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Feels like home 😪


Hii Guys!

I have been reading the archives of this compendium since so looooong! But only uptil now i decided to join (Idk why this idea popped up in my mind so late).
I know itís a boring and not an over the top kinda story of mine but Chrono Trigger was the life of me when the internet didnít exist here (Tough luck right?). And since then itís been a supportive kind of thing of me, putting me in such an intriguing imaginative World. I remember i was a young guy happy on getting a new PC and then now i look at myself, how iíve grown. Itís so weird how i am in the military now. All this training and hardships but then i turn out to be the same sane happy go lucky guy that is still a child at heart.

Kinda funny how i spend hours and hours reading on stuff related to Chrono Trigger (Yeah i am weird, i need to take a break i get it). But itís been kinda what has kept me pumped up in hard times (The Fiona Forest scene where the group recons and discusses about the entity and stuff).

Long story short. I never had someone who was a fan of the game. Who even played the game. And just seeing people who are dedicated to it at this level. It makes me feel like iím in one of my own. And iím home.

I hope i contribute as much as i can with my skills on this website.

So...Erm...Hi!  :)

Boo the Gentleman Caller:
Welcome to the Compendium! Make sure you join the Discord channel, too! We're not always the most active people, but we are all diligent in sticking around and loving all things Chrono.


Well thank you so much!

And keep up the Good work!

Let the dream live on!! :cry:

Welcome!! Nice to see new people here :D


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