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Chrono Trigger Music Featured in Opening Ceremony of Tokyo Olympics

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I couldn't believe it hadn't been commented on here yet, but during the Parade of Nations, both Frog's Theme and Robo's Theme were prominently featured in the musical fanfare. I was so delighted I had to run here and resurrect my account to talk about it!

Frog's Theme was so beautifully done it brought a tear to my eye.

Full score (as many as were available) with timestamps here.

I attached the Frog and Robo songs here.

Acacia Sgt:
I had heard video game music was played, but nice to know the full list.

It's great to see CT got two tracks in. Though... there's a surprising lack of Nintendo entries in there. Unless there's a different event with more (like the closure ceremony?), it's weird to see Nintendo miss out on this. In contrast, Square Enix got a good chunk of participation.

Here are the Chrono Trigger songs from the YouTube video I linked.


--- Quote from: trig on July 24, 2021, 01:56:22 am ---Here are the Chrono Trigger songs from the YouTube video I linked.

--- End quote ---

Man, you are my hero! Thank you!

Isn't that arrangement of Frog's Theme amazing? I squealed like I was 12 again when I first heard it. It was such a pleasant surprise.


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