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[2000] Figure out who composed the "extra tracks" for Chrono Trigger PSX


In, one of the earliest things Mitsuda mentions in the 1999-2000 Q&A is that Tsuyoshi Sekito only composed the music for the CT PSX cutscenes, NOT the "extra tracks". Mitsuda states that these were done by the in-house composer at the "company that converted Chrono Trigger to Playstation" (Bird Studios?), and he was given no notice or warning. He states that he was really angry about it.

This begs the question; who was Toei's in-house composer in 1999?

Acacia Sgt:
I think you mean Tose, not Toei. On that subject, I found this:

It gives a list... but the wiki itself notes many could be aliases as Tose was quite secretive when it came to listing their own employees. Those that have valid links don't have CT listed in there, sad to say.

EDIT: Something worth to point out is that the wiki states they'd put credits in their Japanese releases but take them out for overseas ones. Maybe if we could check the PSX version Japanese credits, we could see TOSE people in there?

This might be the staff roll.


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