and not get involved, to which Harle agrees.
+ He agrees, but says to call should they need anything.
+ Talking to Another Altena, she mentions having a lot in her mind dwelling over what happened.
- Harle consoles her, saying it wasn't her fault, and while the Dragon God was a Prisma-based fake, it was still part of her own fate and thus she should be the one apologizing.
- Another Altena compares the Dragon God with the Sacred Beast, as both are connected each to those entities. She brings up Harle's words from their first encounter, figuring now just how they are alike.
- Harle admits now being in doubt over joining the real Dragon God, but says she's glad to have met up with her. Another Altena declares they'll be friends forever.
- Harle says she'll never forget her or what happened, even if they have to say goodbye, and Another Altena says neither will she. Though they hope they might see each other again.
(Third Route)
+ Talking to Another Altena, as Kid and Harle ponder on things, she admits being lost on what's going on, but thanks to Feinne, Harle, and the others she's finally starting to get the picture, and thus knows what to do once the day comes.
+ Feinne wants to talk with Serge. She brings up of a memory from the events of the beginning of the main game's storyline. Of her crying in the woods, Kyros being present, then Aldo.
+ Serge comments he has a similar memory regarding his father and the time he almost died of sickness, referencing the unintended trip to Chronopolis. He then brings up about the panther demon attack.
+ He says perhaps they were destined to meet, brought together by something, and they hope to find out why someday.
(All Routes)
+ King Miglance mentions the scouts are back from the Tower of Time. The party figures they must beat the being that created the Another World. Aldo tells the knights to stay and guard the fortress.
+ Talking to Another Dierdre sends the party to the Tower of Time.

(Kid Route)

* Another Serena Coast
+ Sub-event: Cyrus and Glenn want to spar, and ask Aldo to mediate. Afterwards, Cyrus praises Glenn, who still considers himself paltry compared to his namesake. He says it's one of his motivations behind being a swordsman to live up to his legacy, among others like being a dragoon, the will of his family, and Miss Riddel. He gets flustered when Cyrus insinuates on the latter. Upon mentioning Riddel is Viper's daughter and Dario's fiance, Cyrus comments it's similar to Van and Himika. This results in noting they are very similar. They're interrupted at seeing a monster threaten a girl.
- A battle ensues.
- Glenn and Cyrus once again compliment each other. The other Glenn is brought up during it.
- They decide to have a drink at the tavern. Glenn comments how he's reminded of the dragoons... and hardens his resolve to live up to all the expectations placed upon him.

* Another Nuaru Uplands
+ Sub-event: Aldo oversees Glenn trying out his recently refurbished sword, thanks to Another May's efforts. Just then, he notices a flower very similar to a bellflower. Upon being asked, he talks about the bellflowers and what they mean to him, in regards to his brother and Riddel. They then hear a shout coming from Another Moonlight Forest.
- At the entrance, they see Another Darunis and Nomar protecting a young man from a monster. A battle ensues.
- Afterwards, the boy thanks the Baruoki Guard, making Aldo explain to Glenn it's the village guard, making the latter compare them to the dragoons.
- As he watches the three of them talk and banter, it makes him remember him of own childhood days with Dario and Karsh, and later Riddel. He thus comes to terms that not everything the bellflowers reminds him of is bad.

(All Routes)

* Another Moonlight Forest
+ Sub-event: Aldo notices the grave. A little girl shows up, mentioning it's her father's grave. She wants to place flowers, planning to travel all over Miglenia. Aldo offers to do it in her stead.
- Flowers are a Yellow-eyed Daisy at Karek Swampland, Pure White Lily at Serena Coast, and a third one obtained later on. Must acquire them all before being given the choice, however.

* Underground Fortress
+ After talking to Dierdre, they're taken to the outskirts of the Dreamslip Tower of Time.

* Dreamslip Tower of Time - Area
+ The Crimson Rose found here, the last flower option for the grave.
- Once an option is chosen the girl's mother shows up, worried for her and telling her to head back home, thanking Aldo for taking care of her.
- All options must be chosen across multiple playthroughs to mark the sub-event as fully complete.
- (New Game Plus) Once every option has been chosen, a cat emerges from the right, before running off. Heading over where it was reveals a chest with a Scarlet Meteorite, which can only be obtained once across the playthroughs.
+ Hidden path leads to chest.
+ After the first screen, there's a campfire to rest at.
(Third Route)
+ The party sets up camp. Feinne asks Serge where is Aldo.
+ He replies he was out, thinking, but should be resting as well by now.
+ On his lonesome, Aldo thinks he should probably head to sleep now.
+ He then comments that he gets a strange feeling whenever he sees Lynx, as if they've met before.
+ Lynx's words to Kyros then flash by.
+ This makes Aldo finally realize they do have met before, and repeats the bit about their souls calling to each other, perhaps a result of the Visus Embryo's doing.
(All Routes)
+ The party reaches a cliff overlooking the tower, noting it looks different, likely evolving over time.
+ They climb down the cliff and enter the tower.

* Dreamslip Tower of Time
+ Inside the Dreamslip Tower of Time, they notice it's also different on the inside.
- Inner layout includes statues that look like the one at the entrance lobby of Chronopolis, as well as Records of Fate.
+ (New Game Plus) Rainbow Blueprints locations:
- 2nd floor: Southwest room.
- 3rd floor: Northwest and east rooms.
- 4th floor: Southwest and northeast rooms.
- 5th floor: Northwest, southwest, and northeast rooms.
- 7th floor: 5, 7, and 10 o'clock rooms.
- Blueprints are only gained once across multiple playthroughs.
- Once handed over, the hooded man then asks for the materials to make the equipment. This completes his sub-event.
- Only one item can be made out of each blueprint.
- On subsequent playthroughs the sub-event can be finished right after taking it again.
+ There's laser traps that activate at intervals. Stepping through them trigger a battle.
+ Must activate the elevators to proceed.
+ Some floors are time puzzles involving returning power to the floor. Must find the computers operating the generators within the time limit.
+ Shiny Element protected by a Horror.
+ A computer has a log of someone examining the tower, and figuring it could help in their research on rainbow equipment.
- (New Game Plus) Having cleared the related sub-event, a new log is present from the researcher. He states his dreams clear his mind and give him new ideas. He continues with the designs, even if he doubts any blacksmith could make then. He wonders if the key lies in the dreams, and that he feels he has met someone in them.
- Once the blueprints have been delivered, one final log appears. He is satisfied with his work and the blueprints are done. However, he is running out of materials. Thus, he sets out on a journey to find more, as a blacksmith on a journey to make his dream come true. He has remembered his dream benefactor.
+ Final puzzle is a clock similar to the original Tower of Time's. Picking up keycards all around the floor, they must be placed on the clock to alter its time and open the corresponding placed rooms. Solution:
- Take the card by the clock and insert it.
- Take the next card in the newly opened room and insert it.
- Take the next card in the newly opened room and insert it.
- Take the next card in the newly opened room and insert it.
- After taking the loot in the newly opened room, remove Red Card 30.
- Take the next card in the newly opened room, insert it, and remove Red Card 15.
- Take the next card and the Shiny Conductor in the newly opened room, and insert it.
- Scarlet Meteorite in newly opened room, which can only be obtained once across the playthroughs.
- Remove Blue Card 6, Shiny Allow in newly opened room.
- Remove Blue Card 4 and Red Card 20, Shiny Gear in newly opened room.
- Insert Red Card 15 and remove Blue Card 3, take loot in newly opened room.
- Remove Red Card 15, and insert Red Card 30, and Blue Cards 6 and 3, Shiny Gear in newly opened room.
- Insert Red Card 15, Blue Card 4, and remove Blue Card 6.
+ Elevator back to the first floor can be activated on the next floor.
+ Two doors at the back. Aldo notices a marking on one.
+ (Kid Route) A bandit mark on the left one.
+ (Harle Route) A moon daughter mark on the right one.
+ (Third Route) Both doors are marked.
+ They theorize the Visus Embryo made it for Kid and/or Harle.
+ (Third Route) They wonder which to take, and Kid and Harle now force Aldo to choose between them.
- Once one is chosen, the other door can't be accessed.
+ (Kid/Third Route) Hers leads to the Bandit's Room. A narrow strip of beach flanked by the ocean on both sides. Scarlet Meteorite by the door, which can only be obtained once across the playthroughs.
+ (Harle/Third Route) Hers leads to the Moon Room. A narrow path made of stars high in the night sky, the full moon in view. Scarlet Meteorite by the door, which can only be obtained once across the playthroughs.
+ Another door materializes at the end of both, leading to the top.
+ Reaching the Visus Embryo, they note it too looks different.
+ Riica notes its currently looking into two different dreams, the second entangled with the planet's.
+ Lynx shows up, explaining a rift was formed by the link of the Visus Embryo and the planet's dream. Thus allowing the Chrono Cross characters to end up here.
+ The Visus Embryo came into contact with FATE, which took over the former. It sent a clone program, which merged with Visus Embryo.
+ This began when Aldo first time traveled at Moonlight Forest, which made Lynx plan to get rid of him and Feinne, but he didn't count on that causing the Home World version of him to cross over thanks to the planet's dream interfering, and thus the two worlds got intertwined.
+ (Harle Route) He asks Harle if she has anything to say, to which she replies she'll fight with her friends.
+ (Third Route) Serge brings up about Feinne's dream and his own, which resulting in something important to them being warped beyond repair. Feinne adds they won't run from those dreams, rather, they'll face them head on.
+ Lynx commands the Visus Embryo to attack.
+ Boss battle against True Visus Embryo.
- Every turn it deploys Fire Zone. Attacks element might depend on this as well as gaining the corresponding elemental weakness.
- Attack includes: Slash/Pierce/Blunt Time Attack (Party-wide, can inflict Pain), Megapoison Time (Party-wide Magic, can inflict Poison), Destruction Time (Party-wide Magic, applies Type-Resistance debuff, can stack).
- HP Stopper at 50% left.
- Good strategy is to use its elemental zone against it, combined with fully-colored Field effect.
+ Once defeated, Lynx says it's not over yet.
+ He brings how the Visus Embryo was dreaming a future as ordered by its father Professor Chronos, but now it wants its own dream, one where its loved by its mother.
+ As if on cue, the Visus Embryo start clamoring for its mother. Combined with the previous meddling, said mother is now a clone of FATE, slowly taking form within it.
+ A being with the task of protecting the planet, running wild with its own desires... Serge compares how this is similar to things back in their own world.
+ Lynx intends to fuse with this FATE-to-be, in order to assume his true from. He promptly flies into the Visus Embryo. All this mirrors the events at Chronopolis.
+ A facsimile of FATE is the result.
+ (Kid/Harle Route) Serge vows he won't let what happened back in his world repeat itself here.
+ (Third Route) Serge asks Lynx forgiveness, saying this is all his fault, and they have to stop this. Fate states his words can't reach him now, however, making Serge lament for his father.
+ Boss battle against Fate.
- If defeated, no need to refight True Visus Embryo again.
- Starts battle casting Diminish (Shade Element, Power and Intelligence debuff on everyone, friend and foe). Can cast it again every now and then.
- Its hands are separate targets which counter attacks with Magic Buster (999 MP Drain) and Life Drain (HP Drain).
- Attacks include: Blast (Can Stun), Life Shaver (Slash attack), Gravitonne (Party-wide Shade Element), Searing Line (Shade-Magic, can inflict Blind), Dark Energy (Party-wide Shade Magic, can Confuse).
- HP Stopper at 50% left.
- Good strategy is to avoid attacking the hands, using single-targeted attacks, then one-round them in Another Force if needed.
+ (Third Route) The party prepares a final blow, as Serge says he's sorry to Fate as it has to be struck down for the sake of the planet and its children.
- Depending on who you choose at the door, the final blow is either Z-Slash or Delta Force.
- (Third Route) A half-fading kneeling image of Lynx emerges in the aftermath.
+ In its dying breath, Fate states that without their Aldo and Feinne, this world is without saviors, thus doomed to fall in darkness.
+ (Kid/Harle Route) The Visus Embryo is put back to sleep, but sends the tower into flux, forcing the party to flee.
(Third Route)
+ As Serge states they aren't done saving them, Another Ashtear and Altena appear, agreeing with him and saying they all have to work together.
+ Another Ashtear states she will open a gate to before the point Another Aldo and Feinne were lost. She then whips out her Gate Holder.
+ She reveals she's not her present self, but rather, one coming from the future. The Adult Aldo of this world (likely referring to a version of the Home Spacetime Rift Master) asked her to travel back, once she had finished the Gate Holder back at Elzion, precisely to save them. Because that's how he remembers being saved.
- In light of this, and considering what was revealed about Home Ashtear and her Gate Holder, this might be a stop-over the Another version did before ending at Baruoki and handing it to Adult Aldo / Master to travel to the Spacetime Rift.
+ She tells Serge to open the gate, as the Gate Holder can't set an exit point on its own, and he has experiences on the matter so he should know how to do it instead.
+ Serge wonder if he can really do it, and she says to trust her since she's a genius.
+ Aldo wonders who will jump in, and Another Ashtear says it has to be Feinne, Another Altena, and Harle. Due to Feinne's Geo Prisma and the other two's bond.
+ Another Ashtear says they only have one chance. Serge takes the Gate Holder and bids the gate to open. The three girls jump in. Serge manages to open the exit.
+ The gate opens up in mid-air over the falling forms of Another Aldo and Feinne.
+ Another Altenna grabs Another Feinne, while Home Feinne and Harle grab Another Aldo.
+ Harle calls forth the planet's power, and their fall stops, leaving them floating in mid-air.
+ Another Altena and Home Feinne then lend her their power, as she implores for the pieces of this dream to be picked up and allowed to continue.
+ They fly back up through the gate before it closes.
+ They emerge on the New Beast King's Castle terrace, where the rest of the party awaits.
+ The Another versions of Aldo and Feinne are shocked at this development. Explanations ensue.
+ Scene cut to the throne room. Another King Miglance and Beast King finally agree to end the war. Though they also agree they won't skip on the fact the humans started it, so the beasts will still harbor pain and resentment.
+ Another Altena and Feinne, however, are overjoyed to know they can remain together now and be friends forever.
+ The party watches from afar, hoping their world can reach a similar understanding.
+ Upon asked what they'll do now, Serge says that until a gate leading back to El Nido opens, they'll remain with them and continue adventuring together.

(Kid/Harle Route)

* Underground Fortress
+ Riica detects the tower is coming back to normal.
+ (Kid Route) She doubts Lynx went down with Fate, and thus is sure he'll come back.
+ (Harle Route) She simply states farewell to Lynx and that they'll meet again on the other side.
+ Aldo is still feeling down over the fates of his and his sister's counterparts, though Riica notes that from their actions, new anomalies are forming across the parallel worlds, which might bring a chance of survival for them.
+ Encourage by everyone, Aldo vows to find the Another World version of Feinne and save her, even if he's not the Aldo she knows.

+ If they're guest party members, Serge, Kid, and Harle become full-fledged members and their 5* classes are unlocked. One must still upgrade them, however.
+ Clearing the playthrough unlocks Another Force finishes, which are Chrono Cross triple techs. Kid Route unlocks Z-Slash and Harle Route unlocks Delta Force.
+ (First Playthrough) Dreamslip Tower of Time Another Dungeon unlocked.

(Kid Route)
* ???
+ Flashback to her foggy void scene. It proceeds as usual.
+ Instead of being interrupted by the flash, however, Kid vanishes, leaving Another Ashtear to wonder who was that and why she called her sis.
+ Though she figures they must've met before, in another place and time, and that's okay, since nothing is definite.

(Harle Route)
* ???
+ Flashback to her foggy void scene. It proceeds as usual.
+ Instead of being interrupted by the flash, however, Harle vanishes, but Another Altena thanks her, convinced everyone can live as one no matter who they are.
+ She vows to protect her friends, feeling it's what she needs to do.
+ She hopes she can becomes friends with Harle, next time they meet, as she's sure they will.

(Third Route)

+ Scene Montage:
- Aldo, Feinne, Serge, and Kid head to Baruoki, where the mayor, Ashtear, Popecha and Mevori are there to greet them. Another Future Ashtear watches from afar. This could mean this is Another Baruoki unless she can cross the dimensions on her own or did it with them.
- The entire party at the Baruoki tavern, just hanging out.
- Aldo, Serge, and Harle walk through Unigalna at night, as Starky stands atop a rooftop.
- Still at night, bats fly over the terrace, as Harle stands atop one of the towers, staring at the moon.
- The entire party atop Synth Hydra, before it speeds off.
- Kid chasing a T-Rex at Zol Plains in Antiquity, with Aldo and Serge following behind. They stop, as Kid then comes back now being chased by the Red Dawn, and all three run away.
- Cyrus and Glenn once again spar at Serena Coast, with Aldo mediating. Cyrus wins.
- Kid at a beach staring at the ocean. She then turns around and walks away. Reference to Chrono Cross' intro movie, most likely.
- Aldo, Serge, Kid, and Harle running across Elzion Airport in the Future, with drones flying overhead.
- They alongside Riica and Amy at Elzion Theater. Kid gets impatient with one of the popcorn machines and starts kicking it, causing smoke to come out of it.
- Serge stares into the distance while atop the broken terrace of Home Miglance Castle. The rest of the party arrives, and they all walk away.

* Another Moonlight Forest
+ Flashback to Kyros and Eden meeting up, now with fog.
+ This time, the name isn't brought up on the text box, but it's still Kyros.
+ He senses someone coming, then talks about a cat becoming human, and a human becoming a cat. He considers it a funny story.
+ A transparent image of Lynx flashes for a moment.
+ Eden wonders what was that about.
+ He takes out a pocket watch. Noticing the time, he asks Kyros if he wants to come with him on an adventure.
+ Kyros meows in apparent approval and they walk off together.

* Picture of a desk with objects atop practically identical to the one from the Chrono Cross opening cinematic, excpet with the pocket watch instead of a book.
+ A message of it being his father's watch, began to move again at the rhythm of a distant hour.
+ Mentions of war drums beating for the Chronos Empire and the Goddess of Time. Possible foreshadow to a future conflict yet to be seen.
+ Mention of an unknown dream of the real Eden, a story considered to be kept for later.
- In light of this, who is this "fake" Eden then? Is it the same one who was wandering the forest?
+ Until then, he wishes for Aldo and Feinne, his friends, to take care.
+ Close-up on the watch. "Chronos" is written backwards in Garulean.

* ???
+ In a black screen, Lynx speaks.
+ He wonders what was it all for, but then says it matters little to him.
+ He adds his fight is not over, and never will be.
+ He is always and forever, and that the real fight begins now.

(All Routes)

+ Chapter Ends.

(First Playthrough)

+ New Game Plus unlocks, allowing you to choose different story branches.
- Skip Function unlocked, but things that will be seen for the first time won't be skipped yet.
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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
« Reply #5 on: December 09, 2021, 09:38:12 pm »

+ Chests, bookshelves, and drawers refill after starting each New Game Plus. Anything housing elements is randomized, while blue chests remain open.

+ Skip feature also skips the chapter bosses.
- Final boss and related cutscenes aren't skippable, however, which means also having to climb the Dreamslip Tower of Time too.

+ Possible unresolved query:
- Since Home Aldo remembers meeting Lynx, since it happened pre-split... where is Home Lynx then?
- On that subject, who was that 'Eden' he encountered while as Kyros?

+Full Narration Text:
The beginning, since lost to oblivion...
A memory now nothing but a faded echo.
Time stopped for me then.
A soul with no place, I became a petal in the wind.
Until suddenly, a clock long since broken carefully and quietly began to move...
And with it, something started anew in you.
Our future, our tomorrow...
Beckoned forth...
By familiar voices from beyond the dark...
Thus my father's clock once again began to move to the rhythm of a distant hour.
The drums of war beat for The Chronos Empire and the Goddess of Time...
An unknown dream of the real Eden...
Hmm... Perhaps that is a story better kept for later...
But until then, do take care...
Aldo... Feinne... My...friends...

*Element List:

+ Wind
- Healing Wind
- Eagle Eye
- Anti-Wind
- Bushwhacker
- Aero Blaster
- Tornado

+ Water
- Numble
- Nimble
- Anti-Water
- Aqua Ball
- Ice Blast
- Deluge

+ Fire
- Recharge
- Weaken
- Strengthen
- Anti-Fire
- Fireball
- Magma Burst
- Inferno

+ Earth
- Low Res
- High Res
- Anti-Earth
- Uplift
- Upheaval
- Earthquake

+ Thunder
- Anti-Thunder
- Electro Bolt
- Thunda Storm

+ Shade
- Diminish
- Imbecile
- Genius
- Anti-Dark
- Hell Bound
- Black Hole

+ Crystal
- Purify
- Healing Wind
- Magnify
- Anti-Crystal
- Photon Beam
- Meteor Shower
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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
« Reply #6 on: November 14, 2022, 01:33:22 am »
I wonder if they ultimately revealed anything more about Starky. With that lukewarm secret credits scene for the remaster, and the general absence of other plot revelations, my hopes are pretty low.

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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
« Reply #7 on: November 14, 2022, 01:44:15 am »
I wonder if they ultimately revealed anything more about Starky. With that lukewarm secret credits scene for the remaster, and the general absence of other plot revelations, my hopes are pretty low.

Oh, that reminds me. I had always meant to add the Starky mini-update here too, but I never got to it. At this point it shouldn't be hard to look it up. Here's some videos:

But the gist of it is the following:

The Starky we see in AE comes from long after the events of Chrono Cross, since he is aware of the promise he made with Harle, but the Harle we see in AE has no idea about it.

A creature of the same kind as Lavos landed in Starky's home planet, and ultimately destroyed it, or at least rendered it uninhabitable, forcing the Star Children to leave.

They've been seeking another planet to terraform and inhabit. That's the reason Starky was in the Cross planet to begin with. The planet of AE becomes their current target, and actually attempt to terraform it, which Aldo and company stop. Starky basically returned to his kind, and eventually they found the AE planet. It was at this point a portal opened up before Starky, and that led him to Harle.

The Star Children have found the way to time travel, and even dimension travel, since despite coming from Another Eden's future era, they have shown up in the Present Era and in the Another World of AE.

The Star Children also have cloning and memory transfer technology. This means they have backup bodies, so should one die, they just transfer the memories to another body. They also have designations, with Starky being Surveyor #26.

Their leader, the Manager, somehow has the power to summon the corrupted Masamune, or at least just the spirits of Masa and Mune, using the Einlanzer as a catalyst. Which Glenn already had before ending in the AE world.

Mastermune gets created in AE as well, as Doreen is around as well due to Kid's pendant after all, and all three fuse with Serge's swallow. This shows Serge, despite his battle sprite and artwork showing him with it, not actually having the weapon yet.

That's about all I can remember off the top of my head. The videos should tell the rest.
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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
« Reply #8 on: November 14, 2022, 02:23:03 am »
That is massive lore, though, whoa. In that video, the Manager also says that Masa and Mune crossed space, but I'm not sure if that means they crossed space to reach the Another Eden world (as opposed to going to the Chrono world originally). But I don't get what he says next...They crossed the seas of space, from the cosmic lifeform that devoured our world...Lavos!

Those are like, two run-on sentences. Is he implying the Masa/Mune/Doreen dream species are emanations or byproducts of Lavos? Kid seems to confirm this, saying that Masa and Mune's blood is the same as "the devourer of planets". But then, it's entirely possible that it's just Lavos's energy corrupting the Masamune temporarily, right?

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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
« Reply #9 on: November 14, 2022, 02:26:36 am »
That is massive lore, though, whoa. In that video, the Manager also says that Masa and Mune crossed space, but I'm not sure if that means they crossed space to reach the Another Eden world (as opposed to going to the Chrono world originally). But I don't get what he says next...They crossed the seas of space, from the cosmic lifeform that devoured our world...Lavos!

Those are like, two run-on sentences. Is he implying the Masa/Mune/Doreen dream species are emanations or byproducts of Lavos? Kid seems to confirm this, saying that Masa and Mune's blood is the same as "the devourer of planets". But then, it's entirely possible that it's just Lavos's energy corrupting the Masamune temporarily, right?

Yeah, I've reached that conclusion too. That due to the Red Knife stabbing the Mammon Machine, thus turning into the Masamune. So Masa and Mune have been "tainted" with Lavos' essence. Maybe that explains why they became corrupted in Cross.

I think with the crossing space, at least for their kind, just meant in the physical sense. Like saying both the Chrono planet and the AE planet exist in the same Universe, so they can be reached via spaceship. The from might mean in "from this position", with Lavos being that position, since the planet no longer is, being gone. Admittedly it sounds a little confusing. But I think he is referring on leaving their former planet / getting away from Lavos.


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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
« Reply #10 on: November 14, 2022, 02:39:21 am »
Got it. I'm going to add the information to the Starky/Lavos encyclopedia pages.

I don't suppose Glenn's gotten an interesting scenario yet...

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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
« Reply #11 on: November 14, 2022, 02:44:35 am »
Got it. I'm going to add the information to the Starky/Lavos encyclopedia pages.

I don't suppose Glenn's gotten an interesting scenario yet...

Sadly, no. It's been almost a year.

That said, Part 1 of Volume 3 of AE's main story is now out in Japan. It was teased at the end of Complex Dreams. So we might remain on the lookout if CC's role is not yet over... even if it could be a stretch. Still, the fact that unlike with the other crossover events, the CC crew has yet to return back home may imply we might still get future content with them. At least, I'd hope we will.
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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
« Reply #12 on: November 14, 2022, 09:42:37 pm »
This thread's certainly getting a workout...

Can you check and make sure I grabbed everything you've witnessed? At first, I thought there'd be a ton of random art, but it's less than I imagined...

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Re: Complex Dreams General Discussion - SPOILERS INSIDE
« Reply #13 on: November 14, 2022, 11:14:03 pm »
Looks like it's just about everything. Only thing I found that could be missing is the artwork from the Symphony select menu.

Even if it's just the character artworks imposed on a background. It'd be a matter of finding a clean version without the UI elements.
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