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Backpedaling on Closing down the PS3 and PS Vita Online Stores


Acacia Sgt:
You may have seen that news some time ago. Where on July 2 the PS3, PSP, and Vita online stores would finally close down. Well, not anymore. At least for two of them:


Due to the outcry, they've decided to keep them open. Except the PSP store. That one will still close down. So if there's anything you thought you were on a timer to get in there, well, no need to worry anymore. At least for the time being.

On that subject, the PSN remains today the most [legal] accesible way to get Chrono Cross. So... good news there, huh. Unless you can also buy PSX games on the newer PS's.

This's great news!!! Since I don't live in the U.S. anymore I was hoping to just d/l games from the PS store since I don't have access to Amazon anymore. I almost cried and was severely disappointed when I heard they were shutting down for good, so this's just great. I'm lucky to have most of the good, must-have PS1 RPGs already on physical but I definitely am missing a few.

Awesome!! 🙂

Boo the Gentleman Caller:
Good to know! I still use my PSP a lot. I hacked it a while ago and use it for emulation. It's actually my go-to console for playing ROM hacks.

I also bought some of the PS1 greatest hits to show support for franchises (including Chrono Cross), so even if I can no longer download them on the PSP, I still have access to them on my PS3.

I also kept their .iso (or whatever format they are on for PSP) archived on my PC, so I can always manually transfer them back to the PSP. Such as Breath of Fire III (which I am eventually going to re-play and finish; I swear!).

Boo, I should point out the PSP store is still closing as planned. They only walked back PS3 and Vita.

Boo the Gentleman Caller:
Yeah, I saw that. I actually re-wrote my initial post and I lost my original thought in that rewrite, haha... I was trying to say that I use my PSP as a mobile emulator, and that even then I archived my PSP .iso files for the games I've purchased. Plus I can always use my PS3 if necessary, haha... my bad!


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