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Another Eden out now on Steam


Acacia Sgt:
Yep, read that right.


If you have yet to try the game out, well, here's another chance to do so. For those already playing it on their phones, apparently the data is transferable, so you can switch if you want to without losing any progress done already.

I typically don't like playing RPGs on my phone, so I've been holding out on Another Eden's potential Switch port... but playing this on PC is probably worth it. Thanks for the heads up.

Acacia Sgt:
No problem!  :D

Admittedly, even when the mobile version got finally released in my country, I didn't played much. My phone... could barely run it. So much slowdown. I did considered an Android emulator like Bluestacks, but... well, I think that didn't pan out either. Was also thinking I might have to wait for that Switch port which... no more news have come out of it come to think of it.

But well, at least thankfully it's now on Steam. I believe in Japan it was already on PC for quite a while, but well, not easily accessible for me either.


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