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Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake




imagine if Chrono Trigger got this treatment. Or the Trials of Mana treatment.

Acacia Sgt:
Visually at least the game has me hooked, hehe.

So long they bring back the stuff they nixed from the Mobile/Switch port, and perhaps some extra content (likely to be XI tie-ins, I'd guess), and I'd totally be getting it when I can.

Before I did considered a CT should go the Mana remake treatment, but... seeing DQ on the Octopath style... this could work too. In fact, I'm definitely going now with the OT style. That way it'd keep the 2D aspect we've long got accustomed with, heh.

Would love to see all 16-Bit era RPGs remade this way. I do always wonder about how much better CT's World Map sprites could look...


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