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My Showoff Things
« on: April 25, 2021, 05:48:21 am »
Hi, Chrono Community!
It's been alot of time that I've been watching this Forum, but I never gets Courage to Post anything here. My first point when I entered in this Forum was for Hacking my Favorite game Chrono Trigger (I know nothing about Chrono Cross), but since that I'm very numb to modify anything from the Game, I decided to make a Topic to Post everything that I made relationed to it.

Epoch Era Icons and Era Icons Pack:

I Ripped these Icons from the Game to make some modifications on it. I never touched on the Epoch Era Icons (that appears when you go change to eras), but I made a Pack of the Boxes that appear in the Bottom Left when you stay Idle on the Map. The Red-circled Numbers is the ones that I made by myself because the Original Game doesn't have it.

Guardia Princess/Queens Dressing Colors:

I ever wanted to see other type of Princess from the Guardia hierarchy, so I added these Red and Gold colors for the Dressings of they.
I know that this is less good than the First Item. I was thinking to expand more these Palettes, adding too a difference on the Colors of Hair and Skin. I hope that this at least can make this more attractive.

Well, this is everything that I have to show (for now). I have more things to Show, but they're still WIP, so when everything was in order, I will Post more things Here. Thanks to Everyone who see this!

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Re: My Showoff Things
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2021, 07:49:41 pm »
Looks great, Dynami!

Also -- welcome to the Compendium. Or as we say 'round here, welcome tot he party!