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Brief appearance of Chrono Trigger in 1995 Close-up Gendai Plus episode


Originally found via

--- Quote from: John Andersen ---1995: Inside Square Soft's former Shibuya, Tokyo office from a Japanese TV documentary about game designers.
@Takashi_Tokita is interviewed and is seen stamping his timecard. He had just finished directing Chrono Trigger here for the SFC/SNES. Via kukun:
--- End quote ---

Focuses on the systems of the workplace, so don't expect much if anything on the game itself.

The Magus Castle exterior scene can be briefly seen on Tokita's screen before he opens up a communication on proposed game titles.

Some of my bad attempts at transcriptions of parts of what can be seen, translated by Google:

* Dragon Fantasy (ドラゴン・ファンタジー)
* Final Quest (ファイナル・クエスト
* Earth Trial (アーストライアル)
* Chronomancer (クロノマンサー)
* Chrono Venture (クロノ・ベンチャー)
* Prime Time (プライム・タイム)

Acacia Sgt:
Proposed titles? Interesting.

Some others I can see:

(Below Prime Time, in order)
Cardinal Point
Black Nova!
Gaia Core
TIMEBUSTERS (Easy since it's in the Latin Alphabet lol)

One highlight. Gyado, whatever it means, shows up in Radical Dreamers:

Going to add it to the Interviews section. I noticed the original guy made the video private, so I'm very glad the excerpt was tweeted out (I'll get it hosted). I will never, ever understand hoarders. Having become more involved with the prototype and preservation communities, I've really come to understands how they're literally the scum of the earth.


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