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I need to talk to ZeaLitY and Ramsus.

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I need to talk to ZeaLitY and Ramsus. Does anyone have their contact information?
I've messaged and emailed them, but they don't respond or haven't seen them.

Anyone who can help, I will be very grateful.

Boo the Gentleman Caller:
What's up? They aren't always easy to reach and maybe one of us can help.

I reached out to ZeaLitY and Ramsus, to invite them to participate in the official translation of the Ultimania Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross books in English and Portuguese, for the American and Brazilian markets.

I need hardcore fans that know the game thoroughly to help reviewing the texts and the names.

As I have not found them, I ask everyone here, who knows the two Chrono series assiduously in full and want to help in proofreading the texts.  Remembering that all your work will be paid.

I'm intentionally hard to reach, whereas ZeaLitY is just incredibly busy.

Unfortunately, it sounds like ZeaLitY is the person you really need, but there are many experts throughout the site. I imagine most only check here on a nostalgic whim.

Can you write a news post as a call to action for volunteers? We can add it to the front page.

Sent an e-mail to your Gmail.


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